Letter from the Modern Jedi: Listen to your Gut

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I know this sounds kind of crazy, but I believe that one of the things that’s helping me professionally is that I’m always a little paranoid. I don’t mean that I think the FBI has me under surveillance, but I tend to be hyper-aware when something seems “off” or there’s a certain vibe in the air, and then I mull over whether I should take action. Maybe it’s another way of saying I go with my gut.

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Happy as a Clam

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What makes a night perfect? Let me indulge you for just a minute or two…

Beautiful, too.
Beautiful, too.

Spending as much time as I want roaming the aisles of Barnes and Noble (and getting an approving nod from several guys as I checked out the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings book sections), splitting a burger and fries with my sister, and enjoying a cold pale ale.

One dream? To have a floor-to-ceiling book shelf holding nothing but Star Wars books.
One dream? To have a floor-to-ceiling book shelf holding nothing but Star Wars books.

I’m a happy clam right now. Plus I have a new Hunger Games calendar to peek at while watching Love Actually for the first time this holiday season. Throw in an iced tea and a bowl of ice cream, and I’m crawling into bed with a wide smile on this face.

Victory! *Applause Applause!*
Victory! *Applause Applause!*

Why was tonight so great? I really don’t know. It was leisurely. There was good food. I was surrounded by shelf after shelf of new books just waiting to be cracked open. Every once in a while I’d catch a whiff of coffee from the Starbucks shop off over my shoulder. There were several good-looking men who apparently never realized a girl could be into really geeky things (Hello? I’m the Modern Jedi ūüėČ )

Dance party happening.
Dance party happening.

Now I’m watching The Office (I still can’t believe its the final season!), and I’m giggling my butt off. I may or may not still have some of that beer left in my system.

What the hell is so freaky funny?
What the hell is so freaky funny?

It was simply nice to sit down with my sister and talk about things, like the wedding of the year, the groomsmen of the wedding, the jerks I’ve dated in the past couple of months (okay, not all of them were jerks, but a majority), places we want to travel in the next year, how I’m doing in the professional world, how if I’m not married by the age of 32 how I’m heading down to the sperm bank and choosing the future father of my child, and things my sister wants to improve upon in her new house.

“Maybe it will take a woman to clean up the House.”

Nancy Pelosi, a Congressional leader, has always been at the top of my Awesome Ladies List, even though not too many people can be counted among the ranks of her fans. She’s a ballsy lady. She took the lead of Congress, and quite frankly, made men step back and listen to a new perspective.

Let's get this thing done.
Let’s get this thing done.

Trust me. My vision of being the Press Secretary to POTUS? Still very much alive. They need more of a female touch throughout the government. I’m talking the entire federal system, and they need women who haven’t shut down their emotional sides. Women who feel, hear the words being spoken to them, but those also not afraid to swing a heeled foot at a man’s crotch seam when he over steps his boundaries using the reason “he’s a man using his God-given right.”

Good thing I know how to cause a good scandal or two.
Good thing I know how to cause a good scandal or two.

Men and women were created equal. Oh, wait. No we weren’t. We have the capability of carrying a child inside us for 9 months and then pushing anywhere from 7-13 lbs of a screaming, crying baby out of ourselves. Men and women were not created equally. If men could give birth, I don’t think they’d be quite as obnoxious when it came to PMS.

I really want Adele to sing a deep, power ballad that's secretly about how men honestly don't understand PMS.
I really want Adele to sing a deep, power ballad that’s secretly about how men honestly don’t understand PMS.

I really shouldn’t be so mean towards men. But, given past experience near and far, it’s hard to have a different view of them. The same could be said for the other side. Ugh, why do I always get caught up on this topic?

caught up

Old habits are incredibly hard to break. I’m working on it.


Warning: Political Topics Ahead

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We are on the brink of October, and I couldn’t be ¬†more excited.

So many memories in this month…

October is possibly my favorite month out of the entire year (although June is a close second to that…I really love the month of June, and no, it’s not just because it’s my birthday month.) The leaves are turning all sorts of reds, oranges, and yellows…Full Fall Mode and I love it! The weather is cooler in the morning and night, but in the afternoon, it is still absolutely gorgeous out. All I need is a heavier leather jacket or a warm hoodie to make it through the cooler temps.

Two words: Bad Ass.

I’m more grateful for the time I get to spend outdoors, which questions my motives for sitting right now and writing this blog post. It’s supposed to be 70-something degrees out right now, and I’m here, in a computer lab, killing precious sunlit hours. What’s wrong with me?

I have a keen desire to write since I haven’t done it in the past 3 days, that’s what’s wrong with me.

“The world language is English as spoken by foreigners.”

Does anyone ever really understand another these days? My answer is a full, loudly spoken “no.” So, Kristen Nygaard, a programming language pioneer, I think I have to agree with you. This could bring up a whole whopping list of topics, all concerning the upcoming presidential election, but I’m going to choose to refrain from these topics.

Girls can be language nerds, too!

It is not a Jedi’s place to try to impress another’s ideas onto someone else. We express our opinion, and then fight for peace and justice. Not always with our lightsabers, but when the negotiations call for aggressive moves, more often than not, the blazing swords come out.

We decided to go with aggressive negotiations.

I met up with a gentlemen for drinks last night. Quite cute, funny, and easy to talk to…but he asked what my stance on a lot of things are, and I told him it’s my place in the universe to stand up for peace and justice. Then he threw me a curveball…what if I had to choose one or the other: peace OR justice? I thought about it a second, and then answered, justice.

Vote Luke Skywalker 2012!

Honestly? This world is never going to know long-lasting peace. History, when tallied up, has seen maybe 200 years of peace in the thousands of years human civilization ¬†has roamed the earth. I mean, the animal world is constantly at war with each other and we supposedly evolved from theses creatures (don’t even get my started on the theory of evolution!) There are too many people out there who have been told from the moment they are born “s0-and-so is your enemy.” While I think everyone can learn to be friends, I can’t speak on the behalf of 6 billion people.

If a fox and a hound can be friends, so can two different religions.

Even the Transformers could only help us fight an impending alien force who wanted nothing more than to cause chaos and enslavement on our planet (and if the Transformers can’t uphold peace on their planet, we’re all doomed.)

Is there a sexier robot than Optimus Prime?

I recently watched the movie “Babel” and the entire theme of communication barriers was quite interesting to me. A large area of my work is centered on communication and what gets people ticking. A lack of communication, or a lack of understanding of one’s language, is a huge issue. I find it interesting that here in America, you can find the building instructions to anything written in multiple languages, from English to Spanish to Korean to Farsi. You’re telling me if I moved to Saudi Arabia, and I needed to go out and buy a piece of furniture, I would find instructions on how to build a couch written in English for me? I highly doubt it.

Not in English? Don’t worry…every other language in the world is included.

I know America is highlighted as the land of eternal opportunity…Come here and all of your dreams will come true. A hundred years later, and our country is still deemed as the land of opportunity. Where a small town girl can win American Idol, and become a famous singer overnight. Where someone can start a computer business in his garage and become the CEO of the most successful company in the entire world (here’s looking at you, Apple.) However, just because we are the land of unending opportunities doesn’t mean we should have to cater to each and every individual that comes to live here.

A true American story, indeed.

Our native language is English. Learn it already. If I moved to China, I would be expected to have an understanding and capability to speak the language.

I really don’t want to get into a political posting here, but I’ve probably already said too much. Just be warned, there will probably be more as the election draws closer. I try to avoid these things, but man, I get so swept up in the excitement. It’s the romantic in me. If I’m not tearing my own heart out about something on a daily basis, I just feel lost.

Seriously gorgeous.

Let’s flip gears here, shall we? The weekend is almost over (le sigh), but there were things I found which ¬†made my entire week oh-so-wonderful. Here are my Fabulous Fridays:

Fabulous New Sunglasses:

Ever since I discovered Top Gun, I’ve been in love with aviators.

Fabulous Evening:

Country style. Just add a cozy blanket, a hot cup of hot chocolate, and Lord of the Rings or Star Wars marathon. Perfect evening.

Fabulous Idea:

Put your favorite quote on the light switch, and you’ll feel inspired every single day.

Fabulous Bowling Shoes:

I’d wear them as regular, every day shoes.

Fabulous Farm Girl Truth:

Fabulous Challenge to Society:

My heart has fallen out of my chest, and on to the floor. Too much to handle…

Fabulous Decor:

Don’t bother with a headboard. Use curtains and drape them into the shape of your desired headboard.

Fabulous Train Ride:

Officially on my Bucket List.

Fabulous Treat:

S’more cones. In the fall season, need I say more?

Fabulous Bit of Body Art:

Declare your inner, zodiac self. Myself, I am a Cancer and fully proud of it!

Fabulous Thought Worth Sharing:

Fabulous Thankfulness:

So simple…and all in front of our faces.

Fabulous Future Wedding:

Wearing Daddy’s heart on your sleeve…sort of ūüôā

Fabulous Quote:

Fabulous Closet Space:

Glorious, glorious space!

It’s time to get out of here to enjoy the fall sunshine, and maybe take a stroll along the lake. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

It just makes me feel all fuzzy inside!

Too soon we’ll be getting down to business once again.

You tell’em, Captain Shang.

Come Hither, Focus!

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It’s just going to be one of those work days.

Punch me in the face and don’t ask any questions.

I have a list packed full of exciting and interesting projects for myself to work on, the air holds a certain buzz to it, I have the office completely to myself so no impending click-clacking of heels interrupting my thoughts every other minute, and I have a cup of Starbucks coffee steaming next to me. (I tend to be a Caribou girl, but it’s good to shake things up a little bit every now and then.)

So beautiful on a lousy day

So what’s my problem? Why can’t I focus on a single thing, other than that the ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ score is absolutely amazing?

Do I seriously hate my life this much already? Naw, that can’t be it. I went to Barnes and Noble yesterday, had a great hour of browsing and dreaming and thinking and planning, flirted with the cashier (who my sister insisted I go back and get his number, but I just wasn’t feeling it while still wearing my gym running pants…although my hair looked absolutely beachy-keen), bought my new Book of the Month (have I told you about that?), tried out Noodles and Company for the first time and LOVED it, and then I went home and got myself sorted out in my room to the point where I sat on my bed staring at the movie I was playing, asking myself, “Now what?”

“Perks of Being a Wallflower” is my October choice for Book of the Month.

So many things to do, and I can never nail down an order in which to get them done. When I reach that calm of crossing a dozen things off my list, then I just feel lost. May the heavens above help me whenever I decide to have kids….I’ll be in an absolutely chaotic heaven.

I just need to face it. It’s not going to be a very productive work day. I’ve been here for maybe 4 hours already, and my eyes are glazing over as I stare at this screen. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the work I’m doing, or the things I have staring me down from the yellow memo pad off to my left-hand side. I just don’t feel the burning motivation. Add on top of that the burning, disgusting thought of getting back on that treadmill for another 30 minutes at the end of the day, and I’m ready to crawl under my desk and call out I have the swine flu so everyone should just STAY AWAY.

It’s as if I am Michael Scott and my work is Toby Flinderson.

Happy Thursday, all ūüôā

“I’m lazy. At work my favorite part of the day is being on hold.”

You have summed up my feelings entirely, Janet Rosen, who is quite the jokesmith. I just want to stare at my computer screen and see if I can cause it to explode instantaneously. Maybe I’m not happy with my job? But how can I say that when I’ve only been working at it for little over a month now. Most say you need to give it a year before you find a foothold in a new place of employment.

And a book agent on top of everything else. Nicely done.

Like yesterday? Totally rocked the office. I wore a great outfit (scoff all you want, but it really does help your mindset for the entire day if you take time to pick out your clothes and then acknowledge how good you look in it.) What’s this outfit I’m raving about? I actually took advice from Cosmo, and kept things simple. I paired a plain, V-neck black T-shirt with a black pencil skirt (you have to be careful with blacks to make sure they match, and in this case, they blended together perfectly.) Over the shirt, I pulled on an olive-green jacket that carried a semi-business vibe to it. Very much an Take-Me-Seriously-But-Also-Sit-Down-And-Talk-With-Me look to it. Put on my fave pair of black pumps with a silver buckle on the front, slip a black and white patterned belt around my waist to highlight my little middle, and a eye-catching pair of dangling earrings, and I was set to go.

So many great ways to make a black shift-ish outfit look amazing!

I know my workouts are working, too, because I caught a side view of myself and my butt is looking a touch perkier than a week ago…Heck yes to progress!

Anyways, the thing is, I came into work primed and ready to see what the heck was up, and within the first two hours of stepping foot into the office, I fired off two really great ideas for our office, my boss loved them both, and before you know it, plans are being set to put them both into motion. I mean, how great does that make me feel? Makes me feel like I’m doing my job above and beyond, that’s for sure. Granted, my morning was then shot to hell when the project I worked on all morning got tossed by 2:00 in the afternoon, and I was told to start over with a new idea. But, eh, what can you do?

Le Sigh…

Shit happens.

As Forrest Gump said.

It’s going to take more than coffee and chocolate to pick me up this afternoon, so maybe a few words of encouragement will help. Here are a few pick-me-ups for us to share:

– You make life better just by being you.

Which is why I will be wearing this costume come Halloween.

– Disappointments pass. Successes last.

Gondor will forever remember this moment.

– Encourage yourself, too.

You are not going to freak out on this date. You’re going to be charming, delightful, and an absolute darling. With a hint of sass, too. That’s not too much to ask, is it?

– Counting blessings makes them multiply.

The Rohirrim came back, even after they were banished. Count your blessings, indeed, Middle Earth.

– All the good things in life are waiting to be claimed by you.

You are worth it. Oh, so worth it.

– Your efforts will pay off.

They were rewarded well. With salted pork, of course.

– Choose happiness!

Dmitiri could have run, but he ran back towards the one he loves and ended up saving her life.

As a famous Jack Dawson once said in a little known film called “Titanic” once said, “Life is a gift and I don’t intend on wasting it.” I’m leaning in your direction, Jack, and trying to be optimistic about everything and making every moment count. Working out? I’m not going to stop…I’m going to push and run those extra 5 minutes. Writing? Stop fighting it and jot everything down a little bit a day, and things will work out on paper. Love? Keep the doors open, and be open to possibilities.

However, as a Jedi, duty always comes first, and that may be why I’m putting love on the back burner for the time being. I’m focusing on me, and what I need to do in order to choose happiness and live to smile after the choice has been made.

He made his choice, and dealt with the emotional repercussions for years to come.

So far so good.

That also doesn’t mean I can’t have my fun along the way, too ūüėČ

Come a little closer, and see what you get.

Moving On

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Basically, I packed up my entire apartment and found myself moving.It wasn’t an unexpected move by any means. No, not at all. I knew I was moving, and had been packing up all week. But the weekend came much sooner than anticipated, and now I can happily say I’m moved into my new bachelorette pad.

It has arrived!

What else does a girl need? I have a bedroom, a living room/work space with a couch and (hopefully soon to be operating) TV with DVD player (my first Big Girl purchase!) I have a walk-in closet that I am almost embarrassed to say is already plump full with clothes, and this is after going through and donating a good chunk of things to Good Will. I need to do it about three more times, except I cannot be present to argue why I should keep that stretchy blue sweater in my wardrobe. I just can’t be, otherwise nothing will be taken away.

So many trips to make, and so many things to donate.Makes a person feel good in a way.

And being a woman, I only know more clothing items will call my closest home before I find the next place to move into presently.

I won’t be staying in this bachelorette pad long-term. Sadly. it’s really starting to become my space and I’ve only been there for 3 days! When you take away the fancy words of ‘Bachelorette Pad’ and ‘Walk-In Closest,’ you will discover I’m living in the basement level of my sister’s house which she bought with her fiance a few weeks ago. Since starting my new job, the wedding coming up in a few months, and the chaos of moving, I really didn’t have a ton of time to track down potential roommates or a place of my own to move into. For the time being, I’m living with them in their basement, which they have graciously allowed me to inhabit.

Think more blues and purples, and far less pink. So much less pink!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it going to be weird when you move back when they become newlyweds? Yeah, maybe a little bit, but guess what? I have a door that I can escape out if I start to hear awful noises above my head…and by that time, I’m hoping to have bought a new music sound system so I can blast Hans Zimmer whenever I feel like it and just get lost in my own little world.

It’s really fun having my own space to decorate and play around with. Sadly, I’m not being allowed to hang any of my Star Wars posters or inspirational quote boards on the walls. Nail holes would only wreck their new walls. Oh, and did I mention my level is the only one that has carpeting? It’ll be nice once winter hits. I’m thinking the hardwood floors are going to get awfully cold in the winter time, but I guess we’ll see. I’ve only been in the house for 3 days, and I already spilled a touch of Rockstar on the carpet. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. All I can say is Thank God it wasn’t the red-colored one I usually tend to get.

Thank goodness it wasn’t a wine spill.

Watch, I’ll go home tonight and there will be the ugliest stain I’ve ever seen i my entire life. Of course I spilled it while getting my shampoo out of its moving box in the wee hours of this morning, too. FML sometimes. (By the by, whatever happened to saying FML?)

“I suppose that if you want to be famous, and suddenly it happens and you don’t like it, it’s nobody’s fault but your own.”

How many present-day celebrities need to hear this? I wish they were as wise and clever as you Margot Kiddar, the film phemon back in the day.

Go big with fame or go home.

At the same time, one could look at this and decide that it all comes down to attention given from actions taken. If you don’t want people talking about you three weeks later after that one amazing part that absolutely everyone was going to be at, then you probably shouldn’t make out with every other guy you run into while you’re there. Don’t want annoying people you half-remember calling you for booty meet-ups at midnight every other night? Don’t give you your phone number like a drunken idiot.

Why, oh why, do you keep calling me?!

The opposite could also be said. Want people to notice you? Go out on a limb and try something new (without embarrassing yourself, of course. Keep your best interests at heart!) Sometimes, I just don’t know what I’m getting at. I haven’t done anything completely and ridiculously crazy as of late. Could be a good thing, could be a bad thing. I haven’t decided yet.

The most daring thing I’ve done in the past seven days? Jump into the lake when it felt like the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of December. Just because it’s 80 degrees on the sand doesn’t mean the lake is the same temperature, people. It’s the beauty and curse of the water.

A part of me is also yearning for that next relationship. It doesn’t help living with newlyweds, that’s for sure. Yes, I could have tried super hard to find my own place to live in the last month, but knowing myself, I would not have been satisfied with anything so quickly¬† available in a month’s time, and I’m not daring enough to live in the ghetto part of town. Sorry, I’m just not. I probably could have done a lot of different things, but in the end, I moved with my sister to her new house. 1.) The house is really cute, and I wish I had a picture to show you to prove it, 2.) My sister is my best friend. It’s nice knowing my best friend is just a floor above my head instead of all the way across town (even though eventually, this will be the reality of things), and 3.) I already don’t deal well with change. When we started moving things on Saturday morning? Oh, it was bad. I was crabby, I didn’t want to lift anything more than I had to, and I wasn’t ready to say good-bye to Apartment #9.

I’m still not ready to say good-bye.

I really will cherish the memories of that apartment for a long, long time. Probably until the day I pass out of this world.

My mind kept jumping to the final episode of Friends, when each one of them gives up their key to that apartment with the purple walls and it sits empty of every piece of furniture we spent 10 years loving. Like Monica said, “This is harder than I thought it would be.”

Opening the door to the next chapter.

A lot of great things happened in Apartment #9. Moments I’ll hold on to for time to come, I’m sure. But like everything else, it too shall pass. It’s time to move on.

A new residence means a new turn of events in my life, right? Fingers crossed. I mean, it’s still the year of the Dragon. It’s still my year to shine and have good fortune smile upon me. So far, I’ve got the job, the sweet home hook-up. Now, the romantic side of things can start to heat up. I miss being in a solid relationship. Sure, one-night trysts are all fun and good, but eventually they’re going to lose their excitement value, too.

I’m ready for something so much more.

I’m still holding out for engagement by the age of 30.

If Monica can find love with all her insanities, so can I.

(Since I have missed two Fabulous Fridays in a row, expect a deluxe version of the two missed weeks tomorrow! My special treat. No ramblings or wonderings. Just a quote, and the amazing, Fabulous things I’ve come across in the last two weeks prior to the big Moving Day ūüôā )

M.I.A. No More!

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I haven’t written in a few days, and I feel terrible.

Totally not a case of writer’s block, either.

And to make you feel even better, this post is going to be fairly short. In fact, I’m writing this today (Wednesday) and it might not be posted until tomorrow (Thursday). I’ve been a little busy and preoccupied. (And wouldn’t you know it? It’s actually Friday when I’m posting this. Woooow…this week has been Cray-zeeee!)

Like I said, I feel terrible.

But thanks for still checking in ūüôā

A little recap of what’s been happening over the past couple of days (really, I’m recounting the few days that took up the previous weekend)….

Last weekend I headed down to the cities to see my best friend. See, the last time me and this friend talked, she was calling to inform me about how she and her boyfriend/fiance had broken up. Well, okay…I do what any best girlfriend would do. I had the weekend off, so I told her I was going to jump in my car and come see her, spend the weekend with her. To make sure she is okay and all that.

Little did I know, I’d get there only to find out they got back together the next day. Ummm what? How is that possible? “It’s too much time together to just throw it away.” While, yes, I agree, I honestly think she does need to spend some time on her own. She is a year younger than me, has been dating him for 5 years, and I think about myself and I know I would have said hasta la vista to him the moment we broke up. She needs to experience other guys in her life. A person changes quite a bit ion 5 years. Trust me, I am an expert at that.

Everyone changes! Check out Ms. Knightley here.

Look at the type of girl I was 5 years ago, and look at me now. Leaps and Bounds of difference and change.

Anyways, so they got back together literally the day after she called me, breaking down in tears, telling me it’s over. Does she bother to tell me they got back together? Not at all. I found this out over turkey sandwiches and peaches with her parents that weekend. Wow…thank you for considering me a good enough friend to break the bad news, but when it comes to this? Not even a text message.

I was honestly hurt by this, but I’ll live.

I worked my last day of work at the KGC, and it was utterly fabulous. I know to this very day they still haven’t hired anybody to replace me. Maybe by the time I post this tomorrow (really, on Friday), they may have someone. I sort of doubt it heavily.

But, as a token of farewell and good will, I was allowed to pick one thing off the entire menu to enjoy as my last meal with the club (my last supper, if you will.) I chose the ch√Ęteau briand, and on top of getting to eat this delicious piece of steak with b√©arnaise sauce and the loveliest mashed potatoes you ever did eat, our club was graced with the presence of quite the celebrity on my last day.

SOOOOOO delicious. I can’t even begin to describe it.

Who, you’re probably asking yourself, who is this mystery person? None other than Laura Linney, whom I fell in love with when she was in Love Actually. I had since followed her into her days of playing John Adams wife in the TV series John Adams. So pretty and much taller than I suspected. I held a short conversation with her, and had the instinctual moment to grab a napkin and a marker, thrust them into her and politely demand an autograph, but I held back. I didn’t want to disturb her for an autograph when she was clearly there for a family event, or as some call it, a groom’s dinner.

Yup…I had a conversation with her. Mark that off my bucket list of celebrities to meet.

“I have been treated as a freak, rather like the fat lady at the circus.”

I didn’t want to treat Ms. Linney like this on her visit to the KGC. I’m sorry for the way you felt, Margaret Patricia Hughes, an English sportswriter. But at least I hope you were treated differently because you stormed into the men’s locker rooms for the stories and quotes needed for the best of sports writing. And not just for the job, but also to catch a glimpse of those abs on them athletes which I know they were sporting.

I actually couldn’t find a picture of her, but I believe she wrote this book.

Hey, once a single woman, always a single woman (in the mind, anyways.)

Ice cream will always be my #1 man in my life. Ha!

Along with the excitement I have detailed already, I also started my new job, and I’ll have to dish on that more later. I have already stayed 30 minutes past what I’m scheduled to work on a daily basis to get this done (since I am still without a laptop), so I shall leave you with my Midweek Smiles and get the heck away from this office. I mean, I’ll be here 40 hours a week. Why spend more time here than I need to!?!

– Possibilities always outnumber problems.

– This day is filled with small joys just waiting to be noticed.

Check out the skirt on that dress. Marvelous!

– You have the strength you need.

Take a note from Eowyn’s book, and know being a woman is so much better.

– The recipe for success? One part hard work and two parts hope!

– Everything will be all right.

I’ve got your back, bro!

– See yourself as you truly are: amazing.

And look who you become. Amazing.

– Dream. Create. Achieve!

Only a creative, fearless individual could design this hair, make it happen, and find the perfect muse equally as fearless to wear it.

I’ll need these reminders as much as the next person in the upcoming weeks ahead. I fly solo in the office already on Monday. MONDAY! I will only have a week under my belt at that point. Start crossing your fingers now, folks. It could be a bumpy ride.

This Jedi might be busy, but she’s got lots of plans on her plate, and I’ll be ready to share them with you as they come about. But my plan for right now?

Get the heck out of this office.

Hello, My Friends, Hello. It’s Good to Let You Know…

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“You’ve got a friend in me.”

Name that song.¬† If you don’t know it, you are almost pretty much dead to me.

Original and oh-so-good

Nah, I’m just kidding. It’s the theme song from none other but the orignal Toy Story, and the song was written by the wonderful Randy Newman. In case you don’t believe me when I say he’s wonderful, also check out “Strange Things (Are Happening to Me)”, also found in the first Toy Story movie. That is certainly one movie I will love with all my heart until the day I can no longer sit in one place for the duration for the entirely of a 1.5 hour movie (Let’s face it, the bladder is going to lose function at some point during my old age.)

Woody the Cowboy and Buzz Lightyear. Whoever thought they could become friends, let alone the best of friends? They come from two entirely different backgrounds, and they live in opposite settings of each other. A ranch versus a space ship. Moon boots versus cowboy boots. Yee-ha versus To Infinity and Beyond!

Two very cool dudes

You get the picture. But when they got past that original sense of hesitancy about each other, they not only had amazing adventures with each other. (The scene I’m thinking of…”Buzz, you’re flying!”, “This isn’t flying. It’s falling with style.”, “To infinity¬†and beyooooond! Hah hah hah!”)

I know I’m cheering every time when this moment happens

As other holidays rolled around and Andy grew older and older until it was time for him to go to college, Woody and Buzz remained best of friends through all the changes taking place.

Movie #3 and we’re still the best of friends!

I can only hope I can say the same about some of the people I’ve befriended in the past year or so as new changes not only rock my world, but theirs as well.

For instance, I’ll be leaving the job I’ve worked for the past 1.5 years, and I’ve gotten to know pretty¬†much everybody on the staff here. Some are friends, others mere acquaintances where we say ‘hello’ and ‘good-bye’ when appropriate while making other polite small talk. A handful of others I would say have become good friends of mine. Be it a good work friend or an actual We-Talk-About-The-Big-Stuff sort of friend, we’ve connected on a level that goes beyond work mates. We’ve hung out, we’ve called each other to vent, we’ve done lunch/drinks/dinner, we’ve started drinking in the middle of the afternoon and continued well into the night, we’ve seen movies together, and we text more often than we should.

How much do you want to bet most, if not all, of these things will change the day I start my Big Girl Job?

“Friends are just enemies who don’t have enough guts to kill you.”

You’re words ring too true in¬†my current state of being, Judy Tenuta, a lethal lampooner.

Better a lampooner than a Harpooner!

One such friend, upon learning from me that I got the job I’ll be starting next week, she had very specific words for me: “I want to be happy for you.Really, I do. But I’m going to be mad at you and hate you instead.”

Wow….thank you?

Because that all makes perfect sense!

This is also the same friend who bailed on grabbing drinks on my the eve of my birthday because she needed to “go home and bake. Yes, I’m an old person. But I don’t want to be tired in the morning.” I’m sorry, but it was 9:00 pm and you could have had water with¬†lemon, especially¬†after promising me for the entire previous week you’d come out with me. Or, how one night we decided to go out for drinks after work because we wanted to catch up with each other, but then she decided a beer on her porch would taste better. Instead of even doing that, she then agreed to go out with other coworkers for beer instead of going for a drink with me (which could have been a beer. I didn’t care what we got, I was just excited to spend time with her. Guess I was wrong again.)

Frenemies between Disney Princesses? You would have thought it?

From that point on, all I’ve received¬†is attitude from a handful of reasons. When I¬† voice a concern or make a comment about how I can’t do something because I have a handful of tasks to do, the response I most often get is, “No one cares. You’re leaving, anyways.”

Again….thanks so much. Don’t complain about me then when I never make an effort to call or text to try to get together. If you didn’t care about me in my last days as a coworker, you’re sure as hell not going to care about my well-being if we’re actually friends outside of where we work.

I’m sorry I’m moving on and making changes to my life after complaining about my current situation. Get off your butt, and make things happen instead of waiting for them to happen because you “deserve it.”

I’ve deserved a lot of things in my life, but did I get them? Not every time. Did I take it out on my friends? Maybe at first with a few sarcastic remarks, but if what happened (or didn’t happen) wasn’t related to them in any way, shape, or form, I didn’t bother them by taking it out on them. I’m sorry life isn’t what you wanted it to be like at this point in your life, but I, nor my friends, had any part in that.

Don’t burn the bridges before they’re capably built.

Burn, baby, burn

It doesn’t¬†help that about an hour ago I caught the ‘Friends’¬†ultimate finale on TV while eating dinner, and watching them all say good-bye to each other on the show (and in real life, as the show was ending its 10th and final season) made me tear up more than once in 10 minutes time. They were all moving on to new chapters in their lives, and now, so am I.

Still one of the best shows ever created. Perfect cast, perfect writing, perfect acting, perfect A LOT of things.

With that in mind, I want to spread a little Vogue-spiration that bears this thought in mind:

Inspirations comes from many places. Vogue being one of them.

“Want to know a secret? Obsessing about your age, and your “flaws,” is never chic. Don’t-give-a-damn¬†is the most fashionable quality ever known. A seventeen-year-old from East L.A. with a strict budget and a stellar sense of self can be just as fabulous as a 36-yeaer-old Parisian style-maker with a charge account at Colette. She knows how to fully embrace this self, this day. She knows what shade of turquoise or amber brings out her eyes.

In this Vogue-spiration, we give you: One thirteen-year-old wise to the ways of the Chanel atelier. One 96-year-old in a leather jacket. Four 20-something cousins with shoulder-high legs and a penchant for Mugler. Mega-sequins and shearling for the under-30s; mega-sequins and shearling with an over-30 spin. Two hundred and twenty-eight pages of inspirations that span the generations.

Age? Sure, it’s just a number. But that doesn’t mean you should pretend you’re a number you’re not. Dressing like a club-hopper when you’re a woman of substance undermines your own power. Being a conformist when you’re in your 20s would be a sin.

When we write about dressing through the decades, we’re advocating that you embrace the individual. Take possession of your unique personal style. Because¬†how many women can be you?”

To sum it all up? Seize the day. I can’t help it if my friends don’t reciprocate¬†when I reach out an invitation to get together. If they deny the chance, I can at least say I’m doing my part in this friendship. See, that’s the tricky thing. Friendships are two-way streets. Don’t complain¬†to me about how I’m going to be the one “too busy” or “too whatever” to have time to hang out or see you.

The more you put the blame on me before it’s even happened, the less I want to put in the effort.

Seize¬†the day. Pick up the phone, and stay in contact. On both ends. Be the woman (or man) you’re¬†meant to be.

Call me back, betch!

As Mufasa¬†would say, “Remember who you are. You are my son, and the one true king. Remember who you are…”

It’s the circle of life!

I’ll always for a sucker for a good Lion King reference.

A Scandal, You Say?

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Due to the hectic-ness of my past weekend, I once again neglected to share with you my Fabulous Friday’s.

Joey is shocked and can’t believe I did it. Again!

Believe me when I say my Friday was quite wonderful, and they are only going to get better when I start getting into the swing of things with my new job. I can’t believe I am about to start the next big chapter in my life. A week from today I will leave the current job I’ve been working for a 1.5 years, and I will be starting an actual career job…at least a job that will give me an edge in the type of career path I imagine myself on. A week from today! Ahhh I can’t wait!

I’ll be a high-flying career woman yet.

But the countdown has begun on when my last day at my current job will be. T-minus 4 days. I couldn’t be more excited. Every evening will not be dedicated to answering a phone or showing people where to go for dinner while they get to enjoy their evening out. I won’t have to worry about random people running in through our doors thinking we’re a church with handfuls of money to handout for their well-being and assistance. No more working parties where everyone is plastered within the first hour or so, and then the men continue to hit on me or try to catch a glimpse of something more down the front of my shirt.

Sure, I’m in control of the phone, but I really hate it most of the time.

No more, I say! Most of my evenings will be my own, as will be my weekends, and certain plans are already being set into motion for some Big Girl adventures now that I have available weekends. Let’s just say every adventure should be filled with passion of the heart, and let yourself experience it all for what it is and never, ever look back.

I’m growing into my adulthood, what can I say.

“I have often thought that I am the most clever woman that ever lived, and others cannot compare with me…Although I have heard much about Queen Vctoria…I don’t think her life was half so interesting and eventful as mine. I have 400,000,000 people dependent on my judgement.”

Those are the exciting words of Empress Dowager Cixi, a 19th century notable. Can you imagine ruling over that many people? Four hundred million! I can’t even grasp how large that number is in my head. If we’re talking dollar amounts, I know I’d be set for life with that large of a sum.

Anyone with the title of Empress Dowager is a-okay with me.

Come on, lucky lottery ticket!

A little Napoleon help is a great thing.

The only royal I feel I can relate to (or at least pretend I know enough about in order to relate) is the Duchess of Cambridge herself. I know there’s more to being princess than always looking perfect, welcoming foreign visitors and political dignitaries with humility, gracious manners, and courteous smiles. It’s not about the clothes or appearing to be happy in the public eye. It’s volunteering, it’s putting a face to a much bigger cause.

Looking fab and talking politics. Nothing out of the ordinary here!

It’s more than hospital visits, opening child care centers, or breaking dirt and being the center of a photo-op. Kate Middleton carries the burdens placed upon her well. I wouldn’t be complaining about a front row seat to every single Olympic event you wanted to attend. So what if she isn’t smiling in the photo plastered to her all-access pass? It’s protocol!

You can sort of see the infamous pass here, if you look pretty closely.

While i¬†have no doubt Middleton leads a very exciting and eventful royal life (seriously, I’m super jealous of her Olympics access), but there are a few things she can’t do without it being labelled with a huge red stamp of SCANDAL. Me? Sure, it’ll be a scandal most likely, but I can get away with it and not have it splashed across the cover and Page 6 of every major publication in the world.

Vanity Fair 2012 Best Dressed List? Please and Thank You.

For now, at least.

Anyways, without much further ado, and it’s Monday so no one likes to read a novel length posting on a Monday, here are the reasons my latest edition of Friday was so freaking Fabulous:

Fabulous Look:

Pure glamour. A touch of skin and some sparkle. Loving it.

Fabulous Laugh:

Damn Africa!

Fabulous Moment:

Insuring the Death Star is important business, you know.

Fabulous Worry:

Fabulous Trick:

Use for those really annoying neighbors.

Fabulous Office Space:

Oh pretty please!?

Fabulous Start to the Day:

Just getting in tune with the Force before heading to work.

Fabulous Secretary’s Daydream:

Fabulous Smile:

Admit it, it makes you giggle a little bit.

Fabulous Summer Lunch:

Grilled steak, a baked potato with sour cream toppings, and some sort of green vegetable = the perfect summer meal.

Fabulous Villan:

He’s sort of messed up in a sympathetic way.

Fabulous Starbucks Complex:

Plus, it’s mobile!

Fabulous Wedding Gift:

It’s a really cute idea I may do for my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary.

Fabulous ‘Friends’ Moment:

Fabulous Challenge:

Happy Monday, boys and girls, and may you be treated like kings and queens of old in your relationships with those whom love you.

I would love to be treated like Kate Middleton. Even if only for a day.

Unless your Han Solo and a scoundrel, and a very sexy scoundrel at that. Then, you have every right to treat me with a little more edge and finesse to your words.

But seriously.

Women should be treated like the princesses and queens we are, and in return, men will be rewards like kings.

Challenge accepted? I sure hope so!

If only Frodo had been that determined little stick-man.

Not Too Many Nights Left Like These

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My new boss is having dinner at my current place of employment of which I will be leaving in 2 weeks’ time.

Serve her table well, ladies and gentlemen.

I find this incredibly hilarious, and at the same time, I may just faint. Anything I do here could make her change her mind, and we certainly do not want that. Anybody could let something slip about me, and we most certainly do not want that. Overall, I want to reflect a good working atmosphere to further encourage my new place of employment that I am indeed a great fit for their office.

I also don’t want my current boss to try to steal me away from my soon-to-be new boss. Wouldn’t that just be awful? Even if the old job could offer me the benefits, pay grade, daytime hours¬†and loveliness of the new job, I still don’t want to stay. I’m ready to move on. It’s been kind to me when I needed a job, and I was able to develop and hone skills new and old. But now I’m ready to step foot into a bigger arena. It’s my time to move forward.

I’m ready to leap into the new arena set before me. Maybe not to the death, but I’m ready for battle, that’s for sure.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, better screw that up while I might still have some control over it.

I really don’t know what’s on my mind at this current moment in time. Of course, the Olympics on are on mind as they will be for the next 7-8 days until the closing ceremony.

Misty Mae and Kerri Walsh are headed for their 3rd gold medal! HOT DAMN!

OH! I’ve drafted my 1st letter of resignation ever in my lifetime, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. It’s bittersweet thinking about the personal and working relationships I have built here in this place for the past year and a half, and soon they will be done with. It’s also bittersweet to realize that once I leave this place where I have laughed, cried, sweated, yelled, bitched, encouraged, and dare I say embraced, a majority of the people here will cease to exist in my life. Friend I have made…we won’t speak to each other anymore unless we run into the other randomly at a bar, street dance, or merely happen to be in the same grocery store at the same time.

More or less…

Come to think of it, this place has seen a lot of events in my life. Let me list a few which will stick out in my mind for days to come:

– My first real off-campus job

Off to work I go! The same hours, the same days, every week the whole year-long.

– A rather uncomfortable break-up

Of all the places our relationship had to end, it had to be here.

– A full-on work crush for a stretch of time

Not nearly as heart-warming or happy ending as Jim and Pam…but it’s the best example I could come up with.

–¬†Being hit on by men at least 30 years my senior (Absolute fave moment? New Year’s Eve when I wore a black and white shift dress that hugged my hips more than usual, and being pulled aside by a member to be told, “You are looking so good tonight. If I was 25 years younger, I’d pull you into a room upstairs and have my way with you.” Sure, I’m flattered, but when you start using phrases like “have my way with you,” I start to chuckle in a “Oh dear god, get me out of here” sort of way.)

Happy New Year’s to all!

– Ordering pizza or Chinese food along with a beverage or two of my own making while watching a Star Wars marathon on July 4 when the Club is closed for the week.

And its all for me! MUAHAHAHA! (I’m going to feel fat in the morning!)

– Walking across the street to watch the fireworks with hordes of people on July 4.

Oooh la la!

– Getting a call to look in the dummy elevator from someone in the kitchen to find a bowl of French Onion soup waiting for me, along with a gigantic brownie.

OMG best day ever!

– Discovering a perfect piece of filet mignon untouched on someone’s cleared plate from wedding reception.

It’s as if the Wedding Gods read my mind, and allowed me to find this perfect piece of meat.

– Snatching a cupcake off the wedding cake stand when no one is watching.

MY cupcake!

– Receiving my first official job rejection phone call

– Back in the early days, gathering in the bar after every member had left to do a round of shots in celebration of surviving another day.

It wasn’t a night at work without leaving with a slight buzz.

– Designing my first poster for an event taking place, and being complimented by a handful of members (one of which even asked me to autograph it for him, and then informed me he would hang it on his wall and hold on to it until I was making big bucks in the design industry.)

I’m working here!

РWatching our night-time manager lose his shit and run straight into a wall while tearing off his shirt when he thought Chef threw a spider on him.

The itsy-bitsy spider…BIT OFF THE MOUSE’S HEAD!

– Sneaking into rooms after banquets had finished up to see what food they hadn’t completely finished off. I always went for the smoked gouda. (Please keep in mind, I was a poor college kid a majority of my time here with this place. If there was edible food, I was after it.)

The softest, most perfect cheese every created.

Really, I could go on and on for a few hundred more words, but I’ll stop there.

“The subject of men and women is absolutely fraught with sex, which is as it should be.”

Trust me, there has been plenty of sexual tension in multiple ways between this moment as I type and since the day I first step foot into this establishment. So, thank you for summing up a part of my experience here, Peg Bracken, she who has found humor in homemaking.

She wrote a book called the ‘I Hate Cooking Cookbook.’ I’d love to read it!

I shall not name them, but they know who they are. Boys, you shall be missed in many, many ways.

As much as I have complained about this place, it served me well when I needed an income, a place to put myself to work, and a room full of familiar faces. Not going to lie, it also pushed me to strive for a Big Girl Job, to reach for something far more substantial to what I need to do in order to feel like a more fulfilled person.

A part of life is picking up the pieces and moving on. That’s what they say anyways. I’m starting the next chapter in my life, the next chapter of my professional career-driven life.

To my coworkers whom I leave in less than 2 weeks, may you reach the endeavors you seek to gain and, even though it seems daunting at times, you too will get out of there. You, too, will one day have a life outside of those indestructible walls. So, I raise my glass to you…here’s to achieving your dreams…

As Pink would say, Raise Your Glass!

…And hasta la vista suckers! (See? I’m so nice. They definitely going to miss me around here ūüôā )

And I’ll ride off into a glorious sunset to be missed by many. (Hey, I have a cinematic mind. What can I say?)

When It Comes to Money Talk, Let’s Not and Say We Did.

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Tie me up and make me sign a contract stating I will not waste time on the internet googling my newest obsession, thanks to the Olympics.

Except I am not in this much agony.

Two words: Ryan Lochte. Enough said.

I am officially obsessed with the man (in case you haven’t already figured that much out from my previous postings and my non-stop talk about him.) Another two words: Gorg-Eous! I could stare into those baby blues all day long.

I’d love to stare at his face in the morning while eating a bowl of Wheaties.

Here’s another indication I’ve become a full-blown Olympics junkie. I was doing a bit of online shopping this morning (another terrible habit I need to sign a contract on. No more online shopping when I start the Big Girl Job unless I have rightfully earned it!), and I came across a Team USA warm-up jacket I instantly told myself I needed to own. Not only could I feel like I’m a part of the action, but maybe…JUST maybe, I’d feel like a part of the Olympic team, too. (Wow…I just reread that statement, and I realize how much of a dork I am. Trust me, it I’m fully aware of the fact I live in my own la-la land 90% of the waking hours.)

Doesn’t it look comfy?

Trouble is, it only comes in youth sizes. I’ve worn young kids clothes before. My hockey jersey for my alma mater’s team is a youth size. For two reasons: 1.) It’s, like, $30 cheaper to buy the youth size, and 2.) The hockey jersey’s usually only come in men’s sizes and I still drown in a men’s size small.

When it comes to the female body, smaller usually is better. Especially in terms of hockey jersey’s.

Soooo…if I can get one cheaper and one which will fit me better, I’m going to go with the youth sized article of clothing. I’m hoping this holds true for the Team USA warm-up jackets, too, but I want to try one on. Sadly, I don’t think they’re going to have them in store. Before I rushing off to work, I’m going to stop by the store and see if by some miracle they have one in stock. Otherwise, hello on-line shopping cart. We meet again!

Online supermarket sweeeeeeeeep!

Now, if only I could find a shirt with Ryan Lochte’s face on it…

“When in doubt, do what someone successful does.”

An interesting piece of advice from Suze Orman, a finance fixer. I’m assuming she speaks in terms of the financial world when she uttered those words, but I think the lesson here can be applied to many areas of life.

A lady often featured in O magazine. How about that?

Like Orman said, you can live the life of a successful individual when it comes to finances in a number of ways. You can live large on a small budget (if you need help or ideas, there are tons of books on to help you get started)…

This is one such book.

…Or you can ignore the small budget entirely and spend, spend spend! Welcome to America where no one carries cash anymore. Just plastic. Cold, hard plastic in the form of a credit card. I’m as guilty as the next person. The only time I get cash is when I’m heading out with a friend and the bar we’re hitting up has a cover charge.

Fun little tidbit I learned about Ryan Lochte¬†this morning…He is also guilty of never carrying cash. When interviewed by Swim Today magazine for a segment of their “25 Things You Didn’t Know About [insert celebrity swimmer’s name here]”, Ryan Lochte was asked the question of how much money would we find in your wallet right now. He generously guessed $1.00. When he actually opened his wallet to show the interviewer, there wasn’t a single bill of cash to be seen. “Nothing but credit cards,” said Lochte with a smile on that adorable face of his.

His answer? A blonde-ish brunette. Combine the two and you’ll get the best of both worlds. I accept his answer.

Okay, I’ll try to be done with my teenage crushing. For now, at least.

The important this with credit cards is to pay them off before you’re spending gets to be too outrageous, and you spend the rest of your life trying to reach the finish line of the debt-race game.

Let it rain in credit! Muhahahahahaha!

My advice? Make the purchase, and pay off that bill the instant it comes, especially if you can afford to pay it off right away. Otherwise, plan on making the monthly payments, and maybe a little more, if it’s a larger than usual purchase.

They’ll keep coming if you keep spending. A warning you best heed…

It seems simple, I know, but then why is America the winner when it comes to credit card debt?

I like to look at Orman’s words this way. What are key traits of successful people? They don’t ever allow themselves to stop. They are always working, always striving to reach that goal. They take chances. They may even take the road less traveled to reach their end goal. It might take a little longer, it might mean an extra project load to their already loaded table, but they do it.

Okay, so not everyone can jump into a machine that will hyper-start their DNA and make them bulk up in a matter of minutes…but still, you’d have to take the chance.

It’s as if they look forward down the road, and don’t really “see” the obstacles because they know they’re going to blow past them in no time.

That’s something I need to incorporate more into my lifestyle…and when it comes time to purchase this Team USA jacket. Nothing is going to keep me from adding it to my wardrobe!

This might be my pick to end all picks.

Just like I’m adding new clothes to my wardrobe, I’m trying new foods and trying out new ideas and products to expand my lifestyle and my overall world, even just a little bit. You know what it’s all about. It’s my New Day Sundays (and yes, I do know it’s Monday, but I was in recovery mode all of yesterday. I plopped on my couch and watched the Olympics, and that was it!). Here are the new things I tried in the month of July:

Produce: Alfalfa Sprouts

Putting alfalfa sprouts on your sandwich = an amazing replacement for lettuce and is just as nutritious.

Bakery: Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffins

Surprisingly delicious, and if made right, you simply sink your teeth into them.

Canned Goods: Pear Halves

A quick snack and easy treat. Who doesn’t love pears? Crazy people.

Breakfast/Cereal: Special K Breakfast Bars

Easy to throw in your bag on the way out the door, they hit the spot when hunger hits, but they really don’t last all that long. Especially if you’re a mover and a shaker.

Meats: Lobster Ravioli

I was cautious to try it, coming out the freezers at the grocery store. Seafood from any store tends to be hit or miss if you’re not paying an arm and a leg for it to be gourmet. However, it was rather tasteful and the leftovers heated up nicely the next day.

Dairy: Heluva Good! French Onion Dip

Doesn’t quite live up to the name Heluva! Good, but it’s something I would eat again.

Frozen Foods: Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches

Makes for a late night snack when the munchies hit, and you need something more substantial than ice cream.

Beverages: Strawberry Crush

Pop the top, and prepare to be transported back to feeling like a kid on a hot summer day.

Toiletries: Earth Therapeutics Heel Intensive Care

Most effective if applied to the feet when they are still slightly damp and warm from the shower/bath water. Seals in the cream a little better, and it releases a heavenly smell of mint.

Baby: John Deere Bunkbeds

Growing up on a farm where the blood runs green, this made my heart melt in adoration.

Household: Solar Powered Bricks

An environment¬†friendly way to light your houses’ pathway without using actual electricity.

Pets: Hummingbird Feeder

Perfect if you have a small porch or deck to hang it on, plus the hummingbirds themselves with love the red color.

Snacks: Mystery Flavored Fruit by the Foot

Once again, you’ll feel like a kid, and maybe a little silly trying to eat the thing.

Misc: OPI Crackle Nail Polish in Gold

It’s pretty fun to watch it “crackle” across your fingernails.

What new things have you tried lately in the past month or so? What I have found the most exciting is when I’m in the beauty department or roaming around ULTA to see what new and fun products. There is so much to take in, and I’ve decided it would be fun to work as the beauty editor for a major fashion magazine. Constantly trying new products and letting others know how good they work? Sign me up.

I love checking out new cosmetics as much as I love eating new foods.

It’s only Monday, meaning the week is only just starting. I hope it’s off to good start for you.

Sanya Richards-Ross most certainly had a wonderful start to her London Olympics.

On my end? It’s not bad, especially when you come to another realization why adulthood is so much better than being a kid or a teenager.

Reason # 47 why its better to be an adult: Not having to argue with mom about whether you can buy the Snack Pack Pudding Cups, and then deciding, yes you will have one for breakfast.

Why for breakfast? Because I can!

See? Life rocks sometimes. Happy Monday!

Let out a shout and enjoy what the day throws at you, like Calvin here!