Taking Care of Moi

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It was any ordinary night. The weekend was fully underway as it was a Saturday night, but something that wasn’t so typical was my attitude towards the night.

I was finishing a week where I worked 57 hours between both jobs, and I was just plain tired coming off the 4-day rounds of doubles I put myself through. Not entirely my fault, since I don’t have a say in my schedule at one such job other than to say here is my availability, now please schedule me. I didn’t have to agree to help out when our other part-time evening desk clerk quit, but what can I say? I’m a team player and don’t like leaving people hanging when I can help it.

What are you going to do about it? You gonna be a player? You want be a part of the team? Do ya!?

With that in mind, I walked through the door of my apartment and had nothing on my brain other than wanting to relax with nothing to bother me. The last time I felt super relaxed was when I zoned out (and eventually konked out) in front of the TV was after I allowed myself the luxury of taking a bubble bath. That’s right. A bubble bath, and not just any sort of bubble bath. When it comes to this sort of relaxation (and my body needing to just be for a solid amount of time with no stress whatsoever on it if I could help it), you have to properly set the mood.

And say it with me….Ahhhhhhhhhh. *Smile*

Setting the mood might sound like something you need to do if you’re planning on sharing a bath with your special someone, but guess what people. When you’re taking care of yourself, you need to spend extra time taking care of you as much as if you were trying to impress that certain someone. Don’t sell yourself short, especially after putting yourself through almost 60 hours of work in one week.

So…setting the mood. I grabbed a variety of candles, poured the bubble bath into the running water and let myself inhale the soft lavender scent. Creating the right atmosphere for relaxation should take a little work, but not a ton. Like the candles. They offer enough light so I can read a nonsense magazine while I’m soaking in the bubbles, and they offer a really soft, sexy light to everything in the room. My clothes now laying on the bathroom floor appeared to have a naughtier tale to tell while basking in the glow of candlelight compared to how they looked when bright flourescent overhead lights flood the room.

Much softer and forgiving to curvy women.

I don’t usually take baths, so it’s a fun little experience every time I run myself one. While the tub fills with the hot, sudsy water, I like to take the time to put my hair up in a bun or ponytail, just something that gets the hair off my neck. I recently found this really super soft headband at Pier 1 I like to use whenever I take a bath. It’s tight enough to keep those pesky loose hairs off my neck and shoulders (I have a shorter hair-do, so when the hair goes up, it doesn’t necessarily all stay in the hair binder unless it has a little help via bobby pins or a lot of hairspray), but not so tight it gives me a headache in 5 minutes after putting it on. After putting my hair up, I’ll find a soothing movie score to put into my music player (funny enough, the Amelie soundtrack is really great to listen to while soaking in the tub) or I’ll just turn on the radio and listen to the random conversations DJs always have with their listening audience.

Except I don’t wear a flower in my hair while I soak away my miseries.

Once the bath is ready, I’m in heaven. I’ve modified the process for now, but when I put a bath tub in the house I’m eventually going to grow old in, there is going to be a padded section at one end of the tub for when I take bubble baths like these. My head and neck need a place to lean against and the hard, porcelain rim of the tub is not the ideal place.

Or I need to have a servant and one of these installed in my bedroom. (Did you notice my bedroom also has a fireplace?)

If I’m not reading a magazine or a book while in the tub, I’m probably closing my eyes and letting the music take over the thoughts consuming my mind. Let’s just say that’s not always a good thing…OR you coul say its a very good thing.

“Just because I don’t do bad things doesn’t mean I don’t have bad thoughts.”

I’m taking your words for a sexier spin, Ms. Kristin Kreuk, a small screen starlet.

What are you thinking about, Ms. Kreuk?

Like I said, there’s just something about candlelight and the glow it casts about the room…or the people in the room. Plainly put, candlelight is sexy. Maybe there’s a reason ‘sexy photos’ always have a ton of candles adorning the room where the action happens. Certainly doesn’t help when certain men are on the mind, either…Oh, Ryan Lochte, you’ll never be far from my mind whenever I immerse myself in water.

Come on, people! I was dreaming of this with Ryan Lochte. Nothing else!

It also helps with the sexy feeling when you step out of the bathtub and rinse yourself off with a quick shot of cold water to get any leftover bubbles off your skin. Immediately after that? Slip into a silky robe, and maybe have a glass of wine (or water, whatever your fancy) and continue to lounge. No worries, no cares…and if you’re feeling like getting a little saucy with that special someone, be sure to do it while the sexy mood continues.

The silk feels oh-so-nice against your skin.

Otherwise you’ll just fall asleep on the couch like I do every other time I’ve let myself enjoy a bubble bath.

Probably drooling on said book.

But if self-therapy isn’t enough of a way to cause you to relax, maybe a little retail therapy would help with that. Cue up your laptop, top off that glass of wine, and let the online shopping spree begin! Here a few things to watch for during the rest of August if the shopping bug has bitten you:

– Computers

Since mine died in May, it’s about time I invest in a new one.

– Mattresses

Accompanied by new bed linens and comforters, of course!

– School Supplies

Everybody needs a Star Wars lunch box before heading out to classes or to work.

– School Clothes

Sign me up RIGHT NOW!

– Summer Clothing (specifically bathing suit and sandals!)

Say yes to the sundress!

– Linens and Towels

– Lawn and Garden Equipment

What a creepy Jawa…I love it.

This week has joined itself with the previous weekend, and I am just stuck on trying to remember what day it is.

This is what happens when you work too much. Get some relaxation in and…I dont  know…let the sexy reign.

Just don’t frighten away the guy with a stare as intense at this.

You know you want to 😉

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