The Dark Knight Indeed Rises

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Christian Bale. You, sir, are quite the stand up gentleman, and my respect for you has flown over the moon over the past couple of days.

Can I smooch you yet?

Here’s the scoop in case you haven’t heard: Yesterday, Bale and his wife made a stop in Aurora, Colorado to pay a visit to the victims of the movie theater shooting during the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises. Bales visited patients in the hospital, and went to several makeshift memorials for those who were killed in this terrible act. The best part, other than this being a very honorable act on Bales’ part? He asked the Warner Brothers studio to not make an announcement of his presence in the town or let the media know what he was up to. They’d find out in due time, which is true, because here I am sharing photos with you and telling you what I know concerning his visit. But he specifically asked for his visit to not be turned into a publicity stunt. He wasn’t doing it for the attention. He was doing it because it was something he felt he needed to do, and I respect the hell out of him for that.

A great sign of respect for the fallen.

On a similar, but slightly different, note, I know I read somewhere that Warner Brothers would be donating a large sum of Dark Knight Rises weekend opening earnings to the victims family’s for this event. Very generous on their part, especially after I saw on the Today Show, the DKR bypassed the opening weekend figures of The Dark Knight by an alarming amount.

I shall be seeing this work of Nolan’s mastery tomorrow evening.

I’ve always liked the guy. Granted, I only knew him as an actor, but I loved his work. If I had to title his style, I’d call him a Method Actor. He’s one of the few who literally transforms his body to fit that of his character. If you don’t believe me, check out The Machinist or Rescue Dawn. Incredibly thin and to the point of where I want to throw a sandwich at the screen in the hopes of making him gain weight. Then, he goes from über thin to buffed-up fighting machine in movies like Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Batman ranks right up there with Captain America and Thor themselves.

Remember, he’s not a lunatic. He’s doing this for his craft, and it paid off. Last year, he took home the Best Supporting Actor award from the 2011 Oscars for his part as a drug addict in The Fighter.

If you haven’t seen The Fighter, you really need to.

So, in a nutshell, I highly respected him for this acting work, and seeing this respective act come from someone with his star power. I’ve always liked him, but now, I love him.

Plus, he’s Welsh. What’s not to love about someone who can speak in one accent and switch it to something else entirely at the snap of my fingers? Dreamy is what it is.

“Only people who die very young learn all they really need to know in kindergarten.”

In light of what’s been happening as of late, I find the words of Wendy Kaminer, a limelighting lawyer, digging a little deeper than they usually would.

A sad truth, her words are.

I haven’t offered comments on the Aurora theater shooting yet, and it’s taken a few days to let it all sink in. What causes my jaw to drop above anything else is where is happened. A movie theater? At a midnight showing? Really!? Nobody in their right mind takes a series of weapons and tear gas into a family friendly environment and just lets hell loose on them for no reason at all? I don’t think this type of thing should happen anywhere, but of all places, a movie theater.

And impersonating the Joker no doubt. Ridiculous.

Pretty soon, not a single place in this world is going to be safe. Not for adults and not for children, and that saddens my heart. One of my favorite places to go when I need some alone time is to the movie theater. I’m a huge movie buff, and there are certain films that come along where all I want to do is watch it on the big screen on my own. I don’t want my friends with me to offer their commentary throughout the movie. I don’t want a sibling or parent asking me what the hell is happening in the storyline every other minute. I simply want to sit back, watch, drink my slushie, and enjoy getting lost in another’s persons vision for a few hours.

Getting lost in the movement, and in the movie.

When September 11 happened, I thought it wasn’t going to affect me. Sad as it is to say, it wasn’t the first time a plane had been hijacked in the history of my lifetime. It was the first time in my lifetime a hijacked plane was used as a terrorist tool. I didn’t notice its effect on me until I myself had the opportunity to travel to Washington DC and to New York City within a couple of months of each other. Upon boarding the plane, I know I gave everyone a long, hard look. Could they be a terrorist? Could they be hiding something in their 3-inch toothbrush that could be used to take over the plane?

What booby traps await me once I step foot on the plane?

I didn’t voice these concerns out loud, but they were in the back of my mind.

It really got to me when I was in NYC, standing on the highest floor of the Empire State Building, looking down at the city’s brilliant lights, and I looked up to the sky to see flashing lights traveling very quickly across the night skyline. Airplanes. The first thought on my mind wasn’t, “Oh, how beautiful.” No. Instead, I thought, “What if that plane flew itself into the Empire State Building?” Not exactly a wonderful thought a first-time visitor to the Empire State Building should be having. Same goes for Washington DC. I shouldn’t be thinking a terrorist is going to take over whatever monument I’m visiting that day every time I see someone looking sketchy.

Not quite the experience I was planning while standing on top of the Empire State Building. Not quite the experience I’d planned at all.

No where feels safe, and it’s a terrible realization the world is beginning to face.

But, we can’t let evil stand in the way of how we live our lives. We need to be better than those who hide in the shadows and act in the dark. We, as Jedi, have to walk the straight and narrow, and do what we can to make these places we once felt safe still feel safe despite the workings of those who delve in the darker side of life. My heart goes out to the victims of this tragedy. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain they are going through, especially those who lost a loved one.

As usual, I offer words meant to uplift the spirit as we hit the halfway mark of the week:

– You’ve got what it takes.

Katniss had what she needed to succeed.

– Add determination to a dream and you get destiny.

Without Sam, the cause for the One Ring would have fallen into the wrong hands.

– You make the world a more beautiful place just by being you.

If watching Dirty Dancing a few dozen times after breaking up a long-term relationship, so be it. Do your thing, honey!

– It’s time to bump “relax” to the top of your to-do list.

And make sure to relax all on your own.

– You have too many good qualities to count.

There’s a reason he’s a Captain.

– Each new day comes with small joys just waiting to be noticed.

She is beautiful, isn’t she? So’s the popcorn floating around her head.

– Life is still wonderful. And so are you!

Everything they made it through, their life is still something worth living.

As Harvey Dent famously said in The Dark Knight,” The night is always darkest right before the dawn.”

A fallen hero.

We will get past this darkness, and we will prevail. That’s the Jedi in me talking.

Our lightsaber is our soul. It will show us the way. The samurai believed the same thing about their swords.

May those who have  fallen become one with the light of the Force, and may the Force be with you all.

Never forget, and honor them.

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