Flooding History

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Now, I have survived the Flood of 2012.

I’m not even kidding. Last night when all I could talk about was how much it was raining…the story gets much more interesting than that. This city has been declared as being in a State of Emergency. This is real life, this is what is actually happening. The rain stopped earlier in the afternoon, thank god, and some of the damage is just unreal. Photos I have seen and have posted to my personal Facebook are insane. I have uttered three particular words multiple times upon looking at certain pictures.

“Oh. My. God.”

I go to this gas station once a week. Holy…Crap…!

Water is an incredible thing. So calm and soothing one moment, then gushing and raging down the streets of this city ripping up concrete and tarmac along the way.

Look at what water did to the Titanic….I know the iceberg had a part to play in everything, but still…

Leaving work last night…Talk about an adventure and nail-biting experience all rolled into one. As the sky dumped everything it had down upon this city, it didn’t take long to realize having an umbrella wasn’t going to help matters any. Sure it kept one side of my head dry. The other half? By the time I got to my car, I resembled a wet, shaggy dog.

It’s like looking into a mirror.

Walking through the alley wasn’t do bad. The occasional puddle that I either stepped through or I leaped over, you know…typical steps taken to avoid walking through puddles.

One giant leap for man…One giant leap to clear this raging street river…

But then I got to the street.

Water gushed down the sides of the street like a raging river. It pooled and gurgled…I honetly could have been standing next to an actual river for all I knew. So what did I do? I took a deep breath and stepped right into the fray.

Wrong decision on several accounts.

My feetsies got a little wet….and it wasn’t pleasant.

One, the water was much deeper than it seemed to be. I took that initial step and the water ate my foot. I never thought I was going to find the pavement. The water came up right over my ankle, and in literally 2 seconds, my shoe was soaked.

Somehow, that made my show grow half a size, so when I managed to get out of the water, whenever I took a step, my shoe  slipped off the back of my heel. I felt like a little 3-year-old running around in a pair of my mommy’s high heels.

Just trying to be a big girl, Mom. Promise.

Along with the sudden size difference, I also felt the squish of water between my toes with each and every successive step. Nothing is worse than the squish of water between my toes.

The umbrella wasn’t entirely useless. At first, at least. It did keep my head dry while my pants took no time in absorbing the falling H2O droplets. It’s the worst while its raining and when you crawl into a car feeling and smelling like a wet dog.

Caught in a bad place with rain falling on my shoulders.

Seriously, though, my umbrella was in tip-top shape until I crossed the street. There is something about crossing that raging river of a street that changed everything. Once I pulled by foot from the river, high heel still attached, the wine decided to pick up and wreak havoc upon my umbrella.

My head was dry until that exact moment. The wind grabbed the umbrella, turned it inside out, and along with smelling like a wet dog, I proceeded to look like a wet dog.

Hair plastered against my cheek. Bangs stuck to my forehead. Pants clinging to my thighs.

Why do the Weather Gods hate everything about this city?

Just a plain, hot, wet mess.

“There are some circles in America where it seems to be more socially acceptable to carry a handgun than a packet of cigarettes.”

But in this part of the country, let alone this state, you’re gonna need rain boots and raincoat far more than a handgun for the next couple of days, Katharine Whitehorn, the Brit Wit.

Have you even been to America?

However, given the situation of this city and the flood that has devastated varying areas, I consider myself lucky. The most damage that has happened to my apartment building is very large puddles forming on the lawn around the ground level apartments. Water was running right up to their screened porch doors. Looking at the threat on their doorsteps, I’m not so ungrateful for living on a higher level.

I could just sit here and soak my feet in this dirty water all night long. As long as you’re beside me.

Water has always held a fascination for me, but it’s mind-boggling in its power. How does water rip up streets and sidewalks? How does it wash out an entire highway and several feet of earth below said highway? How can it flood several parking lots and just stand for hours upon hours?

Water is a ferocious enemy, and as a Cancer, I find it all alluring and beautiful in its destruction.

My heart goes out to those who suffered loss and destruction after this weather debacle. But everyone should know there are silver linings to everything, and here are a few enlightening words to get you through the rest of the week.

– You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing.

Eric Matthews certainly wasn’t perfect…but I love him anyways. Seriously, watch Boy Meets World. Best show of the 90s ever!

– Clean slates, fresh starts, and new beginnings are always possible.

– Things are about to go your way.

Patience…it all comes down to Patience. Right, Zorro?

– You make life wonderful.

I saw it in a Nickelodeon once, and I’ve always wanted to do it.

– Shrink your stress. Have some fun!

Shhhh….it’ll be our little secret.

– You are fully qualified to succeed.

The black hat should mean I’m qualified to do anything. Should!!!

– Your story has just begun. Make it a great one!

My heart goes out to everyone in this city this evening, and if there is any way I can help, I’m going to. Everyone says they want to live something like a natural disaster, to say they were a part of history.

Water did this. WATER!

I became a part of this city’s history when the rain fell and when it continued to fall for the past 24 hours, flooding the streets with foaming, dirty water. It’s the worst flooding this area has seen in the past 40 years, if not in its entire history. Incredible to think about, but it’s going to take a while for this city to rebuild the damage that has been done.

Watch where you’re parking your car these days.

Mother Nature. She sure knows how to send a message. What that message is, I’m not too sure quite yet.

I’m leaning in the direction of it’s the start of the Apocalypse.


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