I’m a Little Rough Around the Edges

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It’s amazing the looks one gets when they wear sweats in public.

How many times have you seen this? Probably too often and without good reason.

It’s amazing how they accrue even more stares by bearing the gender of a woman.

Yeah, that’s right. I wore my sweats in public for the last 12 hours, and I had perfectly good reasons. I played an hour of doubles tennis and then danced for an 1.5 hours in a tiny, hot dance studio. Sweat was dripping off my temple. How’s that for a pretty picture?

Only Nadal can make dripping with sweat look this sexy.

When I planned on sitting in the library for the next 3 hours after that, I really didn’t care that I would still be in my dance pants. In fact, it was far more cooling on my body than sliding back into my jeans. But man, did I get some dirty looks from people. Actually, I should fix that statement. I got some dirty looks from women. Women, specifically, wearing these things called leggings as pants.

No one wants to look at that. Ever. EVER!

This could be a really interesting argument to have. Why are sweatpants better than leggings? Oh, let me count the ways. But, in the fear of seriously pissing off anyone reading this, I’m not going to go too far into detail. Yet. (Come on…I’ve seriously insulted my ex-boyfriends on here…Do you really think I fear the wrath of girls who think leggings are sexy?)

Let’s be real here…only about 1% of the entire world’s population can actually make leggings look good. Those are the girls who have on hips, no thighs, no boobs, and definitely no excess fat anywhere on their bodies.

To the ladies giving me the stink eye because I was walking around in cotton, tie waistband dance capris: None of you were a part of that 1%. Many of you had hips, butts, and thighs. Be proud of those things! Shake what your momma gave you. However, don’t be insulted when I give you an equally stinky eye because I can see your ass crack through your leggings. My cotton sweats do not show off my ass crack. In fact, they actually flatter and streamline my thigh’s shape.

The ultimate face of disapproval.

There’s our difference. Thank you, and good night!

Ah, but not really. I had a breakthrough this morning, and it all came down to tennis. I forgot how incredibly happy playing tennis makes me! How knowing my strength is what makes the game happen, to see a direct result of my efforts, and to know that my aggression on the court is actually attractive to others (ahem, guys) on that court.

It's an exaggeration of my feelings this morning, but this captures it pretty well.

I actually had a long conversation with a very cute boy in my tennis class because we were nailing each other with our serves. He had a few tricks up his sleeve while I had brute force behind my serving. So totally cute. I knew my tennis skills would come in handy.

The main point here is how much happier I felt following my hour of tennis. My endorphin levels just flew through the roof. Being noticed by a cute boy in class probably didn’t hurt matters any.

“Never trust a woman who doesn’t have an instant hormonal response to diamonds.”

Hard core words of truth from Kate Reardon, a fierce fashionista who had a word or two about diamonds herself.

How many diamonds have wooed her? We may never know.

When my ex and I were together and in love (wow…taht seems so long ago), no matter how mad I got at him at times, if he had ever whipped out a diamond bracelet or necklace or earrings, I would have made love to him right then and there. I’m serious. It didn’t even have to be a giant rock of a diamond. I’m not looking for the Heart of the Ocean diamond here. Just a glimmer of a sparkle of a dusting would have gotten my won over in a heartbeat.

If a guy gave me this? I'm all his. All. His. Completely.

It may sound petty, but any man who gives his girl any fragment of a diamond, he means business…and he’d give a diamond when he loves you. For real.

At least that’s what I’m going to keep telling myself πŸ™‚

As promised, it’s time to deliver my Fabulous Fridays. Again, I apologize for delivering my Friday inspirations on a Monday. But everyone hates Mondays, so why not make it a little brighter by reminding you about the Fabulous-ness that was Friday?

Here they are:

Fabulous Party Idea:

Premix alcoholic beverages and put them in jars. Seal them tight, keep them on ice, and let guests grab and go as they please. This way, you won't have to waste precious party time mixing drinks for them. More time to enjoy yourself!

Fabulous Vintage Moment:

How awesome would this be for wall art?

Fabulous Magazine Cover:

Strong, sexy, and beautiful. My new heroine.

Fabulous Reaction to 1st Time Reading the Hunger Games:

Check out this blog and if you’ve already read the Hunger Games, you’ll enjoy her reaction as much as I did.


Fabulous Quote:

Fabulous Use of Paint:

I've always been a fan of bold color put in strategic spots in a home.

Fabulous Party Decor:

Corset vases. Just adorable.

Fabulous Convenience:

I would never have to lose a thought in the shower again.

Fabulous Daydream:

Jamaica is sounding lovelier and lovelier every single time I hear about it.

Fabulous Hunger Games Inspired Cocktail (find recipe here):

This is called the Nightlock Nemesis. It would have served Katniss very well.

Fabulous Laugh:

I hope these have helped brighten the start of your week, and maybe inspired a little burst of flame inside you, too. Happy Monday, and may the odds be ever in your favor … for the remainder of this week, at least.

Can’t make life too easy on you. Where’s the fun in that?

Keep punching. We've beaten Mondays before, we'll do it again.

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