Women of the Universe Unite!

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Someone from Romania has viewed my blog. Today.

Viewers from far and wide!

Who knew I could be enticing to such a global audience. You think I’m joking. Not in the least. Someone from Romania, Argentina, Italy, several from Australia, a handful in South America, a dozen from Alaska….the list goes on. What a nifty thing to find out. Go me! So, thank you, new and returning viewers. Your support is greatly appreciated by moi.

On that note, Happy International Woman’s Day! Hey, you! Yeah you! You rock, sister! Everything about everything you do is awesome. Whether you’re a sister, a mother, an aunt, a niece, a student, a grandmother, a granddaughter, a sister twice removed, a sister by a different mother, lovers, or a best friend….whatever you want to call yourself and whatever you are, be proud of your womanhood.


It’s continually proven that women are stronger than men. I have one reason and one reason along why I continue to believe this to be true. Giving birth. Enough said. If men experienced the pain of childbirth, the man would have one child, the woman would have one…and most families would probably stop at two children. Unless we’re all like Octo-Mom…then our planet is in serious threat of being overpopulated. But seriously…we are one strong species.

We’re fighters. We have been fighting for everything our entire lives. Equality, the right to work outside the home, the right to choose whether to stay single or be married, the right to birth control, may I repeat it again…EQUALITY. Equality in all things….relationships, job positions, wages *ahem* wages, politics. There are still a lot of men who believe women should be seen and not heard. That we should not be anything but arm candy for them. To assist in making them look good at all times.

No, ladies, this is not an ideal career path. For anyone,

Yeah….that’s something I want included on my resume. “Assist male counterpart look better than he does on a regular basis.” Not only does that make me sound conceited and high-and-mighty, but what guy would be shallow enough to do that? What girl would have such low self-esteem to allow herself to be treated that way? Alas, I know I’m a very strong-willed individual. Many aren’t willing to put themselves at risk speaking the things I say on a regular basis. I’ll cut it to the point: I’m not afraid to call you out on your bullshit. If you’re being an ass, I’ll tell you you’re being an ass. It might be passive-aggressive at first, but give it time to simmer and you’ll feel my wrath.

As my father always tells me, you’re cool, calm and collected until someone pisses you off. Then, watch out.

Well spoken, Dad.

“Every employment was closed to me, except those of the teacher, the seamstress, and the housekeeper. In education, in marriage, in religion, in everything, disappointment is the lot of the woman. It shall be the business of my life to deepen this disappointment in every woman’s heart until she bows down to it no longer.”

Smart and brave words of the super suffragist, Lucy Stone.

Preach it, sister. You were ahead of your time, but we've finally caught up. The fight is on.

I’m sure she heard a few choice words directed at her…all because she fought for what was entitled to her. Freedom and equality. I’ll admit this right now, I sound like I’m making a speech straight out of Braveheart. “Freeeeeeeeeee-dooooooooooom!” Gotta love Mel Gibson before we went all crazy on Hollywood.

That Scottish brogue....sign me up.

I’m proud to be a woman. I’m proud to fight for the things I want in life. Nothing annoys me more than being treated like my thoughts don’t count, especially by a man. Prime example: I was enrolled in a theatrical lighting class last semester, and our final project for the class was to design a light show to a song of our choosing. I was in a group with two other guys. I don’t mind working with men. In fact, I prefer hanging out with them on a regular basis. You can shoot the shit with them, insult them, let them insult you back, but in the end, you get the work done. As long as there’s already an understanding that any insult thrown in anyone’s direction is not to be taken personally….aka we’ve been friends for some time and we understand each other. But that’s beside the point….

Something similar to this. Our design by the way, ended up being spectacular!

We picked a 3 minute song, and two hours later, we only have 10 seconds done. I’m not joking. 10 seconds in 2 hours. Not a very good work output rate. The reason we took so long to get anything done? I do not exaggerate when I say this: I made a suggestion about using two different colored lights to signify the Boy and Girl of the song; a blue and a purple, respectively. My idea was simply rejected because the plot was too simple and lame. What did Brainless #1 come up with? Nothing. In fact, he stared at his own laptop screen the whole time while my other male partner (who is not brainless) and I experimented and made decisions about what to do within the song. Did Brainless help us at all? NO. In fact, he left 2 hours early from our allotted time slot to go do something else because we weren’t getting anywhere.

I’ve never wanted to smack someone so hard in the face before.

I was ready to go all Maggie Fitzgerald on his patootie.

He even said, straight to my face, I don’t know what I’m talking about and shouldn’t give my opinion on what’s going on. Excuse me? I know I’m not a genius when it comes to lighting to programming the lighting board, but creative thought and process…I happen to consider myself an expert. Usually when doing a project like this, you need both the technical and creative side working together, or everything falls a part.

Needless to say, this kid was also 4 years younger than me. I wasn’t too happy with him. It showed me I need to control my irritation levels when someone says something offensive to me. I got up and left the light booth at one point because I was thisclose to screaming at him, but I went for a walk around campus instead. Normally, I would have yelled without a second thought…but Jedi patience paid off. So, I’m making progress 🙂

Be proud of who you are, ladies. A favorite quote of mine as of late: “If a guy can’t handle you wearing sweatpants in public, he probably can’t handle you doing anything.” I really like it. To me, it speaks about when we ladies finally let our guard down, are finally comfortable around them, and if they have an issue with how we chillax, they probably will have a heart attack when we’re out in public and dressed to impressed. I always seem to get myself in trouble when I’m attached to someone and we go out in public. I either have to fawn all over him, or be completely ignored by him, and be okay with either option is ends up being. I may have high standards, but if a random guy strikes up a conversation with me, I’m not going to be rude and blow him off. I’ll chit-chat back. Talking to someone does not mean I’m cheating or flirting. I’m just talking.

A bit risque...but risque also doesn't mean cheating. Sometimes, we have to get your attention.

Be regal in everything you do. Do it with grace, do it with style…if you ever run into a question, think: What Would Kate Middleton Do? (I’m sorry…but I just love her.)

Can she do wrong? Stay tuned.

Whether you’re a doctor, a lawyer, an actress, an ad agent, a waitress, a cab driver, a military officer, a stewardess, or a stay-at-home mom….don’t let any man get you down. When they realize it takes two to tango, it’ll make everything better. We can’t force them into that conclusion, but we can help them along the way.

Embrace your womanhood! Happy Woman’s Day!

Today, more than any other day, I embrace my Jedi self.

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