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The more the weekend approaches, the less able I seem to be able to focus.


I suppose the reality of graduation does that to a person. Who would have thought it? The sad part is that I’m not done yet. I can’t switch my brain off from this train of thought just quite yet. I have 35 pages of my screenplay. One more thorough proof and that will be done. I still have to finish my scenic design project, but that will be accomplished by tomorrow morning by noon. Fingers crossed anyways. Then, I just have to give a brief presentation on why I designed it the way I did and I am on the road. Not to anywhere in particular. I’m staying put for the summer anyways. It’s a nice thing to think, in case I start getting antsy.

I simply cannot wait to no longer have this homework cloud hanging over my head anymore. I know I’ll still take on projects of my own liking, but then I get to work on them at my leisure. I don’t have deadlines according to someone else’s lame schedule. That’s what will happen when I get a real job, I know that, but at the same time, thinking I will have absolute control over every second of my day is a heartwarming thought.

Just a lot of thoughts running through my head this evening.

The thoughts don’t stop.

One such project I have started finally? Making my very own pair of Star Wars work-out pants. Actually, they’re not even pants. They’re going to be capri’s once I’m done with them. I have this tendency to overheat when I’m working out, so ultimately, the less clothes I am wearing, the better. It’ll be better when I have my beach body in tip-top shape for the upcoming beach season. Don’t shake your head at me. I live on the beach when I’m not at work, so I need to look good. It’s calming, its relaxing, and it lets me get some much-needed (and enjoyable) reading done.

Cannot wait for this daily activity.

When’s the last time I was able to say I read something for my enjoyment? Oh, graduation, you bring me so much joy.

I sure hope our key-note speaker is a good one. If he is boring, I will not be able to stay awake for the whole ceremony. Otherwise, I’m going to be so interested in seeing you is all around me that I won’t even notice. Lots of caffeine will be ingested that morning for the sake of staying awake the entire 3 hours I’m supposed to simply sit and stare at someone’s face half an arena away.

It’s fun to think about the changes I’ve made in my life since coming to the Academy five years ago. I’m much more open to meeting new people, I’m way open about my nerdiness, I tend to kiss just about everyone when I’ve had a few too many drinks, and I can no longer live without a planner. Umm…when did this start happening? In high school, I remembered everything. Every deadline, every due date, just absolutely everything.

Keeping my life straight never seemed like a priority, but now…

Somewhere between 2007 and 2012, I lost a piece of my mind that helped me remember all that.

“I write down everything I want to remember. That way, instead of spending a lot of time trying to remember what it is I wrote down, I spend the time looking for the paper I wrote it down on.”

You have seen into my soul, Beryl Pfizer, one who is lauded for her one-liners.

I literally told my interviewer today that I am crazy. I explained my entire schedule to her and what’s like to live my every day life on a “common” day, and she just laughed and shook her head. How do you do it all, she asked, and I shrugged merely to say, I guess I’m crazy. Everyone told me I was crazy for taking on a BFA in theater and a BA in journalism. How will you divide your time between two majors that will demand your attention 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and every single week of your life until you are done with college?

Again, I’m crazy. Good thing the Force is a powerful ally.

As we near the end of my career at the Academy, a few words of wisdom never go underappreciated whether they come from friends, family members, a professor, or a random stranger I’ve met on the street and have heard two seconds of my newest upcoming chapter in my life.

So, with me acting as that (not so) random stranger, here are a few boosters to keep your going through the week. After all, it’s almost the weekend!

– Give yourself some credit. You deserve it!

I’ll take this green…but in real money. Deal?

– Joy is never far.

The color of the wind is always nearby…like the Force.

– You have the power to make good things happen.

Suck it up, Tony Stark. Use that money to make good things happen.

– Hope can get you through just about anything.

Rocky thought he couldn’t defeat Mr. T…and yet he did.

– Think you can’t do it? You’re wrong.

They did it with the odds very much against them.

– You’re ready for your dreams. Reach for them!

– Life has more ups than downs. Enjoy the ride!

Get on that ride and scream!

I know that last one is easier said than done, but it really is true. This past week has brought some pretty amazing days, and it all came down to the little thing that brightened my day. Finally using that gift card to get a free coffee, taking a walk by the lake, hearing someone utter as they pass about how pretty my hair looked, receiving a text from someone I didn’t expect to hear from anytime soon, eating a dessert that miraculously appeared out of nowhere because the kitchen accidentally made too many…

Nothing better than a free coffee.

It’s all about the little things.

It’s amazing what a new lip color can make you feel. If you’ve never experienced feeling like a new person because you found that new shade meant just for you? I suggest you get out there and look for it. It’s something small, but like I said, the smallest things often make the biggest differences.

Which one will be your color?

And write it down so you don’t forget!


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