Storm’s Coming…

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The next time I am in a professional interview and the question of “What is your greatest weakness?” comes up, I know exactly what I’m going to respond with: Procrastination.

Three of you to impress? Bring on the questions.

I’ve semi finished my homework for the evening, and that’s the way it’s going to stay. Semi finished. At least it’s not entirely due tomorrow.

Yeah…figure that one out on your own.

“Really, there is very little temptation to be moral in this world.” 

Holy mother of all that is holy…Geraldine Endsor Jewsbury, a student of human nature, has hit is right on the head of the nail!

Despite being around before photography was invented, she human tendency pegged.

Given the crap I’ve had to wade through the past couple of days, it’s amazing I haven’t taken a turn or two to the dark side. First off, I have never felt so disrespected by an employer as I have in the past 48 hours. I basically had my job threatened because I was putting my student priorities before the company’s needs. I’m sorry…since when did I say I was ready to sell my soul to your company? I don’t believe I signed anything, and when you interviewed me for the job, I told you I was a student, and on top of that, a theater student.

How many times do I have to tell people theater majors do not have lives outside of rehearsals, classes, and constantly working on projects connected to these rehearsals or classes?

And when we’re not in any of the above activities, we try to work so we have money to do things like eat and be warm.

Here’s the best part: We’ll choose rehearsal over a work shift, so we may not end up eating for a week anyways. Yeah, I know. We’re a screwed up bunch. We’re not doing art if we’re not suffering. I’m suffering right now for my art…I’m staying up past midnight when I’m really tired. Right? Go to bed, weirdo!

Anyways, I’ve never wanted to tell off a supervisor so badly in my life. Don’t threaten my job like that, otherwise, guess what? I’m going to quit, and I’m going to bad mouth your company to everyone I know because I was treated terribly. I may only have one mouth to spread these terrible comments about you, but I talk a lot and I’m overly loud. So, let this be your warning, because people will hear me.

One more stupid move on their part and I will be shouting this at the top of my lungs!

It’s hard to keep your moral guard up when there’s free beer and wine flowing. That was the basic premise of my Friday evening. My boss gave me his tickets to an event called Taste of Fitgers, and it was a charity event  where food and beverages vendors from around the city come and offer up a taste of a new or popular dish. This one vendor served up a cup of coffee custard, and let me tell you…AH-mazing. I could have stayed by that table all night long.

Literally, worthy of immoral actions. I'm not even joking.

Every kind of beer you could want, every type of wine, and food galore. If I committed any sins on that evening, it was gluttony. I ate too much and too often and I just couldn’t stop. The  best part? I was eating and drinking for free. A reward for all my hard work of putting in 30 hours a week working the phone at my front desk gig. Oh yeah…I earned the night of free-flowing booze.

We even had these fancy plates that had a spot for you to place your glass in, so you could still eat without the need of holing on to your glass the entire time. Ingenious!

Wouldn't you want to sip wine out of these too?

There was a chef from the table hosting food from a restaurant called Belliso’s. I have my own fond memories of the place, but this chef caught my eye. We caught each other’s gaze across the crowded hallway, and he flipped a pan full of pasta completely without looking. He was looking at me the entire time. If there wasn’t a hallway full of people at that moment….I had three glasses of wine in me. I’ll let you imaginations take you down the immoral road I’m going down with this.

He had such style, that pasta flipping chef!

It was a nice change to hang out with my sister on a Friday night, too, instead of behind a desk, listening to everyone’s fabulous plans for the weekend. I later found out I left work at the right time, too. Apparently it was incredibly busy and one table in particular didn’t get their food until 10:30 pm. Whatever, I was buzzing and happy ast that point in time.

I probably wanted a pizza or a Big Mac or something.

But, speaking of fabulous, want to know what made my week all the better, leading up to my Fabulous Friday? Here they are:

Fabulous Quote: “Don’t be afraid to scare yourself when you sit down to work” – Hans Zimmer

I would have his love child.

Fabulous Red Carpet Look:

Seriously...Kate Winslet makes everything look great.

Fabulous Combination:

Worn leather over a dress adds a tough edge to any dress.

Fabulous Weather Predictor:

When you pour the coffee into your cup, watch the bubbles. If the bubbles move to the edge of the cup rather quickly, that's a good sign. Expect clear skies for the next 12 hours. If the bubbles hang around in the center of the cup, get out your rain gear. You can expect rain in 12 hours. If the bubbles slowly move to the edge of the cup, you may get a bit of weather, but it should be clearing in a few hours. If you've managed to make a cup without bubbles, flop a spoonful of coffee back into your cup and make some more bubbles.

Fabulous Hunger Games Spoof:

If the Hunger Games turned into a horror film...

Fabulous Recipe: Cinnamin French Toast in a cup! Find the recipe here 

Just plain yummy and all in the size of a coffee cup!

Fabulous Star Wars Non-Movie Story Line:

Fabulous Manicure:

Clean and Classy...always a good choice.

Fabulous Sound:

Thunderstorms are soothing to me for some strange reason.

Fabulous Laugh: The best part about this? He’s actually a very talented singer! So…what is this? I have no idea. Just watch and enjoy 🙂

The best thing just happened. The first thunderstorm of the year has started. I’m currently listening to the rain falling on the pavement right now. Falling asleep to thunder has to be one of the most soothing things ever…when it’s a soft rumbling noise, that is. Not when it sounds like your house is going to split in half or like God is throwing asteroids at large buildings around my sleeping spot. Those nights can be pretty scary.

Maybe the end of the world really is coming. Although, I read on CNN or New York Times, or somewhere, that the Mayan calendar didn’t take Leap Years into consideration because the concept of the leap year wasn’t invented yet. So, technically, id the world was going to end, it would have some 80 days ago.

I think the Mayans were smoking some good hookah back in the day...

Think about that!

Alright, everyone. It’s past my bedtime. Even though it’s a hard world to be moral in these days, try to keep it together. I know it’s hard. I’ve been in those moments. I won’t say I haven’t enjoyed every single one of them…those immoral moments in my history. I’ll have to deal with them at some point, if I haven’t already.

Beyonce...what are you doing?!

Consequences: They exist.

Good luck with surviving your Monday mornings. We’re all going to need it.

Prepping the coffee IV now...

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