Show Me Those Pearly Whites

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Three words: Biore pore strips.

Have you tried these things?

I finally lived a ‘cool girl’ 90s moment. That makes me unofficially a cool girl of the 1990s. It’s slightly overdue, but hey! Better late than never.

Do you remember those commercials? The girls walking around with these white strips across their noses, totally having a blast rocking out to some band like the Backstreet Boys on the radio in their all-too-perfect room for 16-year-olds. Then, 10 minutes later, you peel the strip off and stare at the gunk left on the strip. Like “Oh, my God. That is so disgusting. Here, look at mine. What does yours look like?” And then you compare nose strips to see who had the most clogged pores out of the bunch. Then you laugh and laugh, and probably fall onto the bed in a fit of giggles.

Right after the infamous face splashing, she's be all smiley and bright-eyed. Not like she just splashed water all over her face.

Biore…bringing teenage girls together with their blackheads.

Who said I couldn’t write advertisements? That is solid gold right there, and if I see a Biore commercial using those exact lines, I am going to sue them so hard. I came up with that all on my own, too. Pure genius. Or something like that.

(Okay, so this commercial isn’t for Biore nose strips. It’s for Clean and Clear Morning Burst, but it has the same idea. Girls are magically brought closer together through a facial cleansing experience!)

But, in all seriousness, I got up this morning and changed my whole routine. When I got out of the shower, it wasn’t just simply a quick combing out of the hair and throw in under the heat of a hair dryer. No. I took time to moisturize everything this morning. My face, my shoulders, my stomach, my legs, my elbows…evern the little space between your skill and your earlobe. Yeah, it’s been feeling a little dry there lately and I didn’t like it. I decided to try to fix it.

I need my body, including my skin, in tip-top shape.

Along with cleansing my nasal pores with Biore pore strips, I pranced round my apartment a little bit (that’s what the commercials show all the girls doing, so I wanted to join in. Don’t judge me.) and I pranced right on over to my stove, where I promptly filled my teapot with water. Not only was I taking time to take care of my skin and body, but I was also going to kick my caffeine habit and drink tea instead of coffee to kickstart my morning.

The steam is nice when waking the throat up in the morning. I will say that.

In retrospect, it has the worst long-term effects. I have been dragging since late afternoon, and I have what I believe to be an addict’s headache. A little something called withdrawal and it’s because of my lack of caffeine. I tried downing a small coffee cup full when I got to work, but that little thing couldn’t save my brain from pounding against my skull and hour later. I need my coffee IV, and I need it now!

While it was nice drinking my white tea with lemon this morning, and I do have to say, it must have given me quite the energy boost and contain unknown focusing capabilities. I have not played tennis that well since my class started. My partner and I went undefeated throughout the class period. It’s interesting playing with someone who has never played the game before, and I have. He just moves out the way, or stands in the same place the entire time the ball is in motion. Stop being flat-footed and move. I don’t mind doing on the work. I’m used to it. I played singles my entire tennis career. I’m used to relying on myself to get the shot where it needs to go and cover the court in its entirety. At one point I was taking on two of the better players in our class, and I was keeping up with them. A nice feeling knowing my tennis skills appear when I need them to…

Check out my A-game. It's here and it's not going anywhere.

… or I need to drink more white tea prior to class more often!

“The worst evil that you can do, psychologically, is laugh at yourself. That means spitting in your own face.”

I can’t bring myself to agree with the words of Ayn Rand, the self-respecting capitalist.

Deagrok loves this woman. After her words here, I don't think I can agree. The beauty of two different frames of mind, right?

For one, I tend to laugh at myself at least six times a day. That’s normal for me, and I don’t see it as spitting in my own face. It’s acknowledging that I have faults, I screwed up or did some plain stupid. Why shouldn’t I laugh at myself when I  accidentally trip going up a flight of stairs? I’m certainly not going to scold myself for not walking perfectly every second of my life.

As long as you didn't break your neck, this is usually pretty funny.

Or for those moments when I’m terribly tongue-tied. I’m going to laugh at myself because I usually end up saying something pretty stupid in the process. Even when it’s in front of an unbearably cute guy, when I get tongue-tied, it’s something to laugh about. It’s important to remind yourself in this way that you are not perfect. That you make mistakes like everyone else in the world. It reminds me that I am human, and even though I’m considered a grown-up, I have a lot of learning left to do. It’s important for a person to have humility. Humility is an important concept especially to the Jedi. If we start to believe we are an all-knowing, elite group of people, that only makes us arrogant and incapable of truly helping people.

Jedi Teaching for the win.

The Jedi’s task is to help as many people they can, even more so if they are being treated with injustice. If everyone took a turn for the worse, if they stopped laughing at themselves as a good-natured reminder that we can indeed act like fools, our society would be incapable of being helpful to one another. When broken down to the basics, we are the same. Two eyes, two ears, two hands, two feet, a nose, a mouth, a heartbeat.

Disney does have a nugget or two of wisdom laced through its brilliance.

We need to laugh at ourselves. I need to laugh at myself. I’m a funny person, and how can you not laugh at yourself when you consistently write ‘turd’ instead of ‘turf’ when it comes to writing about lacrosse?

On that note, I think it’s a good time to remind you that the downhill race for the weekend has begun. Here’s a little Wisdom for your Wednesday to help get your spirits soaring a little higher on take-off:

– You have the power to make good things happen.

Aragorn was the one who could bring light back to Middle Earth. He had the power, and he used it. Look at what happened? He became king.

– Past mistakes lead to future successes.

After a string of losses, the Mighty Ducks became the champions more than once.

– You’re better than good. You’re great!

She just had him draw her naked. Yeah, I'd say she's doing pretty darn great.

– Expect the best. You deserve nothing less.

I deserve someone who would be brave enough to say this to my face, and then still love me.

– You have so many reasons to be proud of yourself.

Less than a month, I'll be tossing my hat in the air.

– Dream bigger. Doubt smaller.

Perhaps I'm the next big movie star?

– Say yes to less stress.

If I could do this every other night, my anxiety would probably be way lower than it currently is.

At least one of those little tidbits made me smile. I’m hoping you felt the urge to smile, too.

Moments like these in our lives? Yeah, they're meant to be looked back on and laughed at. Especially at yourself...and your old fashion sense.

Forget what Ayn Rand believes. So you spilled coffee all over your desk. Look at it this way; I’m sure you executed some amazing ninja moves in attempting to catch the falling cup before its contents erupted all over your desk. Yeah, looking back at last weekend’s pictures, you did indeed look like you stuck your finger in a light socket. At least you can say you stepped outside the box and tried something new…which is something your friends can’t say for themselves. Now you know the look is a total flop for you. Looking at your recycling bin, you notice there are a lot of hard cider and beer bottle within it along with an empty carton of Ben and Jerry’s and an empty tray of Double-Stuffed Oreos keeping it company in the garbage. Probably not the smartest choice…but the words you ranted during the consumption of said food and beverage products? You probably needed that venting time.

See what I mean? It’s a good thing to look at the stupid things we’ve done, and make light of them. Otherwise we’d only end up hating ourselves more than we already do on a daily basis.

Never lose the smiles you wear, or stop yourself from laughing out loud.

My smile is in place. Always has been, always will be.

That’s a solid piece of advice right there, if I do say so myself.


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