League of Extraordinary Women

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Being a typical girl, I was pinning today. Whilst pinning, I came across a picture of Jennifer Lawrence wearing a dress that could only be described as a modern-day, non Hunger Games costume, gown. It really made her look like the Girl On Fire, outside of the actual Hunger Games setting, I mean.

Isn’t she just puuuurdy?

In case I haven’t previously mentioned it, Jennifer Lawrence in my new muse. She has inspired me to imagine her type of character in any story I’ve started to throw together in the last few years. Since I’ve seen her in X-Men First Class, Winter’s Bone, and now, the Hunger Games, I’ve fallen head over heels in love with her.

Wouldn’t you love her if you had the chance?

Add her to my list of celebrities I’d change my sexual orientation for if the opportunity presented itself. Along with Ms. Lawrence, Kate Winslet, Meryl Streep, and Kristen Wiig top that list. It’s far-fetched, but you never know. I’m sure you all have your lists of males and female crushes, too. So, no passing judgement here!

Anyways, as I attempt to get back on track with my screenplay, I have envisioned Ms. Lawrence in the lead role from the moment I started conceptualizing and fleshing the plot out on paper. While I would agree the roles allowing her to emerge on the Hollywood scene have been similar in particular ways (they know how to hunt for themselves, a younger sibling(s) to care for, must be the man of the family but not by choice, independent, fearless, and a small disdain for needing to rely on men to care for her…and so much more.) In short, she’s a bit of a modern-day warrior in her films.

She did what she needed to do. No questions, no objections.

I can’t stress enough how happy I am when the Hunger Games came along when it did.

I’m going to be quite blunt here. I hated the Twilight movies. I hated everything about them. The acting was poor, the characters were stagnant, the storyline was only remotely interesting, and Kristen Stewart’s face held the same monotone expression throughout the entire film. I didn’t feel transported by the story at all. When I go to the movies, I go to escape.

I like to leave the world and all sensibilities behind when I go to the movies.

With Twilight, I was highly aware I was sitting in a movie theater (an afternoon matinée, by the way. There is no way I’m spending money on a full ticket for THAT film), watching a fully grown man sparkle like a cheaply made tiara in the sunlight. Not attractive in the least!

I just swallowed back some Gardetto upchuck.

But the main reason why I hated these movies so much? The female lead character aka Bella.

This is the only look you’ll see the entire movie. Trust me.

What did she have going for her other than the sickly twisted love affair with both a werewolf and a vampire that wanted nothing more than to bite the shit out of her neck for her blood. There’s a scene early on in the film when Bella meets Edward for the second or third time. He’s staring at her from across the chemistry room, but he’s not just staring at her. In fact, I’m sure some inappropriate activity is happening in his pants while he’s staring at her. Gross, I know.

This just makes me feel uncomfortable.

Fans of the Twilight series would argue. He was attracted to her…No, scratch that. He was resisting the smell of her scent…He wanted to go over to her and bite her like a vampire would…He was merely catching whiff of her scent and simply fought every fiber in his body to resist flying across the room to devour her blood supply.

Number 1: ew. Number 2: can we say desperate? Number 3:how freaking original? Not!

Literally, she screams desperate.

I maybe wouldn’t rag on Bella so much if she wasn’t so, oh how do I say this…? If she wasn’t so pathetic. Yep, that’s the word I use to describe Ms. Bella. She is pathetic. Her boyfriend breaks up with her. What does she do? She curls up into a ball in her bed and does absolutely nothing for 3 months. Nothing. In the book, no words were written for her in the months following Edwards’ absence. She literally wastes away in her bed for months because a boy told her he didn’t want to see her anymore. With one of the lamest excuses in the book, he tells her it’s too dangerous to be together.

So, the obvious conclusion is to lay in bed and weep about it. For months.

And she stayed like this for 3 whole freaking months.


A week, even a couple of weeks, sure. Alright. He was the love of your life. I can’t understand trying to heal a broken heart. Hello? I’ve been there! But I didn’t lie around and mope for days on end because someone broke my heart.

“The needs of a society determine its ethics.”

The wise words of Maya Angelou, the famed author of Caged Bird.

She ain’t no caged bird no more.

Katniss needed to survive being thrown into a literal hell hole where she had a 96% chance of being killed. She adapted. She didn’t crawl into a hole and mope about her misfortune or contemplate all the different ways she could die. Even when the Careers found her (and remember, she had a pretty major leg injury, too), she didn’t start bawling and begging for her life. She turned in the other direction and ran. And when she could no longer run due to said injury, she did the next best thing; she climbed a tree to where no one could touch her.

The trees are your friends. Be kind to them.

Pure survival.

When she knew she had to make a move against the Careers, did she continue to run? NO! She actually ran towards them and infiltrated their “safe” zone.

She also escaped fire. This girl is ah-mazing!

The only time she did have a breakdown was after Rue’s death, and rightfully so. She lost someone she dared to care about despite their situation. But, did Katnisscontinue to have her crying fits over Rue? While she missed the cute and wily little girl, she kept her mind where it needed to be.

Not only did she mourn the loss of her friend, she also paid tribute.

On survival.

While Bella and Katniss were in different worlds, their situations were not so different. Katniss had her love woes. Peeta or Gale? Her decision wasn’t so simple given she was thrown into a modern-day gladiator’s ring.

How would you feel if this was you, standing on this platform, with one minute left before the Hunger Games officially start and everyone is aiming for the target on your back.

What was Bella doing?

She was purposely putting herself in danger. Not to help a fellow tribute, or to take out those who will not think twice about slitting your throat to win the game.. No, Bella was putting herself in danger merely to hear Edward’s voice.

Where did that dog come from? He’s not Edward!


If you like Twilight, fine. I’m sure you have your reasons. Just like I have my reasons for siding with Katniss Everdeen far more than Bella Swann.

The real role model of young female literature.

My answer will be the same no matter when you ask me.

Moral of the story? Find a real, strong female role model to look up to.

Princess Leia always comes to mind. I mean, she did take on a leadership role within the Rebel Alliance against the darkest evil force known to the universe.

Don’t mess with this girl.

What’s the greatest thing Bella Swann ever did?

She got married.

Not that marriage isn’t an adventure all its own, but when compared to leading the Rebel Alliance….marriage is nil and nothing.

Just saying.  


What Was He Thinking?

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Here’s my pet  peeve of the evening.

This is only the start of it.

Not even just the evening, but for any time’s sake. When you invite someone out to do something…you don’t ignore that person.

Why take the time to ask ahead of time if they’d like to get together, figure out a day, figure out an event to do (like go to a movie!), text them to figure out a final date and time, pick a movie selection time, call them several times to make sure they are indeed still coming and to see if they are on the way, call to ask if they should wait outside for you or go ahead and grab seats–saving you one in the process…..

Going to the movies is a joyous occasion for me.

Why go through all that only to sit on the opposite end of the theater from where I’m sitting, and then barely say two words to me when the movie is over, but then act shocked and insulted when I say  I will not be heading out to the bar for drinks following the movie.

What is up with that?

Here’s the deal: I know this guy has liked me for a while. He has gone as far to ask me out well after the fact me and my last boyfriend broke up. He broached the subject lightly before actually asking me out. I said yeah, why not. I’ll give him the shot of at least one date. We spend time talking to try to figure out what we’d  like to do. Then, The Hunger Games comes out on the big screen and we’ve both read the books. Great opportunity here!

The whole world will be watching.

He gets the idea pretty quickly. Hey…why don’t we go see the movie together? Okay, sounds like a fantastic idea. Especially when we both really enjoyed the book.

Two days later, he’s telling me he invited more people along. Okay, cool, whatever. My attention is going to be on the screen and not on what he’s doing any ways. Then, the above description happens when the day of the “date” arrives.

What the hell is that all about?

Bad. Ass. This girl is a fighter.

See, I’m not upset about the “date” not working out. At all. I went to see a movie. And not just any movie. I went to see The Hunger Games. You know what? I am blown away by it. It stuck really close to the actual book, which I love love LOVE. I’ve loved the character Katniss Everdeen since the first paragraph of the first book. If I could relate to any fictional character, it would be her. I won’t dive into that right now, that’s a whole new topic in itself.

Anyways, I was there to watch the movie. I wanted to see what changes the adaptation made, I wanted to see what each of the Tributes brought to the table, I wanted to feel the emotional connection to certain parts and to see if I would indeed cry at the moments I initially thought I would (and yes, for the most part, I did, plus a few more), I wanted to watch the acting to see if I thought the casting was appropriate or abysmal (love love LOVE all the casting choices here!)

Lenny Kravitz as Cinna? Only the beginning of how much I loved the casting of this movie.

Trust me when I say I was there to watch the movie. I was not there to worry about flirting, or hand holding, or move making, or popcorn falling down my shirt. I was there to watch a beloved story unfold before my eyes.

Needless to say, I was not upset about the evening. I saw the movie, loved it, and now want to talk about it with everyone else who is a die-hard fan.

One of the best parts of going to be movies! Mixed flavor slushies!

No, what gets me is the guy’s nerve. What the hell is he doing here? Playing hard to get? Bringing other girls along to make me jealous? HA! I was more turned on by my slushie than anything he could have done. Plus, it doesn’t get you bonus points if I hear you’ve been messing around with one of the chicks in attendance recently. As in yesterday, recently.

Yeah….see why I wasn’t upset about this “date”?

I went and did what I wanted to do. What’s puzzling me and making me laugh really hard is this guys thought process. Does he think I’m, like, soooo into him now? Is this his way of teasing me?

Oh, god….I think I threw up a little in my mouth.

The best part? He’s probably telling everyone how he’s got me hooked. Puh-leeze. The ending credits rolled, I grabbed my purse, finished my slushie, and walked out the door. The only reason I stopped walking was because he called my name from behind me. It’s the polite thing to stop when someone calls your name. He asked what I thought of the movie, and I gave the general answer of “I really liked it.” I continued walking. “Oh, hey, aren’t you coming out with us now?”

This, here, is a date. We were so not on a date.

Seriously? Two and half hours later, you finally acknowledge I showed up to our “date” and you wonder why I’m walking away. Gotta love the male brain…

I told him no. I have to be up early and I still had homework to do at that point. All of which is truth. I’m going to pay for this late night tomorrow morning and all day long since Monday’s are the longest day of the week for me. Ever. At least my homework is done. Half-assedly.

Gonna need more than a cup of joe this morning.

Ah well, I’ll fix it in the morning.

“A woman scorned is a woman who quickly learns her way around a courtroom.”

Ah, words to the deaf male ears, Colette Mann, a drama devotee.

Has she been scorned in the past? Perhaps.

I have no reason to take anyone to court….yet. But when the day comes, oh you had better hope you never crossed me in this life or any other. I’m unrelenting when I attack. It’s a good way to take the offensive.

Velma Kelley had a great courtroom presence. I'd never cross her in there.

Never let up, and never let them see you sweat. I am woman, hear me roar!…. and all of the above. You know the drill.

Sweet dreams, Jedi followers. May the Force be with you as we begin a new week.