Not Too Many Nights Left Like These

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My new boss is having dinner at my current place of employment of which I will be leaving in 2 weeks’ time.

Serve her table well, ladies and gentlemen.

I find this incredibly hilarious, and at the same time, I may just faint. Anything I do here could make her change her mind, and we certainly do not want that. Anybody could let something slip about me, and we most certainly do not want that. Overall, I want to reflect a good working atmosphere to further encourage my new place of employment that I am indeed a great fit for their office.

I also don’t want my current boss to try to steal me away from my soon-to-be new boss. Wouldn’t that just be awful? Even if the old job could offer me the benefits, pay grade, daytime hours and loveliness of the new job, I still don’t want to stay. I’m ready to move on. It’s been kind to me when I needed a job, and I was able to develop and hone skills new and old. But now I’m ready to step foot into a bigger arena. It’s my time to move forward.

I’m ready to leap into the new arena set before me. Maybe not to the death, but I’m ready for battle, that’s for sure.

Nothing, and I mean nothing, better screw that up while I might still have some control over it.

I really don’t know what’s on my mind at this current moment in time. Of course, the Olympics on are on mind as they will be for the next 7-8 days until the closing ceremony.

Misty Mae and Kerri Walsh are headed for their 3rd gold medal! HOT DAMN!

OH! I’ve drafted my 1st letter of resignation ever in my lifetime, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. It’s bittersweet thinking about the personal and working relationships I have built here in this place for the past year and a half, and soon they will be done with. It’s also bittersweet to realize that once I leave this place where I have laughed, cried, sweated, yelled, bitched, encouraged, and dare I say embraced, a majority of the people here will cease to exist in my life. Friend I have made…we won’t speak to each other anymore unless we run into the other randomly at a bar, street dance, or merely happen to be in the same grocery store at the same time.

More or less…

Come to think of it, this place has seen a lot of events in my life. Let me list a few which will stick out in my mind for days to come:

– My first real off-campus job

Off to work I go! The same hours, the same days, every week the whole year-long.

– A rather uncomfortable break-up

Of all the places our relationship had to end, it had to be here.

– A full-on work crush for a stretch of time

Not nearly as heart-warming or happy ending as Jim and Pam…but it’s the best example I could come up with.

– Being hit on by men at least 30 years my senior (Absolute fave moment? New Year’s Eve when I wore a black and white shift dress that hugged my hips more than usual, and being pulled aside by a member to be told, “You are looking so good tonight. If I was 25 years younger, I’d pull you into a room upstairs and have my way with you.” Sure, I’m flattered, but when you start using phrases like “have my way with you,” I start to chuckle in a “Oh dear god, get me out of here” sort of way.)

Happy New Year’s to all!

– Ordering pizza or Chinese food along with a beverage or two of my own making while watching a Star Wars marathon on July 4 when the Club is closed for the week.

And its all for me! MUAHAHAHA! (I’m going to feel fat in the morning!)

– Walking across the street to watch the fireworks with hordes of people on July 4.

Oooh la la!

– Getting a call to look in the dummy elevator from someone in the kitchen to find a bowl of French Onion soup waiting for me, along with a gigantic brownie.

OMG best day ever!

– Discovering a perfect piece of filet mignon untouched on someone’s cleared plate from wedding reception.

It’s as if the Wedding Gods read my mind, and allowed me to find this perfect piece of meat.

– Snatching a cupcake off the wedding cake stand when no one is watching.

MY cupcake!

– Receiving my first official job rejection phone call

– Back in the early days, gathering in the bar after every member had left to do a round of shots in celebration of surviving another day.

It wasn’t a night at work without leaving with a slight buzz.

– Designing my first poster for an event taking place, and being complimented by a handful of members (one of which even asked me to autograph it for him, and then informed me he would hang it on his wall and hold on to it until I was making big bucks in the design industry.)

I’m working here!

– Watching our night-time manager lose his shit and run straight into a wall while tearing off his shirt when he thought Chef threw a spider on him.

The itsy-bitsy spider…BIT OFF THE MOUSE’S HEAD!

– Sneaking into rooms after banquets had finished up to see what food they hadn’t completely finished off. I always went for the smoked gouda. (Please keep in mind, I was a poor college kid a majority of my time here with this place. If there was edible food, I was after it.)

The softest, most perfect cheese every created.

Really, I could go on and on for a few hundred more words, but I’ll stop there.

“The subject of men and women is absolutely fraught with sex, which is as it should be.”

Trust me, there has been plenty of sexual tension in multiple ways between this moment as I type and since the day I first step foot into this establishment. So, thank you for summing up a part of my experience here, Peg Bracken, she who has found humor in homemaking.

She wrote a book called the ‘I Hate Cooking Cookbook.’ I’d love to read it!

I shall not name them, but they know who they are. Boys, you shall be missed in many, many ways.

As much as I have complained about this place, it served me well when I needed an income, a place to put myself to work, and a room full of familiar faces. Not going to lie, it also pushed me to strive for a Big Girl Job, to reach for something far more substantial to what I need to do in order to feel like a more fulfilled person.

A part of life is picking up the pieces and moving on. That’s what they say anyways. I’m starting the next chapter in my life, the next chapter of my professional career-driven life.

To my coworkers whom I leave in less than 2 weeks, may you reach the endeavors you seek to gain and, even though it seems daunting at times, you too will get out of there. You, too, will one day have a life outside of those indestructible walls. So, I raise my glass to you…here’s to achieving your dreams…

As Pink would say, Raise Your Glass!

…And hasta la vista suckers! (See? I’m so nice. They definitely going to miss me around here 🙂 )

And I’ll ride off into a glorious sunset to be missed by many. (Hey, I have a cinematic mind. What can I say?)

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