Summer Will Always Have My Vote

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The joys of an unexpected day off. What else is a girl to do when she has a handful of coupons in her hand, and nothing but a hair appointment scheduled for her day?

Let me tell you all about my day…

Why, yes, indeed, she does head to the mall.

Not to say that this wasn’t  a planned out trip. It sort of was. I allow myself to enter the realms of Barnes and Noble at most once a month (unless something more dire comes up, but now that my time with the Academy is over, those needs are not so dire anymore.) I stopped to get my fill for the month of checking out new releases, new cookbooks, any self-help reads which catch my eye on occasion, any new Star Wars literature developments, any deals on Calvin and Hobbes comic books, and a whole slew of other things.

Trust me. My kids are going to hate the moments when mommy says, “Jump in the car, guys. We’re going to the bookstore.” It’s going to be like church when I was a kid.

Except I didn’t sit and pray like a good little girl…I jumped on the pews, talked too loudly, and pouted when we had to stay longer.

There is only one thing on a kids mind when they are not allowed to run, jump, and scream at the top of their lungs (and you dare not disobey your parents. Back then, they were allowed to discipline me by giving me a small tap on my backside without fear of someone saying they were abusing me. Some kids need a good swat across the butt, if you ask me.)

Anyways, the bookstore is going to be their church. Hopefully they enjoy whatever their father does on Saturday afternoons. That way, they can bother him and I can have a few hours of quiet, blissful “me” time when the trials of parenthood become far to obnoxious.

Run free, young ones!

Good thing I don’t need to worry about that any time soon.

One of my best deals of the day? Victoria’s Secret is having a handful of good sales happening at this time, and if you’re lucky enough to find something that works for you, you’re getting it for a steal of a price. I managed to walk out the door with a bottle of Gorgeous perfume (in the really cute old-school perfume bottle, too!) for $13.00. Originally, that same perfume, bottle and all, costs roughly $50.00.

Not only smells gorgeous, but it makes me feel Gorgeous, too.

Good steal? I think so. Every girl needs to smell good, too.

Snagged a pair of black heels from Maurices I’ve been eyeballing for a short while, especially when the pair of black heels I originally wanted to match a pair of brown ones I bought earlier in the spring are no longer offered on either the website or in store. And I have to get a move on with those zodiac charms before they no longer are offered. Tried to find them in the store, and they were nowhere to be found.

Gotta get on it before they disappear!

Thank goodness for credit cards. Sometimes.

“Success has many fathers. Failure is a mother.”

The thought-provoking words of Jeanne Phillips, thee advisor to America.

Guess what, people? It’s Dear Abby!

Stop and think about it. Where do we learn our best lessons? When we discover we failed at something. Not necessarily a massive, face-planting type of failure, but something where the outcome was not quite what we expected. I have lived through my fair share of failure in the last couple of months.

Yes, I had a huge crowning achievement in the month of May when I walked across the stage as I accepted my “diploma” from the Chancellor of my Academy, and taking my first real steps into the “real world” as they call it. Not only did I graduate, but I graduated with a double degree in five years. It’s sort of unheard of, but I did it nonetheless.

Where’s Waldo in the sea of blackness?

The sleepless nights, the nights drowned out in Rock Stars and other miscellaneous energy drinks, nights where I wake up with a small pool of drool coating the corner of my textbook, or going to bed only to set my alarm for 3 hours later so I can get up and continue with the horrendous paper whose topic seemed to resonate less and less with every word I typed, the nights where you successfully press ‘Save’ for the last time after reading more about religion in movies than you’d ever care to know on a regular basis.

I’m amazed they took all my books back without question…oopsies, there’s a drool spot!

Those nights were all worth it.

Now, how about the day of my last audition at my Academy? I was primed and ready to sing my heart out. I had my monologue down flat. I stepped onto the stage, introduced myself, and the first note played on the piano, I opened my mouth to let the notes fly….but nothing came out. The music stopped playing and I just stood there. I made the decision to move on to my monologue instead. I got out the first two lines, and then I jumped right to the end. When I know I’m screwing up, my hands start to shake uncontrollably from nerve impulses. When that started happening, I knew I was a goner. As I thanked the directors, I started to laugh and shake my head because I ended my entire audition package with, “That’s all for now because I seem to have forgotten the rest.”

Michael Scott’s Law and Order audition was way better than mine!

Boom…Roasted on the very stage I wanted more than anything to perform on.

It came as no surprise when I looked at the callback list and my name didn’t appear on it. I would have peed my pants if I saw my name at all.

“You’re name isn’t on here!” “Yeah…I know…”

The thing is…I failed. What did I learn? Maybe I’m not cut out for auditioning for shows after all. Maybe my dream of being an actress isn’t going to happen. It caused me to take a step back and reevaluate where I’m headed in the next 5 years of my life, that’s for sure.

On top of that debacle, I came very close to have big girl jobs. I’ve made it to the final rounds of interviews, only to be told at the end that I’m absolutely perfect for the position, but they were going to give it to someone else.

Great. Thanks.

But, it’s only pushed me to look harder to find where I’m going to be a perfect fit AND get offered the job. I’m getting interviews, so I know I’m someone worth looking at, and when I walk into that room for an interview, I own it.

Year’s of theater experience does come in handy, after all.

Now, see here…

It’ all winding itself into one thing I’ve loved since Day 1 of my life: Summer. Summer is such a magical time. Maybe I won’t think so in 20  years or so, but right now, summer is pretty much my definition of freedom and ‘anything can happen’ mentalities. Look at what I’ve done in the last couple of months so far! Stories to tell, for sure.

Along with random shopping spree days, here’s a slew of reasons why I absolutely love summer above every other holiday:

– Rainbows

The light at the end of every rainy tunnel.

– Cargo Capri pants (I’m not a huge shorts person, but I’m learning!)

Comfy and great for on-the-go people like me.

– Cool Breezes (off the lake, especially!)

I can just feel it by looking at this photo!

– Picnics

Quite a spread, if you ask me.

– Hikes

I usually just bring a good water bottle, my tennis shoes, and off I go!

– Bike Rides

Get that back-end into shape!

– Sundresses


– Baseball

Joe Mauer in tight white baseball pants = yes. Give me a beer, and I’m there.

– Farmer’s Markets

Nothing tastes better than fresh food.

– Birds Chirping

My personal alarm clock.

– Flip Flops

They make so many cute ones nowadays

– Open Windows (such a soothing thing while you sleep)

It’s a must in my room while I sleep in the summer months.

– Jean Jackets

For those rare chilly summer nights

– Frisbee

Go big or go home!

– Camping

Ugh, I want to go soooo badly!

– Flowers

The more color in my life, the better.

– Green Grass (under your bare feet!)

Nothing makes me happier than feeling the grass beneath my feet.

Tonight, I mark another thing off my summer bucket list by seeing the Dark Knight Rises with someone I’ve been seeing semi-seriously (if semi-seriously is even a thing when it comes to boys and girls going out together), but I’m pretty excited about it.

Bring it on, Nolan.

Not only will there be eye candy up on the screen, there will be eye candy beside me.

Literally. Eye candy.

All in all, I’m a happy girl right now.

Kate Winslet gets me 🙂

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