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I should not be allowed in a store containing Star Wars items without adult supervision.

Greatly needed by moi.

Some sort of supervision anyways. I am unstoppable. I walked into the Hallmark store with every intention of looking for a Mother’s Day gift for, well duh, my mom, who will be up in a couple of weekends to watch me walk across the stage for my graduation. O.M.G. Five years later, it’s really happening!

This is only the start of all the cool things they offer. I own half of what is pictured.

Anyways, I walked into this Hallmark store to look for a present for a Mother’s Day gift, and what do I see before me? A whole shelf filled with Star Wars items that I had never seen before. There were new coffee mugs, picture frames with quotes, a notepad and pen, a buzzer that says Star Wars quotes (imagine an Easy button), large paperweights, and framed Star Wars murals. I found one especially fit for an upcoming graduate. It’s a mural of Luke looking off into the distance at the Twin Suns with the quote “You must follow your own path. No one can choose it for you.”

Yes. Perfect for a college graduate about to leave their sanctuary of academia and absolutely allowable dumbness. College will soon be over for me.

No more all-nighters for me (I hope!)

It’s really hard for me to believe. No longer will I have an excuse as to why I stay up all hours of the night , drink on a Tuesday night, or use student discount tickets on absolutely everything from sandwiches to oil changes. Sometimes, I even get things for free! Because I’m a student!

Hey, a discount is a discount.

I can only hope I continue to look like the picture on my student ID card. Then, I might be able to continue getting an extra 5 cents off the gas price every time I fill up.

Went to the good ol’ Barnes and Noble for the first time this month, and once again, I became a clique. I was sucked into the books on the table designed to attract college graduates. I bought a book with great quotes on stepping out on your own, and another on what to do with your life right after college. I’m trying to be as prepared as I can be. So I got to get reading and I need to start retaining information.

Advice much appreciated.

It’s the year of the Dragon, baby.

Submitted another job application today, and sent off my resume to a few contacts I’ve made over the past couple of days. I can only keep my fingers crossed and hope the advice I’ve been giving out to other students this year has paid off for me in the long run. I’m ready to step into the role of a Big Girl Job. I wouldn’t care if a company I really want to work for told me I’d be fetching coffee for 3 years before getting my hands on a real project. If I know I can get myself wedged in their, get my ideas heard, and in 3 years, know I’ll have a real position at the company, I’d be all over it. Clearly, I wouldn’t only be fetching coffee. I’d be doing other things, too, like answering the phone, calling clients, setting appointments, arranging meetings and being the face of the company. I make any company look good, and that is not me being arrogant. It’s me being honest about my good-looking face!

When I’ve had enough sleep, water, removed my make-up the night before, and a restful night (and not interrupted by text messages and late night phone calls), that is.

“I wouldn’t feel right wearing clothes covering  my body.”

For the first time I can recall in my short lifetime, I am in agreeance with Christina Aguilera, the sexpot of a songstress.

Sigh...before she went crazy.

Every day this past week, I have worn a dress that has shown off my legs. One reason? The sun is finally shining again and its brought warmth with its rays.

My legs, when dressed up the right way, are gorgeous and will only continue to get more gorgeous the more I play tennis. I looked a back at a photo from my 2nd oldest sister’s wedding when I had been playing tennis for a solid three years at that point, and was at the end of the season into play-offs. Naturally, I was in the best shape of the season. I look at those pictures and my legs are lean, mean, toned running machines.

I'm the one on the right...Just check out those calves!

They looked so good!

I want my legs to look like that once again. Which means I need to start running at least an hour a day, including sprints, and playing tennis up to 3 hours a day 6 days a week. Yeah…I probably can’t go that extreme given my schedule these days. Plus, I’d need to find a buddy to play with me. I doubt anyone, except a millionaire who doesn’t need to work at least 40 hours a week, would be able to play 3 hours a day.

This is an entire body workout.

To be honest, my body doesn’t move the way it did when I was 17 or 18. I’ve gotten slower, but I know I can get back to my prime in physical appearance. Hello crunches and sprinting!

I refuse to go on a diet. When it comes to my senior class at the Academy here, I am the only female who did not go on a diet. Guess what? I am still not on a diet. The other night, a bunch of us went to the Dining Center to eat lunch, and while everyone else grabbed their salads and green leafed sandwiches, I loaded a plate with French Fries, three loaded tacos, and a small salad on the side (to blend in.) All I can say is I ate to my heart’s content, and I did not gain a pound.

Best lunch side dish known to man.

I eat what I want when I want! It’s as simple as that. When I was full, I stopped. See? Easy.

When the world is ready to breath down your neck as if to say everything you’re doing is wrong, I want to remind you that you need to march to the beat of your own drummer, no matter the cost. Here are your Midweek Smiles to remind you just how awesome you are:

– Today will bring you a new reason to be happy.

Rediscovered my serve and aced the toughest competitor in class? Check.

– Be true to who you are: someone amazing!

Don't undervalue yourself and what you need.

– Determination is more powerful than doubt.

The X-Wing was well on its way out of the water when Luke gave up.

– Talk yourself into success, not out of it.

Frank Carroll always knew what to tell Michelle Kwan before she took the ice.

– Life doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

Their lives were nowhere near perfect, but they were pretty great.

– Set your dreams in motion. Believe!

Sometimes an aspiring actress has to clear a few dishes before getting her break.

– You will do great things. You already have.

Katniss doesn't know it yet, but she's set things in motion that will define a nation.

Never let anyone bring you down. They need your permission in order to do that. Don’t give it to anyone! Don’t give away the power you carry within yourself. The Force is there for you whenever you need. Open your ears, and simply, listen. It will speak to you.

Keep your heads up. The weekend is almost here.

I’m having a late night drink in celebration of welcoming the weekend a little earlier than usual. Until next time, my fellow Jedi.

Bottoms up, dearies.

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