Still the Same By Any Other Name

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Jeremy Renner…how did you get to be such a sexy thing to look at?

And he's patriotic. How can I say no?

I am more than appreciating his screen time in The Hurt Locker as I type this to you. Add on top of that his performances in The Town and Mission Impossible 4, and the way the promo pictures look for the upcoming Avengers movie, and I am falling head over heels in love.

Quite a kick ass character

Have you ever seen his arms? Gorgeous. Utterly and fantastically gorgeous. I should use him as a work-out inspiration. Yeah, he may be a guy and I will never have the muscle definition like Renner has, but it certainly serves as inspiration. So does Keira Knightley as Guenivere and Jennifer Garner as Elecktra. I acknowledge that Elektra was semi-terrible movie, but her body in that movie? She worked out pretty hard for that film, and it paid off. Her body is an inspiration for me, and as a Jedi, I need to stay in the prime of my physical life. Always have to be ready to defend against an attack.

Rock that body, and no one will mess with you.

A weak mind is almost as bad as a weak body.

I had an interesting talk with a few of my coworkers, and I realized somewhere along the line, I had picked up the antic of hating new people I work with immediately. Not only that, but they have to work incredibly;y hard for me to not strongly dislike them and find them completely incompetent. We were talking about one such coworker, and it became clear to me that he never did anything to make me treat him like an idiot with no hands. We’ve actually gotten along much better since I’ve given him a chance. He’s not a bad kid to talk to when everyone else you’re working with is 30+ years older than both of us combined.

However, I don’t think this will be the case with another girl I work with. I’m not going to name names or even give her any sort of description other than she is somewhat new to my work place. Can I say total B-word? I am not without reason for saying this. Shortly after I first met her, I ran into her at a restaurant outside of our work place outside of work hours. I waved and said hello to her. You know, a friendly thing to do. She looked a little puzzled, so I reminded her that we had met a short while ago. Her reaction?


Bitch, please.

Then, she proceeded on her way. What the hell is that? “OH?”

Fast forward a week. We run into each other at work. We’re the only one in the hallway, passing each other in opposite directions. I again am the first to say hello to her. This time, she just keeps walking. Doesn’t acknowledge I said anything to her, doesn’t even smile as we pass. This happens again a few days later.

Now, I racked my brain for a good hour trying to figure out what I possibly could have done to piss her off in such a way to cause this sort of reaction. Did I say something offensive to her? Did I act in a bad way or make an inappropriate gesture to her?

I'm afraid it's going down. Hard.

The answer is no. I barely interact with the girl to begin with, and when I have, I’ve said nothing but nice things. Friendly, courteous things. Given the cold reactions she’s given me more than once, I’m done trying to be nice to her. She has to earn my respect now. It may be harsh on my end, but if she ignores me, I can ignore her right back. Which I do. It’s kind of fun, actually Especially when she’s trying so hard to impress a few of the men on the staff.

Now, isn't this just plain fun to watch? I think so...

Honey, we’ve all been there, we’ve all done that, and you are going to be no different. But, I’m sure going to enjoy watching you try to be different from any other girl at that place.

“I have been a bitch all my life and did not need the authority of money to be one.”

I love the way you think, Barbara Amiel, a muckraker of the news.

She knows how to get the scoop, and no one will get in her way, power or no power.

I also love the fact the a main reason behind this so-called coworker of mine  getting hired? A name and a lot of money.

There’s a lot that goes with getting called a B-word by someone. I admit, sometimes it’s utterly deserved. Other times, not so much. I get called it because I’m not willing to deal with the shit most think is acceptable in life, such as thinking woman should always take care of a man’s bitch work. Sorry. I have integrity and I know how I should be treated.

I deserve one of these weekly.

A Jedi has to stand up for herself. If that means pissing a lot of people off, so be it. I know how I deserve to be treated. Being treated like a personal servant hauling donkey isn’t an option. Not even remotely.

Given the week I’ve had, I’ve been searching for signs, for uplifting words, for anything to boost my mood the tiniest bit to make this week a touch more bearable. I know it’s late in the week, but everyone needs a little pick-me-up and its never a bad time for a pick-me-up.

– Make time for your dreams!

Hello, Hollywood!

– When it comes to success, you’re a natural.

Tom Cruise was a natural to the way of the samurai.

– You’re making progress.


– People love you for who you are. It’s time you did, too.

He killed the wrong man. She blew up her stepfather and her house. Yet, they found love. See? It's possible.

– Hope is more powerful than doubt.

There is always hope.

– Every day holds 1440 moments. It’s okay to spend some on you.

Alright by my standards.

– Nothing can hold you back now.

She's flying and embracing the world ahead of her.

Stick to your guns, Jedi. We are who we are, and if people want to make assumptions about us, that’s their prerogative. Be the best person you can be. Be you. Don’t change for anyone. We have standards for a reason,and if anyone ever tries to make us change those standards, they have issues of their own to look at.

I wouldn't recommend doing this for any man. But then again, I wasn't alive in the 1960s.

Stay strong, and Good Night.


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