May the Fourth Remain With You

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I know, I know, I know….I’m the author of a blog dedicated to learning the ways of being a Jedi in this day and age. Yet…I neglected to make a post on my Jedi-based site on the most important day of the year for Jedi: Star Wars Day!

It’s belated, but still relevant.

Of course I was out celebrating. I embraced the night of the Force and let it take me where it would. Believe me, it took me to a few good and unsuspected places, and I ran into a few people I met randomly and thought I would never meet again. The Force works in mysterious ways, and will continue to work in mysterious ways. Keep listening to the gut is what I say. It took good care of me last night, and it’s a wonderful thing to tune into, but I’ll discuss that more in later postings to see what other things develop over the next couple of days.

5 bars, 3 hours, and 5 bands…we were on fire!

What a night! We hit five different bars in less than 3 hours, and I have never felt so connected to a city or to its wide array of strangers. At the same time, I ran into quite a few people who could be labeled as a freak. However, I’m not going to judge them on anything. New philosophy? No Judgment on anyone whatsoever! I’m serious. It’s so much better to embrace them for who and what they are instead.

This looks super nummy right now.

Anyways, I hit a milestone last night. I decided I didn’t want to worry about whether I looked beautiful or not every second I stood breathing and watching others in a corner. I especially didn’t want to have to worry about how I looked while eating my pizza I was ravenous for last night when we hit the fourth bar of the night. Pizza never tasted so delicious. Or water…when you’ve been drinking nothing but Blue Moons for the past 3 hours, all you want to do is drink some quality H2O, and boy, it tasted really, really good.

I really didn’t care about what I looked like, either. I actually simply wore a T-shirt, a zip-up hoodie, and jeans out. I didn’t need to look sexy while I was out gallivanting across the city in the wee hours of the night. I wanted my stable, trusty boots to get me from Point A to Point B. The night sky also decided to drizzle on us the entire evening, so I wanted a good to keep my head, for the most part, dry. My bangs did get wet, however, and they ended up curling like the stupid cowlick that it is, but I didn’t care. I was surrounded by homegrown, music loving city folk and I enjoyed every moment of it.

One day.

“Being a sex symbol is a lot of hard work, and requires a Spartan discipline. I work out, I don’t go to parties, I do not smoke or drink alcohol, I am vegetarian, and I am asleep by 10 p.m.”

The hardcore beauty’s life advice of Mallika Sherawat, a Bollywood beauty.

Beautiful, yes. But her description of beauty doesn’t necessarily produce great memories down the road.
Delicious on a hard day.

Honestly, I believe every single word she is speaking. In order to look well rested all the time, you actually have to be well rested all of the time. Half of beauty is not looking like a walking zombie every other hour of your waking life. It also means not having some of the greatest experiences of my life. I don’t condone massive amounts of drinking, but the occasional drink with your girl friends, the beer and the game with your guy friends, or even the I-Had-A-Shit-Day-And-Need-A-Buzz moments…if you never let alcohol be a part of your social life, you’ll never have those moments. As embarrassing as they are sometimes, everyone should have those too drunk moments that make them blush three or forty years down the road. If they make you laugh, they are worth noting.

Smoking is something I wouldn’t recommend. I was a smoker for a short time in my life, and I don’t ever want to return to that. It’s icky. You smell like smoke all the time, your teeth are yellow, and you’re cooking your lungs from the inside out. Um…not okay. Id rather cook my steaks than my own set of lungs.

Do your abs look like this?

Working out is admirable, but I don’t do it enough. I’d be even more of a babe and even more of a badass Jedi if I did work out more. My body is in good shape now, but it could be better than it is.

Parties….it all depends on the party and who is going to be there. Not every party is a rave, but not every party is tea time, either. Some of my best memories from the Academy will be the parties I went to and danced my ass off. Or drank so much I hated everything about the world the next morning, but you live and you learn.

The truth is every woman is beautiful, and what makes them this beautiful? The Force! (You had to suspect it was coming!) In honor of Star Wars Day, our Fabulous Friday (if a bit belated, excuse me for celebrating the Force yet again), is going to be dedicated to none other than the Star Wars theme itself. Here is what continues to inspire me about Star Wars each and every day of my Jedi life:

Fabulous Dress:

Flowy, colorful, loose, and beautiful.

Fabulous Easy Party Treat:

Stormtrooper Cheese Ball with Crackers!

Fabulous Polish Look:

I’m all over the green color.

Fabulous DIY:

Cute for summer and that Comic-Con Convention I want to go to.

Fabulous Fantasy:

Looking for me? I’m all ready for you.

Fabulous Underappreciated Female Lead:

Fabulous Kicks:

Naturally, they go with everything.

Fabulous Music for an Introduction:

Fabulous Inner Thought:

You’ve had this moment, too.

Fabulous Gift for a Jedi’s Dad:

Best children’s book ever written.

Fabulous Reality TV Show:

Fabulous Pick-Up Line:

Fabulous All-Time Movie Poster:

It doesn’t get much better than this.

I could go on and on with this Fabulous Friday, but I won’t. Star Wars is something that has been a part of my life since I can remember. ‘Empire’ was the first movie I can remember my mom putting into the VCR for me when I was a little kid when I couldn’t go run around outside on a rainy day. I was sunk from that moment on. In fact, all of my nerdy endeavors can be traced back to my mom. Whether this was her plan all along or not, I’m not too sure…but it worked regardless.

Here they come!

There is more music to be heard this evening, so I will catch up with you cool cats later.

Be safe out there, and groove to the beat pounding in your own chest from all that bass.

And yes, it literally does rock you.

The Mighty Ducks felt it. Do you?

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