Truth is a Matter of Perspective

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Why is everyone I know as of late starting off every conversation with ‘I got a job’?

Everyone is doing the shirtless Dean Portman victory dance.

I’m not just talking any old part-time crapper job here. I’m talking big girl jobs. Jobs I want. Jobs I should be getting my hands on. Jobs I am eligible for. Why am I not getting the job? Why don’t I have a job?


I'm after that Big Girl Job swagger.

I know everyone whom I love and trust has assured me the right one will come along for me. That my time will come. Right now, I should think about enjoying my remaining days at the Academy, that my experiences will speak for themselves, that anyone who rejects me would be stupid not to hire me.

Then why am I still here with empty arms?

Pulling all-nighters when I need to.

Knowing myself, I shouldn’t be freaking out about this quite yet. I’m only 23 years old. I shouldn’t have my entire life planned out. The plan never works anyhow. I had a plan for the Acadey.Look where that got me. Before you get your mind all jazzed up about me being the flunker student who drinks and gambles her way through life. That is not me at all. In fact, I’m the student whose friends look at my work and go, “What the hell did you go and do that for? Now I look bad!” I’m the overachiever, the late nighter, the obsessed coffee drinker, the worrier, the one who can be counted on to get the job done…I’m *that* Academy kid.

Can’t say I have a ton friends, but the ones I do have, get me. I was given the compliment the other day of being “full of drive, bright, and ready to take on anything. You can be counted upon.” Okay, so why aren’t these employers seeing this? I’m a good worker! Someone please hire me in a job I won’t want to shoot myself five times a week in the head the moment I step through the door.

This is not me begging. I promise!

Please? Anybody? Really, I am a good worker. Ask any of my references, they’ll tell you.

“I talk about the gods, I am an atheist. But I am an artist too, and therefore a liar. Distrust everything I say. I am telling the truth.”

This sort of backwards talk is exactly how I think employers think sometimes. Thank you, Ursula K. Le Guin, a book world bigwig, for putting the confusion on paper.

I probably wouldn't enjoy talking to her. Too confusing.

Do they want me to speak truthfully. I would mostly hope the answer is yes, but what if you fudge the truth a little bit. Not enough to make your words false, but embellish them a little bit to make yourself seem better than reality. Instead of being someone who answers the phone, can you be called an assistant, for example? You brainstorm the idea for each month’s bulletin board, design the idea, find the materials you need to construct said idea, execute the final plan, and see the project through until the end….could that be designated as an art director of some sort? At least an assistant art director since you’re most likely working underneath someone who needed to approve your idea in the first place?

My bulletin boards are far better.

I may embellish a little bit, but I never, ever condone lying. I will never tell an employer I held a position I never did. For one, it’s easy to get caught. I’ll figure out this job searching thing one of these days. One day, you will see me screaming through the page that I got the job, that I am now a full-time employee of some company. It’s going to happen, and fingers crossed for sooner rather than later.

Soon!! So soon!!

On a different note, it is Hour 12 of being on-campus, and I am not allowed to leave yet. I have an engagement in an hour, and cannot miss it. This coffee I just purchased is going to be my lifesaver. The minute I walk into my apartment, I plan on putting on the last few episodes of New Girl and passing out like no other.

I have a later morning tomorrow, but man. Monday was sort of rough on me, despite the unexpected turn of not having my modern dance class. That allowed me to go and make a spectacular purchase of the anniversary Titanic soundtrack collection. I cannot wait to rip into that casing. My older Titanic soundtrack’s were starting to get pretty beat up anyhow, so it came at an appropriate timing. Have you ever listened to James Horner’s work on this film? Absolutely astounding. He is the wings of my emotional spectrum with this score. I’m not kidding. You’ll travel from absolute elation, to gripping fear, to a falling out of hope, to regaining that hope. Uplifting would be the right word to say at this time. Uplifting. Seriously. Check it out, and I’m not just saying this because I am obsessed with this movie and everything about the actual event in history. It’s an incredible score.

This man speaks to my soul.

My eyes are starting to give out on me, and it’s not even close to my meeting time for my scheduled engagement. This could be a rough 1.5 hours coming up. Or the adrenaline of ‘Get This Done So You Can Go Home’ will kick in and get the job finished. it’s one of my strong points. Working under deadline. Employers have to love that, right?

Except, my notes for the day are stock full.

I have lots of homework coming up, too. I’m looking at my planner, wondering when I’m going to get all this stuff done. In the back of my head, though, I can hear the voice already telling me to calm down. I always get it done, and this time around won’t be any different. Pace myself. Get plenty of sleep. Drink lots of fluids (which I need to get better at), eat somewhat healthfully, and get some sleep. Also, to take a break every once in a while. I tend to get engrossed in a project to the point of shutting out the world, forgetting to eat, or ignoring the fact i need to use the restroom. It gets brutal.

But when you’re in the zone, you’re in the zone! It’s a wonderful feeling…until you come out of it and realize you’re starving, thirsty, and your bladder is on the verge of bursting.

My drug = a deadline.

Hopefully, your Monday was kinder to you than mine was to me. Granted, it could have been far worse than it was. However, along the same lines, the day isn’t over yet, so I should be watching my words. Carefully. But just in case things take a turn for the worse, here’s a little something that will maybe crack a smile across your lips, especially if you’re a dog person. Here we go:

Seven Signs You Need a Dog-Ervention:

1.) You Skype with him while you work.

Meant for human to human interaction.

2.) He has his own Facebook page.

Heeeeeeeere's Fido!

3.) The vet is #1 on your speed dial…your husband is #2.

Quick! I gotta tell Fido the good news....

4.) You bought a king-sized bed so he’d be more comfortable.

I want to crawl into this bed right now.

5.) You keep a photo of the two of you in a “Mommy and Me” frame.

Insert dog photo here.

6.) You ink his paw and make him “sigh” your holiday cards.

Barking with love....Missy.

7.) He drinks filtered water while you drink tap.

Since when do dogs get treated like children, anyway?

Alright, I got to focus here or the next 1.5 hours are going to be rougher than anyone would appreciate.

Case of the Mondays? Grow a beard like Jack Shepard.

Heads up, and forward march! A case of the Mondays is not going to claim me.

Not this day. This day I fight!

Best inspirational speech ever!

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