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A Royal Baby is On the Way!

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Ahhh what the heck am I still doing here? It’s time to hit the gym, and then get home to put an actual pen to paper.

what the heck

Although, truth be told, I did end up talking to a coworker for, like, an hour out of the blue. So out of the blue and so lost track of all time. It was so out of this worked that my boss came looking for me to tell me she was heading to a meeting…and I was still standing there talking. What can I say? My job is to be social….but probably not that kind of social. I really hope this doesn’t come back to bite me in the butt.

Hey, I know you! And you too!
Hey, I know you! And you too!

Tomorrow’s plan? To be chained to my desk. Hopefully, I am not wearing spandex shorts underneath whatever I don as my apparel choices for tomorrow. It is highly uncomfortable…but I probably shouldnt be wearing a dress in the middle of 27 degree weather either. It’s winter, girl. Get home, and put your fuzzy pajama pants on. Lay on the couch with your DVD player and cry your eyes out as the horse drama plays out in front of you (and no, I am not kidding. Watch the movie ‘Flicka’ if you’ve ever had a problem with your father and you will weep like a baby. Or I’m just incredibly emotional ALL THE TIME these days.)

Father and Daughter should always work on the same page....but it's not quite so easy.
Father and Daughter should always work on the same page….but it’s not quite so easy.

Is this what happens when you give a large part of your life to the higher beings? When you fully place your trust in them to take control of any aspect of your life, and let be what will be? Does everyone become an emotional mess when they have no control over certain things? Like my never-ending need to shove chips and chocolate down my gullet? I did have a salad the other day, so I can’t be treating myself THAT horribly.

Ugh, but i do love my ice cream.
Ugh, but I do love my ice cream.

On a happier note…Kate Middleton is expecting! I was so happy to hear the news, I started jumping up and down. My next course of action? To unofficially start planning a baby shower in her honor. How sad am I? But what a great party idea! I’m looking forward to seeing what sort of stylish pregnant mommy looks she’s doing to bring to the front page of every fashion magazine in the world.

So incredibly excited!
So incredibly excited!

One thing is for sure…unless pushing out an 8-pound baby knocks a few screws loose in her noggin’, I don’t think she’ll be posing nude with her pregnant belly like some other notable celebrities. Demi Moore, cough cough. I’m glad women are very proud with their enlarged and pregnant bellies, but keep it covered ladies. I’ll deal with it and see it first hand when I’m carrying a child of my own.

The infamous magazine cover in question.
The infamous magazine cover in question.

Until then, cover up!

“My kids are sane.”

The every-so-lovely Michelle Obama speaks her mind on her finest achievement during her first year of being her ladyship, the First Lady. I hear ya, Ms. Obama, and I’m sure the Duchess of Cambridge will have the same thought running through her mind when her little one is born in a handful of months. The whole world will be watching, all too closely for anyone’s taste. (I sure do hope she has a little girl. A little princess born to the perfect fairytale couple. Oh no, I’m getting weepy again…)

Classy lady in so many ways. She's a new idol of mine.
Classy lady in so many ways. She’s a new idol of mine.

It’s my hope and dream to be what I call a “hot mama” when I rock the baby bump. Fit, stylish, and not the least bit afraid of how I look because giving birth is the miracle of life. It’s a miracle I really look forward to taking part in one day. On a different thought, is this what happens when you give up on your love life, even if temporarily? Do you start daydreaming about babies and pregnant bellies and weeping at the sight of every itty-bitty tiny child you come across? If so, I’m a goner.

They even write books about it! So it's incredibly possible.
They even write books about it! So it’s incredibly possible.

I went to a new brew house’s opening night to, of course, try the beer, and the food, and I ended up sitting at a table next to a very cute little baby boy. Definitely going to be a flirt, that one. He wouldn’t take his eyes off of me! It had nothing to do with the funny faces I was making at him, but still! I didn’t mind. He was adorable, and his smile? Gush-worthy. (Do you hear me talking? It wasn’t even my kid and I can’t shut up about him.)

Could you resist a face like this?
Could you resist a face like this?

What kind of mother will I be? Embarrassing. That;s a no-brainer. I kind of look forward to the day my kids tell me I’m “so embarrassing…like, seriously Mom!” I bet I’ll be holding a lightsaber when they speak these fated words.

Yes, darling, I know. I should stop, but I won't/
Yes, darling, I know. I should stop, but I won’t/

God save the man who provides the second part of the equation to my carrying a child.

Run while you can. I'm warning you.
Run while you can. I’m warning you.

Find Your Inner Diva!

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That took far too long for this stupid typing block to load properly so I could finally type here. And yes, I realized I haven’t written again a long time. Guess what? When you don’t have a laptop of your own, you’re working 12 hours a day and all you can think about is a heaping bowl of Edy’s frozen yogurt when you finally kick your shoes off for the day, I know I should feel like writing, but I don’t.

Come to Mama!

Instead, I choose to turn into a vegetative couch potato and fall asleep, ready to do it again the next day.

Couch Potato Kitty wants another beer.

On a different note, last night while out and about with my crew for a Halloween party, I think I have stumbled upon my ulterior personality. For karaoke, for dancing late at night, for approaching men…I have discovered my inner party girl and she is amazing. Last night, I was always surrounded by a group of three or more guys, and I was loving it. Or should I say, Raja was loving it.

Except we didn’t dance this classically.

Hey, this is perfectly acceptable to tap into a new side of myself. If Beyoncé can have Sasha Fierce, I can have Raja. Everyone loved her, too.

Let’s hear it for Sasha!

Other than plenty of tequila and dancing (and rattling my belly dancing belt all over the place. Do you know how hard it is to sit down on a sheet of coins? It’s uncomfortable when you forget that’s what’s covering your lower half), I had a pretty jam-packed weekend of dress shopping (the wedding is in less than a week!), hockey watching (damn those nachos looked delicious), and working (it just never stops.)

I have a weak spot for goalie’s

The dress I bought instantly reminded me of Kate Middleton. Between her and Keira Knightley, I have my fashion choice muses. It’s cream-colored with black across the back and over the shoulders, and it hits right above the knee. The most important part of it? It hugs me beautifully in the waist. Much like Ms. Middleton’s most noted fashion tip: Cinch it in the middle, people!

Check it. This dress is hot.

On top of that, a little trip to Victoria’s Secret saw me coming home with a new (and dare I say Raja-inspired) bodice-corset piece in the sexiest color of purple that I have ever seen. It’s quickly become my ‘I need to feel sexy underneath these normal clothes’ lingerie item. So, so sexy, and I dare say I walk a little taller. You never know…I might be wearing it right now as I type this.

It’s about to get hotter…

It’s really bad. All while shopping, I saw about a hundred and one new pieces I wanted to add to my working wardrobe. My bank account would quickly become zero if I ever let myself go clothes happy at the mall. Trust me, I may not seem like a fashion diva, but I care about the way I look as much as the next person.

“What do I think about the way most people dress? Most people are not something one thinks about.”

The fickle fashion editor, Diana Vreeland, is on to something there. There are so many people out in the world who have been labeled as total Fashion Statements. I look at them and wonder, what the hell are you wearing?I’m sure people do the same mental thought through their minds when they look at me, but whatever. I wear what I want, when I want.

Don’t be looking at my lingerie, lady.

Hence the reason why I sewed a couple of Jedi Academy patches on a pair of black sweatpants and call them my Jedi pants. You wear what you like, and they look badass!

Just one of the patches on said Jedi pants.

But, on that same line, here are a few things I found to be incredibly badass for my Fabulous Friday, and maybe a nod or two towards Halloween. But man, my Friday was pretty Fabulous. Here’s why:

Fabulous Video:

Fabulous Haunted Decoration Idea:

Chicken wire and white paint. And look how spooky your yard will look.

Fabulous Laugh:

Fabulous Exit:

Simply epic.

Fabulous Reality:

Fabulous Self-Made Decor:

Use your old photo slides to create a new lampshade. You’ll see the photos through the light bulb’s radiating rays.

Fabulous Date Idea:

Travel to your own love destinations, and stamp both your passports every time you visit a new country of love.

Fabulous Halloween Decoration:

Puking pumpkin…of guacamole!

Fabulous Past Halloween Costume:

Jedi, of course.

Fabulous Smile:

Fabulous Timeline:

Show the timeline of your relationship through a wall of photos.

Fabulous Reminder:

Fabulous Laundry:

Paint your washing machines…How genius and fun is that!?

Fabulous Thought on Love:

Fabulous Creativity Jumpstart:

Seriously, a million new design thoughts running through my head at this very moment.

Sad to think the weekend is just about over. As a working girl, the free days seem to fly by faster than usual. Probably doesn’t help that the wedding is less than 7 days away, and I have so, so, so, so much to do! Am I forgetting something? I don’t know! That’s half the fun of it, right?

Keep it real, all, and wear those Jedi pants with pride.

Next will be the tunic.

I wear mine everywhere. Including the grocery store and the dance studio 🙂

Let your true colors fly, and let that inner diva out!

A Scandal, You Say?

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Due to the hectic-ness of my past weekend, I once again neglected to share with you my Fabulous Friday’s.

Joey is shocked and can’t believe I did it. Again!

Believe me when I say my Friday was quite wonderful, and they are only going to get better when I start getting into the swing of things with my new job. I can’t believe I am about to start the next big chapter in my life. A week from today I will leave the current job I’ve been working for a 1.5 years, and I will be starting an actual career job…at least a job that will give me an edge in the type of career path I imagine myself on. A week from today! Ahhh I can’t wait!

I’ll be a high-flying career woman yet.

But the countdown has begun on when my last day at my current job will be. T-minus 4 days. I couldn’t be more excited. Every evening will not be dedicated to answering a phone or showing people where to go for dinner while they get to enjoy their evening out. I won’t have to worry about random people running in through our doors thinking we’re a church with handfuls of money to handout for their well-being and assistance. No more working parties where everyone is plastered within the first hour or so, and then the men continue to hit on me or try to catch a glimpse of something more down the front of my shirt.

Sure, I’m in control of the phone, but I really hate it most of the time.

No more, I say! Most of my evenings will be my own, as will be my weekends, and certain plans are already being set into motion for some Big Girl adventures now that I have available weekends. Let’s just say every adventure should be filled with passion of the heart, and let yourself experience it all for what it is and never, ever look back.

I’m growing into my adulthood, what can I say.

“I have often thought that I am the most clever woman that ever lived, and others cannot compare with me…Although I have heard much about Queen Vctoria…I don’t think her life was half so interesting and eventful as mine. I have 400,000,000 people dependent on my judgement.”

Those are the exciting words of Empress Dowager Cixi, a 19th century notable. Can you imagine ruling over that many people? Four hundred million! I can’t even grasp how large that number is in my head. If we’re talking dollar amounts, I know I’d be set for life with that large of a sum.

Anyone with the title of Empress Dowager is a-okay with me.

Come on, lucky lottery ticket!

A little Napoleon help is a great thing.

The only royal I feel I can relate to (or at least pretend I know enough about in order to relate) is the Duchess of Cambridge herself. I know there’s more to being princess than always looking perfect, welcoming foreign visitors and political dignitaries with humility, gracious manners, and courteous smiles. It’s not about the clothes or appearing to be happy in the public eye. It’s volunteering, it’s putting a face to a much bigger cause.

Looking fab and talking politics. Nothing out of the ordinary here!

It’s more than hospital visits, opening child care centers, or breaking dirt and being the center of a photo-op. Kate Middleton carries the burdens placed upon her well. I wouldn’t be complaining about a front row seat to every single Olympic event you wanted to attend. So what if she isn’t smiling in the photo plastered to her all-access pass? It’s protocol!

You can sort of see the infamous pass here, if you look pretty closely.

While i have no doubt Middleton leads a very exciting and eventful royal life (seriously, I’m super jealous of her Olympics access), but there are a few things she can’t do without it being labelled with a huge red stamp of SCANDAL. Me? Sure, it’ll be a scandal most likely, but I can get away with it and not have it splashed across the cover and Page 6 of every major publication in the world.

Vanity Fair 2012 Best Dressed List? Please and Thank You.

For now, at least.

Anyways, without much further ado, and it’s Monday so no one likes to read a novel length posting on a Monday, here are the reasons my latest edition of Friday was so freaking Fabulous:

Fabulous Look:

Pure glamour. A touch of skin and some sparkle. Loving it.

Fabulous Laugh:

Damn Africa!

Fabulous Moment:

Insuring the Death Star is important business, you know.

Fabulous Worry:

Fabulous Trick:

Use for those really annoying neighbors.

Fabulous Office Space:

Oh pretty please!?

Fabulous Start to the Day:

Just getting in tune with the Force before heading to work.

Fabulous Secretary’s Daydream:

Fabulous Smile:

Admit it, it makes you giggle a little bit.

Fabulous Summer Lunch:

Grilled steak, a baked potato with sour cream toppings, and some sort of green vegetable = the perfect summer meal.

Fabulous Villan:

He’s sort of messed up in a sympathetic way.

Fabulous Starbucks Complex:

Plus, it’s mobile!

Fabulous Wedding Gift:

It’s a really cute idea I may do for my parent’s 40th wedding anniversary.

Fabulous ‘Friends’ Moment:

Fabulous Challenge:

Happy Monday, boys and girls, and may you be treated like kings and queens of old in your relationships with those whom love you.

I would love to be treated like Kate Middleton. Even if only for a day.

Unless your Han Solo and a scoundrel, and a very sexy scoundrel at that. Then, you have every right to treat me with a little more edge and finesse to your words.

But seriously.

Women should be treated like the princesses and queens we are, and in return, men will be rewards like kings.

Challenge accepted? I sure hope so!

If only Frodo had been that determined little stick-man.

Take Off The Mask Already!

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While everyone else was out to the theater’s to watch the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises, I walked in to see a different movie which has been garnering great critical praise: Brave.

I enjoyed this film so very thoroughly

Brave introduces us to the first Disney Pixar princess, and I have to say, I fell in love with her. Probably because I could relate to her in every possible way. But, I fell in love with that fiery red hair, those dazzling clear blue eyes, and her sassy Irish tongue. She is a girl I’d be friends with, even if mostly we wanted to kill each other.

Headstrong, that one is.

It was a traditional story of sorts: A young woman born into the royal family of her country (in this case, Scotland) is slightly be forced by the powerhouse mother of her’s to give up on the way she’s been living her life (carefree and wildly unacceptable by princess standards) to assume her title, but not before being betrothed to the one of the 1st born sons of the fellow Scottish clans which make up their great kingdom.

What do you think you’re doing?

Her name is Princess Merida, and she is your typical tomboy…if tomboy was even a title back in the day of the Scottish brogue living in giant stone castles. She’s one of the boys. No, scratch that. She’s better than all of the boys put together! Merida is my kind of gal. Her bow is the most prized possession she could ever own, and when her mother forbids her from ever shooting a single arrow ever again, I honestly felt my heart-break. It’s the same as my mother telling me to go put my lightsaber away and never speak of Star Wars again.

It would be unheard of, and I most certainly would rebel.

I’d rebel by joining the Rebellion!

It’s takes a strong spirit to be able to look both your parents in the face and say, “I’ll be shooting for my own hand.” Basically, no man is ever going to be good enough for me until I decide he is, so back off and I’ll choose my lifetime lover when I’m darn good and ready!

Choose the right one, or you’ll never get this moment of “its so right” back.

It’s going to take quite the special man to steal this heart of mine to being with, anyways.

“A grown woman should not have to masquerade as a girl in order to remain in the land of living.”

I love these words spoken by Germaine Greer, a screed writer. I hate this idea that the older we get in age, the more “respectable” we have to be as women.

I hope you kept your silly on.

Now, let me get one thing straight. I believe a woman should possess a certain amount of qualities. All the great ones do, anyways. She should be charming, know how to dress for her body type, have “her” particular scent/perfume picked out, have an opinion on one (if not more) major issue of her current times, be able to laugh at herself, have a drink of choice when out with the ladies, know what she likes in bed, and most importantly, not give a damn about what people think of her when she’s purely being herself.

Listen to Scarlett.

Why should all these things change once we hit a certain age? Age ain’t nothing but a number, right? (When it comes to most living situations…not all dating situations, however, but that’s a different topic for a different time.)

The reason I like this so much? The mother in Brave is a criminal of Greer’s words. She passes herself off as one thing in order to be accepted as another. In all honesty, she gives up on her girlish nature because she’s worried about what’s considered “acceptable.” Yes, she is a queen of a larger and powerful nation. But she also has a daughter who is bound to follow a different path than she.

A favorite part of mine….the face-off.

Could you imagine if Kate Middleton tried to walk down the same exact path and Princess Diana or Queen Elizabeth herself? My mind can’t even handle thinking about it. Yes, Kate Middleton entered the role of Duchess very gracefully and with much dignity, despite a few minor mishaps and scandals along the way. But even she had her “wild” days. Umm…the infamous see-through dress that she modeled in her friend’s fashion show where Prince William supposedly leaned over to his friend and whispered, “Kate is really hot.”

She didn’t leave much to the imagination!

Or something like that.

Regardless, I don’t think our current Duchess of Cambridge gave up that daring and sassy side of her life once William became interested in her, and if she did, I may lose a tiny bit of respect for her.

Going back to Brave, the mother does come to realize it’s okay for girlish tendencies to be held onto. They make us who we are. If I went home and didn’t jump around on the round hay bales like I’ve done for 15+ years of my life, my family might think I’m insane. If I still didnt’ run around in my High School Musical t-shirt when it came time for me to put my pajamas on, they’d wonder if I hit my head on something and if brain damage of a result, even with the shirt now being a touch too small and with it showing off my bellybutton.

Except mine is red.

Just the other weekend, I came running down the stairs for coffee with my sisters before getting ready for the day, and I came downstairs in little booty shorts and a tight baseball tee. Hey, when I’m asleep, I like knowing if I have to jump out of bed I have clothes on without fear of them getting caught on anything as I dash out the door! (It’s a Jedi thing.) But, my oldest sister, who is 11 years ahead of me in life, looks at me and instantly says, “Go put some clothes on!”

They look pretty similar to this, actually.

I just laughed at her and said, “If I’ve got the body now, I’m going to show if off while I got it.”

Thankfully, she just laughed and called me a dork while I filled my coffee mug to the brim.

The point is, I really hope I can hold on to this attitude. Not an attitude of carelessness, but of one that bares the air of “I don’t give a F*ck what you think of me.” Yes, it is easier said than done, but if I can hold on to that as I enter the older decades of my life, what a wise Jedi I am determined to become.

As always, it is Friday! Hallelujah and not a day too late! Although I don’t have a forseeable day off in sight, I am ready to have a few lax days to just get to be me for a while. I have big Saturday night plans….with myself. Sharing my Fabulous Friday’s with out is one of the ways I like to hold on to my younger self, while at the same time, starting to meld it with the maturing adult I hope I’m becoming. There are moments that call for a certain level of maturity. This is something I understand.

But…I always feel like this on the inside!

But there are also moments where you should be so blown out of proportion silly that no one can look at you straight without seriously considering how much alcohol you’ve consumed (PS – The big secret? You haven’t had a single drop!)

Here’s my Fabulous Friday —

Fabulous Idea:

Coffee in an IV? Sign my up for daily refills!

Fabulous Midsummer Material:

Polka dots on something light and airy.

Fabulous Summer Polish Shade:

Any shade of blue. Whatever is going to remind me of water.

Fabulous Start to the Morning:

Not just coffee…but cookies too!

Fabulous Reason for an Iphone:

The ONLY reason for an Iphone…to have a mini R2D2 in your pocket at all times.

Fabulous Accessory Every Girl Needs:

A little sparkle goes a looooong way.

Fabulous Turn On:

There’s just something about plaid shirts that drive me crazy.

Fabulous Warning:

Fabulous Smile:

Fabulous Quote:

Fabulous Lessons:

Fabulous Key:

The only one you’ll ever need.

Fabulous Crush to  Share with your Mom:

Han Solo AND Harrison Ford? Yummy.

Fabulous Rivalry:

They know how to put on a show, that’s for sure.

Fabulous Video:

Hope you don’t get too crazily out of control this evening, and remember, no one likes to see you running around with your pants off. Unless you’re at the lake. Then, by all means, if you’re taking your pants off, at least jump in the water.

Come on and GET IN!

Keep that inner girl fighting alive in everything you do. Mine always thought she was a Jedi, a warrior of sorts. Now it’s up to me to discover what I’m fighting for.

We all have our battles to choose.

Ahhhh life.It’s never simple.

League of Extraordinary Women

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Being a typical girl, I was pinning today. Whilst pinning, I came across a picture of Jennifer Lawrence wearing a dress that could only be described as a modern-day, non Hunger Games costume, gown. It really made her look like the Girl On Fire, outside of the actual Hunger Games setting, I mean.

Isn’t she just puuuurdy?

In case I haven’t previously mentioned it, Jennifer Lawrence in my new muse. She has inspired me to imagine her type of character in any story I’ve started to throw together in the last few years. Since I’ve seen her in X-Men First Class, Winter’s Bone, and now, the Hunger Games, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with her.

Wouldn’t you love her if you had the chance?

Add her to my list of celebrities I’d change my sexual orientation for if the opportunity presented itself. Along with Ms. Lawrence, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, and Kristen Wiig top that list. It’s far-fetched, but you never know. I’m sure you all have your lists of males and female crushes, too. So, no passing judgement here!

Anyways, as I attempt to get back on track with my screenplay, I have envisioned Ms. Lawrence in the lead role from the moment I started conceptualizing and fleshing the plot out on paper. While I would agree the roles allowing her to emerge on the Hollywood scene have been similar in particular ways (they know how to hunt for themselves, a younger sibling(s) to care for, must be the man of the family but not by choice, independent, fearless, and a small disdain for needing to rely on men to care for her…and so much more.) In short, she’s a bit of a modern-day warrior in her films.

She did what she needed to do. No questions, no objections.

I can’t stress enough how happy I am when the Hunger Games came along when it did.

I’m going to be quite blunt here. I hated the Twilight movies. I hated everything about them. The acting was poor, the characters were stagnant, the storyline was only remotely interesting, and Kristen Stewart’s face held the same monotone expression throughout the entire film. I didn’t feel transported by the story at all. When I go to the movies, I go to escape.

I like to leave the world and all sensibilities behind when I go to the movies.

With Twilight, I was highly aware I was sitting in a movie theater (an afternoon matinée, by the way. There is no way I’m spending money on a full ticket for THAT film), watching a fully grown man sparkle like a cheaply made tiara in the sunlight. Not attractive in the least!

I just swallowed back some Gardetto upchuck.

But the main reason why I hated these movies so much? The female lead character aka Bella.

This is the only look you’ll see the entire movie. Trust me.

What did she have going for her other than the sickly twisted love affair with both a werewolf and a vampire that wanted nothing more than to bite the shit out of her neck for her blood. There’s a scene early on in the film when Bella meets Edward for the second or third time. He’s staring at her from across the chemistry room, but he’s not just staring at her. In fact, I’m sure some inappropriate activity is happening in his pants while he’s staring at her. Gross, I know.

This just makes me feel uncomfortable.

Fans of the Twilight series would argue. He was attracted to her…No, scratch that. He was resisting the smell of her scent…He wanted to go over to her and bite her like a vampire would…He was merely catching whiff of her scent and simply fought every fiber in his body to resist flying across the room to devour her blood supply.

Number 1: ew. Number 2: can we say desperate? Number 3:how freaking original? Not!

Literally, she screams desperate.

I maybe wouldn’t rag on Bella so much if she wasn’t so, oh how do I say this…? If she wasn’t so pathetic. Yep, that’s the word I use to describe Ms. Bella. She is pathetic. Her boyfriend breaks up with her. What does she do? She curls up into a ball in her bed and does absolutely nothing for 3 months. Nothing. In the book, no words were written for her in the months following Edwards’ absence. She literally wastes away in her bed for months because a boy told her he didn’t want to see her anymore. With one of the lamest excuses in the book, he tells her it’s too dangerous to be together.

So, the obvious conclusion is to lay in bed and weep about it. For months.

And she stayed like this for 3 whole freaking months.


A week, even a couple of weeks, sure. Alright. He was the love of your life. I can’t understand trying to heal a broken heart. Hello? I’ve been there! But I didn’t lie around and mope for days on end because someone broke my heart.

“The needs of a society determine its ethics.”

The wise words of Maya Angelou, the famed author of Caged Bird.

She ain’t no caged bird no more.

Katniss needed to survive being thrown into a literal hell hole where she had a 96% chance of being killed. She adapted. She didn’t crawl into a hole and mope about her misfortune or contemplate all the different ways she could die. Even when the Careers found her (and remember, she had a pretty major leg injury, too), she didn’t start bawling and begging for her life. She turned in the other direction and ran. And when she could no longer run due to said injury, she did the next best thing; she climbed a tree to where no one could touch her.

The trees are your friends. Be kind to them.

Pure survival.

When she knew she had to make a move against the Careers, did she continue to run? NO! She actually ran towards them and infiltrated their “safe” zone.

She also escaped fire. This girl is ah-mazing!

The only time she did have a breakdown was after Rue’s death, and rightfully so. She lost someone she dared to care about despite their situation. But, did Katnisscontinue to have her crying fits over Rue? While she missed the cute and wily little girl, she kept her mind where it needed to be.

Not only did she mourn the loss of her friend, she also paid tribute.

On survival.

While Bella and Katniss were in different worlds, their situations were not so different. Katniss had her love woes. Peeta or Gale? Her decision wasn’t so simple given she was thrown into a modern-day gladiator’s ring.

How would you feel if this was you, standing on this platform, with one minute left before the Hunger Games officially start and everyone is aiming for the target on your back.

What was Bella doing?

She was purposely putting herself in danger. Not to help a fellow tribute, or to take out those who will not think twice about slitting your throat to win the game.. No, Bella was putting herself in danger merely to hear Edward’s voice.

Where did that dog come from? He’s not Edward!


If you like Twilight, fine. I’m sure you have your reasons. Just like I have my reasons for siding with Katniss Everdeen far more than Bella Swann.

The real role model of young female literature.

My answer will be the same no matter when you ask me.

Moral of the story? Find a real, strong female role model to look up to.

Princess Leia always comes to mind. I mean, she did take on a leadership role within the Rebel Alliance against the darkest evil force known to the universe.

Don’t mess with this girl.

What’s the greatest thing Bella Swann ever did?

She got married.

Not that marriage isn’t an adventure all its own, but when compared to leading the Rebel Alliance….marriage is nil and nothing.

Just saying.  

Um, Hello…? Where Did June Go?

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If we were sitting in a visual setting right now, you’d see me sitting in the back of the room, head in my hands and shaking a furrowed brow at the table top. Not in disgust. In utter amazement at myself.

Okay, maybe a little disgust at my mental capacity to blank out of reality on a regular basis.

A small confession to make: I’m a little behind the times, and completely lost track of what day of the week it actually is. If you lived the schedule I have, you’d get your days messed up and confused just as easily.

So, my confession is quite simply this: I didn’t acknowledge that it was July until my supervisor walked by me at work this morning, chitchatting with me as she beelined for the bookcase behind me, and I slaved over my current project of the hour. She asked how my summer was going, and I replied with an enthusiastic, “It’s going great! So much is happening, and I’m loving the weather.”

Her reply to my statement: “I totally agree, although I feel like I slept through all of June. Where has the summer gone? It’s the 4th of July tomorrow already!”

Who’s ready for a burger?

She proceeds to walk away, and I stare at the bookcase she had been perusing mere seconds before. It’s July…July 4th in less than 24 hours…and I’m only realizing this now?

WTF?! What have I been doing for the last month of my life? I totally acknowledge that my birthday happened about a week ago, and I had been looking forward to that for some time, but what about the time that seems to have eclipsed since then? Apparently my brain decided time was going to stand still on the day immediately following my birthday.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

If only I was so lucky.

So, summer is just about half over. If anything is going to throw a wrench in my day, that’s going to be it. This realization that summer is fully upon us, and what have I done with myself? It wouldn’t be fair to say I haven’t done anything. Not true. I have done a small amount of exciting adventures. Some I’ve told you about. Others are meant for only me to know until my dying day. What are they?, you ask.

Indiana Jones needs to stop thinking with his whip, and actually look behind him.

I’m not about to tell you any time soon, so just stop asking already!

I do have to say I haven’t gotten out to the beach nearly enough this summer. I broke out of the gates right away when we had those ungodly nice days in May when I was fresh out of school, but I haven’t really been back since. A day here and there, but nothing substantial, and my skin color is starting to be the same shade as everyone else. Bronze, bronze and more bronze.

The only envy I have about Jessica Alba…her bronze skin.

I need to be a part of the More Bronze category. Anybody else hear my competitive side kicking in, or am I the only one? I am who I am. What else can I say?

“The feminists took me as a role model, as a mother. It bothers me. I am not interested in being a mother. I am still a girl trying to understand myself.”

Isn’t that the understatement of the century? I barely understand myself. Hell, I have barely scratched the surface of who I am or who I’m going to be. You hear that, Louise Bourgeois, the lady credited with founding confessional art.

Care to discuss the piece she’s standing next to?

While July fills me with melancholy, nostalgia and grief that summer’s end is on the distant horizon, it’s also a great reminder that summer is here and it’s here to stay. Because I barely know myself, there are a few things yet to look forward to that I haven’t accomplished for this season of sunshine:

– Bonfire and Beer on the beach

Perfection. Pure perfection.

– the State Fair! (I know, I know…not until August, the true ending of summer)

As long as the food is on a stick, I don’t care.

– Playing Frisbee on the beach

I’ve got moves like Jagger when it comes to Frisbee.

– Finding the perfect summer alcoholic beach beverage (and an inconspicuous container in which to carry it in)

Isn’t it just the classiest thing you’ve ever seen?

– Adding a few more sundresses a la Kate Middleton to my wardrobe

This girl knows what I like!

– Cleaning out my closest to make room for said sundresses (saving that one for a rainy day)

This is what I should be doing every other day. I have so much crap!

– Four-wheeler ride through the hay fields back on the farm

Can’t wait to take my niece and nephews for a ride.

– Watching ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ on the big screen on opening night (OMG!)

I’m having convulsions just thinking about it.

– Attend a summer street festival of sorts

People everywhere, food smells swirling together, awesome finds for a decent price…LOVE IT!

– Go Camping!! (I have a new obsession I think.)

Seriously, I only live an hour from a major park. Why shouldn’t I?

– Wake up earlier than the sun to watch it rise over the lake (coffee is definitely expected to attend)

Nothing better than coffee at sunrise. Nothing.

– Find a new favorite walking path (preferably on the beach)

I’ve stumbled upon a path or two that I’m not about to forget.

– Road trip down to the cities to reconnect with college friends and drink ourselves silly (aka SHENANIGANS!!)

Trust me, it’s only my first one. Isn’t it beautiful?

– Jump into a pool with all my clothes on

I’m freeeeeeee!

– The One-Man Star Wars Show (still need to get my hands on tickets…and soon!)

I’m a few blocks away from where they’re selling the tickets…I could go get them right now if I really wanted to.

And I’m sure there are a million other things I want to do, but this list could go on for a while, so I’ll just stop now.

My main mission tonight? Getting everything assembled for the pending Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party taking place this weekend. YES! The time has finally arrived, and I’m very calm headed about everything right now. I have quite a few phone calls to make, and I’m procrastinating on them for what reason, I’m not too sure. Because I hate talking on the phone? My vote is yes on that one.

I’m attempting to make these…Yes, indeed, I’m getting crafty!

It’s all going to go swimmingly, and I just cannot wait. It’s going to be a night they are going to remember, that’s for sure. I only hope they remember this is for my sister, and it’s her night. Everything I planned is because I knew she’d enjoy it, and if they stop being prudes for more than three seconds, I know they’ll have fun with it, too.

Everyone is allowed a night where they can be a little naughty for once in their life.

It’s an ad for a beverage….and I’m loving it!

What are a few things you have planned yet for your summer?

In case the temperatures are getting too sweltering for you, make sure to grab an ice-cold beer or two. Lots of water will help, as will your own personal fan. It’s scorching temps here, so wherever you are, remember to keep hydrated if you’re working extensively outdoors (and no,  I do not mean have another margarita while lounging by the pool.)

H20, people, H20!

It’s the real Aqua de Vida.

Captain Jack was on to something, wasn’t he?

We’re All Broken

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With each passing day, I am confronted with the fact that I am a textbook case of astrological Cancer.

Emotions be damned. I’m never going to have a full hand over them, and that’s a reality I’m going to need to live with. I wear my heart on my sleeve and it is both a curse and a blessing.

Ideas strike me at the most random of moments.

A curse in the sense that sometimes I’m not very good at hiding at what I am feeling. I become as clear and transparent as an ice-cold lake in the early stages of winter. A blessing in the sense that I get to experience a whirlwind of things daily that serves as an inspiration to so many things in my life. My novel, my short stories, photographs, or stories I want to tell in the future.

Everything has a purpose, right?

Seriously. Pick up the damn phone.

The question I’m proposing to the universe this late evening is this: Why do men always want to discuss topics of importance over text message? Why not call? Or ask me to my face when you see me in person? Don’t text me the whole dilemma over a text message. Not only is it difficult to read, but it’s very impersonal and tells me that you didn’t care enough to ask/talk in any other way.

I’m a writer myself, but I only put pen to paper to describe my feelings when I can’t articulate what I’m feeling in words coming out of my mouth. I know that sounds ridiculous, but things tend to flow better in  ink. Especially lately when my brain doesn’t seem to connect to my mouth all that well. Lots of “blaaaaaah haisealskh”has been spoken this weekend.

Foot in mouth syndrome at its worst.

Just lagging behind in my intelligence. On all fronts. Is this what happens when you graduate? You lose all semblance of critical thinking? Your brain deteriorates? That’s what it’s feeling like, anyways.

“There is always more surface to a shatter object than a whole.”

Wise and insightful words from the avant-garde author, Djuna Barnes.

You must take everyone who wears a hat with that much sass seriously at all times.

It’s an interesting thing to ponder when in the back of my mind I’m right there in England celebrating the 1-year anniversary with Kate Middleton and Prince William, or as they are dutifully called now, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It’s really been a year since they exchanged their vows and proved to the world that fairy tale weddings really do come true.

One year later, and still as cute as ever.

In fact, I think they are now more in love than when they were in the engagement process. But I’m judging this solely off photos presented to me by the mass media and paparazzi. Regardless, they seem uberly happy with their new dog and despite the nasty mill of rumors that keeps whirling about whether or not Kate is pregnant or not.

Let the rumors die already! So she refused some peanut paste.Maybe she has a small peanut allergy.

Let them be, society. They will get pregnant when they want to, or when a higher force deems it right for it to happen. You can’t force these things and it is no longer the 17th century when a dynasty was based on whether an heir was born to the throne or not. Even then, that was an utterly ridiculous belief.

At least we’ve reached the point in society where a woman can assume the throne and rules it just as well, if not 10 times better, than any man who would assume the throne. Sorry, Prince William, but I bet Kate would be a kick ass Queen. I’m quite excited to see what types of things Kate will bring about in their time of reign, She is a beauty with a sharp fashion sense and real knack for public appearances. All a part of her position as wife and Duchess, yes, but just because she married into royalty doesn’t mean she’s going to be good at the role suddenly thrust upon her.

Grade A to be given at her first flying solo event. Plus extra credit points for towering over these people.

Some of us are naturally gifted when put in front of an audience.

There isn’t a day I don’t miss  my princess duties. Oh yea, I was a princess once upon a time. Not on the same scale as our beloved Duchess, but a princess none the less, and once a princess, always a princess.

It says so on a plaque in my room 🙂

There are bound to be experiences in our lives that break us, mend us from that breakage, possibly break us all over again, and at some point, I like to think we heal. In due time, we all find something that makes us feel 100% again. Although I have read and heard quite the opposite where people experience something so grave that there is no going back.

As Frodo says in the Lord of the Rings, “There are some things that time cannot heal. Some wounds go to deep, and in your heart you begin to understand. There is no going back.”

A broken heart is one such wound. There is no going back. The heart will mend, the soul and body will move on, but the emotional scarring will always remain. Like an actual wound. The scar will always remain if the initial injury was deep enough.

Save me, Prince Charming, wherever you are.

I’ve also heard that when you meet “the one”, he erases all that past pain, mends all the scars (like a magical Vitamin E tablet or something.) I guess I’ll found out the validity of that statement when the time comes. If the time ever comes. The romantic in me really believes this day will come. I just wish I knew when it was.

Alright, that’s enough rambling about how much of a broken-hearted old soul I am. It about that time I crawl between the sheets anyways.

When I open my eyes, it  will be the start of my last day of classes. Fancy that. My career at the Academy is drawing to a close. It’s a feeling of melancholy and sweetness. I’ll let you  know how I’m feeling as the week progresses.

I can almost taste the eternal freedom!

Until then, bonne nuit and bonne soir. Depending on when you read this, of course 🙂

Good Night, Paris! I'll see you at midnight one day.

Drinks For Thought

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When the girls go out on the town, the girls go out on the toooooo-wn!

The only thing missing? Dancing on bar tops.

I had quite a rough night of recovery, and this morning was probably in the Top 10 worst hangovers of my short lifetime. You know you’re in for a rough start to the day when you manage to get yourself to the refrigerator, pour yourself a glass of water, gulp it down, and no less than five minutes later, you’re throwing up that same water.

It's supposed to the drink of life...and I threw it up. WTF?

That water was supposed to make me feel better, not go down and come straight back up. Although, exercising my stomach muscles like that really tired me out enough to let me sleep soundly for 45 more minutes before needing to get up and into the shower.

Why did I have to be plagued as a Thrower-Upper when it comes to hangovers? I’d take a headache, still being drunk in the morning, anything. Throwing up sucks. It hurts and it makes me sweat more than I normally do. The only benefit is how skinny i feel afterwards. I know what you’re all thinking, but the answer is no. I do not force myself to throw up in order to lose weight. I throw up to rid my body of toxins from the delicious liquids I drank the night before.

Although, I never feel this skinny...

I’m still trying to make sense of last night. I mean, WHOA! So many people, too many beers, too loud of music, and too many guys making googly eyes in my direction, Now, I like male attention as much as the next girl, but last night was all about hanging out with my friend and coworker whom I’ve never hung out with outside of work before. Those seem to be the nights guys can’t keep their paws to themselves.

Good thing I have a sharp tongue after a drink or two.

We could easily meet for coffee and discuss the problems of the universe.

At our first location, a lovely small place called Sir Ben’s (or Sir Benedict’s Tavern), I walked into the place myself, waiting for my coworker to meet up with me. I actually ran into a few coworkers from my other job, and I joined them for my first drink of the night. We were having a good time, I was introduced to a few new people, and eventually it was just me and another coworker of mine whom I would consider a good friend indirectly. I will admit I had a small crush on him for a while, but that’s all it was. A small crush. We talk, joke, give each other crap. He notices things about me when they change, like a hair cut or a new outfit. So, it’s nice…Anyways, we ended up sharing a couple of beers when my friend showed up, and by the time we left, I was feeling the buzz.

“All religions are the same: religion is basically guilt, with different holidays.”

Another take on religion from Cathy Ladman, her words directed to the mirthful manner born.

How could a face like that bash religion? Easily. She's a comedian.

So, I’m drinking away, laughing with my friend, and I meet up with a few other coworkers. The more I drink, the guiltier I feel. For one, I know what I’m like in the morning afterwards. I should have stopped after my third, but I kept drinking until #5. That’s when my coworkers friend got a little handsy, and I wasn’t feeling it anymore. I wanted to head home, and he went and bought me another beer. I took two sips, and said nope. I’m done. I need to get out of here.

Drink of choice!

Plus, I had to work in the morning!

Anyways, the more I started noticing how guys were acting, I felt guilty because I wasn’t into them. I wasn’t feeling their vibes, and it’s always those moments when flashbacks of your exboyfriend start. It’s those moments when I realize I’m still not fully over him. Which is to be expected. He was my first love. He’s not going to be out of my mind for a time to come.

Just unfortunate.

Like The Notebook says...

How can I move forward when he’s always there, flickering like a bad light bulb in the back of my mind. All. The. Freaking. Time.

Flick. Flick flick flick. Flick.

It’s a part of getting past a relationship, I know, but it could be easier. It really could be. Let it be, as the Beatles would say.

Sweet will be mine. For freeeeeee!

So, that is a recap of my Saturday night and basically my entire Sunday, which consisted of recovery and work. The bright spot of my terribly hung over morning was that i won a $5.00 gift card to Caribou from a drawing at work. WHoo! Caffeine never tasted so good as when its free!

But as the weekend draws to a close, I wanted to share with you my Fabulous Friday finds. I promise these will start happening on Fridays rather than Sundays. They’re named Fabulous Fridays for a reason, you know.

Here they are:

Fabulous Giggle:

Fabulous Spring Flowers:

These make me happy 🙂

Fabulous Flirty Bikini:

By Bisou Bisou. I know i could pull this look off.

Fabulous Tabletop Idea:

This would be ideal for fall. So elegant looking.

Fabulous Foodie Find: Find the recipe here.

A tiramisu almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

Fabulous Chart:

Fabulous Advice:

Fabulous Spring Outfit:

Don't tell me you don't love this!

Fabulous Princes Look:

A totally nautical look. Totally 2012.

Fabulous Sad Memory:

Fabulous Star Wars Cross-Over:

Star Wars takes over the Titanic!

Fabulous Dwight Moment:

Do I need another reason to fall in love with Dwight? Apparently I do.

Fabulous Rock Out:

Fabulous Thought Provoking Footage:

Fabulous Doctor Eye Candy:

Dr. Avery...I'd jump on him in the on-call room.

It’s thunderstorming here tonight, and it’s kind of nice to lay down and listen to the thunder rumble outside.

So have a wonderful evening, and keep your fingers crossed that I’m not bound to my apartment by two feet of snow in the morning.

Good night, and sweet dreams!

Careful. You might be a part of Inception. I'll be jealous if Leo shows up...

It Was the Ship of Dreams. It Really Was.

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I returned to Titanic, and I’m already wanting to go back a second time.

I went back, and want to go back again and again.

For this week, anyways.

Before I get too sidetracked, I’m hoping everyone had a fantastic Easter/Passover holiday! As promised to myself, I watched The Passion of the Christ, and as expected, I openly wept at a few places I knew would cause me to tear up the way I did.

It’s interesting the things you notice about a film after not viewing for so long. In my case, eight years. But, I’m also comparing my memories of the film, the anticipation of certain scenes, and then the actual scenes presented to me. Some things didn’t play out the way I remembered, but some scenes were also worse than I recalled. Example: the scourging scene. I knew it was bloody, but I didn’t remember it being that brutally bloody.

I cringed the entire scene, but I couldn't stop watching.

The scenes with Jesus’ mother Mary were also far more emotional for me than they were eight years ago. Every time she was onscreen, I felt my tears well up. I sort of understand why I reacted the way I did, but I’m not a mother presently. I wasn’t a mother eight years ago, so that part of my life hasn’t changed. So why the emotional connection out of the blue? I’m still trying to process that one.

How would you react if you had to watch your son be crucified on the cross?

But Titanic!!!

It gets to me every time, in more ways than one. The whole story of the Titanic just fascinates me!

Just as good as I remembered it, if not better. It’s soooo much better seeing it all play out on the big screen. The sinking of the Titanic has always gotten to me. The horror of the event, the fear of knowing there’s no escape, the awe of how something so beautiful could be destroyed by a huge chunk of ice.

Watching the sinking take place on a giant wall-sized screen…it’s a whole new experience. I don’t think I blinked the entire time the real action started. From the moment Captain Smith took his last breath until the stern of the ship went under, my eyes were wide open. The music pulled at my heartstrings in new ways, and trust me when I say I listen to the score a lot. I know Horner’s work with this film upside down and backwards.

James Horner at his finest.

The Irish party in 3rd class! I have never wanted to jump out of my viewing seat and dance around the theater as much as I wanted to when the bagpipes starting playing. A smile plastered itself across my face the entire scene. I felt like I was right there with Rose and Jack…dancing, drinking beer, laughing, and living in the moment of right now. I didn’t want that scene to end. It was a party in the theater, and I only wish I had an actual beer in my hand.

My foot started tapping without my telling it to.

The other night at work, after everyone had left, I allowed myself to watch a few scenes from the movie on YouTube, and maybe it’s my hormones at the moment, but I watched the flying scene and the ‘unable to stay unwilling to leave’ moment and I just…lost…oit. I don’t mean one glistening tear down my cheek. I’m talking full-blown, gasping for breath, wiping at my eyes with tissues, and pure anguished heartbeats wracking my body.

This scene made me realize I want to find love sooner rather than later.

It was terrible, and i have never been more thankful to be alone in a giant building.

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town, is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.”

I find Freya Stark, a dame who roamed solo in the days when ladies didn’t, speaks the truth behind why I’m so in love with this film called Titanic.

A traveling lass had many tales.
A woman I understand more than people realize.

Whenever I watch it, I can escape from my real life. Rose Dewitt Bukator is a woman I find a large part of myself in. Constantly feeling stifled by the world she lives in, she just wants to break free and be who she needs to be. She wants to be loved for who she is, not forced into a role she wouldn’t choose for herself in the first place. Plus, she’s pretty, dresses über well, and has a sharp tongue, that makes people who really listen to her words, respect her.

If I wake up on the Titanic tonight in my dreams, I’ll be more than happy. Getting drawn sans clothing by Jack Dawson wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world either.

Other than getting lost in the world of Titanic once again, my Easter Sunday was simply awesome. Got up and went to church where I sung my heart out. I love mass on Easter Sunday. I’m not a religious person by any large-scale, but there’s something powerful about knowing the Lord has risen for us, for me.

All filled with goodies and chocolate!

Came home to a wonderful brunch and Easter basket hunt. I’m 23-years old and I’m still hunting for easter baskets. I love my life sometimes. I got the movie Footloose which I immediately popped into the player. I love that movie! It’s a day of fabulous movies all around! But now our apartment has more jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, cupcakes, and caramel rolls than we know what to do with. We’re set for our sugar fixes for the next month.

All in all, a great day. But, now for the moment I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for. What has been making my previous week all the more fabulous? Let me tell you all about my Fabulous Friday:

Fabulous Laugh:

Fabulous Spring Trend:

I’m in love with the one-shoulder look this season.

Fabulous Hair Trick:

To get great volume, flip your hair over and blow dry it upside down!

Fabulous Smile:

Does it get any more badass than this?

Fabulous Recipe:

Find a delicious recipe here for Sesame Shrimp Stir Fry!

Sesame shrimp stir fry. Easy to make and loaded with delicious taste.

Fabulous Advice:

Male race be warned....

Fabulous Motivation:

For those moments when you're lacking...

Fabulous Titanic Tribute:

So pretty, just like Rose herself.

Fabulous Whimsical Moment:

A callback to the swinging age of fabulousness.

Fabulous Classic Pieces:

50 pieces every woman needs in her closet at all times.

Fabulous Easter Decoration:

Stormtrooper egg. Enough said.

Fabulous Self-Realization:

Fabulous Glamour Shot:

Glamour never goes out of style

Fabulous Princess House:

Which princes palace would you cal your own?

A few more fabulous inspirations than you probably anticipated, but when it’s been a hellishly long week, I need all the inspirations I can get. Maybe this will strike a chord with you to get the week starting off right for you. I’m going to finish off my hard cider next to me, here at my makeshift desk, and then relax for the rest of the night. Maybe finish cleaning my room.

I may have another before calling it a night.


Have a pleasant evening, and may your dreams take you to a new, unknown place.

A bid good-night. Or is it?

Good night, and I’ll meet you at the clock.

You never know what could be waiting for you, if you open yourself to the chance.

That ‘Keep Them Guessing’ Smile

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No comment.

On a day like this, I wouldn't have a comment either.

Two very simple short words. Celebrities use them all the time. Especially in that moment when they have to acknowledge the world’s witnessing of something stupid on their part. Most will emerge into the daylight with sunglasses, a downward pulled hat, maybe even the lapels of their jacket pulled up high on their necks. Doesn’t matter what they wear. It all screams the same thing: “I know you want to talk to me about it, but I don’t want to say a word.”

So, what do they say instead?

Flying under the radar is the name of the game.

No comment.

It may not seem like a huge deal to say those two tiny, insignificant words. But its *such* a huge deal. If someone’s lips are kept tight around a subject, any subject at all, it becomes that much juicier. It’s like a steak you can smell on the grill, but you’re a vegetarian. You’re not allowed to eat…you can’t eat it, in fact….but if you ever enjoyed meat at one point in your life, the moment you smell that delicious flank being grilled to perfection or you see someone slice into it with its even and tender slightly pink coloring, you want it that much more.

Now, add mashed potatoes and I'm done for.

Yes! Secrets that have no comments about them are just like wanting to sink your teeth into the perfectly well-done steak!

I’ve experienced this for myself. People have seen me out in social settings, I’ve interacted with certain people in said social settings, a few drinks were had, we’re seen leaving the room together….and that’s where the viewers part of the story ends.

You wanna get out of here? For you, Ryan Gosling, I'd go anywhere.

What happens the next day? A hurricane of questions ensue.

So, what happened last night? You two really seemed to hit it off. We saw you leave together. You had more than a few mojitos. I’m pretty sure I saw him touch you on the shoulder more than once. You were getting awfully close to each other. Someone said they saw you outside his apartment. Somone said they saw you leaving his apartment this morning. You never called me last night, so I bet you were busy. Yeah, really busy. No one could reach you.

And it goes on and on…Been there, dealt with the drama. And all I had to do was smile and shrug my shoulders.

If I left without telling you, do you really think I'm going to pick up when you call me?

They already have an idea in their heads anyways! It’s none of their business if I went home with a guy or not. Or if we sat in a bar to have another drink. Not their business if he brought me home and walked me to my door…and kissed my hand good-bye for fear of looking too much like a pushy hard head. It’s even better if they think he’s good-looking, and have no clue as to who he actually is.

Yeah…I’ve been there. The drama, the questions, the attention, everything that followed…it was awesome. I didn’t say a word to anyone about what happened. They all thought they knew, anyways. So, if they actually want the real details, they can come find me and ask me in person. Not via text. Phone call might even be acceptable, but I don’t know if they’re alone or getting the deets for someone else’s sick purposes…so face-to-face is best.

All eyes are always on Kate, but she's managed to keep us guessing for years now. Master!

Celebrities have to worry about the press. Photos speak a thousand words. Sometimes I do have to deal with photographs, but not nearly on the scale celebrities do. However, in this day and age, there’s probably a video of everything out there.

Don't get caught with dozens of cameras around. You'll need to think quick otherwise.

“I don’t believe in that ‘no comment’ business. I always have a comment.”

You and me both, Martha Mitchell, the Watergate-era “mouth of the south.”

Does this look like a woman who often keeps her thoughts to herself?

Hey, if celebrities and presidents want to try their hand at this tactic, and maybe think they can get away with it, I’m more than entitled to try it when the need arises. I am a so-called “normal”. Ha, whatever that means!

I don’t think I’ve ever had a moment of where I’ve actually had to use the words “No comment. My reply of choice? “Why do you need to know?” Because, seriously, why do you need to know about my business? If I want you to know, I’ll tell you. Or blog about it 🙂

We didn't get into a tangle like this, but others not involved will make their own assumptions. Are you sure of what's happening here?

Like, last night for example. There was a brief moment in time where my “date” and I stepped outside to grab a breath of fresh air. The way I was dancing up a storm, not only did I lose around 2,000 calories, but I was also losing pounds in sweat. It was sort of disgusting. But, anyways, for the brief time we stepped outside, we were spotted. Almost instantly…”Hey, just saw you outside [insert building name here]. OMG…Who’re you with?” Add about a dozens questions with every conversation I’ve held since opening my eyes this morning.

Invite me out for coffee if you want the dirty deets.

C’est la vie for the life of the adventurous.

At least while I’m alive, I’m not going to let someone say to another that I lived in ‘a long darn era.’ Oh no, I did not. It may be a long era by length, but by no means should it be boring. That’s half the fun of the ‘no comment’ tactic anyways. Seeing how much you can make people salivate. They probably already know 98% of the story, and the 98% they know is probably the hard, cold facts. But, if you keep them guessing, that’s where the intrigue comes in. You have to know when to play your cards right.

“You gotta know when to hold’em…know when to fold’em…”

Keep it tight against the chest.

The weekend is not nearly close to being done. Stay scandalous, my friends!

The Queen of Scandal herself.