Towards a Galaxy Far, Far Away

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Sleeping is wonderful.

For the first time in about two weeks, I was able to sleep in until the unforesaken hour of…9:30 am! Sleeping allows me to escape this real world we all walk around in aimlessly (more often than not). Sleeping is probably one of my favorite things to do. It most certainly makes my list of Top 10 Things To Do of All-Time.

Is there anything better than snuggling back up under the covers of your already warm bed when you wake up to hear rain pounding on your window or hearing the wind howling against your door?

I heard it this morning, but I had to get up and go to this thing called a job.

I tend to have a colder room, especially in the winter time (maybe I should invest in covering my windows in plastic?) and it causes me to sprint from my bed to the bathroom in the morning. When my body temperature finally fixes itself to that of the rest of the apartment while brushing my teeth, going back into my room is a much better experience.

Don’t double cross me in the morning if you want a pleasant reaction..Plus, I could still be warming up.

When I’m really thinking ahead, I’ll place my bathrobe next to my bed so instead of sprinting through the awful cold to the bathroom, I can slip into the warm fuzziness of the robe and my waking up experience isn’t half bad.

I’ve never had problems sleeping. But lately I’ve noticed I’m getting up randomly or I’m waking up with knots in my stomach. Some would call it anxiety, but whatever the issue, it’s causing me to lose precious sleep. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s being tired all throughout the day. I simply have too much to do, and dragging my feet shouldn’t be one of them. No matter the extra resistance exercise I’m putting in for the day.

I’ve invested in this Dream Pillow Spray. It smells of patchouli, lavender, and vanilla extract. Think of any hair salon that sells Aveda hair products, and you have the smell of my pillow spray. Spritz this stuff on my pillows and I am out like a light. Five minutes tops. My eyes are shut, and I am off in la-la land.

I actually bought my pillow spray from Pure Romance. How about that?

Another reason I like sleep so much? The dreams filling my head and leaving me wondering and thinking the rest of the day away.

“The only reason some people sleep so well is because they have such boring dreams.”

My dreams are anything BUT boring. Thank you for bringing this to light, Germaine de Stael, known for her super salons.

I’m sure she heard all sorts of juicy details to keep her occupied at night from her salon work.

Sometimes, these dreams aren’t exactly PG-13. You can thank Captain America, Legolas, and Han Solo for those babies. A few more action movies later, add Indiana Jones, Bruce Wayne, and Thor to the list.

I’ll be right back. I just got lost in his eyes.

In case you need some eye candy for yourself, feel free to pick and choose from list above.

Why hello, Thor!

I can’t tell you all of my dreams which I recall once I’m awake and fully aware of my surroundings, but most of my favorite ones involve me kicking ass of some evil doer. There was a recurring one I had as a kid where Darth Vader chased me throughout the Death Star, and I could see my escape vessel, but I could never reach it, not matter how many ways I tried to reach it. Then, I’d come face to face with Vader, he’d ignite his lightsaber, swing…and I’d wake up. When you’re 8 years old, it’s terrifying.

Ack! He found me again!


Actually, I usually wake up with some sort of feeling left over. Anger, fear, an elation of some sort of extreme success, or dreaming  you had a conversation with someone only to wake up and discover the conversation’s never really happened. I have had so many conversations in my dreams that should happen in real life.

To speak or not to speak?

Isn’t that why the saying is ‘In Your Dreams?’

The thing with dreams is they usually reflect something we want or should do in our realities. Like these conversations I dream about…I should confront these people and have it out already, be them ex-boyfriends, current dating interests, or dear friends of mine who I haven’t seen in a number of years.

I like to think about it as the Forces’ way of communicating with me in a deep, connected way.

This never really happened, right? It was just a dream.

I also like to call it trusting my gut. Those instances where you have a little voice in the back of your head telling you you’ve been here before? Or you feel you should turn one way when you’re lost with no map and at a crossroads? It could be instinct, but it could also be the Force whispering to you, telling you what to do.

Trust your gut already. That gut feeling? It’s the Force trying to break through the barriers.

As a woman, I have instincts with many, many things. As an individual, I think I have special instincts for many, many things. Like reading people, I find I have quite a knack for it compared to most others.

I’m not Holmes and Watson, but I’ve got a pretty good eye.

There are other circumstances when women should trust their guts already, and it’s not just when you’re walking through the countryside and you see lightening streaking the sky, causing your feet to shuffle along a little faster than before.

1.) When the saleswoman calls the ankle-length skirt chic, but you’re pretty sure you look like Anne of Green Gables.

Ankle length skirts are usually only appropriate at a fancy, evening gala such as, oh say, the Oscars.

2.) When the car swerves in front of you and your gut is all you’ve got.

Mission Impossible to drive in a straight line when someone is trying to knock you off a cliff.

3.) When the doctor says you’re A-OK, but you know something isn’t right.

Keep asking those questions. Someone has to have answers.

4.) When you’ve FB’d, tweeted and crowd-sourced a problem, and, well, what do they know?

If only this were a real life option at times.

5.) When the sushi just looks weird…

…Or what is considered your sushi plate is just as weird.

6.) When the bag is 50 percent off and still kind of expensive.

Still over $200? Yeah, not my kind of shopping.

7.) When you’re offered the thing you’ve always dreamed — incredible job, worldwide adventure, a ring — and yet…no is the only word that comes out.

I…I…I…you need to be a prince. Or something.

8.) When there’s a dark alley (real or figurative) involved.

Come along, my pretty!

9.) When he texts you at midnight but has never bought you dinner. Phone off!

Over it and over YOU!

10.) When you didn’t trust your gut the last three times and dang if it wasn’t right.

In this time and age, women can never be too trusting of anyone or anything. Rely on yourself, and hopefully, you can rely on your family (whomever you consider to be a part of your family.)

We got your back, bro.

Enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend! They sure do fly by fast…

And, always, sweet dreams 🙂

Doesn’t he just make you want to cuddle up next to him, and never ever leave that couch?

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