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Falling Hard on this Couch

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Noon. That was the time I rose and shined. It’s been a long time since I have slept in that late. To be fair, I did wake up at 6:30 and 7:00 before I actually crawled back under the covers and say ‘Screw You!’ to the early morning fogginess. Seriously, it’s sort of disgusting out…and I told myself I was going to hit up the gym some time today. Well, the day is young.

All comfy in my comforter and I just don’t want to get out to it. Ever.

Yet here I sit in my pajamas eating TGIFridays Potato Skins: Cheddar and Bacon flavored. Two words: Rough Night. In more ways than one. It further proves to me why I’m a terrible person. I really am, but deep inside, I’m okay with that. At least I think I am. That, or I have a burning desire to see how many people will buy be drinks before they decide to throw them in my face. Girlish tendency? Perhaps.

I must try this fun stuff.

“When you jump up the earth wants you back.”

Okay, Jenny Lewis, singer and songwriter. If you say so.

She looks like a sly elven princess in training.

But every once in a while, I wish I could jump up and I could simply float away, find a new landing ground, a new landscape, a new place to belong. I guess that’s why nomads broke all the rules back in the day…they didn’t want to belong to anything or any place other than themselves.

Pack your bags, kiddos.

Plus I slept in my new favorite Bulldogs hoodie last night, and now I don’t want to take it off. I think I might slap a ‘Emotional Recovery’ stamp on this afternoon. Sad, yes, but I’m feeling pretty low for multiple reasons.

All I need is a box of tissues and a sob-worthy chick flick.

However, there is one way to turn a frown upside down with me, and that is with my Fabulous Friday. Here is what made my Friday extra Fabulous this time around:

Fabulous Season:

I’m hanging on to this sight when the snow starts to fall.

Fabulous Cookie Recipe:

It might not be a recipe, but look at how awesome these cookies look!

Fabulous Spooky Make-Up:

Sort of spooky, but sort of beautiful at the same time.

Fabulous Fall Treat:

How delicious do these sound? Starbucks Frappucinno Cupcakes.

Fabulous Breakfast:

Use Christmas cookie cutters to pour pancake batter into them for awesome-shaped pancakes.

Fabulous Post-Wedding Moment:

First private alone-time kiss right after the ceremony? Hot.

Fabulous Wedding Accessory:

How cute are these for the groom the day of the wedding?

Fabulous Bathroom Organizer:

A simple shelf can now hold all those lady hair products that clog up counter space. Amazing.

Fabulous Smile:

“I feel like if Mockingjay is split into two movies, they’ll end the first one at Katniss and Peeta’s reunion. Like it’ll show him wring her neck and Boggs punch him and then boom credits and we’re all just sitting there like this.” – Emma Stone on Hunger Games.

Fabulous Halloween Decorations:

So simple. Put a light inside a plastic milk jug and draw a face on it.

Fabulous Kitten Action:

Kung-Fu Kittens! Hi-YA!

Fabulous English Lesson:

Fabulous Elf Trick:

Tape up your child’s bedroom door so they have to fight their way out in the morning, and tell them Santa did it so they wouldn’t sneak out in the middle of the night to get their presents.

Fabulous Tan Line:

Secret agent gun placeholder.

Fabulous Bedroom:

Who wouldn’t want to sleep in a horse-drawn carriage?

I seriously need a bowl of soup with a Gatorade or something along those lines. I’m just not having a good day here. However, there is a gigantic tub of ice cream in my freezer. I bought that ice cream before the wedding, convincing my sister I was allowed a bowl every night if I wanted. It was slow-churned frozen yogurt, after all. You know what? I didn’t even touch the stuff.

This is heaven in a martini bowl.

Granted, I also abandoned by entire workout regime that same week, but I also stuck to fruits and veggies a whole lot more…and more chicken strips I probably should have consumed, but hey! I looked great, the bride looked great, and I didn’t falter on a single note of either song or reading. Damn good prep on my part.

Belting it!

But now I’m going to lie in self-pity on the couch, and pray those ambulance sirens aren’t carting off anyone I know to a local mortuary because there have been a lot of them in the last 12 hours.

I don’t even know how our doctors rate around here when its an emergency.

May the Force be with them this afternoon.


Find Your Inner Diva!

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That took far too long for this stupid typing block to load properly so I could finally type here. And yes, I realized I haven’t written again a long time. Guess what? When you don’t have a laptop of your own, you’re working 12 hours a day and all you can think about is a heaping bowl of Edy’s frozen yogurt when you finally kick your shoes off for the day, I know I should feel like writing, but I don’t.

Come to Mama!

Instead, I choose to turn into a vegetative couch potato and fall asleep, ready to do it again the next day.

Couch Potato Kitty wants another beer.

On a different note, last night while out and about with my crew for a Halloween party, I think I have stumbled upon my ulterior personality. For karaoke, for dancing late at night, for approaching men…I have discovered my inner party girl and she is amazing. Last night, I was always surrounded by a group of three or more guys, and I was loving it. Or should I say, Raja was loving it.

Except we didn’t dance this classically.

Hey, this is perfectly acceptable to tap into a new side of myself. If Beyoncé can have Sasha Fierce, I can have Raja. Everyone loved her, too.

Let’s hear it for Sasha!

Other than plenty of tequila and dancing (and rattling my belly dancing belt all over the place. Do you know how hard it is to sit down on a sheet of coins? It’s uncomfortable when you forget that’s what’s covering your lower half), I had a pretty jam-packed weekend of dress shopping (the wedding is in less than a week!), hockey watching (damn those nachos looked delicious), and working (it just never stops.)

I have a weak spot for goalie’s

The dress I bought instantly reminded me of Kate Middleton. Between her and Keira Knightley, I have my fashion choice muses. It’s cream-colored with black across the back and over the shoulders, and it hits right above the knee. The most important part of it? It hugs me beautifully in the waist. Much like Ms. Middleton’s most noted fashion tip: Cinch it in the middle, people!

Check it. This dress is hot.

On top of that, a little trip to Victoria’s Secret saw me coming home with a new (and dare I say Raja-inspired) bodice-corset piece in the sexiest color of purple that I have ever seen. It’s quickly become my ‘I need to feel sexy underneath these normal clothes’ lingerie item. So, so sexy, and I dare say I walk a little taller. You never know…I might be wearing it right now as I type this.

It’s about to get hotter…

It’s really bad. All while shopping, I saw about a hundred and one new pieces I wanted to add to my working wardrobe. My bank account would quickly become zero if I ever let myself go clothes happy at the mall. Trust me, I may not seem like a fashion diva, but I care about the way I look as much as the next person.

“What do I think about the way most people dress? Most people are not something one thinks about.”

The fickle fashion editor, Diana Vreeland, is on to something there. There are so many people out in the world who have been labeled as total Fashion Statements. I look at them and wonder, what the hell are you wearing?I’m sure people do the same mental thought through their minds when they look at me, but whatever. I wear what I want, when I want.

Don’t be looking at my lingerie, lady.

Hence the reason why I sewed a couple of Jedi Academy patches on a pair of black sweatpants and call them my Jedi pants. You wear what you like, and they look badass!

Just one of the patches on said Jedi pants.

But, on that same line, here are a few things I found to be incredibly badass for my Fabulous Friday, and maybe a nod or two towards Halloween. But man, my Friday was pretty Fabulous. Here’s why:

Fabulous Video:

Fabulous Haunted Decoration Idea:

Chicken wire and white paint. And look how spooky your yard will look.

Fabulous Laugh:

Fabulous Exit:

Simply epic.

Fabulous Reality:

Fabulous Self-Made Decor:

Use your old photo slides to create a new lampshade. You’ll see the photos through the light bulb’s radiating rays.

Fabulous Date Idea:

Travel to your own love destinations, and stamp both your passports every time you visit a new country of love.

Fabulous Halloween Decoration:

Puking pumpkin…of guacamole!

Fabulous Past Halloween Costume:

Jedi, of course.

Fabulous Smile:

Fabulous Timeline:

Show the timeline of your relationship through a wall of photos.

Fabulous Reminder:

Fabulous Laundry:

Paint your washing machines…How genius and fun is that!?

Fabulous Thought on Love:

Fabulous Creativity Jumpstart:

Seriously, a million new design thoughts running through my head at this very moment.

Sad to think the weekend is just about over. As a working girl, the free days seem to fly by faster than usual. Probably doesn’t help that the wedding is less than 7 days away, and I have so, so, so, so much to do! Am I forgetting something? I don’t know! That’s half the fun of it, right?

Keep it real, all, and wear those Jedi pants with pride.

Next will be the tunic.

I wear mine everywhere. Including the grocery store and the dance studio 🙂

Let your true colors fly, and let that inner diva out!

Feeding a Few (Passionate) Fires

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The apple juice isn’t cutting it this morning.

Not the best pick-me-up this morning.

I’m trying just about everything to give me that mid-morning punch in the gut, and I think the only way I’m going to get that is if I insert the coffee IV into he crook of my arm the minute I step out of the shower, and while it’s still attached to my blood flow, also down about 2-3 Rock Star energy drinks. Two words: caffeine overload. I’d be dead within the noon hour. And, why, may I ask, am I craving crunchy sweet somethings already and it’s not even noon?

I’m not pregnant, that’s for sure. But my body is going through some weird changes right now.

What is going on with my body is beyond me. I’ve started taking Vitamin B tablets, but that can’t be working this hard-core already, can it? I read somewhere they jump start your metabolism rates, and this was the main push behind my taking them, especially with a month separating me and my sister’s wedding day. But I can’t imagine that this is what it’s doing to my body already…Can it?

I do not like feeling hungrier than a tiger who has been put on a vegetarian diet for months unwillingly. And yes, that may be a totally lame clique, but you know what? I don’t care! I need some chips or something.

“Men love to watch two women make love. I wonder, does this turn them on, or are they just trying to figure out how to do it right?”

Given my current dating and love life situation here (or lack thereof would probably be more accurate to say), Joy Behar, the talk show talent, really knows how to make me giggle. I’ve always wondered this same thing. What is it that gets men going when two women kiss? It doesn’t even have to be a passionate, sexy kiss. It could be a tiny peck on the lips, and their imaginations know no boundaries. They are running wild, and free, and imagining the next three women they meet int he sack together.

Everyone could use a little more “who cares?” in their lives.

Another reason why women are the superior species.

Although I can’t entirely say we don’t have sex on the brain a lot of the time. We really actually do. As Rachel Berry happened to spurt out in Season 1 of Glee during her one and only Celibacy Club meetings, “Let me tell you something they don’t want you to know. Girls think about and want sex just as much as guys do.” Well said, young Berry, well said.

I actually find her annoying more than half the time. But she hit this one on the head.

It happens when you least expect it. For me the past couple of weeks, I see one little thing happening and I’m suddenly on a one-lane mind track about an article I read in Cosmo last month, or I’m thinking about the time New Guy brushed his hand against mine while standing in his kitchen, cooking up ourselves a little meal, and then…

HA! No this isn’t going to turn into a soft porn paperback you secretly read in the library when you’re bored and trying with all your might to avoid studying. BUT the truth is, we all think about it more than we care to admit. Just last night I had a dream about New Guy’s Best Friend and when I woke up this morning…whoa, was I in a tizzy? I forced myself to think about other things, and to really concentrate on work until my mind no longer fluttered to the has-been’s of Fantasy Land.

Pun totally intended!

Care for me to share it with you? I just think I might (don’t worry…all the fun, nitty-gritty details are reserved for my memory and my memory only!):

“It’s a rainy afternoon, and I’m taking my time walking down the marbled steps of a building that closely resembles the Metropolitan Museum of Arts (it could have been…maybe I’m an art curator or something). Walking along carefully, as the steps are slick with rain and my umbrella is up (and incredibly red! Did I mention it’s an eye sore of a red color?) My mood feels a bit gloomy, as to match the weather, when before me I see a familiar car waiting at the corner. Out steps New Guy’s Best Friends, looking all fine in a clean-cut suit. (What made him look even better? That he didn’t care it was raining and it Calvin Klein was getting a bit damp. I always swoon for a sexy man in a sexy suit.) I stop to take him in, standing there with no umbrella of his own. Damn, he looks so sorry for whatever he did…and I bite my lip as I make my choice. Slowly, I walk up to him, hand him my umbrella, and crawl into back of the car (which I’m pretty sure was a stretch limo.)

I thought New Guy’s Best Friend looked like Josh Dumehal’s twin, and in my dreams, he is. Too damn good-looking for his own good.

Next thing you know, we are snuggled up together on a couch with either his or my family filling the living room space before us. We’re watching a movie, and I know I’m wearing a dull blue pair of sweatpants because New Guy’s Best Friend’s hand keeps brushing along the waistline, and I have to push it away. There are people in the room with us! We can’t just get down and dirty with kids in the room (Do I even know they’re kids? Not really.) But he takes my hand anyways, and we crawl BEHIND the couch and then I let him have his way with me.(Because that would always work in real life!)

So…behind the couch?

Next thing you know, we’re no longer behind the couch, but actually outside on the wet grass (and yes, it is still raining) and we are kissing incredibly passionately, completely oblivious to the fact we’re rolling around on wet, grassy earth. When that’s all said and done with (and I will say THAT memory will be sticking with me for quite some time) we walked back inside and return to the couch we were sitting on previously, but now the movie is over and we’re alone in the room. My hair is soaking wet and my clothes are sticking to me like wet sand on a cold day. Suddenly, the door across the room from us flies open and there stands my scruffy-looking ex of a boyfriend(and it is the real vision of my real-time ex-boyfriend, which really sent my heart into my throat).

Cue staring and dripping wet hair all over the couch where it started it all!

He just stood there, and stared at me as the door swung slowly shut and I know he continued to stare at me and New Guy’s Best Friend, who I now noticed was shirtless (was he the whole time? My god we’re two terrible people, doing it in front of giant bay window for all I know), because the door continued to swing back and forth a few times before stopping. I breathed in deeply once…twice…pushed a piece of wet hair behind my ear…”

…and then I woke up.

Hopefully, that is not the end of dreams like that to come. I’m going to need a few good ones to keep my warm all winter long. Supposedly snow is in the forecast for this weekend already. Brrr! I’m so not ready!

But to keep the good, warm feelings going, here are my weekly Midweek Smiles to keep you feeling good. On the inside, at least 🙂

– Welcome what life brings, and it’ll bring you good things.

Not just a hot girl, but an invite to a Harry Potter party, too. Booya! You hit the jackpot!

– Stress doesn’t have to get the best of you.

Stress? What stress? I’m great at what I do.

– There’s no reason you can’t succeed.

Bring it on, Shelob!

– Let yourself be someone amazing: the real you.

I am hot…and I mean I have a loaded gun in my pocket.

– Grow a brand-new future. Plant a dream.

The buckeye brought good luck all around.

– It’s okay to take care of yourself, too.

That should always include decking yourself out in diamonds.

– Things are going to be better than okay. They’re going to be great!

Enough said.

See? Combine any of those words with that dream, and aren’t you just feeling all smooshy inside? I know I do. It probably helps my case a little bit more that I was the starring role getting all the action in my very own dream…but those are simply details.

Since I’m the leading lady, I’ll be as pretty and stylish as Princess Diana.

Keep up the energy people! The week is halfway over, and there’s still much to be done.


We have a kingdom to win back!

“You’re a Heartbreaker, Dream Maker, a Love Taker”

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I may or may not be watching too much of The Office.

As Dwight would say, “You think?”

Wanna know how I know this to be true? I am having dreams about breaking up one of my Top 10 couples of all time: Jim and Pam.

The look cozy now, but trust me. Things get far more interesting…and dirty.

Since I have started watching the show (about 6 months ago), I have found their love story to be one of the cutest I have ever seen unfold on my television screen. Literally tore my heart apart when Pam broke off her engagement with Roy (and also leapt with absolute joy when the episode happened where they show her ring finger *gasp* absent of an engagement ring!) When she got back together with Roy with no definite plans for the future with their relationship, but just to see how they work out, I fumed at her. Why would you do that when the sweetest man I have ever witnessed on the TV screen is absolutely pining for you no more than 5 feet away from your desk?!

We wouldn’t have had all these best moments if neither of them wised up eventually.

Then, he gets into a relationship with someone I found highly obnoxious from the start (and far too insecure with herself) when Pam finally grows a big enough pair to say, “No More!” to Roy. Hearing Jim and Karen talk about going to city, to explore it and “get a hotel room” made me as uncomfortable as the time when the Warehouse Guys took on the Office Guys and Jim had to stand there and take it while Pam and Roy shared a long, celebratory kiss. (Also, I loved watching Jim in all his giant tallness king-of-the-court basketball glory against Roy.)

One of the Top Moments that broke my heart. Literally had me going, “Ooooooh. Poor Jim!” It also gave the Dream-Me the perfect opportunity to sweep in and grab his lovely attention.

“I have found that age is a careless jailer. There are hours, days, even weeks, when it doesn’t seem to check up on you as much. During those times, you are the same whizzy you have always been, in some ways better.”

The original Cosmogirl, Helen Gurley Brown, has captured the essence of my forever-lasting romantic self. It’s never going away any time soon, and any guys who can’t handle a girl who loves her great love story (especially the one called Her Own), better keep searching. When it comes to love and keeping the romance alive, I will always be that whizzy self of mine.

Thee first editor-in-chief of my favorite magazine of all time. Who would have thought it?

Anyways, in this dream…I broke them up. I break up Jim and Pam! Pretty much put them on the verge of divorce. And why would such a solid couple end up in such distress? Because, my dear readers, somehow Pam ended up turning into an absolute domineering bee-yotch and Jim got sick of it. Somehow I was around to charm him. Next thing you know….details get very, very juicy.

Let me explain further:

Jim and I are at an office party (apparently I also work for Dunder Mifflin…but since they were the only two people from the show I recognized, I’m going to safely assume we just work for the same company.) We laugh and joke over drinks in plastic cups, and seem to only have a focus on each other. It comes up in conversation that both of us are both attending an open house on a property we’re both looking at in hopes of purchasing. (Of all things to have in common…a possible mortgage!) Next thing you know, my hand is on his forearm, and his arm is around my waist to stop me from toppling to the ground. I’ve had quite a bit to drink.

Let’s me honest…we both did.

Plenty of heated stares to keep the mood right where it shouldn’t have been.

Soon, we’re stumbling down the street, me in my work coat, and Jim starts leading me up the steps to…Surprise, Surprise!…the house we’re both going to for the open house the next day. The door is unlocked when Jim gives it a twist, and we stumble inside. We start giving ourselves a tour of the place, making up facts about the counter tops in the kitchen, the tile flooring in the bathroom, the clock hanging above the fireplace mantel. The place is somewhat furnished, to give the house a more fleshed out look when we tour it the next day. He makes a joke about the carpeting, and I pull him down to the couch as we start laughing too hard. We look up from out laughing fit, and our faces are incredible close….Soon, our lips are pressed together in a hungry sort of way. Jim rips off my coat and throws it somewhere off towards the direction of the kitchen.

Very reminiscent of the car scene from Titanic. (Can you tell I love the movie Titanic too much?)

(This is where the dream fast forwards, but I’m sure you know what happens next…or I just keep the dirty details to myself. Haha!)

Out of nowhere, a blanket as appeared on the couch, and I lay half covered by it when suddenly the door bursts open. Who but enters, but Pam! Jim leaps off me, and I frantically reach for the blanket to pull it over my chest as I sit up. I notice Jim is still wearing his black work socks, but he’s also still wearing his white button-down work shirt (half the buttons undone…my handiwork, I’m sure) and a blue pair of plaid boxers. His hair remains incredible mussed up (also my handiwork.)

It’s not what it looks like, I swear, Pammy…OMG how it makes me laugh now.

Jim tried to explain, but Pam simply stares at him, then me, then back at him, then back to me. She points a finger at me, and says, “I’ll see you at the open house tomorrow.” (Can we say awkward?!)

There’s always been a bitchier side to her, if you pay close attention.

Sure enough, I show up to the open house the next day. Pam makes sure to stand right next to me throughout the entire tour, and when we reach the living room, see the couch, Pam makes an off-hand comment about how comfy the couch is. “Lots of things could be done on this couch,” she says to no one in particular, as she sits down on the cushions to give them a bouncing “test run.” (Are you kidding me? She’s saying it to me in that passive-aggressive way of hers.) To make things worse, I notice her protruding belly from under her shirt.

She stands up and says, “Won’t Jim and I be happy here?” I see how it is: You sleep with my husband, I get the house. (Sounds like a fair trade, right?)

Because apparently, I make deals like this often. Even in my dreams.


…And the dream ends, with me waking up with one thought on my mind, “I’m an incredible home wrecker!”

The thing that made it worse? I’m watching another episode of The Office last night, and when a shot of Pam and Jim pops up on my screen, I caught myself thinking, “And he chose me over you, Pammy. Take that!”

Yeesh….I am one strange cookie sometimes.

But, when I think about how cute Jim looked before he leaped off that couch to confront Pam pantless, I don’t feel quite so bad about it. To add to that, here are a few words to life your spirits as the week is halfway done! Yee-haw!

– You deserve no less than the best.

When it comes to the Olympics, Ryan Lochte was all the best I needed.

– Today will bring blessings your way.

You never know when Eywa may hear you…and answer.

– You are unbeatable.

Rocky Balboa will always be the #1 champion in my heart. He’s got quite the spirit inside him.

– Sometimes all a dream needs to succeed is some remodeling.

Noah knew he only needed to fix up the house, and Allie would come back to him. Guess what? She did.

– You are already wonderful.

He just needed a few pointers to bring out the natural wonderfulness he already possessed.

– Someone appreciates you more than you know.

He kept his love for Keira Knightley tucked away inside for a long, long time.

– Determination outlasts doubt. Believe!

As the King of Gondor said, “There is always hope.”

Alright, recalling this dream has made me quite the grinner. Add in the great dance tunes Pandora is feeding me right now, and I’m ready to rock n’ roll the rest of the day out. Have a good rest your day and remember, a bad day can always be righted by healthy doses of chocolate

Come to Momma!

….and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Moving On

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Basically, I packed up my entire apartment and found myself moving.It wasn’t an unexpected move by any means. No, not at all. I knew I was moving, and had been packing up all week. But the weekend came much sooner than anticipated, and now I can happily say I’m moved into my new bachelorette pad.

It has arrived!

What else does a girl need? I have a bedroom, a living room/work space with a couch and (hopefully soon to be operating) TV with DVD player (my first Big Girl purchase!) I have a walk-in closet that I am almost embarrassed to say is already plump full with clothes, and this is after going through and donating a good chunk of things to Good Will. I need to do it about three more times, except I cannot be present to argue why I should keep that stretchy blue sweater in my wardrobe. I just can’t be, otherwise nothing will be taken away.

So many trips to make, and so many things to donate.Makes a person feel good in a way.

And being a woman, I only know more clothing items will call my closest home before I find the next place to move into presently.

I won’t be staying in this bachelorette pad long-term. Sadly. it’s really starting to become my space and I’ve only been there for 3 days! When you take away the fancy words of ‘Bachelorette Pad’ and ‘Walk-In Closest,’ you will discover I’m living in the basement level of my sister’s house which she bought with her fiance a few weeks ago. Since starting my new job, the wedding coming up in a few months, and the chaos of moving, I really didn’t have a ton of time to track down potential roommates or a place of my own to move into. For the time being, I’m living with them in their basement, which they have graciously allowed me to inhabit.

Think more blues and purples, and far less pink. So much less pink!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it going to be weird when you move back when they become newlyweds? Yeah, maybe a little bit, but guess what? I have a door that I can escape out if I start to hear awful noises above my head…and by that time, I’m hoping to have bought a new music sound system so I can blast Hans Zimmer whenever I feel like it and just get lost in my own little world.

It’s really fun having my own space to decorate and play around with. Sadly, I’m not being allowed to hang any of my Star Wars posters or inspirational quote boards on the walls. Nail holes would only wreck their new walls. Oh, and did I mention my level is the only one that has carpeting? It’ll be nice once winter hits. I’m thinking the hardwood floors are going to get awfully cold in the winter time, but I guess we’ll see. I’ve only been in the house for 3 days, and I already spilled a touch of Rockstar on the carpet. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone. All I can say is Thank God it wasn’t the red-colored one I usually tend to get.

Thank goodness it wasn’t a wine spill.

Watch, I’ll go home tonight and there will be the ugliest stain I’ve ever seen i my entire life. Of course I spilled it while getting my shampoo out of its moving box in the wee hours of this morning, too. FML sometimes. (By the by, whatever happened to saying FML?)

“I suppose that if you want to be famous, and suddenly it happens and you don’t like it, it’s nobody’s fault but your own.”

How many present-day celebrities need to hear this? I wish they were as wise and clever as you Margot Kiddar, the film phemon back in the day.

Go big with fame or go home.

At the same time, one could look at this and decide that it all comes down to attention given from actions taken. If you don’t want people talking about you three weeks later after that one amazing part that absolutely everyone was going to be at, then you probably shouldn’t make out with every other guy you run into while you’re there. Don’t want annoying people you half-remember calling you for booty meet-ups at midnight every other night? Don’t give you your phone number like a drunken idiot.

Why, oh why, do you keep calling me?!

The opposite could also be said. Want people to notice you? Go out on a limb and try something new (without embarrassing yourself, of course. Keep your best interests at heart!) Sometimes, I just don’t know what I’m getting at. I haven’t done anything completely and ridiculously crazy as of late. Could be a good thing, could be a bad thing. I haven’t decided yet.

The most daring thing I’ve done in the past seven days? Jump into the lake when it felt like the Atlantic Ocean in the middle of December. Just because it’s 80 degrees on the sand doesn’t mean the lake is the same temperature, people. It’s the beauty and curse of the water.

A part of me is also yearning for that next relationship. It doesn’t help living with newlyweds, that’s for sure. Yes, I could have tried super hard to find my own place to live in the last month, but knowing myself, I would not have been satisfied with anything so quickly  available in a month’s time, and I’m not daring enough to live in the ghetto part of town. Sorry, I’m just not. I probably could have done a lot of different things, but in the end, I moved with my sister to her new house. 1.) The house is really cute, and I wish I had a picture to show you to prove it, 2.) My sister is my best friend. It’s nice knowing my best friend is just a floor above my head instead of all the way across town (even though eventually, this will be the reality of things), and 3.) I already don’t deal well with change. When we started moving things on Saturday morning? Oh, it was bad. I was crabby, I didn’t want to lift anything more than I had to, and I wasn’t ready to say good-bye to Apartment #9.

I’m still not ready to say good-bye.

I really will cherish the memories of that apartment for a long, long time. Probably until the day I pass out of this world.

My mind kept jumping to the final episode of Friends, when each one of them gives up their key to that apartment with the purple walls and it sits empty of every piece of furniture we spent 10 years loving. Like Monica said, “This is harder than I thought it would be.”

Opening the door to the next chapter.

A lot of great things happened in Apartment #9. Moments I’ll hold on to for time to come, I’m sure. But like everything else, it too shall pass. It’s time to move on.

A new residence means a new turn of events in my life, right? Fingers crossed. I mean, it’s still the year of the Dragon. It’s still my year to shine and have good fortune smile upon me. So far, I’ve got the job, the sweet home hook-up. Now, the romantic side of things can start to heat up. I miss being in a solid relationship. Sure, one-night trysts are all fun and good, but eventually they’re going to lose their excitement value, too.

I’m ready for something so much more.

I’m still holding out for engagement by the age of 30.

If Monica can find love with all her insanities, so can I.

(Since I have missed two Fabulous Fridays in a row, expect a deluxe version of the two missed weeks tomorrow! My special treat. No ramblings or wonderings. Just a quote, and the amazing, Fabulous things I’ve come across in the last two weeks prior to the big Moving Day 🙂 )

A Scandal, You Say?

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Due to the hectic-ness of my past weekend, I once again neglected to share with you my Fabulous Friday’s.

Joey is shocked and can’t believe I did it. Again!

Believe me when I say my Friday was quite wonderful, and they are only going to get better when I start getting into the swing of things with my new job. I can’t believe I am about to start the next big chapter in my life. A week from today I will leave the current job I’ve been working for a 1.5 years, and I will be starting an actual career job…at least a job that will give me an edge in the type of career path I imagine myself on. A week from today! Ahhh I can’t wait!

I’ll be a high-flying career woman yet.

But the countdown has begun on when my last day at my current job will be. T-minus 4 days. I couldn’t be more excited. Every evening will not be dedicated to answering a phone or showing people where to go for dinner while they get to enjoy their evening out. I won’t have to worry about random people running in through our doors thinking we’re a church with handfuls of money to handout for their well-being and assistance. No more working parties where everyone is plastered within the first hour or so, and then the men continue to hit on me or try to catch a glimpse of something more down the front of my shirt.

Sure, I’m in control of the phone, but I really hate it most of the time.

No more, I say! Most of my evenings will be my own, as will be my weekends, and certain plans are already being set into motion for some Big Girl adventures now that I have available weekends. Let’s just say every adventure should be filled with passion of the heart, and let yourself experience it all for what it is and never, ever look back.

I’m growing into my adulthood, what can I say.

“I have often thought that I am the most clever woman that ever lived, and others cannot compare with me…Although I have heard much about Queen Vctoria…I don’t think her life was half so interesting and eventful as mine. I have 400,000,000 people dependent on my judgement.”

Those are the exciting words of Empress Dowager Cixi, a 19th century notable. Can you imagine ruling over that many people? Four hundred million! I can’t even grasp how large that number is in my head. If we’re talking dollar amounts, I know I’d be set for life with that large of a sum.

Anyone with the title of Empress Dowager is a-okay with me.

Come on, lucky lottery ticket!

A little Napoleon help is a great thing.

The only royal I feel I can relate to (or at least pretend I know enough about in order to relate) is the Duchess of Cambridge herself. I know there’s more to being princess than always looking perfect, welcoming foreign visitors and political dignitaries with humility, gracious manners, and courteous smiles. It’s not about the clothes or appearing to be happy in the public eye. It’s volunteering, it’s putting a face to a much bigger cause.

Looking fab and talking politics. Nothing out of the ordinary here!

It’s more than hospital visits, opening child care centers, or breaking dirt and being the center of a photo-op. Kate Middleton carries the burdens placed upon her well. I wouldn’t be complaining about a front row seat to every single Olympic event you wanted to attend. So what if she isn’t smiling in the photo plastered to her all-access pass? It’s protocol!

You can sort of see the infamous pass here, if you look pretty closely.

While i have no doubt Middleton leads a very exciting and eventful royal life (seriously, I’m super jealous of her Olympics access), but there are a few things she can’t do without it being labelled with a huge red stamp of SCANDAL. Me? Sure, it’ll be a scandal most likely, but I can get away with it and not have it splashed across the cover and Page 6 of every major publication in the world.

Vanity Fair 2012 Best Dressed List? Please and Thank You.

For now, at least.

Anyways, without much further ado, and it’s Monday so no one likes to read a novel length posting on a Monday, here are the reasons my latest edition of Friday was so freaking Fabulous:

Fabulous Look:

Pure glamour. A touch of skin and some sparkle. Loving it.

Fabulous Laugh:

Damn Africa!

Fabulous Moment:

Insuring the Death Star is important business, you know.

Fabulous Worry:

Fabulous Trick:

Use for those really annoying neighbors.

Fabulous Office Space:

Oh pretty please!?

Fabulous Start to the Day:

Just getting in tune with the Force before heading to work.

Fabulous Secretary’s Daydream:

Fabulous Smile:

Admit it, it makes you giggle a little bit.

Fabulous Summer Lunch:

Grilled steak, a baked potato with sour cream toppings, and some sort of green vegetable = the perfect summer meal.

Fabulous Villan:

He’s sort of messed up in a sympathetic way.

Fabulous Starbucks Complex:

Plus, it’s mobile!

Fabulous Wedding Gift:

It’s a really cute idea I may do for my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary.

Fabulous ‘Friends’ Moment:

Fabulous Challenge:

Happy Monday, boys and girls, and may you be treated like kings and queens of old in your relationships with those whom love you.

I would love to be treated like Kate Middleton. Even if only for a day.

Unless your Han Solo and a scoundrel, and a very sexy scoundrel at that. Then, you have every right to treat me with a little more edge and finesse to your words.

But seriously.

Women should be treated like the princesses and queens we are, and in return, men will be rewards like kings.

Challenge accepted? I sure hope so!

If only Frodo had been that determined little stick-man.

League of Extraordinary Women

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Being a typical girl, I was pinning today. Whilst pinning, I came across a picture of Jennifer Lawrence wearing a dress that could only be described as a modern-day, non Hunger Games costume, gown. It really made her look like the Girl On Fire, outside of the actual Hunger Games setting, I mean.

Isn’t she just puuuurdy?

In case I haven’t previously mentioned it, Jennifer Lawrence in my new muse. She has inspired me to imagine her type of character in any story I’ve started to throw together in the last few years. Since I’ve seen her in X-Men First Class, Winter’s Bone, and now, the Hunger Games, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with her.

Wouldn’t you love her if you had the chance?

Add her to my list of celebrities I’d change my sexual orientation for if the opportunity presented itself. Along with Ms. Lawrence, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, and Kristen Wiig top that list. It’s far-fetched, but you never know. I’m sure you all have your lists of males and female crushes, too. So, no passing judgement here!

Anyways, as I attempt to get back on track with my screenplay, I have envisioned Ms. Lawrence in the lead role from the moment I started conceptualizing and fleshing the plot out on paper. While I would agree the roles allowing her to emerge on the Hollywood scene have been similar in particular ways (they know how to hunt for themselves, a younger sibling(s) to care for, must be the man of the family but not by choice, independent, fearless, and a small disdain for needing to rely on men to care for her…and so much more.) In short, she’s a bit of a modern-day warrior in her films.

She did what she needed to do. No questions, no objections.

I can’t stress enough how happy I am when the Hunger Games came along when it did.

I’m going to be quite blunt here. I hated the Twilight movies. I hated everything about them. The acting was poor, the characters were stagnant, the storyline was only remotely interesting, and Kristen Stewart’s face held the same monotone expression throughout the entire film. I didn’t feel transported by the story at all. When I go to the movies, I go to escape.

I like to leave the world and all sensibilities behind when I go to the movies.

With Twilight, I was highly aware I was sitting in a movie theater (an afternoon matinée, by the way. There is no way I’m spending money on a full ticket for THAT film), watching a fully grown man sparkle like a cheaply made tiara in the sunlight. Not attractive in the least!

I just swallowed back some Gardetto upchuck.

But the main reason why I hated these movies so much? The female lead character aka Bella.

This is the only look you’ll see the entire movie. Trust me.

What did she have going for her other than the sickly twisted love affair with both a werewolf and a vampire that wanted nothing more than to bite the shit out of her neck for her blood. There’s a scene early on in the film when Bella meets Edward for the second or third time. He’s staring at her from across the chemistry room, but he’s not just staring at her. In fact, I’m sure some inappropriate activity is happening in his pants while he’s staring at her. Gross, I know.

This just makes me feel uncomfortable.

Fans of the Twilight series would argue. He was attracted to her…No, scratch that. He was resisting the smell of her scent…He wanted to go over to her and bite her like a vampire would…He was merely catching whiff of her scent and simply fought every fiber in his body to resist flying across the room to devour her blood supply.

Number 1: ew. Number 2: can we say desperate? Number 3:how freaking original? Not!

Literally, she screams desperate.

I maybe wouldn’t rag on Bella so much if she wasn’t so, oh how do I say this…? If she wasn’t so pathetic. Yep, that’s the word I use to describe Ms. Bella. She is pathetic. Her boyfriend breaks up with her. What does she do? She curls up into a ball in her bed and does absolutely nothing for 3 months. Nothing. In the book, no words were written for her in the months following Edwards’ absence. She literally wastes away in her bed for months because a boy told her he didn’t want to see her anymore. With one of the lamest excuses in the book, he tells her it’s too dangerous to be together.

So, the obvious conclusion is to lay in bed and weep about it. For months.

And she stayed like this for 3 whole freaking months.


A week, even a couple of weeks, sure. Alright. He was the love of your life. I can’t understand trying to heal a broken heart. Hello? I’ve been there! But I didn’t lie around and mope for days on end because someone broke my heart.

“The needs of a society determine its ethics.”

The wise words of Maya Angelou, the famed author of Caged Bird.

She ain’t no caged bird no more.

Katniss needed to survive being thrown into a literal hell hole where she had a 96% chance of being killed. She adapted. She didn’t crawl into a hole and mope about her misfortune or contemplate all the different ways she could die. Even when the Careers found her (and remember, she had a pretty major leg injury, too), she didn’t start bawling and begging for her life. She turned in the other direction and ran. And when she could no longer run due to said injury, she did the next best thing; she climbed a tree to where no one could touch her.

The trees are your friends. Be kind to them.

Pure survival.

When she knew she had to make a move against the Careers, did she continue to run? NO! She actually ran towards them and infiltrated their “safe” zone.

She also escaped fire. This girl is ah-mazing!

The only time she did have a breakdown was after Rue’s death, and rightfully so. She lost someone she dared to care about despite their situation. But, did Katnisscontinue to have her crying fits over Rue? While she missed the cute and wily little girl, she kept her mind where it needed to be.

Not only did she mourn the loss of her friend, she also paid tribute.

On survival.

While Bella and Katniss were in different worlds, their situations were not so different. Katniss had her love woes. Peeta or Gale? Her decision wasn’t so simple given she was thrown into a modern-day gladiator’s ring.

How would you feel if this was you, standing on this platform, with one minute left before the Hunger Games officially start and everyone is aiming for the target on your back.

What was Bella doing?

She was purposely putting herself in danger. Not to help a fellow tribute, or to take out those who will not think twice about slitting your throat to win the game.. No, Bella was putting herself in danger merely to hear Edward’s voice.

Where did that dog come from? He’s not Edward!


If you like Twilight, fine. I’m sure you have your reasons. Just like I have my reasons for siding with Katniss Everdeen far more than Bella Swann.

The real role model of young female literature.

My answer will be the same no matter when you ask me.

Moral of the story? Find a real, strong female role model to look up to.

Princess Leia always comes to mind. I mean, she did take on a leadership role within the Rebel Alliance against the darkest evil force known to the universe.

Don’t mess with this girl.

What’s the greatest thing Bella Swann ever did?

She got married.

Not that marriage isn’t an adventure all its own, but when compared to leading the Rebel Alliance….marriage is nil and nothing.

Just saying.  

What Happens at a Bachelorette Party, Stays with the Bachelorette Party

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Let’s be honest here. I just rewrote this sentence twice after returning home from having a beer with coworkers. I promise it was only one, but seriously, I am beyond tired and should be going to bed instead of writing to you at this time and hour.

It was a similar feeling of having a night full of homework ahead of me.

A face like this needs its beauty sleep.

Whatever I can do to look like this when I’m middle-aged, I’m doing it. Beauty rest is key.

It could be the beer, but this TV sounds really loud to me all of a sudden. I could simply be getting old, too. Ugh, whoever thought they’d see the day where I would utter something like that. Why I even decided to put on an unwatched episode of SNL is beyond me. I’m going to spend more time looking at that damn TV than to this computer screen. I can be a real dinkus sometimes.

Stefon….you make me pee my pants with laughter every single time.

It could also be my massive love and obsession with Bill Hader. Some call him absolutely creepy. Me? I’d jump him backstage in less than five seconds if given the chance.

This past weekend has got me going all sorts of crazy. It’s got me thinking about lots of things. Dating, guys, getting out into the country more often, actually eating something that wasn’t made on a deep-fried grill,the job search, wanting to move back home to help out for an extended period of time…and more about boys.

Oh, look, there’s a winery. Don’t mind me if I do…Nothing better in the country than wine and sunshine.

What is it about the country that drives the hormones crazy? The Pure Romance party I hosted for my sister’s Bachelorette Party didn’t help matters any. The weird thing? I ended up buying more beauty products than anything else after the Pure Romance segment was concluded. It’s fantastic. Not only did I buy a heated massager, but I also purchased this stuff called Dream, which is a pillow spray in the scent of rosemary,  rosewood, and patchouli.

You’ll sleep like a baby. Guaranteed.

It smells so incredible.

If you want to imagine the smell, think of a legitimate hair salon that sorely uses Aveda products. Naturally, I adore Aveda (despite the price sometimes), and the smell just makes me feel like I am in heaven. Going to the hair salon once every three months or so just makes me lose myself from reality.

One of my Top 10 favorite smells of all time.

Everybody needs one, so don’t judge.

“When the grandmothers of today hear the word Chippendales, they don’t think of chairs.”

Oh, Jean Kerr…you are quite the dish dispenser. It’s a fact of our time era. Sex sells. Perfect example? The movie Magic Mike. Shirtless men with ripped chests and abs ripping their clothes off for money. You can’t tell me there isn’t at least one steamy love scene somewhere in that movie. Whenever somebody strips their clothes for money in a movie as a main character of the overall plot, there’s at least ONE steamy sex scene.

Do you think she’s ever had a steamy love scene in her lifetime?

Trends don’t lie.

Recently, my sister and I made a list of things we will never, ever be able to talk to each other about despite how close we are, how close we’ve been, or how close we will become in the future.

What happens behind closed doors with boys is one such topic.

Sort of my own Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy.

So imagine the look on her face (and everyone else’s faces for that matter) when the Pure Romance consultant walks into the room and tells us she’s going to open our minds to not only getting more pleasure in bed, but also with ourselves when the men in our lives “just don’t get it.”

Blair opened her mind, and look where it got her with Chuck. Pure bliss….for a time, at least.

I have never laughed as hard as I did that night by simply watching the reactions on my sister’s faces as the presentation continued. The beauty product version of everything went really well with people ooh-ing and ahh-ing when appropriate. I really wanted to get this perfume whose name I can’t recall at this exact moment, but it’s made with mostly pheromones so when it hits your skin, it mixes with the hormones in your body and it makes its scent according to the combination of pheromones and hormones inside everyone’s individual body. When initially rolled on, it does have a fruity smell about it, but after a few minutes, it starts to accumulate to your body’s specific chemistry. It’s perfectly named Basic Instinct.

It smells differently on every single person. Magical.

I considered mine to smell almost like Bath and Body Works scent “Delicious,” but I was knocked off my high horse when my sister smelled my wrist and said, “Yours smells musty.”

Musty? Are you kidding me?!

Ah well, she was the guest of honor. I really couldn’t argue with her all that much. At least, not for one night anyways 🙂

I made her wear this, and a few other things. People needed to know who she was on our night out on the town!

On top of that, we filled out a card for her so she can improve her presentations from this point out based on what we had to say about our experiences with this particular time, and there was a question of “Out of the women with you in the group this time, which of them would make a possible Pure Romance consultant?”

Everyone, minus myself, wrote down my name.

Me? A Pure Romance consultant? Apparently I’m very energetic and open about talking about embarrassing topics. So, people think I could make a living talking about sex. Hey, it’s been a small dream of mine to be a guest blogger for the Cosmopolitan. You know the ones I’m talking about…30 Days of Sex, or 365 of Dating Tips,..things like that. Everything is anonymous, and no real names are mentioned, but the real, raw, but juicy fun details we all love to read about. It’s entertaining, to say the least.

They win awards for their blog. I could be an award-winning blogger.

And sex for 30 days straight? I could handle that. It’s the guy I’d have to worry about. It takes a special guy to actually take part in the blogging experiment experience, and not just go along with it because…well, because he wants nothing but sex for 30 days.

Nothing is ever as good as it seems.

Double fudge cookie dough blizzard…tastes so good at the moment, but in the morning, you’re hating your waistline.

But my eyes are really starting to get heavy now, so I’m going to leave you with a few uplifting parting words. Remember, the week is officially half way over, so here’s a little push in continuing to make it better.

– You have the power to make positive changes.

You might not be a princess, but you have more power than you think.

– Life is a menu with unlimited choices.

What options will you choose for yourself today?

– Kick stress off your team.

Nothing beats stress quite like a foot massage.

– No one’s star shines brighter than yours.

If you need to, name your own star and follow it.

– Setbacks are only temporary.

Don’t let a little cliff stop you…even if you might fall. Tom Cruise didn’t let it stop him.

– No matter what chapter you’re on, you are a success story.

Remember, this is only a chapter. Only a chapter.

– Keep your eyes on the prize. It’s so close!

Keep reaching kid! Just keep reaching!

Who knew a body would need an entire week to recover from two days worth of wedding time party bliss?

I’ll stay in Dreamland for a little bit longer.

Seriously, I’m just beat. Yet, here I am. I’ll stick with the best excuse of all time: “I’m young and dumb and don’t know any better.”

It makes me feel better about myself every time.

Tonight: Stillettos…Tomorrow: Fuzzy Slippers

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How does one judge the success of a night out?

Do we judge it based on how one feels the following morning? Do we judge it on how many times we smack ourselves in the forehead after hearing about the stupid things done? Or perhaps we can judge it on the amount of alcohol consumed. The times we laughed and cried, and continued to drink some more. I personally could measure it in how many times I ask for food. Alcohol is a tricky bugger like that. I think I’ve eaten enough to fill the caverns of my stomach before heading out for the night, and two beers later, I’m asking every individual I meet if they have any food hidden in their pockets.

Or I just have too many chronic cases of the munchies. Mmmmm Munchies…

The best/worst snack idea EVER!

Last night was a pretty good night. I’m not going to try to say anything I did was wrong or not worth it. It was a beautiful night to sit out on the porch steps of a friend’s house and simply watch people go about their business while we caught up on each other’s past week of living. Soaking in the summer night air. The only place it may have been better to sit and enjoy a beer would have been on the beach, but at that time of night, who knows how many crazy people were building sand castles of their own.

Only when the sun goes down…

I may have been drinking, but I’m not an idiot. Crazy people are attracted to the beach at night.

I could continue at this point to talk about how my night went. In a nutshell, my friends and I went to late-night improv. I laughed my ass off because this troupe of people are really funny, especially when I sneezed super loudly while sitting in the very front row of the theater, cutting off the player who was about to give a zinger of a one-liner, and he simply pointed at me and the audience applauded me instead. After improv, we started to walking back to where we had started the evening but had to make a bathroom break. Of course, what do women do in the bathroom, but gossip and run into other women that we know. So, I ended up talking to an old coworker for half an hour before being dragged back out on to the street. Then, as we’re walking back to Point A, we see a rapper performing outside a kind-of down and dirty pub (one of our favorite spots, mind you), and we decide to stop and have a drink. At this point, I’m needing my food fix so I was all set to slap some money down for some nachos, but it ended up being stifling inside the place, so I stepped outside to scope out patio tables for our booties to take a seat. As I rounded the corner with one of my friends, I spot the shaved head and punk hair-do of two of my coworkers. Guess where I sat down? More talking and drinks ensued, and it was a very good night overall.

Stop by for a drink, and you never know where the night could take you.

As I laid in bed struggling to swing my legs over the side to bring me to a standing position, I began to think a few things. One very big thought: Is this what my life as become? Drinking and being sick in the morning, and doing it all over again? I know I graduated not that long ago, so the lifestyle is very fresh in my being, but man, I just can’t do it anymore. It may sound lame, but more often than not, I prefer the nights where its me and the guy of the week sitting on his couch, watching a movie considered the “it” movie of the year 3 years ago, and sipping on a beer or two throughout the night.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my movie nights…with popcorn, Slushies, and cuddle puddles.

Is this the sign of getting old? Oh, crap.

“There are two categories of women. Those who are women and those who are men’s wives.”

You tread a fine line here, Charlotte Whitton, a Ottawan politician. I believe a woman can be both herself and a wife to a very good man. The key word missing from my statement is “respect”. There better be respect in that relationship, otherwise, Whitton is right. You become the wife, and not a partner in crime.

Seriously…check out that hat.

As a partner in crime, I know I’m still going to crave these nights outs where I get a little loose with my words and laugh a little too loudly. But I also know I want to come home to someone on those nights and give them something to remember in the morning (other than my moaning in the morning about how icky I feel and how my head won’t stop pounding.) Even on the worst of days, I’d choose being a woman over a man any day. It gives me the extra edge I need when I encounter being treated differently because I wear high heels to work and have two round bumps protruding from my chest. When I’m told I don’t have the physical strength, or I’m passed over because they assume I can’t due to earlier stated high heels, that’s when I get rowdy.

You can’t see them, but Sydney Bristow is definitely holding you at gun point in heels right now.

It’s why I like the guy I’m seeing now. The other day, he suggested we head to a nearby park and go for a hike. I’ve been to this place before, so I knew what I was getting into, but wasn’t aware our plans for the evening would include scaling large rocks and hillsides prior to my arriving at his place. Since it was a ridiculously hot day, I hit up my closest for a skirt and cute shoes with a basic black t-shirt. As he said after I walked in the door, I looked “really summery, and it’s nice.” (Cue small blushing smile here.) So, we’re in the car, we pull up to this park, and he was like, “Oh, yeah. You’re in a skirt. Is that okay?” I jumped out of the car, and was all over this walk. I didn’t care. I’ve done worse things in a dress.

I grew up on a farm, and I’ve had the pleasure of chasing cattle in the middle of a corn  field returning from a wedding reception before. Hiking a short distance in a skirt didn’t bother me one bit.

You think I’m going to let this train get me down? It’s called hike it up, and run!

Needless to say, it was a fabulously good time and I kept up with him no problem. Skirt, cute shoes and all.

Having this sort of attitude is all in thanks to my parents, who celebrated their 38th wedding anniversary yesterday. How amazing is that? 38 years…it’s basically unfathomable in this day and age of 50% divorce rates. My parents are truly a role model to have when it comes to marriage. I love them to death, and couldn’t have asked for a better upbringing. Although, I’m sure my dad would have laughed at my skirt climbing adventures while my mom scolded me on being unladylike.

Whatever. They raised me to be this way 🙂

In the spirit of anniversaries, have you ever wondered about what gifts are deemed traditional for the first 10 years of marriage? I love weddings, so this is as much a treat for me to share as it is for you to find out (in case you didn’t already know.)

1st – Paper

Nothing says I love you like a paper heart. But it should always have glitter.

2nd – Cotton

So cheesy, but my future husband and I will have a set.

3rd – Leather

Nothing is better than a leather-bound notebook for writing on the fly.

4th – Linen/Silk

New bed sheets? Don’t mind if I do!

5th – Wood

Brownie points if its handmade.

6th – Iron

The true way to a woman’s heart…FOOD!

7th – Wool/Copper

Quite the fancy champagne chiller.

8th – Bronze

Not too sure what it is…

9th – Pottery/China

Finally! Everything matches each other! (Nine years later…hahaha!)

10th – Tin/Aluminum

Aluminum doesn’t have to be cheap, you know.

That last one rings weird with me, too. As far as who made these landmark decisions, I’m not so sure, but that wasn’t my decisions to make.

Continue to have a wonderful weekend, and may all your wildest dreams come true (even if they only happen in your dreams…for now!)

Captain America was all the rage in my dreams last night…Oh, Captain indeed!

Me? A Future Business Woman?

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I want a new one. I need a new one. And all of it RIGHT NOW!

Seriously, not having my own personal laptop again just plainly sucks.

In case you didn’t hear me the first time…IT. SUCKS.

Especially in the sense that I have a huge inspiration for a blog post…but then something at work pops up when normally the time finds me searching for things to stave off boredom, or the laptop I thought I could use is no longer in my home (what is it with engaged couples that makes them want to share absolutely everything?), or I’m all set to type and then I lose all sorts of motivation.

Classic example? I sat down all ready to type this post out in less than an hour (because I’ve found when I put myself on a time limit I type better…Err, write better. Whatever that means. Haha!) So, here I am sitting down ready to rock out this posting, and I put Gossip Girl on. How did I ever think I was going to get anything done?

The same scandals over and over again. Why do I keep watching? I’m addicted.

Plus, one interview done for the day and another this afternoon. Man, I wish I could say they were for potential Big Girl jobs. Well, I shouldn’t say that. It’s not entirely true. One of them has the potential to become a very Big Girl Job, and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that this one turns out. It would be a pretty sweet gig. Not ideal in terms of hours, and I’d have to make some major decisions in terms of what I do with my other places of employment, but I can’t think about those possibilities right now.

I’m the lady in charge with the headset. Don’t cross me.

Right now, I need to think about getting the position. It’d be with a well-known theater company here in this city, and it would be a great start to my ideal career path. So, giants of the Universe and masters of the Force, if you can work your magic for me, I’d be forever in your debt! I probably shouldn’t even be mentioning this to anyone. I seem to jinx myself that way, like a revealed birthday wish after the candles have already blown out. Or wishing on a star out loud.

Releasing a touch of my inner Monroe.

There are certain things you just don’t do. But, here I am. Breaking that rule. I’ve been breaking a lot of rules lately. Seems to be my style. Or maybe my inner Bad Girl coming out? Only time will tell.

Running around the city this morning hit home the idea that you have to be proactive in your search and in the spread of a person’s name. Hopefully the efforts pay off. See, this is the thing about job hunting. There’s only so much you can do up to a certain point. You hit that bright red marker, and then it’s out of your hands. I’ve literally placed my fate in someone elses hands. Again, I’m crossing my fingers that I dazzled them with my charm and wit.

Another connection I need to play up more? The fact that I was raised and spent my entire childhood on a farm. That I spent 20 years of my life working like most kids never work in their life.

Farm kids know the meaning of hard work, dedication, and working for the best possible outcome. If a farmer doesn’t put out excellent quality in their product, it’s not going to sell. If the product doesn’t sell, then there’s no profit to be made. If no profit is to be made, then we can’t make a living. It’s one cycle that makes sense and is completely logical when you really sit down to think about it.

Farm Girl’s never say it’s over. Farm Girls say bring it on with all you’ve got, including a cherry on top.

I’ve never considered myself a business woman, but at the same time, I’ve had a yearning to understand how that side of business works. If I’m ever going to work for myself, or open a small-time bookstore like I want to when I retire in 55 years (keeping my fingers crossed for that prospect, too), I need to understand accounting, bookkeeping, profits and deductions, and a whole lot of other terms I’m sure I’ve never heard of because I’m no business major.

And Q is equal to the number of apples in the overflowing, non-edible basket…

I know I’m still young. I can still go back to school, I can still take classes to learn tricks of the trade, I can still learn new tricks. Most likely, I will end up in a bigger set of cities to go through a 9-month paralegal program. I’ve recently discovered my love for research. I love learning new things, and reading about subjects that I’ve never encountered before!

Yes, let me stand in a dusty library reading ancient books that no one has ever touched prior to being put on the shelf. I’d rather enjoy inhaling all its dust.

Nerdy, isn’t it?

I know it’s Thursday afternoon, and these are usually meant for Wednesday because that is the day marking the halfway point of the week, but it’s not quite the weekend yet, so in case your weather is as rainy, dreary, and foggy as they are here, keep these words in mind to keep your spirits high.

– Your sparkle like no one else.

Seriously…I can’t take my eyes off her. Can you?

– Let go of a worry.It’s only weighing you down.

Let it all burn. The past, I mean.

– The world is a better place because of you.

Diana, do you know the effect you had on the world?

– Life brings unexpected joys all the time.

The facial reactions are good enough to pounce a surprise.

– You make people smile.

Kirsten Wiig, why must you leave SNL?! I am so going to miss your Target Lady.

– Relax! Your to-do list can wait.

Let the To-Do list wait…there is so much more out there to be enjoyed than vacuuming or shopping for avocados.

– Never underestimate the power of a brand new day.

Every new day always starts with a steaming cup of coffee.

Seeing other people reach their successes has only pushed me harder to start making the life for myself that I want. It may sound lame, but I really want a job where I feel important, where I am key factor is what operation is happening. Like Sam Witwicky says in Transformers 3, “I want a job where I matter. I just want to matter again.”

Don’t we all?

“Fame lost its appeal for me when I went into a public restroom and an autograph seeker handed me a pen and paper under the stall door.”

I only wish I garnered that sort of attention on a daily basis, Marlo Thomas. Yes, she is THAT girl.

Look at her all pretty in pinks and purples.

Keeping my fingers crossed for another posting yet tonight, but we shall see. I have myself a date 🙂

Rub a dub dub. I have a date! You heard it here first. Whether it goes good or bad, you’ll hear about it here first.