Cuz It’s Election Night!

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Greetings everyone!

Hello, hello, everyone!

I am back in action, and what a night to find myself seated on my couch, live Tweeting every single thing the news tells me and each individual thought running through my head as this election unfolds. That’s right! It’s Election Day here in this good American country, and what an election it is turning out to be. Right from the start, I knew it was going to be close. It’s not helping that Florida is completely 50/50 right now.

Come on, Florida…Do the right thing!

Florida is a key state.

For the sake of my role as Jedi, I am not going to state who I am rooting for in this presidential election. I’ve cast my vote, I’ve dealt my hand in this democratic action, and now it’s all that I can do. Oh, I’ll be screaming at my television and laughing manically when things turn out the way I want them to, and I’ll cringe every time my stomach drops when my candidate loses another state.

How can you sit there so calmly? I’m screaming at the TV every 8 seconds.

All I can hope is that each and every American decided to pull themselves away from their desk or up off their couch for 10 minutes, make their way to their polling place, and exercising their right to vote for who will lead this country. I don’t care who you vote for, and I don’t care your reasonings. Just get out and vote!

Literally takes 10 minutes.

I seriously cannot take this right now. Where the hell did the night go? I’ve been sucked into this crap all night long. I have never live Tweeted anything as hard-core as I have this election. #Election2012. This is insane, and unreal.


Although I do have to say, I don’t think this electoral vote system really works. I mean, look back at the election year of Bush vs Gore. A majority of the country was red in favor of Al Gore…but yet Bush was able to win key states with the highest numbers of electoral votes. Very few states were blue that year, but Bush still walked away POTUS. While I may not have liked Al Gore…if a majority of the country voted for him, technically he should have won the election.

I honestly think this portion of election night should be tossed out or at least seriously rethought.

Just thinking about it makes my head hurt. I should just down another glass of wine, set my phone alarm, and pass out on the couch if I so feel the need. I’m not turning this TV off any time soon.

I tried distracting myself by watching No Stings Attached, but I made it through all the sexy bits before it turns all lovey-dovey and I could not watch the election reports anymore. Man, I should work in politics. This really is getting my blood boiling. I couldn’t imagine being a member of the Obama or Romney parties right now, simply sitting in their hotel rooms “calmly” watching the results roll in.

About as calm as two half-naked, horny, good-looking people.

I’d be pulling my hair out and pacing in a room where cameras wouldn’t be allowed to access. I also tend to freak out about these types of things at the very last-minute.

“The funny thing about being a porn star is that everyone automatically assumes that they can sleep with you.”

Jenna Jameson, an adult entertainer, touches on an interesting subject on this Election Night. I’m going to go ahead and throw it out there, controversy be damned. Bill Clinton was a terrific president. When you take away the sex scandal and every other stupid male thing he did, and you look solely at how he operated as POTUS, he was by far one of the best this country has had.

Also, to change public opinion of you despite your occupation…maybe cover the girls up a touch or two more?

While he should not have lied while under oath, or been so blatant about his sexual actions, but if my neighbor was caught doing the same things that Clinton was, no one would give two glances back at him. Granted, he isn’t POTUS, but still. He is a man who would have committed adultery. I’m sure it didn’t affect his work life.

I bet parts of it are rather amusing now…about 10 years later.

Just an example, people. I’m going to stop before I dig myself a bigger hole.

I think our country just re-elected our President, and its moments like this I am proud to be an American. Democracy can work, but the pieces have to work together in harmony.

Four more years, indeed!

Time to celebrate, and then hit the sheets.

Only women in the 40s looked this cute when they tucked themselves into bed.

It’s a new day tomorrow with a brighter future. At least Big Bird and his pals on Sesame Street can rest easy tonight πŸ™‚


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