The Pain Doesn’t Lie

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Friday, Friday…Gotta get down on Friday!

Someone shoot me now for singing Rebecca Black. Seriously…how a song or a girl like that became famous is beyond me. She’s not cute, she can’t carry a single note (correct that: she can sing ONLY a single note), and the tune is pain inducing rather than joy jumping fantastic.

But, it doesn’t change the fact that is it now Friday, and I am so very excited about it being this particular day of the week.

It’s a good thing no one had a bad feeling about this!

Reason #1: I have a date. Reason #2: It’s the start of a long weekend. Reason #3: This date marks the 35th anniversary of Star Wars. This was the date the movie came out originally in theaters. Reason #4: Do I need anymore reasons to love the fact that it is now Friday?

I didn’t think so!

“I was raised right, I talk about people behind their backs. It’s called manners!”

The infamous words of the self-dubbed “D-list celebrity” Kathy Griffin.

Maybe D-List, but certainly there’s validity to her words.

I am not one for talking behind people’s backs. If you have something to say, just say it my face. Don’t lie to me and make me find out about everything you said through a string of telephone tag. You know it’s going to sound worse coming from them, further making it more difficult for me to be nice to you the next time I’m staring at your ugly face. The uglier the lie, the uglier the face. You have no idea how ugly a liar can look.

I’ve been there. I’ve been quite the liar, as I’m sure we all have done. No one is perfect. No one except Yoda and I know he would argue with me on that. No one is perfect. But the point I’m trying to make here is that the uglier the inside of you feels, the uglier the outside features tend to look. Skin starts sagging, teeth are more yellow, breath starts to stink, your hair goes limp…I could be talking about smokers here, too, but really, what’s the difference? Smoking is ugly. Lying is ugly. Case made.

Lying is really an art of its own. Not an art I like, but if you’re good at it, it can be a powerful tool. If used correctly, lying or twisting words around in a clever way can reveal results that you are searching for. I get a very good read on people when I meet them, and often times can interpret what they really mean with their choice of words. It’s an especially good tool to use when meeting men. Are they interested solely in where they can go with you tonight (aka the bedroom) or are they genuinely into what you’re saying. Some are trickier than others, and that’s when the understanding of body language comes into play. Granted, you have to be sending clear and pure signals yourself in order for things not to be miscommunicated, be it verbally or with the body.

Don’t forget about Body Language…HA!

My stigma against men isn’t apparent at all, is it? I’m amazed that a guy has agreed to go out with me more than once, and I’ve even told him straight out I’m not going to take any compliments he gives me at face value. I know there’s more to what he’s saying. Maybe he really does think I’m pretty and wants to tell me. Or he’s trying to be very smooth, butter me up, only to try to take me home that night.

I should just stop. I’ll jinx myself. He’s been nothing but a gentleman to me so far, and I have no reason to think otherwise at this point. But…wait for it…..that could change in a matter of a day.

GAH! When will I just stop and let myself enjoy what’s going on? Why do I have to sit and analyze everything?

Curse of being a girl? Most likely. We have hyper active minds. The remnants of a broke heart? Oh, most definitely. I’m not as trusting because of my past experiences with love (or what I thought was love.) I’m a scary and frightening individual with high standards in what I want in the opposite sex in order for him to be a good match for me? A stretching of the truth, but there’s certainty to it. I may be high maintenance, but its’ because I know I deserve the best. When Mr. Right comes along, it won’t be hard for him to rise to the challenge.

I wouldn’t go about getting Mr. Right with those ears, however.

Or so I hope.

Enough of this mish-mash of emotional vomiting. I’ve had my heart broken. WHo hasn’t? If you’ve never had your heart shattered into a million pieces, you weren’t daring enough, not vulnerable enough, and not putting yourself out there to be hurt. I’m not saying I want you to be hurt. I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone because it sucks. It sucks so much. Heartache doesn’t just go away either. You think it does, and then BAM. It comes back full force, knocking you on your bum and slamming you against a wall. All with no warning, either. What I am saying is that you should be risking everything, including feeling the pieces of your shattered heart long after its been dropped from the heavens. If you love him/her that much, it’s a risk you’re more than willing to take. In fact, you don’t think twice. It just happens.

The perfect showing that break-ups are not plain and simple and easy.

Other than the thought of love supreme reigning out in the world, and out there, the Future Mr. Jedi awaiting me, there are a few things making my Friday more and more Fabulous as the minutes tick past. What are they, you might be asking? Here is my Fabulous Friday:

Fabulous Summer Color Palette:

Fabulous Beach Beverage:

Bonus points for real coconut shells!

Fabulous Summer Sweat:

Total body workout and you don’t even realize it!

Fabulous Make-You-Think Comparison:

I think I prefer ‘Then.’

Fabulous Turn to the Dark Side:

Cutest member on the Death Star I’ve ever seen

Fabulous Paris:

I have being a French Au Pair on the mind…

Fabulous Tribute to a Tribute:


Fabulous Romance:

The most emotional romance story told in all of 10 minutes.

Fabulous Form of SPF:

Sitting in the shade with a drink? Hello Zen…

Fabulous Feeling:

As a super hero and your pants fit just right…

Fabulous Beach Bum:

Can it get any cuter than this?

Fabulous Summer Philosophy:

Fabulous Book Shelf:

Happening in my house, studio, loft…whatever. It’s happening.

Fabulous Farm Future:

I hope I can raise my kids in the country.

Fabulous Curiosity:

I can only hope something within my Fabulous Friday made you grin as wide as I did. It’s the start to a long and beautiful weekend, and the official start to the summer season (although I feel I’m ahead of the game already since I have two full beach days under my belt with the tan lines to prove it.)

Fingers crossed for more to come!

Whatever your plans, be safe and know love is out there. Stop looking for it. It’ll find you when you’re truly ready.

May the Force be with you this glorious Memorial Day weekend!

To all our fallen brothers out here…

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