Beaching with Black Bears

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Every day has its adventures, and this one met each and every expectation of the day.

Some say ordinary people live ordinary lives. That’s only if they choose to live said ordinary life and play it safe in every bend of the road. I thought I was being pretty normal, but alas, the Force had a different plan in mind.

Found the sweet spot. See you in the morning, fellas!

Woke up at a decent time this morning. I technically should have been up an hour earlier than I was, but it felt so nice to snuggle up under my covers, and I finally got my pillows to that perfect degree of comfort. If your pillow is not gelling with your head, you’re in for a night of rough sleep. I finally felt like I found that sweet spot in the morning hours as the chilly morning air blew through my window, so at least I got about an hours worth of restful sleep.

So, I finally get myself up, and I throw on my newly made Star Wars workout pants. In realty, I call them my Rogue Squadron workout pants since they bare the Rebel Squadron insignia on the left thigh. Only seems appropriate. So, I threw on my newly made Capri pants along with a sports bra and t-shirt, quickly put my bed head into a ponytail, swiped on some deodorant, slipped on my walking shoes, and out the door I went. I also threw the Pirates of the Caribbean 3 soundtrack on my mp3 player so I had a story to listen to in my head as I walked.

Running by the water with this soundtrack blasting through your subconscious? Best morning ever!

Got to the park, and I just started walking at a good clip. I think I walked a total of 4 miles, which is pretty good and my calf muscles were feeling it by the end. I walked all along the lake, crossed the bridge, and decided I wanted to walk along the shoreline. Slipped off my shoes, through them in my bag and I made tracks in the sand. I switched up walking in the surf and in the harder packed sand right next to the surf. The water felt good at times, but turned my toes to mini icicles at other points, so it was a love-hate relationship. I found a spot on a log a little ways away from the wharf and just took in the lake. I didn’t realize how windy it was until I turned my face in the direction that I had come from. Yeah…I was greeted with a face full of sand. Good thing I had my sunglasses on.

Protect your peepers

Eventually, I looked at my phone and decided I better start the trek back or I wasn’t going to be home in time to eat and shower before heading in to work. Made my way back the same way I came. When I neared the wharf and where I needed to climb back up to reach the bridge, a large announcement came over the aerial bridges speakers. I figured they were warning people to get off the bridge because a ship was coming through, and I thought nothing of it. In fact, since iI thought a ship was passing through, I decided that was a good time to roll up my pant legs and wade into the water as far as I could, and see how long I could stand in the frigid water.

It was a tad chilly.

It didn’t last too long. Not even ten seconds. So, I stepped out of the water, climbed up the wharf wall, and started wiping my sandy feet off on the patch of grass right next to the wall. I even seated myself to put my shoes on.

Next thing I know, a woman on the bridge if wildly waving her arms in my direction. I could see her mouth moving, but couldn’t hear a word she was saying. I had my headphones in still! So, I pulled an ear bud out and shouted “What?!” to the woman.

“You might not want to sit there. There’s a black bear running around on the pier!”

And here he is…the infamous bear

Oh my God…what? Did I really hear her correctly? A black bear?

I quickly shouted a “Thank you!” in her direction, grabbed my shoes, and got my ass off the grassy patch. I took the time to put my shoes on once I reached the sidewalk, and then walked my way on to the bridge. I had since taken my earphones out at this point.

The woman wasn’t joking. Once I walked up the bridge and stood next to her, I looked to where she was pointing. Sure enough, a black bear was running back and forth across the pier. Now, how the hell this black bear got to be in this location? I have no freaking clue. I stood there with my mouth slightly gaping open (I hadn’t totally believed her when she shouted it at me the first time), and thanked her again for the warning. And, really, I should have been hugging her.

My jaw dropped. I came thisclose to being possibly mauled by a bear,

No more than five minutes later, after I’d joined the slightly growing crowd loaded with cameras on the bridge, the black bear ran right for the grassy spot where I had been sitting mere minutes beforehand. If I had still had my earphones in at that point, I wouldn’t have had a clue there was a black bear headed right for me until it was licking my ear. Someone from the Coast Guard shortly appeared after that since the bear’s chances of running up onto the bridge were pretty high. He started banging a stick against the concrete walls to make noise and scare it off. But, where did the bear run? Right down the beach, where I had been wading in the water not too long ago.

I stood there stunned. I had a run in with a goddamned black bear. A black bear! What are the freaking chances of that happening here, where I live, on a beach of all places?

“Young women especially having something invested in being nice people, and its only when you have children that you realize you’re not a nice person at all, but generally a selfish bully.”

The words of Fay Weldon, well-known for writing The Life and Loves of a She-Devil.

She-Devils, eh? Were you one, Ms. Wheldon?

Not sure why I posted this quote when my whole story here is about an unexpected run-in with a black bear, but there were lots of people immediately afterwards that wanted to know what the hell was going on. Why were people gathering with their cameras and snapping pictures? Of course, I answered all of their questions to the best of my abilities. Should I have? No! I should have told them to get the hell out of the area for a few hours and let the police and rangers do their jobs. There was a black bear running rampant on beaches where unknowing people were getting their tan on. Soon, their tanning time would be disrupted by a rampaging bear.

Let the creature be and let the humans do their job!

That bear was looking for something, too. This was no simply lost bear. The way it paced and climbed on things on that pier….it was eerie how close I came to a face-to-face encounter with it.

Anyways, that was my adult adventure for the day. All in the name of exercise, too! I’m just trying to be healthy here. But along with these early, summery days that have pushed me towards the sandy shores of the beaches here, there are a few other things that have made May wonderful and will continue to do so. I mean, we’re only halfway through the month anyhow!

– Graduation!

As if this needs explaining why I’m hyped about graduation in May.

– Memories of Friends New and Old

My nearest and dearest friends since the age of 5.

– Blossoms

I will make it to Washington DC one year to witness the bloomings myself.

– Mothers

She gave you the ultimate gift: Life.

– Swimming

Cannonball, anyone?

– Gardening

Smell the fresh earth…I know I sound like a real big hippie, don’t I?

My almost direct run-in just goes to show you always have to be on your toes and in tuning in to the Force around you.

Stay tuned in.

You never know where or when the day is going to take you.

Oh, Bilbo…

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