Month: March 2014

Not Your Typical Burger

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Rachel Ray Foodie Pick #4: MorningStar Spicy Black Bean Burgers

Let’s clear something  up immediately. I like meat. I like all sorts of meat. Steak, salmon, hamburger, ham, bacon, prime rib…you can’t name a cut of meat I haven’t previously fallen in love with over the course of a meal. BUT as it is the season of examining one’s life (also known as Lent), I decided to break free of my meat-loving ways for a couple meals. Was it difficult? You have no idea.

But I found something pretty darn tasty. So if you find yourself craving falafel on Saint Patrick’s Day (or any day of the year, really), why not try these patties made of chickpeas and spices? They literally take about 5 minutes to cook. So to sum things up: delicious, quick, and fairly nutritious. Give it a go, yo!

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A Perfect Late Sunday Night Snack…

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Rachel Ray Foodie Find #3 – Way Better Snacks Simply Sweet Potato Tortilla Chips

I didn’t think I’d like they either. Honestly, my first reaction was, “Absolutely not! These are vegan, health-nuts chips!” But I bought 2 bags for $5 anyways. I ate my first few. My comment? “These taste like air.” But then I kept eating them. Soon, the whole bag was polished off. Guess what? I ended up liking them. A LOT. (Even with the giant Gluten-Free labeling across the back!)

My recommendation? Enjoy these as a late night snack. Not only are they low in calories, but they’re also incredibly good for you. These chips boast high levels of omega-3s  thanks to chia seeds and quinoa. Amen to that!

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Because Pizza Should Be Its Own Food Group

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Rachel Ray Foodie Pick #2: Boboli’s Thin Crust Pizza

Chewy and full-flavored, this pizza crust makes for a quick, easy and ultimately delicious meal when you’re flying in through the front door at the seat of your pants. Why? Because you only have so many day-lit hours in a singular day and your brain won’t stop yammering at you, that’s why.

Just how easy is it to turn plain, uncooked crust into a meal that will make everyone at the dinner table happy? Slather on a little or a lot of pizza sauce, for starters. Pepperoni, onion, pineapple, green olives, five kinds of cheese…whatever delights your palette. Add your toppings and bake!

Done in 20 minutes flat. Totally fab.


Coffee’s Rivalry

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Introducing — Rachel Ray Foodie Picks!

A huge fan of Rachel Ray ever since I started cooking my way through her 30-Minute Meals cookbook (that I got for only $2!), it’s an understatement when I say I LOVE her monthly magazine.

I love it so much that when I stumble across an older issue, I may or may not slip it inside my oversized red handbag. (I love “satchels” for a reason.)

There’s a segment in every issue where Rachel highlights new products to check out (and daresay, purchase?) on your next foodie shopping trip. So, here I go, following Rachel’s footsteps into new territory where only Food Lovers dare to go!

First up…

Rachel Ray’s Foodie Pick #1: Target’s Archer Farm Low-Fat Latte Chai Tea

It’s a spicy, refreshing afternoon (or late Saturday stay-in-bed weekend morning) with less caffeine than coffee.


Best Picture 2014 Nominee – Philomena

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Here it is, my final Best Picture 2014 nominee film review…and of course I’m writing it hours before the 86th Academy Awards air on my home television screen. What else would you expect from me? I’m a perpetual procrastinator…a piece of my personality I’m starting to combat (not so successfully I might add), but the effort I’m making to accomplish these reviews before finding out this year’s award-winners is worth appluading, right? RIGHT?! (Cue Lady Gaga’s ‘Applause’ now, please!)

Enough about my procrastination. ‘Philomena’ is an incredibly touching film. Starring dame Judi Dench and Steve Coogan, I knew very little about this film outside of a short synopsis I quickly read on the Marcus Theatre website before heading to the theater. At times I felt sickened, at time I laughed really hard, and other times I scratched my head trying to understand what was going on in these characters’ heads. Yet again, another Best Picture nominee that left me reeling at despite how far the world has come, we really have much farther to go.

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