Beauty Bliss


August 2014

We Need More Good Gentlemen


Hey ladies,

As much as we dig ferocious tennis and the mixed smells of sunscreen and sun-baked sand, summer is also about reflecting on our good fortunes and hitting the road (or sky) for the next adventure. In the spirit of the season (and those delicious boys of summer), this month is a packed assortment. Packed with what, you ask? Beach towels, beauty brands doing good in unique ways, endless salty shorelines, shirtless sand volleyball playing men, sand stuck between book pages, flowing skirts, and the lingering smell of coconut. (Just to name a few!)

Beyond more good stuff and good-looking men, I’m also focusing on leaner legs and growing out my sun-highlighted tresses. But there’s also the need to do more in one’s community. Maybe something in support of cancer research. Want to join in? Research a few companies or do-good groups you love and see how you can lend a hand. Some will even match your donation dollar for dollar.

Pretty awesome.

Cheers (and always XXOO),
The Modern Jedi

PS – What’s your #MoreGood plan? Are you volunteering your time? Growing out your hair for Locks Of Love? Tell me!


Baxter of California: Oil-Free MoisturizerA plant-based moisturizer that combats redness and irritation with the power of green tea. Morning and night, apply liberally to your face and neck after cleansing.

Let me be upfront: I tried the traditional route of applying this moisturizer to my face and neck, but after two days of extreme greasiness, I switched my tactic. After months of winter dryness, what patches of my skin were suffering the most? My long, ready to tun legs! And what moisturizer came to the perfect rescue? You got it. Baxter of California! While the label lies a bit about being scent-less, it really kicks the booty out of dry skin. Guess who was looking sexy in no time? This gal! On more than a few dates, those boys of summer simply couldn’t keep their fingers off my smoother skin, thanks to this deep-action moisturizer.


Mt. Sapola: Ginger Lemongrass Body LotionMade with essential oils, this salve has a mood-boosting scent. Massage into skin, focusing on dry areas like elbows and knees.

Nothing beats an early morning quite like a strong whiff of lemongrass (and a good, strong cup of coffee). This lotion cuts through the gunk and really softens those hard-to-keep-smooth spots, like our elbows and knees. Add in a great smell, and it’s a lotion I’m reaching for again and again. I’d highly recommend this Mt. Sapola product to any lady or gentleman in need of a lotion switcheroo. Too bad it’s not elbows and knees those good-looking summer boys can easily catch a whiff of when we’re out a date or two.


Yes To: Pomegranate SPF 15 Naturally Smooth Lip BalmThis eco-friendly balm hydrates lips while shielding them from sun and wind. Spread across your lips as needed.

I’m all for being eco-friendly, especially when it gets the job done incredibly well. I’m also a self-professed chapstick hoarder. (See? I just professed it!) While the pomegranate smell is a nice bonus, what isn’t very nice is the two shades of white residue it leaves behind on my lips every single time I swipe it on. As a lip primer for berry lipsticks, deep red stains, and pretty as blush glosses, it IS purrrrr-fect. As a pure hydrating lip balm, this is nowhere near my favorite.


LSTN Headphones: Bowerys EarbudsElectro-acoustic earbuds that pair superior sound with one-of-a-kind good looks. Plug into your iPod, smartphone, or other device of choice, and pump up the volume. Bonus! Every sale supports the Starkey Hearing Foundation, which is dedicated to restoring hearing for the impaired.

These are absolutely the prettiest ear buds I have ever seen. When I opened the package, I literally let out an excited, “oooooooooo!” when my eyes looked upon the cherry wood mini boomboxes. The sound is clear, and they really do block out all sound outside of you’re jamming out to. It’s great! But I would advise extra caution when you’re out and about if you’re somewhere with a high frequency for biking and roller blading. I may or may not be speaking from experience here. But, seriously. They really are the classiest ear buds I’ve ever worn. Plus, you’ll have no problem sharing a bud with that golden hunk who asks what music you’re listening to while you’re laying out in the beachy summer sunshine or catching your breath after a late-afternoon jog.



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