It Doesn’t Look Any Bigger Than the Mauritania

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The day I have been waiting for has arrived. To anyone who already doesn’t know….Titanic 3D is officially in theaters across the country!

It's finally here!

Why am I so excited about this? It’s not just its a classic love story for all time, or that the actual historical accuracy of the real Titanic is mesmerizing to me (I’m secretly a history nerd.) But, this offers the chance to see one of my Top 10 favorite movies of all time once again on the big screen. How often do you get to do that? I’m going to answer for you and say, not often. This is a my Easter present from the heavens above, and I have written seeing the movie into my calendar. It’s happening one way or another.

I'll accept chocolate, too.

This movie has another powerful significance for me. Whenever i think about my first experience seeing this movie in the theaters, it reminds me I’m growing older and not younger. It opens my eyes to how much time has passed since then. Titanic came out 15 years ago. Let me repeat myself: 15 years ago. Originally came out in 1997, filming started in 1995, and here we are in 2012, and I still freaking love the movie and everything about it.

Who didn't want to dance to every Irish song after watching this movie?

The part that fascinates me the most is probably the intricate detail Cameron put into everything. The china is the same pattern as that used on the actual ship, the door frame that Rose floats on after the ship sinks is detailed like an actual piece of wreckage recovered from the water, the clothing of the Edwardian age, the glass dome over the first-class staircase, the davits for the lifeboats were constructed the same as the actual ones on the ship (the ones crew members were afraid would buckle under the weight of 70 women), the actors were trained in the mannerisms of the Edwardian age, the reason Old Rose has a Pomeranian dog as a pet because that was one of three dogs saved from the water that fateful night. There are so many other details and things I could write here, but I don’t want to overwhelm you with my geekdom.

The replicated everything, making the movie that much better.

But, seriously. You can’t help but appreciate the beauty of every shot Cameron took. This is one movie I wish had come out with every single scene instead of deleting them and instead of making them a special feature on the DVD or Blu-Ray. There are only two other movies I’ve ever felt this way about, and they deserve to be shown in their entirety. Like Titanic, they are epic masterpieces. They are Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings. Ever seen the extended versions of LOTR? If you haven’t, I order you to stop reading this blog and watch them right now.

The blooming romance between Faramir and Eowyn? So worth the extra 10 minutes!

Masterpieces. All of them.

Yes, she wore the Heart of the Ocean when performing at the Oscars. I would have, too.

Fun fact: Did you know Enya was originally asked to do the musical score for the film? But she ended up backing out for whatever reason, and then Cameron approached James Horner to pen the score. An even better fact is that Cameron originally did not want a song with lyrics to appear in the movie at all, especially during the end credits. Horner thought otherwise, and approached Celine Dion to create a demo tape of “My Heart Will Go On.” When they finished the demo, Horner played it for Cameron, and Cameron loved it the instant he heard it. ‘My Heart Will Go On’ would eventually continue to be nominated for Best Original Song in the following year’s Oscars and take home the trophy.

Isn’t that bizarre?!

Even more bizarre is that the studio wanted Matthew Mcconaughey to play Jack Dawson. Yes, you heard me right. Matthew Mcconaughey . The movie would not have been as good with him, I’m sorry to say. I personally don’t even think he’s that great of an actor. I doubt I’d have fallen for this love story if he had been in the lead male role. Plus, he just looks awkward and always talks in a Southern accent. You’re not from the south, Matthew!


It’s interesting how people mostly perceive him as a built hunk of man. I don’t find him particularly attractive in the slightest. But, I’m not everyone.

“The average person has one breast and one testicle.”

You have such sound judgement as a politician...or something.

The bizarre words of Dixie Lee Ray, a Democratic politician, on the danger of misinterpreting statistics. I have never heard of this politician, and there’s probably good reason why when she’s saying things like that.

Don't you just want to run your fingers through that hair?

Back on the Oscars side note here, looking back at the Academy Award nominations for 1997, there are some real shockers to who got nominated in the different categories back then. Of all the movies that happened to come out that year, Con Air starring Nicolas Cage and his sweaty, long hill-billy hair was nominated for not one, but two, Oscars in the categories of Best Original Song (“How Do I Live Without You?”) and Best Sound. Along with that, Air Force One, starring Harrison Ford as the President of the United States and Gary Oldman as the Russian Terrorist Leader, was nominated for Best Editing. This seriously blows my mind! These movies were by no means fantastic. Okay, to be honest, they were, but in a It’s-So-Bad-It’s Good sort of way. My mind is blown.

Along those lines, Anastasia (one of the few really great animated movies about a princess not made by Disney or Dreamworks) was also nominated for Best Original Song that year (“Journey to the Past”). They also had a category back then for Best Original Comedy/Musical Score, and it also received a nomination there, but lost out to The Full Monty.

One pretty great soundtrack. Check it out!

How Kate Winslet lost out on the Best Actress Oscar to Helen Hunt, I will never understand. How she lost out with any of her roles prior to The Reader is beyond me. I personally think she should have won for Revolutionary Road when she did take home the gold. That movie and her character left me spinning for days, weeks even. Just astounding. There’s a reason I love her as a person and an actress, and for right now, I’ll chalk it up to her purely being awesome.

Love the curves and her.

If you’ve made it through my girlish Titanic ravings to get to this point, you’ve probably noted I don’t seem as downtrodden as yesterday. Your observation would be correct. Things are looking a bit shinier than 24 hours ago, but I’ve only started to climb the mountain. The fact that Titanic came out was a real dealmaker for me. I need to lose myself in a movie, and considering the only copy my household owns right now is in the form of a VHS and our household doesn’t own a VHS player, I’m looking forward to seeing it on the gigantic screen.

To help brighten the day and to remind you we’re heading downhill in the course of the week’s workload, here are my Wednesday Wisdom’s:

– You deserve the best.

Since we're on the Titanic kick, wear the best dinner dress you can find. My pick? Rose's dinner dress.

– Dreams, determination, and hope = success!

Dream job!

– Take that first step and before you know it, you’ll be on your way.

Show that runway what you're made of.

– You’re someone special.

Tonight, the candle burns for you.

– Worry less. Celebrate more!

Jump up and down. Summer is on its way!

– Give your day and someone else’s an instant makeover. Smile!

This will always brighten my day.

– Better than ever. That’s what you are.

It's always a good time to be a little more fabulous.

I hope those add a sparkle to your day. Each and every one of them is true. You have a sparkle in you no one can take, so let is shine on.

Now, get out there and see one of the greatest romance stories of all time at a theater near you!

To making it count.

I’m ready to return to Titanic. Are you?

I'll never let go. I promise.

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