It Was the Ship of Dreams. It Really Was.

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I returned to Titanic, and I’m already wanting to go back a second time.

I went back, and want to go back again and again.

For this week, anyways.

Before I get too sidetracked, I’m hoping everyone had a fantastic Easter/Passover holiday! As promised to myself, I watched The Passion of the Christ, and as expected, I openly wept at a few places I knew would cause me to tear up the way I did.

It’s interesting the things you notice about a film after not viewing for so long. In my case, eight years. But, I’m also comparing my memories of the film, the anticipation of certain scenes, and then the actual scenes presented to me. Some things didn’t play out the way I remembered, but some scenes were also worse than I recalled. Example: the scourging scene. I knew it was bloody, but I didn’t remember it being that brutally bloody.

I cringed the entire scene, but I couldn't stop watching.

The scenes with Jesus’ mother Mary were also far more emotional for me than they were eight years ago. Every time she was onscreen, I felt my tears well up. I sort of understand why I reacted the way I did, but I’m not a mother presently. I wasn’t a mother eight years ago, so that part of my life hasn’t changed. So why the emotional connection out of the blue? I’m still trying to process that one.

How would you react if you had to watch your son be crucified on the cross?

But Titanic!!!

It gets to me every time, in more ways than one. The whole story of the Titanic just fascinates me!

Just as good as I remembered it, if not better. It’s soooo much better seeing it all play out on the big screen. The sinking of the Titanic has always gotten to me. The horror of the event, the fear of knowing there’s no escape, the awe of how something so beautiful could be destroyed by a huge chunk of ice.

Watching the sinking take place on a giant wall-sized screen…it’s a whole new experience. I don’t think I blinked the entire time the real action started. From the moment Captain Smith took his last breath until the stern of the ship went under, my eyes were wide open. The music pulled at my heartstrings in new ways, and trust me when I say I listen to the score a lot. I know Horner’s work with this film upside down and backwards.

James Horner at his finest.

The Irish party in 3rd class! I have never wanted to jump out of my viewing seat and dance around the theater as much as I wanted to when the bagpipes starting playing. A smile plastered itself across my face the entire scene. I felt like I was right there with Rose and Jack…dancing, drinking beer, laughing, and living in the moment of right now. I didn’t want that scene to end. It was a party in the theater, and I only wish I had an actual beer in my hand.

My foot started tapping without my telling it to.

The other night at work, after everyone had left, I allowed myself to watch a few scenes from the movie on YouTube, and maybe it’s my hormones at the moment, but I watched the flying scene and the ‘unable to stay unwilling to leave’ moment and I just…lost…oit. I don’t mean one glistening tear down my cheek. I’m talking full-blown, gasping for breath, wiping at my eyes with tissues, and pure anguished heartbeats wracking my body.

This scene made me realize I want to find love sooner rather than later.

It was terrible, and i have never been more thankful to be alone in a giant building.

“To awaken quite alone in a strange town, is one of the pleasantest sensations in the world.”

I find Freya Stark, a dame who roamed solo in the days when ladies didn’t, speaks the truth behind why I’m so in love with this film called Titanic.

A traveling lass had many tales.
A woman I understand more than people realize.

Whenever I watch it, I can escape from my real life. Rose Dewitt Bukator is a woman I find a large part of myself in. Constantly feeling stifled by the world she lives in, she just wants to break free and be who she needs to be. She wants to be loved for who she is, not forced into a role she wouldn’t choose for herself in the first place. Plus, she’s pretty, dresses über well, and has a sharp tongue, that makes people who really listen to her words, respect her.

If I wake up on the Titanic tonight in my dreams, I’ll be more than happy. Getting drawn sans clothing by Jack Dawson wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world either.

Other than getting lost in the world of Titanic once again, my Easter Sunday was simply awesome. Got up and went to church where I sung my heart out. I love mass on Easter Sunday. I’m not a religious person by any large-scale, but there’s something powerful about knowing the Lord has risen for us, for me.

All filled with goodies and chocolate!

Came home to a wonderful brunch and Easter basket hunt. I’m 23-years old and I’m still hunting for easter baskets. I love my life sometimes. I got the movie Footloose which I immediately popped into the player. I love that movie! It’s a day of fabulous movies all around! But now our apartment has more jelly beans, chocolate bunnies, cupcakes, and caramel rolls than we know what to do with. We’re set for our sugar fixes for the next month.

All in all, a great day. But, now for the moment I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for. What has been making my previous week all the more fabulous? Let me tell you all about my Fabulous Friday:

Fabulous Laugh:

Fabulous Spring Trend:

I’m in love with the one-shoulder look this season.

Fabulous Hair Trick:

To get great volume, flip your hair over and blow dry it upside down!

Fabulous Smile:

Does it get any more badass than this?

Fabulous Recipe:

Find a delicious recipe here for Sesame Shrimp Stir Fry!

Sesame shrimp stir fry. Easy to make and loaded with delicious taste.

Fabulous Advice:

Male race be warned....

Fabulous Motivation:

For those moments when you're lacking...

Fabulous Titanic Tribute:

So pretty, just like Rose herself.

Fabulous Whimsical Moment:

A callback to the swinging age of fabulousness.

Fabulous Classic Pieces:

50 pieces every woman needs in her closet at all times.

Fabulous Easter Decoration:

Stormtrooper egg. Enough said.

Fabulous Self-Realization:

Fabulous Glamour Shot:

Glamour never goes out of style

Fabulous Princess House:

Which princes palace would you cal your own?

A few more fabulous inspirations than you probably anticipated, but when it’s been a hellishly long week, I need all the inspirations I can get. Maybe this will strike a chord with you to get the week starting off right for you. I’m going to finish off my hard cider next to me, here at my makeshift desk, and then relax for the rest of the night. Maybe finish cleaning my room.

I may have another before calling it a night.


Have a pleasant evening, and may your dreams take you to a new, unknown place.

A bid good-night. Or is it?

Good night, and I’ll meet you at the clock.

You never know what could be waiting for you, if you open yourself to the chance.

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