Zen-ing Out

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When your tummy is rumbling there isn’t a single thing that can get your brain to stop thinking about it. The world could be ending, meteors raining down upon the earth at this very second!…and I still would be worried about how I can find some food to make the journey from my hand, into my mouth, and down in the realms of my stomach.

No, I am not calling myself a hippo.

Yes, I am hungry. Yes, I know a single cup of coffee is not a healthy breakfast. Yes, I know I should get up 20 minutes earlier so I have time to throw a bagel into the toaster and smear some cream cheese on it before running out the door (with said cup of coffee). Yes, I should know by now that I ate this feeling of my stomach eating itself as it look for morsels of food to digest.

Literally, 2 minutes. I could brush my teeth and push the lever down at the same time.

I should know a lot of things. All of thee above? Not among them.

I continue to live by a simple rule of life: I’m young, dumb, and don’t know any better. I wonder how long I can keep that one up…

Or I’ll continue to call myself a thug and move on with my day.

“I sort of sympathize with them looking for weapons of mass destruction, because I’m like that with scissors. Honestly, I just turn the house upside down. Of course the difference is, I know I have got some scissors.”

Replace the word ‘scissors’ with food, and you have my world problem right now, Linda Smith, a small objective observer. Don’t even get me started on the Bush administration and their hunt for WMD’s. You’ll get an earful, probably not agree with me, and it’ll just upset this beautifully calm morning I’m having.

Your expression sums of the the WMD topic perfectly.

It’s one of those blissful days where a lot needs to be done, but I feel incredibly relaxed about it. My continuous To-Do list only seems to grow more and more with each day. I awake each morning remembering something new to add to the list, be it professional, personal, or merely creative. I don’t think it will ever be finished. I’ll be laying on my deathbed, thinking, “I never did XYZ.” (I really hope not, but at this rate, it’s a losing battle.)

Cute! A project about a project!

It’s what happens with the creative soul. You start three projects at the same time, only to add another four when those original three are about halfway complete, and when those are nearly finished and the second round of projects has barely begun, then you find round three, and those take all precedence. Oh, and look at the original projects. So close to being done, and yet, there they lay, incomplete.

I may just have ADD. Get me some Ritalin stat!

It’s all things I enjoy however. So…that’s a good thing, right?

I find a quiet happiness in the world when I open my eyes in the morning  to find the pavement outside my window soaked in rain, and to discover it is still raining. I have no large impending deadlines, but I’m working like everything is due tomorrow (a plus considering the workload I need to complete in the next 7-9 days.) Watched an equestrian event of the Olympics as I readied myself this morning.

Even though I was raised on a dairy farm, I still love horses just as much.

My biggest problem of the day thus far? Discovering I need to relearn how to walk in this particular pair of high heels. I’m walking along…do-da-do-da-dooooo…singing a little tune in my head and I’m walking at a pretty good pace. A woman in heels must walk with purpose, otherwise what’s the point? So, I’m crusin”, feeling really good about the morning, when I encounter a corner I must turn. It’s just a corner. No big deal, right?


I make my move to turn the corner like a normal person does, but my feet and shoes have two different ideas entirely. Thank goodness for an empty hallway, otherwise bystanders would have seen quite the balancing act. Hot coffee, an umbrella, regaining my footing, and saving myself from what would have been a very painful butt plant on the ground.

Look at me, I’ve got my new shoes on.

In epic wipe-outs, Olympic judges would have scored me a 9.8.

Gathering myself back together in as quick a manner as I could, I made sure I didn’t absent-mindedly roll my ankle. Then, very carefully, I reoriented myself by picking up my feet and pointed both foot and shoe in the direction I needed to go. When once again sure-footed, I took off at my walking pace of chicness.

So I’m not full of grace and poise when it comes to high heels. So what? I’ll be the first to tell you I’m more comfortable in a pair of mucking boots than heels any day. But when heels look this cute and make my butt look this good, how can you say no?

Sometimes, I do feel like the It Girl. In the right pair of shoes, anyways.

Other than my near falling mishap in the middle of a major campus hallway, my Hump Day has been going rather well and I hope it stays that way. If I remember correctly, the books didn’t look too busy this evening at Job #2, so I’m hoping its a slow night. I’m really digging this zen feeling I have engulfing me at the moment.

Along with that in mind, I’ve been listening to nothing but major action movie soundtracks all morning. Am I trying to tell myself something? Like, “Stop feeling so mellow. There’s evil to be defeated out in the world! Remember? Now go fight it to Track #7 of Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon. Go go GOOOOOOO!”

Optimus Prime may or may not be a personal role model of mine.

I smile at my own insanity sometimes. It makes me giggle.

I hope your day is going as pleasantly as mine, but just in case you need that extra boost, here’s my Midweek Smiles heading your way in 3…2…1…GO!

– Today is always new.

Something beautiful can be made each day, even if it is a dress for a chameleon.

– Positive is powerful.

Anya remained positive about having a family out there, and look. She became a Duchess instead.

– Shrug off your mistakes. Celebrate your success.

He may have been dirt poor, but he met the love of his life and slept on the grandest ship in the world (until it sank to the bottom of the ocean, that is.)

– You’re the best kind of wonderful.

One of the most romantic moments in film ever.

– Happy surprises can happen anytime.

My happy surprise? Finding this picture.

– You have far more strengths than flaws.

Yes, acting dorky is one such strength.

– Stuck? Let your inner GPS map a new way to your dreams!

Luke listened to his inner GPS aka the Force.

I especially like that last one. I like thinking I have an inner GPS of sorts, making sure I get to where I need to. Some would call it fate, others destiny. Some wouldn’t call it anything. I don’t know what I’d call it.

Oh, wait. Yes I do. I’d call it the Force.

The Force, I sense in you. Strong, it is. To the Dark Side, you are lost, you are.

Once a Jedi, always a Jedi through and through.

Jedi Forever

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