Anything You Do, I Do Better in Heels

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That moment when you feel your blood pressure rising, and you’re not 100% sure how you’re going to handle it.

I’ve had more than my fair share of that particular moment in the last 9 hours, and it’s incredibly unnerving how easily I could shoot my mouth off. Thank my sanity for staying intact or I could have been without one of my jobs this afternoon. How about that for self-control? Revelation of the day? It’s sad how more and more people are only out for themselves. It doesn’t matter how nice you are, how much extra help you give them, or how many times you’ll go out of your way to make something easier on them…the second it takes for them to stab you in the back? It happens very quickly. The hours put in towards building a strong and healthy work relationship? All gone. Washed away by the tide of selfishness and greed.

I can only hope Karma was watching and will extract sweet repayment when I am there to witness it.

“There are weird rules for girls. We get all the S&M clothes, like the high heels that make us easier to hunt.”

She sure doesn’t look like she has laugh lines to me!

With this sort of injustice happening, recently seeing The Avengers, and the words of Sue Murphy (known for her laugh lines), I’ve been on a real Women-Kick-Ass high lately. Think about it…when was the last time we had a real tough-as-nails female role model to look up to? I’m not talking the Michelle Obama’s of the world (I’m not bashing her for a second. She is a lovely role model, but for a different sort of audience, if you catch my drift.)

I’m talking about the women who have to fight for everything they have. It’s all on the line, or get the heck out of here. Much like Princess Leia. She put it all on the line for the Republic, and she had to make her fair share of sacrifices. Hello? She witnessed the destruction of Alderaan. If given the chance, she would have put herself to death before the entire planet, but that wasn’t an option. A hero suffers as much as rejoices when the fight goes their way.

‘Set to stun’ was their first mistake.

Most recently, one such role model I think we can all take notes from is Katniss Everdeen. That girl is a fighter. If she didn’t learn how to hunt, her family would have passed on long ago. She had to be tough in order to survive, but it didn’t make her a mean person. She’s very blunt, which means honesty, which in turn means there is less bullshit to deal with in the world. I like that. She doesn’t fight unnecessarily. She fights when she needs to, she’s always on her guard, her trust is something to be earned, not won…There are many qualities I love about her. She’s a kick ass role model. Plus, her skills with a bow? Totally earns her bonus points.

Look down the quiver…

It makes me think every girl needs a specialty. Katniss has her bow, Leia has the skills of diplomacy, I have acting abilities. See? Awesome women need a specialty.

Ready to rock n’ roll at every moment of the day.

Other women I highly look up to, other than her obvious beauty? There’s usually one requirement: They have to have a killer bod. Now, before you start making judgements on me, let me explain. They need to be fit and in a condition to take on a fight at any moment. They’re warriors. As Jedi, we need to be in peak fitness as often as possible. We need to be ready to defend those in need at a seconds’ notice. We can’t stop fighting because we feel a bit winded. It’s the moments when we feel like we’re on our last breath…that’s when we need to know we can dig deep and keep fighting until the bitter end. These conditions usually mean have a kick-ass and killer bod.

No enemy too big, no enemy too strong. We take them all on.

So..these other women I adore for their ability to take on an enemy in an instant:

Guenivere– Yes, she has infidelity issues, but she lead her people to take on the enemy and helped achieve their freedom. A woman who puts her people’s fate above her own is my type of woman.

Back in the old days, that body was hard-earned.

Black Widow– She’s got killer looks (and no, I’m not a huge Scar-Jo fan, but I appreciated her take on the character), and she looks out for her pals. She’s not afraid to use she God-given assets to her benefit, either. She looks like she’s got a soft shell to crack, and batting those eyelashes, she uses it to her advantage.

One word: stealth

Mara Jade– Once she figured out that she was in love with Luke Skywalker and didn’t want to kill him anymore, she became a formidable member of the Force. Putting her together with Skywalker, they made an incredibly insightful team, and it’s a major loss the Force had to call her home.

Luke was one lucky lad.

Katniss Everdeen– For reasons already discussed. Look above or draw your own conclusions. Either way, she’s awesome.

Survivor of the 74th Hunger Games

Elizabeth Swann– I know this seems like an odd choice, but she has a trait that is often not exploited. She’s flawed, and while she knows how to work the runway like a pirate and use a sword like one, she also works to protect those she loves and fights for a cause much larger than herself. She works to right those wrongs. A commendable thing.

She became a pirate whether she wanted to be one or not.

Sydney Bristow– The classic story of a woman who lost almost everything, and came back with a vengeance of her own using her smarts, her looks to her advantage (to be a chameleon, duh!), and never letting her priorities get tossed aside. She saw evil and she decided to destroy it.

Good looks can be dangerous

Luminaria Unduli– I consider her to be one of the wisest Jedi to ever have lived. Despite the fact she was never on the Council, she is always so reverent and calm. A true believer in the Force, and a great teacher to each and every one of her Padawans. Plus, she always has some trickery up her sleeve. All in good fun, of course.

Maybe never on the Council, but still a major force to be reckoned with.

Without further adieu, our Fabulous Friday is inspired by the toughness of these women. I’d be careful to cross their paths on a rough night.

Fabulous Exercise Tip:

Fabulous Energy Smoothie: Find the recipe here!

Fabulous Childhood Room:

Who didn’t wish Peter Pan would fly through their window?

Fabulous Future:

Fabulous Hair-Do:

Chic and badass…always ready to rock it. Plus, it looks great mussed up.

Fabulous Reward for a Hard Day’s Work:

Birthday Cake Remix…not just for birthdays anymore

Fabulous Fighter Hair-Do:

You know you want to try it…

Fabulous Quickie Workout:

Fabulous Anytime, Anywhere Workout:

Dancing works every inch of your body….Enjoy the ride and work that body hard.

Fabulous Royal Move:

Fabulous Nightgown:

We’ve all worn it at one point.

Fabulous Directing Debut:

First time director Massy Tadjedin really brings an interesting topic to light.

Fabulous Street Style:

Even the Princess is ready to fight at a moment’s notice.

Fabulous Argument:

Jedi win…Hands Down

With that, my fingers are refusing to type any longer. Take care out there, the weekend is only getting into the full swing of things. Stay fit, stay focused, stay ready.

May the Force be with you.


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