Dull Moments Don’t Exist Here

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Where to even begin in telling you about this Jedi’s adventures in the past few days?

Bilbo never had a dull day. Why should I?

Honestly, a whirlwind of event, and I can only hope life continues to be this interesting. If it does, I shall never be bored, alone, or unhappy with any I am doing. Only possibilities, people. Only possibilities!

You may have gathered from my last post, I headed to the great Minnesota Get-Together (otherwise known as the State Fair) with my best friend and her family. As some would call it, it was a family affair. I’m pretty sure I consumed around 3,000 calories worth of grease and shed about half of that with pounding the pavement from one end of the grounds to the next. Also, sweat. It was a doozy of a day if you were caught in the sunshine for a little too long. (Thank goodness I didn’t get any tan lines, though. A circle across my back wouldn’t be the least bit attractive, especially in a bridesmaids’ dress in a few short months.)

The foods I consumed! A deep-fried candy bar, a blooming onion, 8 different samplings of beer, a cannoli, bacon-flavored ice cream, a beef sundae (mashed potatoes, shredded pot roast, corn, and a cherry tomato = perfection in a bowl), cheese curds, some Canadian dish consisting of french fries, gravy, cheese curds, and more gravy (I can’t recall the name right now), Sweet Martha’s cookies, cheese on a stick, a chocolate malt, and several glasses of lemonade.

Doesn’t it all just look delicious?

“Just because something happens in nature doesn’t make it natural.”

Aw, the words of Samantha Bee, a Canadian-born comic. She probably would have a word or two about my so-not-natural eating habits when it comes to the State Fair.

What is natural, anyways?

The best part? My stomach didn’t put up a fight at all. In fact, I went out with my BFF’s family the next morning and had Dim Sum with them (something I’ve never done or tried) and survived, and dare I say it, liked a lot of what I ate!

There were so many Chinese people at this restaurant. A good sign its a great Chinese restaurant πŸ™‚

Let’s face it: The State Fair is the one time of year I truly pig out and I don’t care who sees me do it. It’s all delicious, and hey, it’s only once a year. At least until Christmas….

But all in all, it was quite an amazing day. Highlights included:

– Butterhead sculpting

I sat inside that cooler for 8 hours, and I’d do it all over again in an instant.

– Witnessing the Roadkill blanket

You call this art? Come ONNNNN!

– Walking through the cattle barn and seeing old friends

One place that truly makes me happy every time I see it: the cattle barn.

– Seeing the largest boar in Minnesota actually stand up (he weighed a solid 1200 pounds!)

I never want my ankles to look like that. Ever!

– Sampling 8 different kinds of beer and all before noon

4 light, 4 dark…all were fantastic.

– Trying a chilled slushie wine sample on a whim

Surprisingly refreshing on an 82 degree day.

– Diving into a giant-sized pool of Mr. Bubbles bubbles (just purely for the hell of it!)

Not nearly this intimate, let me tell you.

– Visiting the Farm Boy stand for a new T-shirt and baseball cap

I already love my new baseball cap, and I’ve only worn it once.

– Having a heart-to-heart with my BFF over a blooming onion with all the fixings

And the highlight of the highlights??

Seeing Journey in concert!!! We also saw Loverboys and Pat Benataur (whose songs I knew way better than I thought I did), but it was just an amazing night of music. There is nothing than singing ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ at the top of your lungs in a crowded stadium. I’m telling, you, it’s in my current list of life’s Top 10 moments.

It’s safe to say I am in love with their lead singer.

Along with the fantastic music blasting through my eardrums, we also met a couple of cute strangers from the likes of Georgia and Mississippi (yea, yeah, yeah, I know. How could they possibly be cute?) Both are actually from the area originally and moved away for various reasons. Needless to say, numbers were exchanged along with the promise of getting in touch with each other next year when the Great Minnesota Get-Together rolls around yet again.

Is it bad that I’m already dreaming of my next deep-fried candy bar?

I think next year I’m really going to go full-bore with trying the new foods making an appearance at the fair. I mean, bacon flavored ice cream was one of 25 new foods debuting at this year’s fair and while i probably would never eat again in my life, it was fun trying it. The 8 different kinds of beer? I’d do that again in a heart beat….except maybe wait until after the noon hour has struck on that one.

We all like that idea…and so do our stomachs.

The cannoli was new, and you know what? Utterly delicious! All of it was made fresh, right there, so the dough and filling didn’t have time to harden due to being left out for longer than an hour.

One thing I don’t think I could have swung this year? Deceptively named Lamb Fries, they were really deep-fried lamb testicles. I wonder how many people they fooled with that one? With the name of ‘fries’ I’m sure not too many people questioned what they were eating (unless it was stated quite clearly on the sign as they bought it…they eat at your own risk!)

And that would be lamb testicles. Think about it…

Regardless, there were quite a few other things I would have tried, but money and time just don’t allow it. Gosh darn, I guess I’ll just have to spend an entire weekend at the fair next year! (Before you think I’m complaining, I just want it out there that I absolutely LOVE the State Fair and have since the age of 5.Β  A whole weekend there wouldn’t be tortured for me. Not in the least.)

I’d just need a few essentials, that’s all.

Along with eating to my heart’s (and arteries) content, I really want to catch the Rascal Flatts concert next year if they make another Minnesota appearance. I missed them this time AGAIN and would love, love, LOVE to see them in action. They would be one band whose songs I’d know hands-down perfectly. With Journey, it was slightly a different story. I knew most of them. Not all….but most.

Pat Benatar was pretty wonderful, however. “Love is a Battlefield!”

However, most is not enough.

Once again I have slacked on the Fabulous Friday sharing, so I’m thinking Thursday will be a lead-up to Friday’s Fabulousness. A preemptive strike, if you will.

Hope you survived your Labor Day weekend, and it was helluva relaxing time. What am I going to go do now, because get back to work?

It’s kind of like para-sailing.

I’m going to hit up the gym! New member, baby!

It’s time for this Jedi to get her behind is real good shape. No more excuses. Just another reason to look at my bridesmaid dress hanging on my closest door, and say, “Damn giiiirl!”


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