Rumor Has It

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Oh, how I love spending 12 hours straight on-campus! It’s like I have a job or something!

At some point, I'm sure my campus looks like this.

Yeah…a job that doesn’t pay. At all. All work and no pay makes Jill a dull girl. Don’t the Academies know this by now? It really should be the other way around…university systems paying the students to learn. You know how much enrollment would go up, and how our levels of intelligence would rise? We would finally have an incentive to learn and retain all this information!

I really should run for president. Or Chancellor.

I wouldn't fall to the Dark Side, that's for sure.

Some position of power would really suit me well. Have I mentioned this before? If I had to hold a political office, it would be the position and title of first lady. Look at how much influence she can have over a nation. Take Michelle Obama for instance. Incredibly influential with the Fuel Up to Play 60 initiative. She’s been a brick the idea of professional women and how they dress to impress for the office. She’s shown a woman can be real and get her hands dirty in the garden (literally.) She’s proved two people can lead incredibly hectic lives, but still make time for the love of her life and her family.

The epitome of grace, style, and political influence.

She can be stylish, intelligent, and respected because she is a woman. The position of first lady isn’t just about planning dinner parties, the interior decorating of the White House, or on how to greet guests properly when they visit from foreign nations. She’s an icon, and only the smart ones know how to capitalize on it.

“Say anything about me, dahling, as long as it isn’t boring.”

True words for those of us who crave the spotlight. Am I right, Tallulah Bankhead, an over-the-top temptress herself?

As long as they're talking, she will never be forgotten.

To be perfectly honest, my stomach turns into a mess of knots when someone turns to me and says casually, “Oh, we were talking about you the other day” or “Someone mentioned you and said some pretty interesting things.”

Um, okay? Do share and tell.

I don’t mind it when the things mentioned are good things. But if someone is just downright trash talking me, just let it go. I don’t want to hear about it, and indirectly, have my opinion changed about the offending speaker. The only time you should inform me of such bullshit is if you are a near and dear friend to me. Then, it’s your job to tell them to shut the hell up, and if they won’t, punch them in the face. That’s what real friends do.

When a friend is threatened, especially a good friend, this is how you should react if you were in the body of a dog. Except, as a human, in our cases.

I ran into an instance once Β where someone I thought was a decent friend, not a true blue, but someone I could talk to about my daily annoyances and receive some sympathy. That probably was true…until he/she wasn’t cast in my show. Then the rumors about me really started to fly. I knew who my real friends were because they approached me directly about them. Funny how those things work out.

It was really fun, too, when he/she knew I was aware of their spreading lies. Those were some awesome confrontations when we were in the room alone together.

Do you really think no one is going to find out about who started the rumor?

That’s the way to do things…go straight to the source. Better than believing some half-true crock of lies and made-up facts.

Other than that, I don’t have much to say about my adventures on this day. In case you haven’t noticed, we are not fully into the month of April, and last night was our first official thunderstorm of the year. I love falling asleep to thunder. It’s super soothing to me.

A stirring of awesome

Yet again, I’m under the impression that I have some form of self-induced anxiety. My body and mind are tired, but yet, when I lay down, my eyes do not shut. Instead, my mind screams to go pick up a book, a magazine, or write down that idea you had before shutting your peepers because it will be gone in the morning. Why not pop in that movie you’ve watched a million times? That might help you fall asleep!

Enter at your own will, Mr. Sandman. I could use a hand.

HA! Not in the least. It takes me popping two Benadryl to get my eyes to shut down. In fact, I should probably pop my nightly does now so I can be asleep before 1:00 am. Or I could stay up, finish ‘Get Smart’, and eat a cookie or three from the batch I baked earlier this evening. Still fresh and gooey, just the way I like it.

The gooier, the better! With a glass of ice-cold milk.

Like I stated earlier, I’m simply beat tonight. It didn’t help that my cup of coffee I made to get me through the day ended up being totally crap-tastic. Meaning, it was not so good. I usually make a great cup of coffee, but something was off this time around and I’m paying for the lack of caffeine.

Good night, fellow Jedi. I’ll have more exciting news next time around. I promise.

Escape in your mind to that place far, far way.

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