Oh, My Head

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The revenge of Thirsty Thursday.

I woke up 3 hours ago…this accurately depicts how I feel.

All amped up to head into work here, and put my nose to the books in making further progress with a new project I’ve just started, and I just can’t concentrate. I look at the screen, and my mind just implodes with everything. Can I comprehend the words in front of my face? Not really. How am I even typing right now? I apologize immediately if none of this makes any sense to you. It probably won’t make sense to me.

Never have I had an entire day off like I did yesterday, and it also happened to be an incredibly gorgeous day so I was able to sit in the sunshine and soak in some Vitamin D. Add in a few margaritas, endless bowls of chips and salsa, a few rounds of tequila, and I was feeling pretty great about my day.


It was not an easy day by any means, either. I shouldn’t be loathing in self-pity or anything, but receiving another ‘Thanks, but no thanks’ email from another job application is disheartening. How people do this for months and months, and still keep their heads up? I’ve done this for a few weeks, and I’m already shaking my head. It’s incredibly hard on the mind.

My work…crumbled.

How can one employer tell me I have a wealth of experience and am so very impressive, and the next five take a look at my resume and don’t even consider me worthy of an interview?

Here’s my heart, here’s the knife. Please stab it repeatedly. Just worthless…or, as some would say, not the right time for me. Not the job for me.

Well, I’m ready when they are!

So, starting off my morning like that, wasn’t the best. Then I did receive a phone call, but it was in concerns to my ex-boyfriend. Apparently, he hasn’t been seen around his apartment for several weeks and his mail is piling up inside his mailbox, so people started asking questions. They called an old employer, they call the manager, and they proceed to call me. I haven’t spoken to him since we graduated a few weeks ago.

Talk about giving me a  heart attack! “Have you spoken to or seen him recently?” “Not for a few weeks.” “Okay…well, do you have a phone number to his parent’s or a family member?” “No, I don’t. Okay, you’re freaking me out…What’s going on?”

Yep…that was the conversation. I had a multitude of small heart attacks for a half hour after that, but I was able to contact his sister and it turns out he’s been staying with his parents in his hometown. I tried calling him, but no answer. I was worried about him! Just because we aren’t dating anymore doesn’t mean I turned my ‘Care’ switch off.

Add this heart attack on top of  finding out my 2nd workplace removed my only hours from my schedule without telling me, and I just lost it. I was standing in the middle of a shopping store, and I had to tell myself to breath. It wasn’t anything worth losing my cool in public over, but at the same time, I couldn’t believe the nerve of such a place. They ask me to open my availability, and when I can open up my hours more, they don’t schedule me at all. I was working more when I strictly worked weekends. Just confusing to me. I’m a good employee, and I just don’t understand the bureaucracies of a business. Maybe I don’t want to be a CEO ever in my lifetime.

“We’ve tried ignorance for a thousand years. It’s time we try education.”

Even though Jocelyn Elders, a former U.S. Surgeon General, is talking about sex education, it is something to be thought about in regards to other areas of life as well.

You go, girl!

On a lighter note, it’s the first of June today! Yayay! You know what that means? It means my birthday is a mere 23 days away, and I have no plans for it whatsoever. I need to get on top of that. It’s a special one this time around. But what’s on my mind in terms of my birthday?

I earned them, you know! It’s been a hard year.

Places to hide my birthday presents, of course!

– Bicycle Basket

Just freaking cute.

– In the Watering Can

Except mine would say “Happy Birthday!”

– Mailbox

What awaits inside? You never know!

– Hanging Plant

Reach your hand inside…Cafefully, though. It could be a frog.

– The knot of a Tree

Climb a tree and find a house for yourself? Please and thank you!

– Sandbox

Watch out for cat poop.

– Inside my bike helmet

Just precious.

– Used a lawn ornament

I find this hilarious.

– The Birdbath

I always use bird baths as the wishing well for casting spells and what not. I know…I’m a nerd.

– Inside my favorite pair of shoes

Must be careful when putting the shoes on so you don’t crush anything inside.

– In the piano

If I came downstairs to find Josh Groban sitting at my piano, I’d be set for life.

– Brought to me in a Wheelbarrow

I think I’m in love.

– While sitting in a Patio Chair

All I need is Ryan Gosling in a cabana boy outfit with drinks in hand.

– Inside the Cookie Jar

Don’t forget the milk.

– My Coffee Mug

He finds your lack of faith disturbing.

– Behind a Rock

I may scream loudly. So this is recommended.

– In the Window Box

Every girl needs a flower patch to call her own.

– My Coat Pocket

I wouldn’t object to finding an Ipad in my coat pocket. Just saying….

I have been given or have found a birthday present in all of the above locations at one of my few birthdays since I was born, so I never really know where I’m going to find the next one. It’s a mystery I enjoy. Now…if I could solve the job hunt mystery, my life would be almost set.

I prefer Fiction. I always have a respected job when I’m in Fiction-land and money is never an issue.


Fabulous Friday will be coming at you later this evening. I hope you can wait that long!

Until then!

Just too great.

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