What Would You Do If You Only Had One More Day?

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Sad news in the office. A colleague revealed she’s dealing with breast cancer and experienced her first round of chemotherapy merely a day ago, and it hadn’t hit home until she walked away from the appointment. Bluntly: that sucks.

No one should ever have to experience cancer or watch someone go through it. While my results ended up being a positive thing for me, I had my brush with cancer. The anxiety of thinking I had it was enough to end me. Imagine if that phone call had gone the other way…

Regardless, I still believe life should be lived each and every day. No longer a question of if, but a question of when. Let’s continue our journey through the 500 Things You Must Do Once in a Lifetime.


6.) Ride a gondola in Venice.

There are two specific movies that made me want to visit Venice more than I’ve wanted to before. One was ‘The Italian Job‘ (I fell in love with Mini Coopers at the same time.) The other was ‘Mission Impossible 3‘. Jetting through the city’s watery road ways on a speedy boat is pretty badass. Johnathon Rys-Meyers can join me on my gondola any day. My other Venetian fantasies have been a touch more romantic, but it doesn’t get much better than adventure (water way speed chases), a good-looking guy by my side, and the Pope a couple cities away.



7.) Throw a surprise party.

This is near the top of my bucket list. Why? I was the lucky victim of a surprise birthday some years ago, and it was absolutely AWESOME! People threw balloons and confetti when I walked in the room. All my favorite foods were hot and ready to devour (pizza rolls, nacho chip dip and ice cream cake…man, I had great taste back then). The room was decked out in rainbow colored streamers, balloons and a giant ‘Happy Birthday’ banner. Best of all? My favorite people in the whole wide world were there to wish me Happy Birthday. The gifts didn’t hurt, either. I still recall that special feeling of being the night’s Guest of Honor. Now it’s my turn to throw an equally awesome bash for someone near and dear to me.



8.) Learn another language.

Buenos dias! Bonjour! Not nearly fluent in any language other than the sound effects emitted from my inner monologue when I’m irritated or confuzzled beyond repair, I have studied Spanish and French. I love love LOVE the French language and how sexy it makes someone sound. Unfortunately, in the semester I attempted to become sexy with language, I failed miserably. Tough it was, but I enjoyed the challenge and toy with the idea of picking up a Rosetta Stone to continue my French studies. I even held on to my beginner’s textbook…



9.) Dance in a tropical rainstorm.

This needs to happen with a lover. I’m not kidding. Dancing in the rain with someone you’re going to pull into your tent only to rip their clothes off minutes after getting soaked in the wild jungle sounds like an epic time to remember. I blame ‘High School Musical 3’ for instilling a desire for a love-filled waltz with the man of my lifetime. On a rooftop OR in a tropical rainstorm.

rain dance


10.) Run a marathon.

Why…I repeat WHY…would anyone want to submit themselves to 26.2 miles of hell on their body (added punishment: running a marathon in high heels)? Once upon a time, I liked running. Loved it even. But then something in my snapped. Probably when my high school track coach repeatedly signed me up for the 4×4 relay therefore forcing me to run the most difficult sprint known to a mediocre runner. Back home on the farm or along the Lakewalk here, I could manage it. The sites are prettier. At most, I could push myself 13.1 miles (aka a half-marathon). But I suppose it’s partially bragging rights. A medal bestowed upon you and a complimentary body massage afterwards also doesn’t hurt. But everything in between the starting and finish lines? No thanks! I must remind myself a Jedi is only as strong in body as he is in mind. (I like yoga and Pilates….isn’t that enough? HA! If a Sith Lord heard me now…)


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