Coffee’s Rivalry

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Introducing — Rachel Ray Foodie Picks!

A huge fan of Rachel Ray ever since I started cooking my way through her 30-Minute Meals cookbook (that I got for only $2!), it’s an understatement when I say I LOVE her monthly magazine.

I love it so much that when I stumble across an older issue, I may or may not slip it inside my oversized red handbag. (I love “satchels” for a reason.)

There’s a segment in every issue where Rachel highlights new products to check out (and daresay, purchase?) on your next foodie shopping trip. So, here I go, following Rachel’s footsteps into new territory where only Food Lovers dare to go!

First up…

Rachel Ray’s Foodie Pick #1: Target’s Archer Farm Low-Fat Latte Chai Tea

It’s a spicy, refreshing afternoon (or late Saturday stay-in-bed weekend morning) with less caffeine than coffee.



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