Common Courtesy: Learn About It.

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Currently listening to a Maid of Honor’s and the Best Man’s wedding toasts. I have to write one of those in less than 5 months.

#1 goal behind the MOH speech? Make everyone cry.

Why do I feel like I’m going to wet myself just thinking about it?

Because the bride is my sister. And not just any sister…a sister who has seen me through lots of changes in my life. She has been my source of refuge when times got too stressful with roommates or grades or just plain homesick. She hugged me when I cried because I just couldn’t handle it. She laughs with me when I have a success, and even if that success is only figuring out the next movement section of my infamous Star Wars dance. She rants about guys with me when yet another one does something awful and cruel to me, again making my hate the male species and everything about them. But, she’s also there to share in my giggles when a new guy comes along and does something amazing or just plain genuine that makes me stop and go, “Hey, maybe all men are not scum bags. There may be a few good ones out there. I may have just found one.”

And we’re often confused. I’m often thought the older of the two. *Sigh*

She’s also there to give me words of encouragement when I’m feeling down about this whole job search thing, when I’m afraid I’ll end up alone with my lightsabers instead of a husband, and when I start quoting how I’m going to actually run away and be a Jedi overseas. Or going to France to be an Au Pair. Something a little more practical.

“Nothing risqué, nothing gained.”

I completely agree with you, Jayne Mansfield, the blonde bombshell of her day.

A woman with a deep perspective.

I took a leap of faith last night. I actually told someone how I really felt about them. Granted, I was drinking with my good friend Jose who happens to specialize in tequilla, but that’s not the point. Jose may have had the power to make me speak a little more freely, but it also helped that I went into the encounter already knowing I had things to say and needed to say them.

(On a side note, the speeches have ended, and I am going to rock them sooooo much more than these two just did. Yes, farts are funny. But when all three speakers only talk about farts…that’s just disgusting. As the bride, I would feel a little insulted. But I don’t know their relationships with each other, so maybe it’s perfectly legit. Regardless, I’m going to rock my MOH speech like no one’s business.)

Seriously, let me say ‘fart’ one more time.

I only wish I had the balls to say what was really on my mind with a certain someone on the phone the other day. I don’t care who you are. Calling to cancel plans you made 3 days ago, and you call at 8:00 at night to say you have to cancel because of a huge work load you have that’s going to cause you to work all weekend? That’s not just something that springs up on you. A work load that big is something you see coming. To a point. Maybe you didn’t anticipate it at the beginning of the day, but towards the end, when you’re about to get off work (in fact, this work load is so big it causes you to leave work late), a couple of red flags should have gone up, and at that point, it was way before 8:00 pm.

Warning! Warning!

And you can barely say sorry about letting me know so late in the day. B.S.

I’m actually not mad that our plans were cancelled. Hell, if work pops up, work pops up. A person has got to do what a person has to do. I’m a total believer in that. What angers me is that he waited so long in the day…he left me hanging all evening. I sent a text, I tried calling several hours earlier to make sure everything was good to go between us, that our plans were still on. No reply or anything. It’s not like I didn’t try to get things figured out. The most irritating part? If he had let me know even an hour ahead of time, I could have salvaged my evening still and gone out with a few people I haven’t seen in 2 years. But, the polite thing to do is to keep the original plans you made with someone who asked first. That’s what I did…and I ended up getting burned.

We’ll see if he decides to call back, like he said he would in a few days. Otherwise…I just don’t want to put the effort in anymore.

I’ll be back on the prowl…Grrr baby!

Yeah, that was another I-Hate-Men rant, and I apologize. I’m trying to work on doing it less.

Despite the downfalls of my “date” with this fellow, I still managed to have quite the fabulous week, and I want to share my Fabulous Friday with you.

Fabulous Book Decorations:

Once again, reading will make you feel cool (not that it doesn’t already.)

Fabulous Muse for my Writing:

Such a beautiful dork. I love her!

Fabulous Summer Brunch Cocktail:

Mimosa’s will always be my breakfast drink of choice. Always.

Fabulous Color Combo:

Jewel tones make any girl feel like a royal.

Fabulous Daydream:

Two masked lovers finding themselves among the masquerade? Who doesn’t want that to happen?

Fabulous Lesson:

Seriously. Learn this.

Fabulous Wish:

Fabulous 90s Memory:

The first big kid CD I ever owned. Thanks, Mom! (She had her issues buying it for me.)

Fabulous Get-Me-Through-Today Beverage:

Not for repeated use. Once in a great while for tha rare earlier than early morning. Gets me going every single time.

Fabulous Plan:

Beach with my best friends, of course! Gold bikini included!

Fabulous Laugh:

Fabulous Vintage Photo:

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

Fabulous New Eye Candy:

Chris Hemsworth = Thor and quite a sexy Huntsman. You’re welcome in my woods any day.

Fabulous Yard Decor Idea:

Doesnt’ it just look magical?

Fabulous Father:

I’m still a princess in his eyes, crown or no crown.

Continue to do what you do on these summer nights. Summer tends to be fleeting, so enjoy these warm and lush moments while you can.


Just in case 😉

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