Cleaning Up My Act…Maybe

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It’s already one of those days. I’ve been up and at it since about 6:30 this morning, and I have another five hours to go before I can safely put my feet up for a rest.

No rest for the wicked.

But even that is wishful thinking.

I have three weeks worth of clothes sitting at the foot of my bed because I simply refuse to take the 10 minutes requires to hang everything back on its hangars or throw it in my laundry basket. I have 2 months worth of a weekly newspaper ready for my creative spirit to take hold so I can toss them appropriately. I have several posters and their frames waiting to be hung on my wall (poster frames are much needed due to the fact one or two posters kept falling down and as a result their starting to tear. I don’t want my beloved Star Wars posters torn to shreds!). I have stacks of paperwork that simply needs to be filed. It may end up being a movie, hard cider and catch-up night for me this evening.

Really, I just need a night to myself. Once again, I’ve been out partying a little too much and a little too late these past couple of nights.

Aww adulthood. How I love thee!

Last night was an especially late one, but for all the right reasons. Let’s just say my date went really well, and fingers crossed for the next one.

I had an interesting assessment made on my behalf by a friend the other night. We got together for coffee and it proceeded into a few beers. I honestly didn’t think we’d spend that much time together. I figured 2 hours tops to catch up on each other’s whereabouts and doings. The last time we had spoken more than five words to each other was back in December, and he was the one who cut the ties there. I tried to rekindle whatever friendship may have been there, but then he cut me out, so I stopped. I figured if we were meant to be friends, he’d come back.

Sarah Connor: “What do I tell them when they notice you’re gone?”
John Connor: “I’ll be back.”

Several months later, he did 🙂

So, we’re having coffee, totally nerding out over Star Wars and photography,  then he asks if I wanted to grab a beer with him. I said, “Sure. Why not?” I haven’t seen this guy in three months, why not take the time to catch up and prove to him what he’s been missing?

Add this one in, too.

While we were out, the conversation took an unexpected turn when he suddenly told me how much I range in the polar regions of my personality. Care to explain this? Oh sure, no problem. On one hand, there is me as the Farm-Girl-Chore-Doing-Jeans-Wearing-Boot-Kicking-Tough girl who knows how to work. Then, on the polar opposite end of the spectrum, I suddenly become the Geeked-Out-Star-Wars-Obsessive dream girl for any nerd out there. Then, on  a third hand, there’s the I’m-An-Actress-Photo-Taking-Logo-Designing-Artsy gal hidden behind all of that.

If that’s not a strange combination of traits, I don’t know what is. But, it’s really awesome, he said.

On my ‘To Read’ list

How did I reply? I spread my arms to the heavens and cried out, “And that is why I will be single for the rest of my life!”

We both laughed really hard. Funny thing is, I’m pretty honest with that proclamation. But whatevs….

Ready to rock wherever our relationship took us…and everything went black,

It took some admittance on my part, but I was really nervous to meet up with him after the last couple months of stone cold silence. What had I done to cause that sort of reaction? No, I was not being the crazy girl. We hung out a handful of times, we had a great time together each time we met up, and then suddenly, radio silence. Nothing. No explanation of any sort. Just a basic shutdown. For awhile, I honestly believed he was doing to me what I had done to him a few years back when we first met. I was dating him and my recent ex at roughly the same time. My ex and I had just started dating, and we were not 100% exclusive yet. I met this other guy, thought he was really cute, and when he asked for my number, I gave it to him. We hung out quite a bit, and we both felt the chemistry between us. But then it got to the point where I needed to make a choice: The guy who would become my Ex 1.5 years later, or the new guy who had already started to sweep me off my feet?

I chose the Ex, and proceeded to stop contact with the other guy. I’m sure that packed a powerful punch to his stomach, but like his sudden silence did to me.

Is it safe to safe we’re even now? I could have been upfront with him, but I was young, and dumb, and didn’t know any better. Like I’ve said before…Karma, she’s a bitch and she’s always watching. She strikes when it hurts the most.

“It worries me that people see pain as an alien thing. There won’t be any poetry written soon if everyone’s on an even keel.”

Spoken as if she was a Cancer herself, the words of the sensitive type, Susan Sarandon.

I really, really do like her work.

I pretty much dove into this topic more so in the posting directly before this one. The pain of the heart is a good thing. It means we let ourselves risk everything deep and sacred for something so much more. At least we gave it our all and tried. Emotions are an ugly and beautiful thing.

Dwight…I love ya…but not when you cry like that.

Ugly, mostly, because most people are ugly criers. Myself included.

As the weather continues to play with my heartstrings more than any man could at this point in time, what is a girl to do but either be driven back under the covers on a rainy day or be sent to the mall? All sources as of current point me in the direction of the mall. What are good deals to sniff out for the month of May? Let me tell you….

– Vacuum Cleaners

It rolls automatically around the house, and if you put a picture of Tom Cruise on it, you can honestly say he’s cleaning your house like a boss.

– Mattresses

The instant I move into my own apartment…a new mattress is my first big purchase AND it will be a queen sized one.

– Cookware

I heart cooking, therefore I really want nice cooking utensils. To be the best you must have the best.

– Gifts for Mom

Bought my Mommy a beautiful necklace for Mother’s Day.

– Silver

Isn’t it a beauty?

– Watches

Imperial icon wristwatch…Me want!

– Athletic Clothing and Shoes

Always wanted to own a pair of Pumas. I probably soon will.

– Linens and Towels

These have a beachy feel to them, and I love the beach.

– Wedding Gowns

This is really pretty…not quite a dream dress, but it’s really pretty.

– Furniture

When I have a study, this will probably be what it looks like, especially if I pursue a Paralegal career.

– Cruises

Who wants to go with me?

– European Vacations

Everything keeps pointing me towards France!

– Home Maintenance Items

The cleaning tools for getting those gutters sparkling clean? Get them now!

Don’t go too crazy all at once now. You also need to save a few dollars for the upcoming and unexpected rainy days.

Keep remembering those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for their country, too. They may no longer be with us, but they are no less forgotten. We will remember.

Never forget.

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