Best Picture 2014 Nominee – Gravity

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Are you ready to experience a full 30-minutes of something that can only be described as an anxiety attack? Buckle up when you take your seat to watch ‘Gravity’. Not only is it visually stunning, but when hell breaks loose onscreen, you’re going to be holding on to whatever is around you, and if anything, you’ll feel a renewed appreciation for one of Earth’s most under-appreciated functions: gravity.

Seeing this film in 2-D stressed me out enough. I can’t imagine what 3-D was like. Perhaps they handed out barf bags along with a movie patron’s popcorn and soda? (Oh you know, JUST IN CASE!) Now, I should probably let you know, when I say this movie stressed me out, I mean it in a good way. The artistic approach mixed with dazzling special effects topped off with two very impressive acting performances from Sandra Bullock and George Clooney (Bullocks’ performance is even more impressive when you read about how they filmed and the attention to detail she and director Alfonso Cuarón went to make her being in space that much more believable)…..You’re going to love this suspenseful action space adventure as I do. When it comes out on DVD later this month, you better believe you’ll have it in your Target shopping cart.


Don’t get me wrong. There’s are many, many plot holes in this whole space-scape of a story. While it can be assumed Sandra Bullocks’ character, Dr. Ryan, is a genius (aren’t all astronauts?), the fact that she can breeze through manuals in Chinese and Russian in no time at all is a bit of a stretch (especially when you remember she’s a doctor who was brought on board this missions a few months ago!). When it comes to a life or death situation, she literally doesn’t know what to do, so she points at the buttons and says ‘Eeny meeny miney moe.” Granted, if I was in that situation, I’d probably take my chances, too. But again on the flip side, as a “genius”, I would think a more logical approach would be taken.

I can already hear the groans from people the minute I wrote “a very impressive acting performance from George Clooney.” Shut up, people. You want to know why he was so good? Because he was basically George Clooney in a spacesuit, and I LOVED it.

The real applause of this movie goes to its CGI. The film is a visual masterpiece, and I honestly feel when it comes to the Visual Effects awards on March 2nd, ‘Gravity‘ is going to go home big much like ‘Avatar’ did. There’s nothing really wow-worthy about the plot (it’s your basic survival, get-me-home story). Because it’s not a fantasy film, there are times where you honestly feel like you’re floating right next to Sandra. The same went for ‘Avatar‘, and that’s why ‘Hurt Locker‘ beat it out for Best Picture. The same thing will probably happen with ‘Gravity‘, and that by no means makes it a terrible film. Each of the Best Picture 2014 nominees has their strengths, and visually outstanding is what ‘Gravity‘ holds over everybody else.

I really enjoyed the experience of seeing this film in the theater’s, and want to share with you my Top 10 Favorite Moments of ‘Gravity‘: (WARNING: SPOILERS MIGHT BE FILLING THE SPACE AHEAD!)

1.) Even in the middle of disaster, George Clooney is still flirting.


2.) Stomach-dropping camera spins that literally give a-spinning-out-of-control in the worst possible place.

3.) George Clooney’s final line: “Have you ever seen the sun over Ganges ? It’s amazing.”


4.) The absolute engulfing silence when George Clooney renters the escape pod from the International Space Station. (The scene that follows is pretty damn great, too.)

5.) Sandra Bullock’s monologue instructing co-astronaut Matt to tell her daughter that “her momma loves her very much”.

momma love her

6.) CGI or not, the views of Earth from space are breathtaking.


7.) A touching connection as Sandra Bullock howls like a dog with an Asian stranger.


8.) How Ryan Stone’s emotions are 100% connected to her breathing patterns.


9.) The movie’s entirety is spent in a totally weightless space (until the very absolute end).

weighltess space

10.) Sandra’s first standing step back on solid earth (the phoenix born out of the ashes).

HONORABLE MENTION: This scene and its lullaby’s mixing with the score.

At first, I was highly shocked that this film was only 90 minutes long. Only 90 minutes?! What the heck, why is it so short? But after watching and experiencing ‘Gravity‘, I’m so happy it was “short” because other than the action that unfolds already, what else is there to push the plot along? More floating in space?

This is a grip-the-edge-of-your-seat space thriller unlike any ever seen on the silver screen, and Bullock and Clooney perform. I certainly had a bit of a panic attack for the first 30-45 minutes, and I also have no real desire to go into space now. Not unless we’re traveling in space vehicles the size of Star Destroyers.


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