Remember That One Time?

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I woke up yelling at my alarm clock.

My usual morning attitude. Don’t cross me when I’m still waking up. Just don’t.

I know some people exaggerate and say they screamed at their alarm clock as they open their eyes in the wee hours of the morning. But I actually did. I screamed at it. Maybe I was in such a deep sleep I didn’t know what I was doing? The alarm sounded, I guess I started screaming…THEN I woke up and realized what was going on.

Weird, right?

When I managed to climb up the steps this morning to grab a cup of coffee as I got ready for the day (Two days at the gym, and I am already feeling it in my thighs. Hello, Stairs, who are now my mortal enemy!), my sister had to ask what was happening this morning in my living quarters of the house.

Yes, I’m glaring at you…I’m staring down every single flight of stairs…

“Oh nothing much. Just woke up screaming at the alarm clock, that’s all.” “That’s all?” “Yeah, nothing to worry about.” “Did you have a nightmare or something?” “Naw. Just woke up screaming.” Then I began the long descent back down the stairs to where my hair dryer and closet of clothes waited for me.

The pretty never rest. They aren’t allowed to.

Talk about your rough morning. Eh, it could be worse.

“All I want is to be more famous than anything or anyone.”

The short and sweet answer from Patsy Kensit, the British pop singer.

She almost reminds me more of a wannabe porn star, if you want my opinion (and guess what, you’re getting it regardless.)

I’m right there with her. It’s the big conundrum of our race. How will I be remembered? Will I even be remembered after I’m gone? Will it be good enough to only be remembered by family and friends, whose memories of me will eventually be passed down so much, it fades with time until no one knows or remember my name, let alone my face?

Does the written word still hold the same value it once did?

It’s best to be immortalized. Enter the fame game. Do something outrageous, become rich, act your ass off, or hit the record number of home runs over and over again. Be remembered as the greatest of the great (Way to go, Michael Phelps. No one is going to forget you anytime soon. Not as long as the Olympics are played!)

Ultimate triumph!

Do I want to be remembered? Sure I do. Am I going to stretch myself as far as Achilles as so greatly told through the movie “Troy”? Probably not. I’m not rushing off into battle with my sword blazing, ready to take out an entire city, let alone an entire stretch of people.

To be remembered as a great warrior to be remembered as a father of many children and a great lover? It’s an interesting thought.

My legacy will most likely be along the lines of Rose and Jack from “Titanic”. (Oh yes, another Titanic reference, here we come!) Rose didn’t even have a picture of the guy. He existed, as she said, in her memory.

Short time together, but look at the passion they had for one another.

What more proof did she need? She met the guy, fell in love with him, let him draw her nude, almost died alongside him, and revisited the nude drawing almost 80 years after the fact. (Hell, that portrait is going to be her legacy, and what a great one to leave behind! If I looked like Rose/Kate Winslet sans clothing, I’d be all over the nude drawing thing. In fact, I’m pretty sure I added that to my bucket list: “Be drawn in the nude by my lover just like in Titanic”. I know…I’m a bit obsessive.)

The infamous drawing that started it all.

It’s interesting to see how people will be remembered for years to come, thanks for the internet. Nowadays, you can look up anybody you want, even people you have no idea about. It helps when you have special access to things, too, I try not to exploit that power too often. Simply by keeping this blog, people will be able to look back, see what I was doing a year ago from now, and know a bit about me.

The Jedi in me knows more than this physical, technological stuff. My spirit and what really makes me who I am will continue to live on through one thing, and it’s an important thing: the living Force. Everything is bound together, feeding off one another. The balance must stay in place, and when it’s my time to swap sides, and give my balance to the other side of life, so be it. I hope it’s not for quite some times yet, but given recent medical visits and test, things could be looking sketchy again.

Keep the balance. Save the Force.

I’m choosing to remain positive. It’s the only way to be.

And how better to keep a positive spin on things than by looking around for sources of inspiration, things that make me smile or stir up the resins in my cranium. Late from last week, we’re getting a double dose of Fabulous Fridays. Here’s one today, and the other is coming at you tomorrow. Enjoy (even if only for a few moments):

Fabulous End-Of-Summer Bite:

Baked Potato Soup! Put those veggies from the garden to good use…and put them in your tummy.

Fabulous Sandy Pup:

Seriously, the cutest little boy and he’s with the cutest dad. I love them both. Plus, check out Orly’s pants. Just adorable.

Fabulous Smile:

Fabulous Play on a Name:

Fabulous Bedroom Accessory:

I think it would be very calming…or I’d wake up yelling at a gold-fish instead of my alarm clock.

Fabulous Truth:

Fabulous Make-Up:

Halloween anyone?

Fabulous Brothers:

Thor AND Captain America? Uh…..Hi. I don’t think we’ve met.

Fabulous Fall Print:

Find a pretty frame, and print the sayings out on nice paper. BAM! You’ve got a fall print that will make you smile as your recall those memories you cherish.

Fabulous Photo:

Who doesn’t like a pretty girl who gets a little silly?

Fabulous Laugh:

Because one wasn’t enough!

Fabulous Barbie:

RDJ at his best…Adding to my collection now…

Fabulous Way Around Technology:

Fabulous Discovery:

Spielberg and Lucas…you wily foxes.

Fabulous Film Men:

Now, don’t you feel better? If not, go fill up your coffee mug and stare at the Fabulous Film Men a few minutes longer. They are just so….yummy.

The weekend is almost here, where more adventures await this Jedi.

Until then, here’s a little more Josh Groban to brighten the day πŸ™‚


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