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Whenever I sit down to write, I need one thing and one thing only: comfy pants.

Hug every curve in your body and loving every minute of it.

Comfy pants. In case you didn’t know, I have a very makeshift desk. In fact, it’s a desktop for my lap. It has extendable legs that allow it to prop  itself up and not sit on the tops  of my thighs (which gets very hot very quickly.) And I sit on the floor. About 10 feet away from my front door. I’ve finally configured a huge body pillow up to lean just right up against the couch which usually is my uncomfortable back rest. I can now lean back and not hurt 2 seconds after doing it. I’m actually comfortable, except when I lean back I can’t reach my keyboard.

This is way better than the set-up Ii have going on currently.

So…yeah. Comfy pants are a necessity.

Maybe because the Easter season just happened, but there’s a topic on everyone’s mind and it’s religion.

What is it, exactly? Is it a set of personal beliefs that you have chosen for yourself for whatever reason you chose them? Are they beliefs fed to you from a formalized institutions, like the Catholic Church or the Temple or the Mosque? Do we believe these things because that’s what our parents tell us to believe, or society, or our very best friends? Is religion a fad, and we only care to follow when Hollywood takes a chance on showcasing it through millions of dollars?

Or is religion something we stumble upon by accident, and we just ‘know’ its meant for us?

I have no answer to this question. I didn’t even know what my personal religion was until recently. I’ve openly chosen to walk the path of a Jedi, but have I implemented every aspect of this religion into my daily life, but I’m trying. I really am. I’m thinking about the larger Force more times than not and at the most random times.

“I think it’s a problem that people are considered immoral if they’re not religious. That’s just not true. If you do something for a religious reason, you do it because you’ll be rewarded in an afterlife or in this world. That’s not quite as good as something you do for purely generous reasons.” 

Who said scientists can’t talk about the unknown, philosophical parts of life? These are the words of the Harvard hot-shot physicist Lisa Randall.

Brains and beliefs. A pretty great combination.

There is a book out there, which delves into the deeper thoughts behind the Jedi teachings, the wisdom of the masters, and what everything means within the all-consuming Force. The tragic part? I do not own this book. I should, and I will. Very soon. It’s stupid, really. Whenever I tell myself that I’m going to purchase what is probably considered the Jedi Bible, I always find something else to spend my money on. Like, high-heeled shoes. Or a new book, like the behind-the-scenes look on the (then) upcoming release of Titanic.

Every time I flip through this book, I smile.

You know, important stuff.

The Jedi do what they do because they want to help those who can’t help themselves. In any way possible, but most importantly, we want to save our race from injustice. By race, I mean human kind. Justice must be upheld, and if there isn’t anyone to stand for it, the ideal will be lost. The Jedi stand for goodness in the universe. We fight in defense, never in attack. We are keepers of the peace. That could mean helping a starving nation, or standing before an oncoming army whose sole purpose is to destroy anything that crosses their path.

Only in cases of defense do we act, or in the defense of those who cannot defend themselves.

I won’t stand for any of that. Hence, I am Jedi.

Everyone needs a zone out time.

When I was done with classes for the day, all I really wanted to do was go for a walk by the lake. A nice, long walk with nothing but music in my ears and the wind in my hair (yes, doesn’t this sound like a fairy tale?). But the sunshine was finally out, and I wanted to spend my time thanking the forces above for finally getting us some nice weather. It is spring, after all.

But, I couldn’t. Instead, I had to channel my energy into work and trying to keep my patience in check. I had to work with one of our coworkers who is…let’s just say, not all there in the head. She’s a bit unstable, and it’s never really clear when she’s going to burst. A volcano, that one. Another reason to be thankful? My shift wasn’t terribly long, so it was easy to grin through it all.

I’ve never fancied myself a designer of all things until this afternoon. Not until I was standing in the middle of the arts supply store asking for balsa wood, knowing exactly what I’m talking about, and not going away until I got what I was going for. Even better? Like, 20 minutes later, I’m hacking away at this wood with my Exact-o knife, ripping strips with my bare hands, and I’m just covered with wood chippings.

Wood shavings everywhere!

I never feel more like a woman than when I’m covered in wood shavings, let me tell you.

With the weather warming up, all I want to do is be outside and doing something. These are the days when I wish I actually loved running, and not just put up with it when I have to. I enjoy walking, and I intend on getting into nature hiking this summer when I have some free time. But before I seriously get into this, I need a pair of pants that are going to motivate me every time I slide into them.

Because of this, I have  my next project. I have a plain pair of black sweatpants, a patch for the Rebel Alliance, and a patch for the Jedi Order. These patches are going to be sewn to my sweatpants (which I bought for cheap…no need paying $40 for a pair of sweats I’m going to essential destroy a little bit anyways.) The next time I have a free evening, I will be seating myself on the floor with needle, thread, my sweatpants,and two patches, and making myself my very own special pair of work-out pants.

Actually, that’s the second thing I’ll be doing. The first? Clean my room so I have floor space to walk on. Yeah…it’s getting bad. The more hectic my final weeks at the Academy get, the less I see my bedroom floor.

Maybe get some reading done...

There’s no use in my attempting to apologize for my nerdiness. Come on…I’ve repeatedly told you I’m following the Jedi Path (a form of religion that didn’t exist ten years ago…we’re babies compared to any other religion already established!) and now I’m sewing my own pair of Star Wars battilion-ranking pants. Hey, it’s okay!

We all need a little glamour in our life.

With a little help from those living a more Glamorous life than I (at least for now), here are a few more things no one should feel embarrassed about. In fact, just throw up your hands and hear yourself say…

Hey, It’s okay…

1.)  …to own exactly one bathing suit that’s acceptable for photos.

I could pull this off.

2.) …to silently judge your office’s summer interns for wearing flip-flops.

These are always a no-no in any office...unless you work on a beach 24/7.

3.) … not to throw the flowers away until they’re near disintegration.

I have at least 3 bouquets like this around my apartment currently.

4.)  …to be age-inappropriately attracted to Alec Baldwin.

He actually looks a bit like Liam Hemsworth here via the Hunger Games.

5.) … to feel lame in a fedora or any of those other cool-girl hats.

My face is too round. Damn people who look good in everything!

6.)  …to eat ice cream while watching reality shows about weight loss. What? They can’t see you through the screen.

Does this not look delicious?

7.)  …if you still can’t forgive Tiger Woods.

I'd be making this face, too, if I knew the American public disliked me.

8.)  …to buy the entire outfit displayed on the mannequin. Isn’t that why it’s there?

Too bad it won't look as good on me as if does on that mannequin.

9.) …to catch sight of yourself in the mirror while passing, and think you look pretty damn gorgeous after a long day of work and play.

Take a moment or two to soak in the sight of yourself.

There’s no need to be ashamed. I’ve done everything stated above, and I don’t feel guilty about a damn thing. And why should I? There’s only so much time to live life, and if I want to eat ice cream, I’m going to eat ice  cream.

I want this immediately.

The weekend is almost here, so hold yourselves together, men and women, and we’ll get through this together.

Together now, and always.

Until next time, may the Force be with you.

Joey gets it. Why can't everyone?

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