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If Sweating Makes You Happy, So Be It!

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This morning has been just full of surprises…and it’s not even an hour into the work day yet.

Good gravy, how is this all possible! I have hit a shockingly new high number of views in the past 24 hours, so thank you readers for checking in and sharing with others my sometimes insane, but mostly from the heart feelings generally concerning this thing called Life. I try to delve into what it means to be a Jedi in the modern age, but sometimes I fail. And sometimes I feel you decipher for yourself what it means to be a Jedi on your own terms through reflection on the day.

This is something to celebrate!

Seeing the numbers of my views yesterday only caused the second eye-bulging moment of the day (so far!) I think everybody and their mother decided to head in the same exact direction I was headed this morning. I didn’t leave my house any later than usual, I didn’t speed or go grandma-pace on the highway. I stuck to my schedule quite rigidly.

So why is the universe messing with me? Good question.


I get stuck behind this enormous road construction vehicle (its function, I have no freaking clue), but it takes him forever to merge onto the freeway so I can get on my own way to the office. Then, when usually my off-ramp is free and clear and I’m in good spirits, there’s a twelve-car pile up to get on my street and it’s just a whole cluster of madness. Then, I realized I forgot my water bottle at my part-time job last night and I was just silly with remorse. How else was I going to be able to whip up a dose of Iced Coffee when my afternoon slump hit? (Good thing I’m great at improvising!)

Come on already!

I sign onto my social media sites to check in for work purposes, and a guy I went out with a few nights ago instantly starts talking to me. Not about anything in particular, just friendly banter…and this went on ALL day long. ALL DAY LONG! There are few people I can banter with 24 hours a day, and neither of us got bored with the other. We’ve since stopped talking now. I’ll soon be on my way out the door, and he has a list of things to do with his evening. What can we say? We’re busy, on-the-go, important people.

It’s all go, go , go, go, go!

Once I settled into my regular routine, the day went swimmingly. Jumped into a meeting about an 8-week fitness course I’ve signed up for. Starting next week, I’ll be working out at two different sessions a day. Come November 3 for this infamous wedding, I’m going to look so wonderful. My dress is going to look simply stunning on me! (Or it won’t fit from all the working out I’ll be doing in the coming weeks. Wouldn’t that just suck? Pay all that money for alterations and then they would be for nothing anyways. Fingers crossed I maintain a svelte figure, everyone!)

“I’ll have the best boobs in the nursing home. I’ll be the envy of all the ladies around the bridge table.”

I love these words and the self-confidence they portray from Christina Applegate, an actress commenting on her mastectomy and reconstruction surgeries.

She’s come a long way since “Married with Children.”

A woman should feel great about herself, especially if she’s struggling through some sort of awful disease, like cancer. She should feel great and beautiful all the time. If you’re going through the hell of losing all your hair and possibly the parts of you that make you (biologically) a woman, than hell, you do whatever you want…as long as it makes you feel like “you” again.

That;s why I’m choosing outlets that get me physically active. I miss the athlete side of me. I miss everything about being a hard-hitting tomboy who could run, hit, throw, and be tough just as much as the boys. I was as good as the boys, if not better. If I hadn’t of discovered tennis when I did, I would have been “the girl who played football.” (At least through middle school…I was bigger than all of them pip squeaks anyways.) I would have wanted to continue onwards into the varsity level. Serious props to the girls who do play on the varsity level kick the male counterparts asses. I’m with you every step of the way.

You go, girls!

Anyways, I choose to let loose in a positive, physical way. Not only does it keep me healthy and motivated, but there’s nothing like the surge of pride you feel when you cross your arms and actually realize how strong your arms have become. Or pull on a pair of pants, let your hands rest on your hips and feel how slim you are down your front. Or slipping on that pair of heels with a skirt and seeing your calf muscles flex as you turn to check yourself out.

These heels were made for walking.

Plus, in the end, a Jedi needs to be tough and sexy in her own skin. Working up a sweat makes me feel sexy. It might be slightly gross, but you know how many guys say they are more attracted to their significant other right when they get home from the gym and see their foreheads glistening in the late afternoon sunlight? Let me tell you. A LOT. There’s some truth to that I-Just-Worked-Out cheek flush. I’ve experienced it. You should, too.

If you’ve got a dry forehead, you’re not working hard enough. Not get going!

At the end of the day, you have to be happy with yourself. Being happy, feeling sexy in my own skin, and family and friends make me pretty darn happy. Want to know what else makes this Jedi happy? Read on to find out:

– Breakfast in Bed

Every Sunday when I get married. Just saying πŸ™‚

– Hugs

It’s so good to see you again, my friend!

– Kisses

The kiss that makes me cry every single time.

– Flowers

Only lonely people hate flowers.

– Homemade Cards

A new hobby of mine. Oh yeeeeeah….

– Being Pampered

The ultimate Hollywood treatment.

– Chocolate

More a friend to me than any diamond.

– No Cooking Night

Omg, where is this Chinese now?

– Feeling Special

Miss Piggy knows how to make Kermit feel special, even when both are in the spotlight.

– No Cleaning

Not allowed. Not on the weekends, anyway.

– Unexpected Phone Calls

They’re ACTUALLY calling me? Get out.

– Bubbles Baths

Add a glass of wine, and I’m in heaven.

– Children Laughing

Two absolutely adorable boys.

– Gifts

For me? You shouldn’t have! (but really, you should have)

– Family Time

No, this isn’t my family. I couldn’t possibly share them with you…they are way too precious to me.

– Brunch

As long as the brunch is for lunch or dinner, I’m down.

What makes you feel happy and sexy in this world? Every Jedi needs to know where her heart lies, because when you’re feeling down and alone (especially when you’re out fighting the Dark Side of the Force ,which is a continuous battle in itself), you and only you, can bring yourself back up to that Kick-Ass state of mind we all need to have at the ready.

Ahsoka Tano has this down pat.

Figure out what makes you feel invincible, and once you do, let yourself indulge in it every once in a while.

We Jedi need to stay disciplined. But when we let ourselves enjoy, even for the briefest moment, it makes all the hard work and sweat worth it.But if you feel sexiest when you’re sweating up a storm (like I do), you’re in a great mood almost all the time!

Now, this is what I’m talking about, and this is not even remotely how I look when I’m working out hard-core.

Sexy is what you make it. I make it work for me.

I channel her more often than I care to admit, especially when I’m wearing my long, black trench coat.