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What Can I Say? A Girl Likes to Shop

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I fail massively as an adult.

How, you might possibly ask? When one graduates from the Academy, a main goal of their’s is not only to work in a field that feeds their passions, their needs to find meaning in this world. While that is an important factor in post-Academy life, there also needs to be a sense of security. Some are more comfortable with less security than others.

I am not one of those people. I need my security. I need to know I have health insurance, I need to know I have a paycheck, I need to know I have a small amount of future to buy food and drink. Yes, sometimes the “drink” means alcoholic beverages. What can I say? I like my tequila.

It’s a pure love-hate relationship.

How does this relate to my failing as an adult? I lost my health insurance card. I know it came in the mail. I remember picking up the envelope off the coffee table, and saying, “Wow, that was fast.” Now I have no idea where I put it. I’m finally starting to organize my life down in the basement where I live. Good God, I hope I didn’t accidentally throw it in the trash. Why do I always disappoint myself like this? I’m on top of everything, paying my bills a week before they’re due, and suddenly I hit a small road bump like this, and I feel like I’m back in the starting blocks of being on my own.

The key to the blocks? Getting out of them quick.

Where is my mother when I need her to take care of me? An even bigger question, how am I supposed to be a good mother when I can barely take care of myself? (Thank God that answer doesn’t need to be decided any time soon.)

I am better about how I spend my money. Just because I’m suddenly making a heck of a lot more than I did while working 2 part-time gigs doesn’t mean I can just spend on anything I want now. I still need to budget. Guess what? I still have bills to pay, and a lot more of them. I still have to be smart with my moolah.

Say no to charging. Just say no!

That doesn’t mean I’ve stopped myself from window-shopping and dreaming. Especially since the next big move in my life is moving into my own apartment. Yay for adulthood! (Most of the time, anyways.)

Rachel knows what I’m talking about!

“A planned life is a dead life.”

The words of Lauren Becall, Humphrey’s better half, definitely makes you stop and think, don’t they? There are certain things you have to plan for, but heading to the shopping mall doesn’t have to be one of them. Nor once you step in the store. You don’t always needs a shopping list. Sometimes, you just have to let inspiration hit when it does, even if there is money burning a hole in your pocket.

Old school movie screen siren. Just beautiful.

However, I still like to step into stores and see what deals exist, get inspired by what is out there and make plans for what I want in my very own apartment. I have lots of ideas brewing, and like I’ve often said, you have to watch for the deals. Since we’ve entered the realm of October, there are a handful of hings to keep a special eye on.

Let me share them with you:

– Dining Furniture

Classy. My dining room will be nothing less than classy.

– Winter Wear (winter coats, gloves, scarves)

Hoth styled winter parka, anyone? Mark me down for one!

– Fishing Equipment

May the Fishing Force be with you!

– Houses

I could see myself living in a Hobbit styled house one day.

– Crystal

Isn’t it pretty?

– Silver

Make sure its the real thing, and not some fake.

– Glassware

Add some pizzazz to your dinner table!

Enjoy the fading hours of the weekend.

The sunlight fades faster and faster every night…and I don’t like it.

I know I plan to. Now, to pick out my outfit for Monday morning, pack my work bags, and then relax a bit by watching “The Hurt Locker.”


Completely a relaxing movie, don’t you think? Like window shopping, war movies inspire me to think in a new way, especially when it comes to brainstorming new novel-writing ideas. I’m about to start a new one in the next couple of months, and it’s going to be a good one.

More on that tomorrow. Hasta manana!

Another day. another mission. What do we say? Bring it on.