Leaving on a Jet Plane

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I’m so excited to board my plane tomorrow, I can’t even stand it. I’m literally about to jump out of my own skin.

Pulling a Calvin and Hobbes happy dance right now

Caffeine and chocolate haven’t been helping matters. Not the large quantities I’ve been consuming, anyways!

Ha, oh I cannot wait. I am not able to focus on my work right now. A measly 5 hours stand between me and finishing my travel plans. Once I’m released from work, I will be heading to Wal-Mart (the only store open for 24 hours) to pick up last-minute travel supplies, finishing my packing, and then sleeping as many hours as I can because I’ll be getting up to shower bright and early. I’ll jump in my car, rendezvous with a friend, meet my ride, and be at the airport by the middle of the afternoon. Board my plane a few hours later, land in a completely different state, eat dinner with my best friend’s fiance, and then finally get to see her happy, smiling face.

So not my vacation plans, but I think it's funny!

Now, if only my female body parts will cooperate, I’ll be fine and dandy. Seriously, the cramps are the only thing holding me down…but, I’m so excited for tomorrow, it really isn’t fazing me either.

I sent my friend an entire itinerary of things for me to do. Now, my destination is Cincinnati, Ohio. I know…Spring Break I should be going somewhere exotic with a beach, cabana boys, tons of alcoholic beverages, and plenty of sunshine. While there is plenty of sunshine in Ohio (or so I hear), I don’t think I can find the other hings on my exotic list other than tons of alcohol. Which, my friend has stockpiled since I told her I’m treating this entire trip like the spring break it should be. On my list of things to do:

– Have a fancy dinner

Filet mignon for me, thank you, Jeeves.

– Visit Hype Park

Ever since I started watching Friends, I love parks.

– Go shopping (hello, I’m in a different state…how can I not shop?)

My main guilty indulgence when on the road.

– Visit the Cathedral Basilica

It already speaks to my soul

– Walk, walk, walk the entire city

It never hurts to exercise, even when on vacation.

– Grill outside, if possible

Nothing goes better with my glass of wine than a grilled steak.

– Find a body of nearby water and sunbathe (Weather permitting, of course)

Spring break...thank you!

– Everything we do, I’m doing it with a glass of wine or hard alcohol in my hand

Me...all week...it'll be heaven.

Now, I know that makes me seem like a lush, but these past few weeks have been rough and mind numbing. I just want to lose myself in the vacation I;m taking. That’s the point, isn’t it? On vacation, you vacate your life. So if I meet a fine-looking local after a few drinks, anything can happen. It’s my vacation! (But, really, I do have more sense than that….but I can dream about the no-holds-bar spring break, can’t I?)

“Mirrors lie. You are much better looking than that in 3-D.”

I’m going to keep your words in mind all week-long, Merrill Markoe, a high-rating humorist in my book, and many others, I’m sure.

She's looking at you, kid.

My bikini is packed, as is an outfit for a 3-mile hike everyday and a night out on the town every night I’m there. Including my orange one-shoulder number every one tells me makes me look like I’m a celebrity. It was one of those dresses you see on the hangar and laugh at because it look just plain hideous. Then, you take a second look, and realize maybe the color is kind of wonderful. Finally, your friend convinces you to put it on because now you’re picking it up off the rack, holding it up against your body, and trying to determine how it will fit your shape. Once you’re convinced its worth a shot, you’re in the dressing room, the dress slides over your head, your shoulders, your hips, the hem swirls around your knees…you look in the mirror…and you fall head over heels in love. You have found “it.” This dress is “it” for me, and it only comes out on special occasions.

This trip is one such special occasion.

I had the moment of "it" and I'll never go back.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll find the love of my life.

No one is more charming than Prince Charming himself

But right now, I’m more concerned with just having a grand time and making everyone I meet just drool. Because I’m so dang charming with a glass of champagne in my hand 😉

I’m also very excited because its Friday! I love Friday’s in general, but this one even more. My feet are tapping in anticipation of my plans for this evening. I might be up until 3 in the morning just getting everything ready for my week-long trip. I should have been doing it little bit by little bit this whole week…but things get away from me, and now here we are. Racing under the deadline once again. It’s where I thrive, so I’m not too worried. Plus, its Ohio. I’m sure they have Target stores around if I forgot to pack something.

Coffee will always make me feel glamorous in the most random of places, including airports.

Eeeeeeee! I’ve flown a handful of times before, but I always get this rush the day before. I’m looking forward to stopping at the Caribou on my way to my boarding area. So sophisticated. I’m having one of those surreal moments where I know I’m doing something reserved for the title of adult, but I’m highly aware I’m a kid in adult clothes. Flying alone to visit a friend? That’s what adults do. Am I really an adult? Why yes, I do believe I am.

Adding on to that, I’m acknowledging I’m an adult on a FRIDAY! It’s just a great day in general. It really is a Fabulous Friday. So what has been making my week? Other than knowing I’ll be boarding a plane in less than 24 hours? Here’s what I want to share with you:

Favorite Treat:

Pineapple has been rocking my taste buds this week. Probably because all I've been thinking is SPRING BREAK.

Favorite Trick:

Did you know hair conditioner works just as well as shaving cream for your legs? Try it out...you'll have smooth legs all night.

Favorite Laugh:

Thank you, Josh Groban for this lovely laughing moment.

Favorite New Hunger Games Photo:

Jennifer Lawrence looks astounding!

Favorite Quote:

Every girl needs to be told this every once in a while.

Favorite Fabric:

Since I've lost weight, my spandex work out pants have hugged me in all the right places.

Favorite Dance Midterm Musical Selection: Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon, #14 It’s Our Fight

Next time I write to all of you, I’ll be in a different state of mind. I do hope to keep up with these regular postings while I’m away. The postings may be shorter than usual, and a bit more sporadic, but I’ll be sure to fill you in on my wild adventure known as Spring Break 2012!  You’ve become quite the mind trap for me over the past few months, a nice place to get things out in the open. Now, I do realize sometimes I may have shot myself in the foot with a few postings, but I don’t care. Whenever I do anything, I do it big or I go home.

All packed and ready to go!

I’m leavin’ on a jet plane. I don’ t know when I’ll be back again….

Happy Fabulous Friday!

Here's some love...now carry it through your weekend.

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