Month: May 2014

Weekly Finds: May 19 – 23

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An iconic voice on helium. A grand opportunity on Tatooine (aka Abu Dhabi). Reaffirming my belief in one known as J. Law.

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Weekly Finds: May 12 – 16

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Met Gala gowns (so pretty!).
Future wedding day inspiration (Home…home on the range…).
That’s “So Ew!” with Zac Efron (Because Monday mornings are just “so ew!”).

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Weekly (Star Wars) Finds: May 5 – 9

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Last weekend launched the absolute holiday season. It’s not only Star Wars Day, oh no. It’s a 3-Day extravaganza!

May 4 – Star Wars Day / May the Fourth be With Your
May 5 – Revenge of the Fifth
May 6 – Return of the Sixth
May 7 – The Phantom Seventh (if so desired)

Because of this awesome stretch of days worthy of celebration, the Modern Jedi’s weekly finds were focused on just that…celebrating the greatest galaxy in the entire universe. Happy Star Wars Day, my friends! See what the Force guided me to last week —>

Takin’ It to the Next Level

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Rachel Ray Foodie Pick #6: Lean Cuisine Salad Additions

It’s easy to take your salad greens from blah to ooooh-la-la gourmet with chicken, crisp noodles and edamame.

It’s actually pretty dang slick. The additional toppings, a complimenting dressing and something crunchy are all included in a single box. You heat the chicken and veggies in the microwave for about 2 minutes, toss on the crispy bits, add the now warm chicken and veggies, and top it with as much or as little dressing as you like.

My favorite of the three I tried was hands down the Southwest-Style Chicken. Simple, a little kick in the pants, and pretty healthy. *Applauds* Well done, Lean Cuisine.

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Weekly Finds: April 28 – May 2

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BFF’s forever, a twerking Cinderella, and an 80-year-old dancer who has inspired me to pick my couch-lounging butt off the cushions.

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