Bound for Coruscant

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The weather gods continue to hate me.

They are devising a scheme up there. I just know it...

The one morning I was gung-ho enough to set my alarm and actually get myself out of bed in the name of nature appreciation and exercise, what does the weather decide to do? It decides to snow. In April! Again!

Freedom from the week!

Is it really too much to ask for the sunshine to hold out for an entire weekend instead of enticing us Friday afternoon when all of society is breaking free from the shackles of employment, bursting forth from the educational classroom, or finally letting their head rest easy from a hard week of mental functioning?

It must be. This has happened twice now, and both of those times? I was stuck behind a desk working and watching longingly out the window at the warm sunshine and the lucky souls who ran by on the lakewalk soaking up the sunshine. Each person who ran by, I became filled with a raging jealousy. My body needs the sunshine. Everyone’s body does. It’s the Vitamin D. It probably would help my mood situations a little more. My thoughts would be far less depressing if I could soak up the sun more than what is filtered through my car window as I drive to and fro with my business.

Everybody runs...

Other than hating the sudden oncoming of snow in the midst of what should be spring, I had a few thoughts. These thoughts have sprung up due to various things. Reading The Hunger Games, watching Minority Report last night (better than I remembered) and having an undying obsession with Star Wars and Lord of the Rings helps this current state of thought.

“We are living on this planet as if we have another one to go to.”

The words of Terry Swearingen, an eco-activist.

She's fighting for the one and only planet we have that inhabitable right now.

I wholly agree with her. Along with the fictional situations I have named above, real events have also influenced my train of thought. The constant battle with the Middle East and within our own borders concerning the depleting oil supply, rising gas prices, the need to preserve more natural land, putting and taking off names of animals from the Endangered Species list, the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico a few years back, the unusually warm temperatures happening everywhere, earthquakes in Virginia and Olklamhoma…I mean, what the hell is that? They’re not even on fault lines.

Anyways, have you ever read something like The Hunger Games or watched a movie like Star Wars and wondered if our society could end up like them?

They'd be everywhere.

When I read The Hunger Games, one thing that really struck me was how plausible I could see North America turning into these 12 Districts with economical specialties. But, beyond that, how one sector of people could come to have all the power while a majority of our country’s people struggle to make it from day-to-day. Constantly laboring for someone else’s benefit, and always being up the fear of being squashed the instant you step out of line. Using nuclear power as a threat and peacekeeping device. I can actually see this happening to our country in the not-so-distant future. I almost feel like its starting to happen now…like this whole ‘I am the 99%’ business.

He gave me downright chills in the film. *Shivers*

It’s a bit scary. You’ll understand my comparison a bit more if you’ve already read the books, but it’s still a frightening concept to me. It could really happen, our country turning upon itself. It happened once, and it was called the Civil War. Granted, they were warring over slavery (that’s the easy description of that war, anyways), but I could see the 99% trying to overthrow the government, or the Capitol, and our entire country just being thrown into a massive war. I would hope we wouldn’t end up having to throw our children into a Gladiator-esque ring to battle to the death as a reminder of the great loss of life for our way of living…but I can’t see into the future, so I guess we’ll wait and see.

To the death only to fight to the death again

A bit of a morbid thought, but what can you do?

At the same time, have you ever looked far further into the future and wondered if we’re headed into a Star Wars-esque way of living? Starship travel, thousands of planets filled with human and alien inhabitants. Is Earth destined to be an equal to Coruscant? Are we bound to be the city planet with hundreds of levels (and that’s only above the surface of the planet’s crust)? Will we communicate with holograms and comlinks and eventually duel with lightsabers and blasters?If this is indeed the future of  planet, not just our country, I hope to the high heavens I get to see if happen.

It's sort of pretty, if you forget the entire planet is like this.

I mean, come on! I want to see the invention of the first actual lightsaber, and be there for the construction of the Jedi Temple. Oh you know the Jedi are going to exist when society takes a turn towards this technological age. You just wish you were a proclaimed Jedi along with the rest of us.

No, Tupac is not back from the dead. It's a hologram.

Many of these things are entirely possible of happening to some degree. Did you attend Coachella this past week? I didn’t myself, but I heard enough about it go wonder where technology is going to take us next. The rapper Tupac performed via hologram at the concert. This guy has been dead for years now, and by no means has his following lessened any. It’s probably grown stronger, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make. The point is we have the ability to create performers, dead or alive, out of nothing. What does this mean for the entertainment business? We no longer will have actual performers aka dancers, singers, actors/actresses. They can all be replaced, and that’s a frightening concept for someone who is active in the performing arts.

Would you want to be replaced by a computer or a holographic image? I didn’t think so.

But enough of this serious talk. It’s the weekend, after all, and I’m ready for a great night out! A friend is in town to visit, and I couldn’t be more excited to see her and talk life with her.

Please don't stop the music!

With that in mind, I’m sure many of us will be hitting the bars this evening and there is sure to be lots of eye candy. Want to take him home for a night of pure fun, or possibly see it blossom into something more serious? First, you need to know how to flirt. Not just the obvious ways either. You, being the Modern Jedi that you are, want to be more coy than that. Be seductive in a mysterious, come-hither way.

Here are 12 ways to flirt without saying a word:

1.) Smile. For real. With teeth.

How could you not fall for a girl like this?

2.) Friend him on Facebook, obviously. You know you’re going to have your iPhone within an arms’ reach anyways (But don’t poke! Never poke. It’s creepy.)

Forbidden. Don't do it.

3.) Grab his arm during the scary part.

Make sure the movie is honestly scary, and not stupid scary.

4.) Hand him a copy of a book you think he’d like, with all your clever marginala scribbled inside.

All of my books are like this. I can't help myself.

5.) Dance! With him or not.

Show him your groove thang.

6.) Arm wrestle. Thumb war. Anything that gets you both a little competitive (and OK, holding hands.)

Whoever loses buys drinks later in the night.

7.) Just be really, really good at whatever it is you do — tamale making, number crunching, karaoke. He’ll notice.

I wouldn't recommend taking 12 shots of tequilla before taking the up the microphone.

8.) Touch him somewhere un-erogenous — wrist, elbow — but also unnecessary.

Touching him on the wrist or elbow will get you to this point.

9.) In your Netflix queue: French movies only.

Even better if you can repeat everything said in French.

10.) Invent a little gesture that says, “You. Here. Now.”

The 'come hither' stare...Get one.

11.) Nudge your dog to flirt with his dog.

Who can resist two puppies in love?

12.) New target? Repeat all of the above that worked!

Moving on to the next. It happens!

Hope these tips help. Feel free to use them on anyone…be it the new guy making eyes at you from across the dimly lit bar, or the adorable guy in the movie-postered cubicle next to yours that you’ve been eyeing up for months now. Just go for it.

Don't ignore the doofy, cute guy at work. He might be a firework outside of the office.

As always, be safe out there and watch each other’s backs.

It’s the weekend, baby. Anything can happen.


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