Time for the Reflection Pool

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I’m so ready to jump out of my own skin.

I’ve complained about Monday’s a handful of times. They’ve never been kind to me, but yet, this has been one of the best days in recent months that I can’t stop myself from smiling. It’s just been a purely great day, and it would be ungrateful of me not to smile and thank the Force and higher forces for blessing me with such opportunities and great people in my life.

Perhaps I’m feeling reflective since I am five days away from walking in my own graduation ceremony. Yes, indeed. Five days. Kinda freaky if you ask me. Five years have gone by in the snap of my fingers. Seriously, it feels like it has gone by like a breeze, and I’m feeling appreciative of all the people I have met in those years. Whether they stayed my friend for years to follow, or if they were a buddy when we were in class together, if we dated or if we merely flirted, or if we made out like mad at that one party back in my sophomore year…however I met you, I’m thankful for knowing all these people.

Oh yeah. I’m bringing High School Musical in this.

Everyone walks into our lives for one reason or another. It’s not necessarily clear why they enter our lives when they do, but they enter it and leave it with a purpose. We are meant to know them when we know them. It’s up to us to figure out why we were blessed to have them in our lives, no matter how brief an encounter.

How’s that for deep Jedi wisdom?

Listen carefully when he teaches.

Honestly, I should be typing a cover letter right now, but I just don’t have the ambition. Even with it being a great day, it’s been a weird one.

Simply soared across the room.

My back was tweaking out when I woke up this morning, and I had to start my day with my Modern Dance final. I was practicing/warming up before class and my back was not having it with a particular move I had to do, and I was starting to freak out. Of all days my back wanted to be in bad shape, it had to be this morning. I sucked it up and made it through the entire routine, and it was fantastic. We’ve never danced it better!

But, a strange, but awesome, thing happened at the end of the final. One dancer was having some difficulty with her piece. I didn’t pry to ask what was wrong, but something was not jiving with her this morning. It’s not like her. She’s a phenomenal dancer, and she and I bonded a lot this semester, so it hurt my heart to see her struggling like this.

At the end of the final, she still had to perform her piece completely, so our professor took her outside,spoke with her for a few minutes, and when they returned, our professor announced she would dance the final piece with my friend. It was an incredibly sweet gesture, and reaffirmed every reason why I loved this particular professor. I will never forget the things she has taught me.

But here’s the part that got me going this morning. Our professor didn’t know the routine, but she danced with my friend and classmate, and it looked so beautiful. To top it off? The main lyric of the song is “By Your Side.”

The tears sprang into my eyes, and stayed far longer than they should have. All through my friends’ piece, through the group hug at the end of the class, and into the hallway where it all started to hit me. These people were huge pillars in my life, if even for a semester, and I couldn’t have imagined it without them. They embraced my nerdiness (I performed my midterm to a song from the Transformers 3 soundtrack. Let’s just say it was epic.)

Track #14 on the third score’s soundtrack. Listen to it and lose yourself.

Just all around a wonderful group of people. To make me feel better, I wasn’t the only one who started to cry.

But the biggest thing? I think it was the realization I no longer will have such a support group around me all the time. I will not always have these types of people around who will encourage me when I struggle, to catch me when I fall (metaphorically and literally) and I won’t have people who accept me in all my artistic endeavors quite like they did.

It was an amazing experience of feeling such an emotional response like that. Live in the moment. Feel what you feel, and let it be what it is.

Are you writing this down?

That’s Jedi Lesson #2 for the evening. I hope you’re taking notes.

But for all the great times, now reality is hitting. I will have loans to pay back in six months. Ahhh…the legacy of five years of wonderful stupidity and intellect. How’s that for an oxymoron?

“I had one stocked that dropped to the point whereΒ I owed them money.”

Wanda Sykes, the star of her own show, sure knows the hecticness and uncertainty of investing your money into something, be it a stock or an institution. Regardless, it’s a risk. Was it worth it? I don’t hold the answer to this quite yet. Probably won’t for several years.

Quite the funny lady.

We’ll see how quickly I get a job after college before I judge anything on my education πŸ™‚

Someone? Pretty please?

That’s enough for tonight. I hope you’re all doing well, and thank you for coming back to see what’s up. I know I’ve been slacking on updating my blog on a daily basis here, but there is a lot happening in my life right now, and I’m enjoying the ride. I’m almost ready to take that step into the rest of my life.

Soon, I’ll be seeing you from the other side.

No, I’m not dying. I’m entering the side of adulthood.

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