Month: July 2014

Changing the World One Day At a Time (Seriously)

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Apparently, not writing regularly on a blog is a habit hard to kick. Like chronic shoe shopping…or in my case, chronic Star Wars shopping. Or books. I have a serious weak spot for books. Don’t even trying to tell me otherwise if it’s a new Star Wars book.

Anyways, I acknowledge I’ve been terrible at keeping up with this and I wish I could report that I’ve been off doing incredibly adventurous things, like horse racing or fire fighting or hiking the North Shore. But I’ve been really tired lately. Really, really tired. Sure, I’ve been cooking a new recipe here and there (lots of Meatless Monday, healthy concoctions) and I’ve finally been able to have a few beach days (hello, toasty tan). But more often than not, I’m laying on the couch or sitting on the back deck reading a book.

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