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When the girls go out on the town, the girls go out on the toooooo-wn!

The only thing missing? Dancing on bar tops.

I had quite a rough night of recovery, and this morning was probably in the Top 10 worst hangovers of my short lifetime. You know you’re in for a rough start to the day when you manage to get yourself to the refrigerator, pour yourself a glass of water, gulp it down, and no less than five minutes later, you’re throwing up that same water.

It's supposed to the drink of life...and I threw it up. WTF?

That water was supposed to make me feel better, not go down and come straight back up. Although, exercising my stomach muscles like that really tired me out enough to let me sleep soundly for 45 more minutes before needing to get up and into the shower.

Why did I have to be plagued as a Thrower-Upper when it comes to hangovers? I’d take a headache, still being drunk in the morning, anything. Throwing up sucks. It hurts and it makes me sweat more than I normally do. The only benefit is how skinny i feel afterwards. I know what you’re all thinking, but the answer is no. I do not force myself to throw up in order to lose weight. I throw up to rid my body of toxins from the delicious liquids I drank the night before.

Although, I never feel this skinny...

I’m still trying to make sense of last night. I mean, WHOA! So many people, too many beers, too loud of music, and too many guys making googly eyes in my direction, Now, I like male attention as much as the next girl, but last night was all about hanging out with my friend and coworker whom I’ve never hung out with outside of work before. Those seem to be the nights guys can’t keep their paws to themselves.

Good thing I have a sharp tongue after a drink or two.

We could easily meet for coffee and discuss the problems of the universe.

At our first location, a lovely small place called Sir Ben’s (or Sir Benedict’s Tavern), I walked into the place myself, waiting for my coworker to meet up with me. I actually ran into a few coworkers from my other job, and I joined them for my first drink of the night. We were having a good time, I was introduced to a few new people, and eventually it was just me and another coworker of mine whom I would consider a good friend indirectly. I will admit I had a small crush on him for a while, but that’s all it was. A small crush. We talk, joke, give each other crap. He notices things about me when they change, like a hair cut or a new outfit. So, it’s nice…Anyways, we ended up sharing a couple of beers when my friend showed up, and by the time we left, I was feeling the buzz.

“All religions are the same: religion is basically guilt, with different holidays.”

Another take on religion from Cathy Ladman, her words directed to the mirthful manner born.

How could a face like that bash religion? Easily. She's a comedian.

So, I’m drinking away, laughing with my friend, and I meet up with a few other coworkers. The more I drink, the guiltier I feel. For one, I know what I’m like in the morning afterwards. I should have stopped after my third, but I kept drinking until #5. That’s when my coworkers friend got a little handsy, and I wasn’t feeling it anymore. I wanted to head home, and he went and bought me another beer. I took two sips, and said nope. I’m done. I need to get out of here.

Drink of choice!

Plus, I had to work in the morning!

Anyways, the more I started noticing how guys were acting, I felt guilty because I wasn’t into them. I wasn’t feeling their vibes, and it’s always those moments when flashbacks of your exboyfriend start. It’s those moments when I realize I’m still not fully over him. Which is to be expected. He was my first love. He’s not going to be out of my mind for a time to come.

Just unfortunate.

Like The Notebook says...

How can I move forward when he’s always there, flickering like a bad light bulb in the back of my mind. All. The. Freaking. Time.

Flick. Flick flick flick. Flick.

It’s a part of getting past a relationship, I know, but it could be easier. It really could be. Let it be, as the Beatles would say.

Sweet elixier...you will be mine. For freeeeeee!

So, that is a recap of my Saturday night and basically my entire Sunday, which consisted of recovery and work. The bright spot of my terribly hung over morning was that i won a $5.00 gift card to Caribou from a drawing at work. WHoo! Caffeine never tasted so good as when its free!

But as the weekend draws to a close, I wanted to share with you my Fabulous Friday finds. I promise these will start happening on Fridays rather than Sundays. They’re named Fabulous Fridays for a reason, you know.

Here they are:

Fabulous Giggle:

Fabulous Spring Flowers:

These make me happy 🙂

Fabulous Flirty Bikini:

By Bisou Bisou. I know i could pull this look off.

Fabulous Tabletop Idea:

This would be ideal for fall. So elegant looking.

Fabulous Foodie Find: Find the recipe here.

A tiramisu almost too beautiful to eat. Almost.

Fabulous Chart:

Fabulous Advice:

Fabulous Spring Outfit:

Don't tell me you don't love this!

Fabulous Princes Look:

A totally nautical look. Totally 2012.

Fabulous Sad Memory:

Fabulous Star Wars Cross-Over:

Star Wars takes over the Titanic!

Fabulous Dwight Moment:

Do I need another reason to fall in love with Dwight? Apparently I do.

Fabulous Rock Out:

Fabulous Thought Provoking Footage:

Fabulous Doctor Eye Candy:

Dr. Avery...I'd jump on him in the on-call room.

It’s thunderstorming here tonight, and it’s kind of nice to lay down and listen to the thunder rumble outside.

So have a wonderful evening, and keep your fingers crossed that I’m not bound to my apartment by two feet of snow in the morning.

Good night, and sweet dreams!

Careful. You might be a part of Inception. I'll be jealous if Leo shows up...

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