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A Blessing in White Disguise

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Happy Leap Year to each and every Jedi, friend, acquaintance, meet-and-greeter, or mere passerby’s.

An extra day? An all to myself? Don't mind if I do.

It’s been quite the day already.

We had a rather big snowstorm this day. I was up until 3 am last night, waiting for the first flakes to fall, and the ground was still brown when I finally couldn’t keep my eyes open any more. I wake up six hours later, and not only is it in a blanket of white outside, but the winds are up to 50 mph.

No joke. I could feel my building shaking.

I was scheduled to work today, but when I ventured out to my car to dig it out and take it for a small test spin, the wind rocked by car back and forth as if it were on water and weighed 5 pounds. I couldn’t get it out of the parking lot. I managed to pull it back into its parking space and out of the cock-eyed position I managed to put it into in my attempt to get it out of its original resting place. It was not a good situation. As far as my eyes could see, the roads around my place weren’t plowed either.

This will consist of my morning exercise.

So, really, how was I expected to get myself to the bottom of the hill to work?  I don’t drive a truck, and it would have been even more difficult to get back up the hill, where I live.

Yes, I care for each and every member, but they have to realize their lives is not my entire life.

I felt bad for calling in, but at the same time, I can’t help the circumstances. I understand we work for a private club and the members needs are meant to be our priority when we’re clocked in, but you’re telling me these members would rather see us stuck in that old, creepy building for the benefit of hearing a real human voice answer the phone instead of letting that employee be at home, where it is safest for them to be? Are you kidding me? We live in the age of technology…there has to be a way in which we can transfer incoming phone calls intended to the club’s phone and reconnect it to one of our cell phones.

Considering the club was officially closed, there was no reason to be there. If a member can’t understand the circumstances of the weather on how the employees act, then they need to have their heads examined. I wasn’t about to risk my car, my personal safety, and the recklessness of other drivers on the road all for the sole reason of members want to hear a real human voice instead of an automated one. Sorry, but your rich attitude is not worth my life. You can hold your appointments for one whole day.

Everyone deserves an unexpected day off, right?

I prefer this as an unexpected gift most days.

It doesn’t help that the city basically shut down on top of everything. City Hall closed, the DTA pulled buses off the road, courthouses were closed. And yet…this club is “closed” but really remained open. Bullshit. Whatever. Thank heavens its only a part-time gig. At the same time, it’s my better paying part-time gig…so I have to watch myself.

If they fire me over a snowstorm, they can go cry themselves to sleep. Other than the guy who was already there, I’m sure everybody else was safely tucked away inside their own homes. So stupid….he/they (whoever he found to come in for me) should have been allowed to stay home, too.

The only thing lacking from my day all to myself --- bottle of wine.

Anyways, this snow day has allowed me to make a dent in my long, overdue list of movie to watch. Granted, I fell asleep on the couch for a few hours, but I finished season 3 of Grey’s Anatomy and now I’m on movie #2…hot chocolate in my star wars mug next to me, snapped a few pictures of the snow banks, and now I’m writing. I have a lot of other things I could have been doing, but it’s so nice to have a day to just…lounge, you know? Especially when I’m used to Thursday nights being my only night off.

Except I don't look nearly this sexy.

I look like such a slob. Still in my pajama pants, greasy hair up in a ponytail (a very loose and hazardous ponytail at that). I have gone braless all day! Maybe that’s too much information, but I am not one to go without wearing my upper undergarments. Too much flopping around otherwise, unless I’m asleep. Last night’s make-up is still streaking my face. I’m telling you…just one big ol’ mess.

“I don’t have false teeth. Do you think I’d buy teeth like these?”

Funny words of the enduring entertainer, Carol Burnett.

The original funny lady.

I posted one of her videos in an earlier blog posting, in a Fabulous Friday posting, about my favorite laugh of the week. It was her Gone with the Wind skit when she comes walking out wearing not only the drapes from the wall, but also the curtain rod still affixed to them. Just Hilarious!

How do you not find this hilarious? Watch the video. Your night will be made.

When it snows like this, it makes me want to travel and live in an area that would never see snow in its lifetime. I chalk it up to coincidence that I came across this particular quote while reading an old issue of Vogue this afternoon while pigging out on my favorite snack, chips and cheese dip.

“Our escapes this year aren’t just in the realm of imagination. (We’re not talking fantasy islands, castles in the sky, or storybook Shangri-La you can visit — or afford — only in your dreams.) This month, we’re seeking thrills and finding chic closer to home. It started back in February, when everyone noticed recognizably regional American looks — from scuba-surfer to hike-climber to rodeo babe — filing past, like pageant girls in the Parade of States, on all the best runways. This is a reality based wardrobe, with ideas you can borrow for both home and away. Grab a last-minute ticket to ride, and zip off for a weekend a deux, from rainy-romantic Seattle to sexy Old San Juan.” 

I’d go anywhere at the moment. I’m an active girl. I’m starting to feel a little cooped up, even though I’ve been asking the heavens for a day all to myself for several weeks now. Here, I’ve finally got it. Did I use it to its full potential? Not a chance. That would be the simple answer to my day. Plus, I have a little homework to accomplish still.

Damn, this hot chocolate is good. A bubble bath also sounds like a healthy indulgence right now. The Force works in mysterious ways. It worked to bring this snow storm to my, and everyone else’s, door steps. I should use some of it to my advantage.

Mine has Star Wars marshmallows in it. Does yours?

Stay safe out there. You never know when a patch of road could be slick with ice. It’s called Black Ice for a reason, after all.

Only you can protect yourself from the deadly weather elements. Or something like that.

I Feel the Lights Already

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I’m still reeling from that text message alert I have just received.

So far, it doesn't look anything remotely like this.

The Academy has shut down. For a snow day. OF ALL THINGS. Best part? Not a single flake of snow has fallen. Not. A. Single. Flake. It’s utterly unheard of. The last couple years, we’ve had banks of snow and did we shut down? Not even a fleeting thought. And yet, here we are. I’ll also be staying up until Heaven knows when simply because I can. How about that? 🙂

A  mere few hours ago, before the euphoria of having a snow day was present, I was being the ultimate Oscar dork. I was sitting on YouTube watching video after video of the last ten years of Oscar ceremonies.

The golden gleaming men...

I’m serious.

I went back to 1997 and watched Billy Crystal’s opening monologue.

Oh, the year's of old!

I went to 1998 and watched yet again Billy Crystal descend from the Titanic’s front.

Jack, look...I'm flying!

I watched the nominees from multiple years being announced and awarded.

The upsetting year that Shakespeare in Love beat out Saving Private Ryan.That still baffles me.

I watched Celine Dion sing My Heart Will Go On live at the Oscars in 1998.

One of the best performances as the Oscars to date.

I rewatched the beginning of last year’s ceremony. The opening montage, the awarding to Melissa Leo for Best Supporting Actress (and her infamous F-bomb while crediting Kate Winslet for the ease of her Oscar acceptance speech the year before.)

The language of a real winner.

As I watched, I remembered the horror of Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosting, and their blatant play into tricks that had been discussed leading up to the actual ceremony. I love James Franco…his work in 127 hours was remarkable and remains with me today. I saw that movie over 2 years ago, and I still remember how I felt watching it. That means something: Great film making.

Just thinking about it still gives me chills...Well done, Franco.

Watching all these Oscars videos brought me back to the wonder called Titanic. This lead me to watch deleted scenes (some of which are very very good, and I wish they hadn’t been deleted from the theatrical cut!) and behind the scenes footage. The friendship that Leo and Kate have…that is something I crave. I want to have that sort of friendship with a guy, whether or not he would end up being my boyfriend/husband/simply a best friend.

The joy and love Leo had for Kate was written so clearly across his face at the Golden Globes where she won both awards for Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress. I mean, the love of a great friendship is there and so palpable. It’s incredible.

Just look at them. So wonderful. I can't put into words how much I value what they have.

I heard someone the other day say your soul mate could be anyone. Soul mate doesn’t necessarily mean partner in marriage. It means soul mate. Someone who recognizes the ins and outs of your very soul just as well as you do, if not better, than you. A part of me doesn’t believe it. How can you not marry your soul mate? I could be the crazy one here, so I’m just going to leave it as an open-ended question. A thought to put you asleep at night!

The fact they are still together that many years in Hollywood? Two words: True Love.

There was one more moment I didn’t highlight in my post yesterday. Christopher Plummer won an Oscar at 82 years old. His first win, after a lifetime of great and memorable roles. As he stood up there, marveling at this sudden wash of good luck and achievement, he remembered to thank his wife. His wife who has stood by his insanity all these years. His rock. He put it far more eloquently than I ever could. Even rewriting his speech here verbatim wouldn’t be nearly as good. So we’ll leave it at that. He renewed my belief that true love really is out there. I’ll keep crossing my fingers I find it at some point.

“No one with a happy childhood amounts to much in this world. They are so well-adjusted, they never are driven to achieve anything.” 

The words of the alphabet-loving author, Sue Grafton.

You may be full of it, Ms. Grafton. I don't care how many books you've sold.

Maybe this is why I’m driven so hard to achieve this dream I possess, this dream of me standing up on that stage, grasping the Oscar I rightfully acted for (or produced, directed, or designed for) and earned. I can feel the lights on my face as I stare out at the thousands of people cheering for me, I can feel the weight of that statuette in my hands. Seroissuly…I feel like I have lived this moment in a previous life or I am foreseeing the future. One of the two. Is this dream and push there because I had an unhappy childhood?

I would whole heartedly say I had a happy childhood. A very happy childhood filled with cats, cows, an open backyard, dozens of open fields to hunt/four-wheel ride/camping, picnic lunches out in the tractor, a tree house, grilling out on the back porch, reading under the biggest tree you can imagine, a dog! I had a very happy childhood…desserts and fresh vegetables from the garden every day.

Cows always make me happy. They've always made me happy.

What am I talking about? I had a GREAT childhood. Screw the words of Grafton!

Alright, I’m going to enjoy the aspect of this snow day (and I just looked out my window…still no snow. I was supposed to start an hour ago.) I’ve got my beer next to me, and a bag of tortilla chips with cheese. I’m ready to rock this night more than I already am.

So many delicious.

Happy evening!

Lovely thoughts to you and your loved ones.

Another Oscars Have Come and Gone…

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The 2012 Oscars have come and gone.

How I love the Oscars? Let me count the ways. Seriously, I’m already pumped for 2013’s ceremony, and there hasn’t even been any buzz about it yet. Well, that’s actually not true. I read an article already boasting Jennifer Lawrence’s performance in The Hunger Games. Now, THAT is some early buzz. The movie doesn’t come out until March 23. I guess we’ll see.

Worthy of a man named Oscar? We'll find out soon enough.

There was nothing to hate about this year’ s ceremony…other than Kate Winslet was not in attendance so I couldn’t see her latest fashion statement and love her even more.

Always a bombshell. She never disappoints on the Oscars red carpet.

Let me see…here are a few of my favorite highlights of last night’s festivities:

1.) Colin Firth with his recognition to Meryl Streep while announcing the Best Actress nominees: “Mama Mia. Meryl, we lived in Greece. We danced. I was gay. We were so happy.” Best. Quote. of the Night.

Another reason to love Englishmen.

2.) Glenn Close’s entire ensemble. She looked absolutely radiant. Just goes to show aging can be a good thing.

Simply gorgeous. Age knows no bounds.

3.) Billy Crystal’s opening montage. Who doesn’t love Crystal when he’s hosting. Remember when he did the drawing scene for the opening the year Titanic won Best Picture?

His grand entrance was on the Titanic. Can we say awesome?

4.) Seeing Kermit and Miss Piggy at the ceremony. I wish they would have performed, but it’s better there were there than not there at all.

Too bad they didn't perform...

5.) Meryl Streep finally winning after 17 nominations! And for Best Actress!!


6.) Carl, the man who has been a seat filler for the Oscars for 59 years! I want to be that guy. Think of all the celebrities this guy has sat next to.

I couldn't imagine a better story to tell your grandchildren

7.)  Chris Rock’s explanation how really, we have quite an easy job. “You’re fed a line…and they give you a million dollars!” (That’s the gist of it anyways.)

They give you a million dollars! -- classic...

8.) Gwyneth Paltrow’s dress. Once she lost the cape/jacket thingy, she looked absolutely regal. So simple, but so elegant.

Definitely the best dressed of the night easily.

9.) Robert Downey, Jr. and his documentary filming “The Presenter.” I honestly don’t care if this man is a douche bag in real life. I heart him.

So. Funny. The Presenter. I'd see it.

10.) Emma Stone inviting Jonah Hill up onto the stage to dance with her to celebrate her first time presenting. And his blatant negative response…NO!

Come dance with me, Jonah!

There are a lot of other moments i loved, but we’ll be here all night and I’ll basically be reiterating the entire ceremony in print, so I’ll leave it at these Top Ten.

“I know I’ve got a degree. Why does that have to mean I have to spend my life with intellectuals? I’ve got a lifesaving certificate, but I don’t spend my evenings diving for a rubber brick with my pajamas on.” 

Wise words to a nearing-graduate from the Academy from the off-quoted wit, Victoria Wood.

I don't hang out with other actors. They annoy me most of the time.

I will be leaving the Academy with two degrees. One heavy in the writing department (maybe explains the blog?) and one in the acting department (maybe why I love the Oscars as much as I do?) I will be walking away with two degrees that don’t necessarily guarantee me a job anywhere. Now, who is stupid enough to do that? Haha, apparently I am. People always wonder what my second degree is, thinking it’s going to be something more stable. Wrong again. Neither degree is stable…although I’ve become a lot more comfortable with my body and its expressions. Sometimes, it gets me in trouble…hahaha.

In all seriousness, the first time I watched Star Wars and found myself legitimately wanting to be on that screen alongside Han and Leia, I knew I needed to be a  part of this world…not just the Star Wars universe, but the world of film. The place where all these awesome places live and breathe.  When I watch the Oscars, sometimes I feel like I’m a part of this crowd of people…this group of eclectic, funny, bizarre, unique, individualistic, risk-taking people…and I feel happy. I’m laughing at their jokes because I get them. I feel like I know them. I should be there…in that theater…celebrating with them.

It's like they're inviting me to join them. How could I say no?

I should have given you a nerd alert warning before all that bunch of nonsense came stumbling out of my mouth. But hey…what can you do? It brings us closer together as Jedi, right? (I know you’re all shaking your heads, laughing at me, or sighing at my sad, sad life…but I really don’t care.)

We shall come together...

Since I skipped out on posting last night, here are seven things you might not have known about this Jedi until now. Hope your Monday wasn’t too awful for you…I’ve barely survived mine, and its thankfully, almost over. Cheers!


The ultimate comfort food.


My favorite author and the only author to make me cry while reading with full blown tears running down my cheeks


Cooking advice I listen to, and listen to often.


Nothing beats a great pair of boots on your feet, especially when you need to be ready for battle 24/7.


Anyone know where I could buy this, and buy this now?


I heart little homemade projects. I also love drinks. The two go hand in hand.


My main man with the best butt in the room, and one day, I will earn one of these babies.

Sweet dreams, everybody. I hope they’re filled with gold. Oscar gold 🙂

I Don’t Do Sexy

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My biggest dream about finding a Big Girl job?

When I get the Big Girl job, you can call me the Professional

Not having to work weekends.

I don’t remember the last time I had a Saturday night off to have it to myself. Not just so I can sit at home and do whatever, but to have the freedom to go and do whatever I want for *me* and no one else. Granted, where I am right now, it’s usually not too busy in the evenings unless there’s a predesignated party going on . The only times I don’t work on a Saturday evening are when I take it off to another obligation I have. Say bridesmaid dress shopping, a baptism for a nephew/niece, or doctor recommended bed rest. Yeah…things I want to do, yes, but things I wouldn’t do on a normal basis. There’s a difference there.

I no longer know the meaning of the phrase 'sleeping in.'

Another reason I don’t like working Saturday evenings? If I sleep in too much, I feel guilty about wasting the day and I can’t have “off time” like weekends were supposed to mean. Tis my lot in life until I become a grown up, I know, but I’ve done it for a year and I’m ready for a change of pace. I really shouldnt be saying that. There are people around here who have worked weekend evenings for more years than I care to imagine, and here they are, with a smile on their face. How do they do it? Maybe one day I’ll understand it, but for now, I keep telling myself its temporary. The real deal will come.

My aim was more than a little off. Too many drunken dancers to watch can do distract a person's attention.

Last night was a great time with family. My bro-han was in town, so I met up with him and my sister after my working hours came to a close. Ate the rest of their ordered nachos and pizza, and we trekked our way to one bar to find the pool tables were all occupied. So we trekked to another, and found our pool table and rocked a couple of games. If there is one thing in this world I suck at, it’s playing pool. I might be on a winning streak for 3 turns, and then I do something stupid like make the cue ball jump over the intended numbered ball, and my game goes straight to hell. Even a round of darts proved awful for me, and usually I am an ace at darts! Near bullseyes left and right, and hitting my designated number on a whim. I blame the pool on tiring my arms out.

Of course, there was the stream of drunk, creepy men making eyes at me. I’m not saying this to gloat or brag about how attractive I am. When my brother has to keep between me and the eye-rapist to ward him off, that’s not something to be proud of. In fact, it’s creepy how some guys will act that way. Attractive on his part? Not by a long shot.

My favorite part of the evening? A 40-year-old man with shoulder length salt-and-pepper gray hair, a baseball cap, a button-down denim shirt, and hiking boots trying to bump and grind to a Nelly song on an empty dance floor littered with glow sticks. If that isn’t an awkward attempt for generation mashing, I don’t know what is. He seemed to be enjoying himself, which is what really matters. He provided great entertainment for the rest of us, too.

I dance like a Barbie Girl Try it. It's a blast!

Although, I really shouldn’t be talking. Between me and my sister competing with each other’s moves for who could be the best pool stick exotic dancer and our signature moves to Aqua’s Barbie Girl song (dancing like a Barbie never felt so good!), I’m sure I was providing quite the entertainment, too.

Here’s the thing: I’m a dancer at heart. In reality, sometimes I can pull off a few moves and make it look like I know what I’m doing. On a constant basis, however, I continue to prove how some people were blessed with beautiful bodies that move in gorgeous ways. Mine? It sort of moves in whatever way it wants to, and it doesn’t look graceful at all. Don’t ask me to do sexy. I don’t do sexy. I am not a sexy dancer. When I dance, don’t think Beyoncé or Lady Gaga or Katy Perry. Think Bjork, in the sense that she is an awkward and weird dresser.

I told you not to think about Beyoncé!

I’m sure that put a lovely image in your head. I apologize profusely, but I can’t say I’m a sexy dancer. I’m not. I can be an emotional dancer, but that doesn’t always mean sexy.

I do recall being called sexy once in my Jazz dance class a couple of years ago. My classmates said I had “a sexy, penetrating look in my eyes” and since I wore my hair loose for the final dance number, it added “a sexed up feel to the whole thing, especially when it stuck and clung to my face. It was very sweaty, in a hot, want-you-now kind of way.”

A role I must play in my lifetime, and part of the reason I got rave reviews for that class dance final. I was channeling my inner Velma.

Best, and only, time I will ever be told that about my dancing.

A couple of drinks and shots later, my party and I found ourselves at home, crashing out on various couches and air mattresses. Put on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, and who calls me at 2:00 am on the dot? You guessed it. New Guy. Apparently, he can only talk to me when he’s inebriated. Warning sign about how this relationship is going? I’m willing to bet $100 on it. Both my brother and sister exclaimed “Who’s calling you at this hour!?” It didn’t take long to see the annoyed look on my sister’s face when I told her. She doesn’t think it’s a good idea for us to even pursue anything since New Guy appears to have a serious need of getting his act together.

I’m beginning to agree with her, and that in itself is a scary notion.

When I finally crawled under my covers, I did call him back and, miraculously, he answered. On a side note, he called me babe last night. He only calls me babe when he’s been drinking. Warning sign #2? Anyways, he answered, and all he wants to talk about is how sick he feels, what he’s doing, how he knows all this stuff about film, how there’s no way in hell I know the same facts and tidbits he knows about films, and how he’s not feeling drunk. I outright called him a jerk, and told him I was going to bed. He got mad at that. Warning sign #3? I’m sorry, but I really don’t want to talk to someone in a drunken state of mind, and who thinks he’s the cats meow when I’m super tired.

Did he ask how my day was? No. Did he ask how I’m feeling a week after my surgical procedure? No. Did he tell me I’m nowhere near his intellect when it comes to movies? Yes. I had my answers. I said good night and hung up. I don’t need a guy like that, especially one who acts like that when he’s six years my senior. That habit isn’t going away anytime soon.

Just found out now that he’s coming into town for the hockey game. Great. Another few hours of deciphering whether that means he wants me to meet up with him afterwards, or if he’s just giving me a warning in case I run into him somewhere on the city’s night life scene. OR he’s coming up to keep an eye on me and his Best Friend so we don’t do anything together. Seriously? Men can be so blockheaded sometimes.

Glad to hear you're out of the garbage phase 🙂

“Why should I go when the going’s so good? …I lived through the garbage. I might as well dine on the caviar.”

I love what you’re saying Beverly Sills, a soprano sensation. I think I’m still sifting through the garbage. My caviar is being held on reserve. It’s not an appropriate time to get a full taste just yet. Or so the Force is trying to tell me, I think.

See? I told you I was still sifting through the muck and gunk.

Blessed be your Saturday evenings, my fellow Jedi. Things could get crazy, and if they do, know the Force is always by your side. Use your instincts, and you’ll know what to do.

Advice for your Saturday evening.

I’d Rather Have a Room Full of Gundarks

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Is it strange for me to say I fear a room filled with estrogen than a room filled with testosterone?

Even Angelina Joilie's spies had to size up the room of testosterone before them before entering.

Don’t get me wrong. The girlfriends I have, I love them to death. There is nothing like having a group of girls always behind you, supporting you, and watching your back.

But girls….women….females! can be bitchy, catty, backstab you in the blink of an eye, and hold a grudge for eons and eons. Nope, I can not discussing one of the negative characteristics of a Cancer. I’m talking about the dirty, dirty details of being a woman filled with too many levels of estrogen.

I’ve always like the notion of men getting pissed off at each other, punching each other’s lights out, and then hugging it out like it’s no big deal. Move on. Vent your anger on the person’s face, and all is well in the world again. I wish girls could do that. Instead, we have to pull each other’s hair, call each other slut and whore, slap one another, piss and moan about how angry the offender makes us for days at a constant pace, finally bitch each other out again, hug and make up…but not really. Then, we make nice to each other’s face when in each other’s company, then gossip behind their backs the instant they leave the room.

Most epic bar fight? I think so.

As much as I hate a majority of men at the moment (sorry! I can’t lie about the way I’m feeling!), I honestly have to say I hate women just as much. We’re just so….catty. Say what you need to say, bitch it out, and move on.

Honesty is the best policy, and I truly believe that.

“Just once in my life a man tried to embrace me. It was horrible! He had big boots, a heavy belt, huge gloves. Faugh! Oh, let’s not talk about men.”

With that description, I would hate the advancements of all men, too! Thank you, lady poet of the 19th century, Renee Vivien.

No wonder the men wanted to hug her.

I was asked out on a date the other night. Not too formally, but when we were alone one-on-one, he brought the subject up again. I was actually sort of mean about it. He mentioned that he and i should hang out sometimes, and I laughed because I was calling him out on trying to look macho in front of our friends. Don’t put wine in my glass accompanied by a plate a fruit, and not expect me to say things a little rashly.

Don't anger the kitty!

But later on, when it was just me and him standing by our table, he brought the subject up again. Now, I can’t say I’m overly attracted to the guy. We can have decent conversations, and he does manage to make me laugh here and there. I’d give him a shot. He is genuinely a nice fellow, and I wouldn’t shoot him down like that solely based on not being physically attracted to him. It’s about personality, folks. But being asked out on a date? It’s a nice feeling. Especially when the guy isn’t trying to fondle you or get you into bed two seconds later. Or asking you out as you lay in bed together.  Can’t say I’ve experienced that one, but the reality of the situation is there.

Nothing worse than morning breath from your bed partner.

Yeah, I know. Now you’re trying to figure out who I slept with before going on a real date with him. My lips are sealed. Sorry!

We’re tentatively making plans. We both work a lot, and I have a school schedule on top of my work schedules, so it doesn’t leave a lot of free time. I’m sure if he really likes me, we’ll figure something out. I’m going to try to make an effort to go out with him at least once. I’ll give this guy an anonymous name once the date actually happens.

As you know, it is Friday, my friends! Happy Friday! It’s the first Friday in Lent. Did you eat meat today? I honestly don’t know how I feel about the whole Lent thing this time around. I hate to say it, because my mother was a devout Christian and impressed the Church upon us in a positive light as we grew up, but I’m not sure how I feel about all of it this year. I just…I don’t know. My devotion to faith is failing, but this is why I’m pursuing the teachings of the Jedi. It may not be God directly, but the Force has the elements of the Holy Spirit, so while i know my connection with God is off and on, my connection with the Force is ever-growing.

Doesn't this just simply look delicious right now?

That’s a discussion we can have at a later date, when it isn’t Fabulous Friday!  Here’s what this Modern Jedi is finding Fabulous this time around:

1.) Favorite DIY

Aren't these just charming? And you can make them in any color. They'll fancy up any room.

2.) Favorite Laugh

You need to watch until 3:19 and a little further. Seriously, I laughed so hard! Just goes to show, women are most definitely funny, too!

3.) Favorite Secret

I discovered an old flame that has reentered my life in the latest of weeks always thinks of me when he hears this song on the radio or on his Ipod.

4.) Favorite Spoof

I want...I NEED to own these before the movies come out. Can they please be real? OPI made colors for the Muppets, why not the Hunger Games?

5.)  Favorite Pre-Spring Look

Just bought this dress to fend off my early feelings of spring fever. Can't wait to wear it by the lake.

6.) Favorite Smile does he not melt your heart? His body doesn't hurt, either.

Keep the Force in your hearts this weekend. Make silly mistakes, but not ones that will forever change your life. Unless they’re good changes, of course 🙂

May the Force be with you. Always.

Peace in Paranoia? Sounds About Right

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Thursdays continue to be my favorite day of the week.

Hey, hey! It's Thursday!

I’m done at the Academy by 2:00 in the afternoon, and I have the whole rest of the day to do what I want to, or complete any overdue projects. What did I do tonight? Picked up a few more hours at Job #1, caught a deal at Maurice’s after which I am the proud owner of a new dress and 2 pairs of earrings, a lovely lunch with a coworker, met up with the lacrosse team, enjoyed a bowl of homemade alfredo pasta, worked on a project for a potential job, and am now finally getting around to you, my fellow Jedi.

Courtesy of my roommate and sister. It was glorious!

The best part? Except from finally getting to slip into my pajama pants? I haven’t been stressed about anything. Not once in the last 24 hours. What is it about Thursdays that make it easier on my brain?

Despite all of this time to do anything I want, I do know there are a dozen projects I could still be catching up on or getting a head start on. I meant to make caramel corn tonight, too, but at this point in time, I’m going to finish this blog post and head for bed!

I’ll be the first to say it. This week has been weird. I got up at 9:00 this morning. It’s not late in the day. In fact, it’s a pretty normal wake-up time for me when I don’t have to be anywhere by ten. Yet, I woke up this morning, discovered it was 9 in the morning, and panic ensued. Why? I didn’t have to be at the Academy until noon. And yet, I was freaking out. Why?

Best friend or sworn enemy? I can't be the judge.

I think I’ve developed a form of paranoia. I have to be somewhere or doing something ALL THE TIME. I’m sorry for shouting at you, but it’s the truth. My mind cannot rest for one single moment. It’s going to be the end of me. If it’s not homework, it’s my latest novel idea. If I’m not blogging, I’m reading a magazine. If I’m not taking notes  on a movie, I’m writing a resume and cover letter. Has this what 5 years at the Academy has done to me?

I really hope not, or the real world work force is going to hate me. It might make me a manager, but everyone beneath my position will kill me and shoot daggers at me constantly with their eyes. day....I hope.

I do not want to be THAT boss.

On top of this paranoia that doesn’t seem to get away from me for more than three seconds, New Guy and I really got into it last night. As it’s turning out to be his style, the conversation started one way, and then suddenly veered off into another. He was genuinely mad at me for flirting with his Best Friend when he had clearly broken up with me two days beforehand. This flirting that upset him happened almost 2 weeks ago now. Since then, New Guy’s Best Friend and I have maybe texted twice, and it wasn’t anything dirty or racy or anything like that. New Guy just *blew* up on me.

Here’s the problem. This goes for all men. You can’t break up with us, and then get mad at us when we try to get back into the groove of single life again. I, myself, happen to be a flirtatious person. Especially when I think a guy is cute, and I’ve had a few alcoholic beverages in me. Granted, I’ll admit the mistake of flirting with his best friend. Probably not the smartest move in the book. But, regardless, I was single and New Guy knew that.

Read it, and come to accept it, boys. Not all flirting is meant for one-night stands and romance.

Yet, he blows up on me for doing it. Why? He finally gives an answer, albeit a vague answer, but he finally gave an indication of why he was upset. Because, he says, I have feelings for you. i wouldn’t be this upset over this if I didn’t.

Listen up, boys. You have to let the girl you’re interested in know what you’re feeling. Three months should be long enough to let your guard down enough to at least say how you’re feeling towards that person. You clearly don’t hate me, so tell me how much you like me. I’m not asking for the L-word. Not even remotely close to asking for the L-word. But you can let me know how much you like me. Otherwise what’s the point of continuing this charade?

It's on my reading list. I've heard its good.

It’s always going to be a war, isn’t it? Men versus women. Ladies versus gentlemen. Boys versus girls. Female versus male. Men are truly from Mars…and Women beautifully come from Venus.

Last night’s conversation/argument with New Guy is a prime example of how it takes years for our two genders to see eye to eye.

“Men and women can never be close. They can hardly speak to one another in the same language. But are compelled, forever, to try, and therefore even in defeat there is no peace.”

The lauded among literati, Margaret Drabble, has hit the nail on the head with her comment.

Another insightful woman to the lives and thought process of men. She might be crazy.

It’s nights like last night, and moments where New Guy mentioned maybe it’s not worth our time together, that makes me realize I only need three men in my life. Count’em. Three.

1.) My father

2.) My dog

3.) My brother/nephews/godsons

Okay, so that makes it more than three, but still, you get the point. Any male who isn’t family by blood? Yeah, I don’t need him. The only additional answer I might add is a Jedi Master. But there’s no guarantee my Master is going to  be a male, so that’s why it’s an additional answer, not a guaranteed one.

Your Jedi Master may not be of the Human species, even.

If I could have one wish, one wish at all, it would be that whichever male happens to catch my eye in the next X amount of months, that he and I will be on the same page when it comes to dating and a relationship. You can’t ignore a person for 4 days and still claim to be dating them at this point in the budding relationship. It’s one thing if you’re long-term. Short term? A four-day silence is as good as a break up.

Guys, if you’ve fallen for a girl before, you know my words are true.

I’m going to leave everyone with one word: Canine. Man or woman, when we need a friend when everyone else is too busy messing up their own lives, if you have a canine for a friend, it’s not going anywhere. That canine will be your friend no matter what.

Just look at her! I miss her jumping on me...most of the time 🙂

I miss my fluffy, sometimes too hyper, jumpy, sweet eyed canine friend.

She may act like a twelve-year-old hormonal human at times, but I’ll deal. She certainly doesn’t judge me. I’m not about to judge her.

There will be no judgement here on this night.

Growing Pains and Aches

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My head feels so fuzzy I can barely think.

I don't need drugs. This is how my brain feels normally.

I’m slowly coming to realize I have to grow up in the next couple of months, and it’s hitting my heart like a freight train. Part of the reason why I have this headache? 1.) I spent half my day on the phone trying to get answers out of people so I could progress with my day, 2.) Too many situations only adults should handle are hammering away at me.

Let me explain:

The major deal breaker today? Medical bills and how to pay them. Health should be a major priority for everyone. Maybe it’s because I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy like a fiend lately, but it seems like doctors are more about the money than actually making sure you’re getting the care you need. OR they’re getting you the care, but with no regard to the size of your wallet. I’m a struggling student who will be struggling even more in the months to come. While I’m thankful my insurance kicked in quite a bit of cash flow to help me with my current financial predicament, I still have a handful of debt to pay off. On top of that, I don’t qualify for the hospital’s care program to help those of us who don’t have a large enough income to pay off the outstanding balance. Seriously….does a tissue biopsy really have to cost $327? Now, add up the cost for four of them, and you’re looking at me handing over 2 months worth of paychecks. Now, that doesn’t seem quite right.

Yes, I'm healthy and going to be okay...but man, first the emotional distress, and now the financial.

I’m telling myself to breath, things will work themselves out, but this is just one bill. Give me a couple of weeks, and I’ll be getting one for my most recent procedure in the mail.

I don’t need medical debt on top of my student debt!

On top of all this, I’m focusing a lot of energy on the job search. Yes, that’s right. I’ve begun my professional job search. Already I’m doubting I’ll find a job, and if I find my dream job, I’m not going to be the one to get it. Writing cover letters and resumes takes a lot out of my brain. When you’re staring at a computer screen for 8+ hours every day, its driving me insane…another reason why I probably have a gigantic headache right now.

Ideally? I’d love a job that allowed me to Tweet, Facebook, blog, pinterest, tumble, and all of thee above. It would be so groovy to be able to do that. Hey employers, do you hear that? I’m good with social media. Now, if I ran a blog for your company, we’d stick to company related topics…I wouldn’t delve into Star Wars or my personal life…unless my personal life reflect what the company wanted to promote. Then it might be a different story 🙂

My life would be a little bit fabulous if that's what I got paid to do.

But in all seriousness, the job search is hard. The best thing about it? I’m finding there are jobs out there. I just have to keep the motivation there and apply, apply, apply! As everyone keeps telling me, put in the time and the work, and when it’s time for things to happen, they will.

OH, and another thing…I sent in my resume and samples of my portfolio to a potential employer, and now they have me working on a project that will be a part of my application. Now, I didn’t major in marketing or anything like that, but I have to think like one, and the fear is already gripping me. What if I can’t think of anything? What if my idea is stupid? What if they hate it? Blah blah blah…The first thing I learned in this world of the Academy? If you’re going to fail, fail big.

Whatever it is I decide to do, do if full force. No half-assing it. All go or don’t do it at all.

Can't say Ethan Hawke doesn't give it his all each and every time. Fail big, he will.

Really great words to live by, actually.

I’ve mentioned this before, but where one of my key strengths and passions lies in my writing. It’s an extension of who I am, and honestly, if I don’t write for a certain stretch of time, but fingers get the itch. They’ll find a pencil or pen one way or another. So, fingers crossed that I’ll find a job where I can write. I might not be able to write the things I want to write, but at least I’m putting my efforts forward and keeping myself in the flow of things. Like this blog. It’s something I tell myself i have to do every day. Yeah, there have been a few blips here and there. The main thing? People are reading what I’m writing, and the more people who read it, the more of an impact I can make. Mostly when I write, I want a reaction out of people.

A good reaction is worth a million words. Especially from the Obama's.

Trust me, I’ve gotten quite a few great reactions already, and I haven’t even hit my 50th post yet. Soon…very soon!

” ‘Why do you write for children?’ My immediate response to this question is,’ I don’t.’ If it’s not good enough for adults, it’s not good enough for children.”

An excellent point of view from the noted Newberry Medalist, Madeleine L’Engle.

If I could win any award for my writing, I'll know I've become something with my passion.

I’m always interested in finding out about other people’s processes. More specifically, I’m interested in finding out how writers get into their process. If they’re anything like me, they get hit by ideas at the most random times and usually don’t have a pen and paper around to jot it down on. The other day? Listening to Lady Gaga’s Born This Way album, and I have a whole concept for a musical production in my head set to each and every song on her album. It would be simply marvelous! Of course, the next day, I pop in the CD and I can barely remember any of the moments I had in my head. The outline was there…the vivid details that hit me the day before while driving? Not to be found.

Total inspiration out of nowhere.

It’s moments like that when I need a voice-activated notepad….I talk, it types, and I have everything I need and will never lose an idea. Every again.

Why I carry a small notepad with me wherever I go.

I’ll keep dreaming.

The headache is lessening up a little bit here, but I’m still ready to take myself by the ears and chuck my head into a snow bank. Yeah…I finally woke up this morning to look out my window and find my car covered in a blanket of snow. It wasn’t cold out, so I didn’t mind clearing it off one bit.

As much as I want to become an independent adult, I like to go back to the words from an episode of Grey’s Anatomy: “We’re all just kids in a grown-up body living in a grown up world. We might look the part, but really, we’re all just a bunch of kids. We never really grow up.”

When, really, this is how we're getting by. Remembering and reminding each other we all really are Losers. With a capital L.

Yoda For President

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Obnoxious commercials.

If campaign ads were like this, I wouldn't mind the next 6 months so much.

That is all I see and hear when it comes to election season. Guess what? We’re entering it again. Our four years are up, and we are due for another election. Are you ready for the political bombardments?

I keep thinking about the last election. I was a sophomore at the Academy, and I cast my first vote by sitting on the floor in what is considered the Ballroom. A pretty monumental first experience as a registered voter, indeed.

I think the thing that made me saddest? The one solid female candidate we had fallen out of the race. I really liked Hilary Clinton. I still really like Hilary Clinton. No offense to Obama, but she had a point of view to the presidency that he didn’t have going into the election. She served this country as First Lady. She knew the ins and outs of that White House better than any other candidate, other than a current President running for reelection. She survived the scandal, a potential war, a booming economy, and countless other problems dotting our country at the time. She knew what happened behind those gilded doors. Plus, she’s a woman! Far more sensitive to serious issues than any male candidate could ever be.

This lady is tough as nails. She represented New York, after all.

We have this thing called sensitivity. Trust me, it helps in touchy situations of all kinds.

More and more candidates are popping up across the political scene. Even an old school TV show host and sitcom star has entered the race for the Green Party. I mean, what is going on? Not everyone can be president.

If I could choose any celebrity to serve as president (for real) it would most definitely be Harrison Ford. Did you seen him in Air Force One? Totally convincing the role, and he has the good looks of a presidential candidate. Hey, it helped JFK defeat Nixon. Know your history, folks.

He will not negotiate!

When it comes to this year’s election, there is not a single candidate I’m finding myself gravitating towards. Not a single one. Not even Obama himself. I feel so ‘eh’ about him. I’m probably going to vote for Yoda. Even Kermit the Frog would do better as President than some of these yahoos currently leading the polls. By no means am I a political guru. HA! I barely keep up with the local news, let alone what’s going on with my personal life.

I know what the term ‘pork and barrel’ means. Thank you, American Politics 101 sophomore year.

$79 I'll never get back for a general education course I basically didn't pay attention in. Oh, youth...

I honestly think the dream team would have been Hilary as vice president, and Obama as Commander-in-Chief. So many people liked her, and she knows what she’s doing in that office! However, she was appointed Head of State. At least he got her on the team. He would have been incredibly stupid to throw her to the ditch.

The best senator on record? You may have guessed it. Senator Amidala. This woman knew what she was fighting for, and she always kept the people’s interests at heart. Very few people in this galaxy do that, let alone this country. Eck…we’re heading to hell on a fast train. Gas will most likely go over $4 a gallon by summer, we’re no closer to solving this health care problem than we were 4 years ago, we’re leaving Iraq but entering Afghanistan, and our economy still sucks. AND China still has a majority of our jobs. AND farmers are still getting treated like crap when we fee this country.

Humanitarian, and fashionable to boot.

What. The. Hell.

On a different note, it is amazing what a change in shampoo can do for one’s hair. I hated my hair for the longest time. It was too dry, it was doing this curling thing all on its own, and it looked flat.

It's the little things that need changing.

Now? I went back to my tried and true formula of Aussie moisturizing solution, and my hair is back in top form. My skin has decided to cooperate again, and my make-up doesn’t melt off my face like it used to do. I might be coming full circle into my beautiful self once again!

Ah….I’ll try not to get my hopes up 😉

I’m craving something crunchy right now. Do you ever get those cravings for a texture rather than an actual food? My go-to is always something crunchy. Hence why I always have a stock pile of chips in my cupboard. My favorite? Dutch Crunch jalapeno flavor. So. good. So addicting. And so fattening. Maybe that’s why I gained 15 pounds when I was a freshman.

Sadly, all I have starting me in the face is a bag of plain tortilla chips. I haven’t been to the grocery store in a while. I’ve been boycotting it for a little bit. I really shouldn’t. Spending nearly $10 on food every day on campus isn’t exactly ideal when you’re barely getting paid above minimum wage at any of my part-time gigs.

You have no idea how good that guacamole looks right now.

What has five years of Academy learning taught me? Procrastination always wins out. I should be fixing up a press release right now for my internship where my boss works 3 hours away from me, and we basically communicate via email. Probably not such an unlikely things these days with technology and all, but it is sooooo annoying. I need face to face confrontation. There also wouldn’t be so many miscommunications along the way.

Can I admit something kind of embarrassing? I totally bawled my eyes out watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy last night. Just bawled. Why? I haven’t felt any pangs of loneliness in a week or so now. Talk about progress. But, then, here I am, bawling my eyes out when they put Doc the dog to sleep, putting him out of his misery from bone cancer. Then, it’s Denny dying from a simple blood clot. Then, it’s Meredith sleeping with the guy who she really loves despite all the bad joo-joo.

Like millions of viewers years ago, I bawled my eyes out at this particular moment. Jeesh...

Something is missing, and I know exactly what it is. Too bad it’s outside of my control.

“I don’t even want to be remembered as the first woman to happened to be black to make a bid for the presidency. I want to be remembered as a woman who fought for change in the twentieth century.”

She broke so many boundaries. I wonder if she realized it.

That’s all I’ve ever wanted to do since I can remember. Make a change, just like would-be candidate in 1972, Shirley Chisholm.

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be remembered 100 years from now as a woman who stood up for change. Another reason to seriously pursue this whole Jedi lifestyle. Now, that’s a thought. First female president AND a Jedi, too.

In a heartbeat, Master. In a heartbeat.

Not a shabby combination.

One day, this country will boast a female president. When it does, I hope I’m alive to see it and stand in that crowd before the stage when they swear her into office.

Why this show was cancelled, I'll never understand.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll be the first female president. Naw….I would prefer First Lady. There’s a lot of power and influence in being the First Lady.

Besides, we all know it’s the woman behind the man that makes him great.

For as much as I may not like him politically, this is pretty dang awesome. Lightsaber dueling on the lawn of the White House. Classic.

Endor State of Mind

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Coming to you live…from New York City!!!

The city that never sleeps...where I probably should be.

Ah haha! Yeah, that’s a good one. If I were writing to you from New York City, I would be posting way more pictures about the actual city. There would be way better crowd watching there than where I currently reside.

And, no. I’m not going to tell you my location. If anything, imagine I’m on the planet of Endor. Surrounded by trees and little furry bear look-alikes. Does it actually resemble my current surroundings? You’ll never know. So deal with it.

I could easily live in the trees. I'd be like an Elf. A cool elf, not a Keebler.

Again, I could write 2,000 words about how much men annoy me, how some particular men keep pissing me off, and how some are just plain clueless and brain-dead. But…I’m going to refuse to take on that temptation, and leave it at what I just said.

Who knows how seriously a man could take these straightforward words?

Yup, shutting up.

Besides, who wants to keep hearing me blather on about how 99% of the time men are just so clueless? Why don’t they just admit to us they are simply madly in love with us, and don’t know how to handle it? Yeah…what a pleasant thought 🙂

“Gentlemen don’t love love. They just like to kick it around.” 

Wise words of the vaudeville virtuoso, Sophia Taylor.

Kick higher! Higher, I say!

Perfect example? New Guy texting me consistently around 1:00/2:00 am in the morning during the entire last week and this last weekend. If that doesn’t make me feel like a cross-state booty call, I don’t know what will. Good Lord, are men really that brainless? Sometimes, I have to wonder.

Seriously, on top of kicking around the love we bestow on them, they really put us through the wringer when they put that ring on our finger. I’m not even the engaged one. I’m the Maid of Honor, a significant role, no doubt, but I go through a lot of rigmarole to please one person. Granted, she’s my sister, but you try on 40 different bridesmaid dresses on an empty stomach and tell me how you feel afterwards? Add to that, the floors are hard and have no give.

Pretty sure I tried on a dress identical to these. Pretty damn sure.

My legs still hurt from yesterday’s trial and error fittings.

Seeing as its later in the evening, and I have to be at the Academy bright and early tomorrow morning, it’s about time we dive into Seven Sillies for a Sunday. Yet again, as I stare at the title I’ve given this fun group of photos, I’m shaking my head. I am the worst at titling things. I’m a writer, yes, but when it comes to coming up with a title for a screenplay, a novel, a short story, a news article…anything, really…I can’t name it a worthwhile name to save my life.

On a side note, my apartment is broiling. I’ve already stripped off my shirt and rolled up my pj pant legs. In the middle of February, I’m supposed to be freezing my behind off. Instead, I’m sweating it off. Could be worse, I suppose.

How do you know I'm not typing this to you in my underwear?

Alright, let’s get on with the Significant Seven? Is that a better name for it? Significant Sevens for a Sunday? The name is coming along. See, proof that if you work at something, the better you get at it.


I'm almost done with Season 2, and I'm hooked. We'll see what happens when I get to Season 3.


So many signs have pointed me towards Paris today. I will live there temporarily at some point in my life.


Even though I grew up on a dairy farm, I'm a big fan of horses. It's every girls' dream to have her own horse. I'm not exception.


Oh, yes. Star Wars Yoga exists!


Have you heard the soundtrack to this? AH-mazing.


This simple love story told in a matter of 12 minutes? Gives me such heartache, it's unbelievable.


Talk about my wedding workout inspiration. I have the plan in motion. Only time will tell!

Straight ahead to finish up the weekend, my fellow Jedi. There’s little time, and make sure you are seizing every moment of this time. As for me? It’s time I sit back for a few minutes for the first time today, and finish my pizza I cooked 3 hours ago.

May the Force be with you.

Written Across the Stars

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There’s a reason I’m a Jedi. Well, there are lots, but we’re not getting into all of that.

Look up into the beautiful sky and wonder.

Not only do I feel a deep connection to everything around me, but I’ve always been attracted to the stars above. Like, have you ever tilted your head back on a clear summer or winter’s night and just gazed at those sparkling dots? Always hanging precariously above our heads? Some of them are burnt out…have been for millions of years, but we don’t know that. Have you ever gazed at them, wondered how many people are doing the same exact thing you’re doing, and then felt so incredibly small?

It’s an amazing feeling.

I’m not trying to make anyone feel insignificant tonight, but it’s an overwhelming feeling, realizing you’re only one small speck in large expansive universe filled with billions of humans, millions of animals and insects, and possibly other living, intelligent life forms out there. Can you say WOW?

You're not alone. You're really not.

I’m attracted to the stars for another reason entirely. Because they can predict our future. With the help of the Force, that is 🙂

I’ve been reading this book recently. It’s called ‘The Book of the Zodiac’ by the Diagram Book (Seriously, no individual author was mentioned. Whatever.) My astrological sign is a Cancer. Yes, I’m a crab. Make all the jokes you want to now. Trust me…each and every one of them you’re making is not original, not funny, and just plain stupid. You’re making the joke because you’re ignorant and close-minded in the first place. Yeah, I feel sorry for you if you’re a fire sign. Cancer is a water sign…meaning we don’t necessarily get along!

Anyways, I’ve been reading up on what makes a Cancer a Cancer (other than where your birthday falls.) All the characteristics its described so far….there’s no denying I’m a Cancer.

100% the sign of the Crab

A Cancer’s positive characteristics: tenacious, intuitive, kind, compassionate, domesticated, good memory, helpful, caring, sensitive to need, protective (these are all words usually used to describe me on a regular basis.)

A Cancer’s negative characteristics: possessive, too easily hurt, moody, crabby, matriarchal, holds on to insults, selfish, unconsciously manipulative, introspective, overpowering (all things I catch myself trying to work on personally ALL THE TIME.)

There are many, many other instances within this book when I’ve gone “Ah-ha! This is amazing! This astrology stuff has got me nailed down to a T!’ But if I wrote everything down, I’d be basically writing the book down for verbatim, and that’s illegal in most states here in the good ol’ US of A. It’s just super freaking how accurate some of this stuff is….makes me wonder about the signs of my friends, ex-boyfriends, and potential lovers. Do we mesh according to the stars? Now, I’m not saying I’m going to turn into a diehard astrological, horoscope reading nut, but sometimes, these things do ring true.

The day I got the call from the doctor telling me they found the large amounts of abnormal, precancerous cells? I had read my weekly horoscope a few days prior to that phone call. The horoscope said I would receive news I best pay attention to on that exact date, and emotional turmoil was headed my way. Few days later, I got the phone call…and emotional turmoil ensued. Who would have thought it up? It was written in the stars.

“I’ve suffered two grave accidents in my life, one in which a streetcar knocked me down. The other accident is Diego.”

Her art may have spoken to her a little more if she had only listened harder.

Those are the words of partner and painter Frida Kahlo. Maybe she should have checked her horoscope more often. Or not married a total playboy. Either option would have served her well.

If only things like fortune tellers and forseers really existed. I remember reading something about mental spies who were hired by the US government during the Cold War. They claimed to have the ability to silence their minds, and “see” the enemies compound room, or headquarters, or wherever crucial information was being held. They would locate it with their minds, and be able to steal enemy secrets that way. How bizarre! Ever seen the movie The Men Who Stare At Goats?That sort of stuff.

The title makes it sound terrible, but trust's hilarious and incredibly insightful!

My favorite line of the whole movie? The Jedi are needed now more than ever.


Anyways, I just got the most bizarre phone call from a coworker. Stoned or wasted or both, just wandering the streets of this city because the cops came to the house and told he/she to leave. No clue as to their whereabouts. They call me while I’m working just freaking out. Do they need help? No, I got it. Do you know where you are? Not a clue. Can you figure out a location so I can send a taxi or something for you? Nope, I’m just walking. What do you need me to do? Nothing, I’m just so irritated! What do you want me to do? Nothing, nothing at all. I don’t even know where I am. Do you need me to send a taxi or something or you?…

Give me your hand, and let me help you.

And on and on and on. How can I help you if you can’t give me anything? I was the one called because I have a level head and can think things through. Can’t really do that when you’re ripping into me about how you got into this predicament, but I’m still here to help. You have to let me help you.

So, if I don’t hear from them in the next hour, I’m going to be very worried. Very worried indeed. Thank the heavens it’s not terribly cold out.

However, now it is time for my Fabulous Fridays, inspiration courtesy of Lauren Conrad   (of all people.) I don’t know if I’ll keep the Fabulous Friday name, but I put a little thought into this and thought, what do people want to do on the weekends? Especially if attending their own Academy or spend a majority of their time staring at a computer screen reading thousands of lines of finely typed Helvetica? So, along with Fabulous Fridays, there’s also going to be Seven Sillies on a Sunday where you’ll learn something new about me every week. How does that sound?

Without further adieu, let’s get Fabulous on this Friday:

Favorite Quote:

Dr. knew a thing or two.

Favorite Laugh:

Seriously, I busted my gut when I first saw this.

Favorite Girl Scout Cookie:

The title doesn't lie. Chocolate and caramel in cookie form = delightful

Favorite Photograph:

Keira Knightley is the epitome of English gorgeous. How can you not love a photo like this?

Favorite Video:

Cello Wars! You’ll be grooving to this video, even if you’re not a diehard Star Wars fan. Trust me.

Have a safe and merry weekend, my fellow Jedi. I want to leave you with this bit of insight. The quotes I put up every day of these wild and crazy and society disrupting women are Jedi wisdom in themselves. Could all these women I’ve quoted so far, and the women I’m bound to quote, be considered Jedi in this modern age, or in the ages of their own? I’ll leave that up to your discretion. But, the living Force is all around us. Any Jedi master would tell us that. We must learn from everything and everyone around us. There is truth to their words. But it’s up to us to decipher what it all means, just like life. Just like our horoscopes.

We have to decipher the codes, the clues, and the meanings. No one said it would be easy.

The Force is constantly talking to us. Some call it a gut feeling. Others call it instinct.

I believe it to be something far bigger than myself cueing me in to some secret they know before I do. But, you have to believe what you need to believe.

It's all around us. All we have to do is Listen.

For me, I have the Force. For now, that’s enough to handle.

Because you can never have enough reasons to smile on a Friday. You go, Betty White.