Not Everyone Can be a Dancing Queen

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It will be a morning for recovery.

I should have gotten up early to meditate by the lake.

Not only from the number of drinks I had, but my muscles need a small break from movement and my throat is so sore, I just need a giant cup of tea with lots and lots of lemon. I have an 8-hour shift ahead of me…where I have to answer the phone. Yeah, I need my voice.

Calming the throat is the first of many battles this fine morning.

So, what’s up with my that once again I skipped Fabulous Friday? (and it’s coming this weekend, no worries.)

I attended a wedding with a friend last night. Of this wedding party, I did not know a single person. How about that? I almost felt like a Wedding Crasher. Ha, almost.

Yeah...I channeled my inner Rachel McAdams.

While I didn’t know either the bride or the groom, I did know an usher and he is the one I went to the wedding with. You know what? It was a blast! I spent the afternoon taking my time getting ready once classes were done for the day.

The whole evening reeked of elegance, and I absolutely loved it. My “date”  came and picked me up from my front door. Like, he actually came to the front door of my apartment building and rang the buzzer so I would know he was there. He opened the car door for me, he let me pick the music in the car, he offered an arm for me when we got to the reception. He bought me my first drink of the evening (a cucumber press! I don’t normally have these, but this one had pineapple juice added to its concoction. Is this normal for this type of drink? Since I normally don’t drink it, I don’t know!)

Delicious and refreshing.

I even got to ‘check’ my coat. I have never ‘checked’ my  coat before. How fancy-schmancy was I?

Check your coat? Oh, please do!

He pulled out the chair for me when it was time to eat dinner. Let me tell you, I felt so classy as I sat with my cucumber press and tossed around my hair a little bit. Oh yea, I was that girl at the wedding. Hell, I didn’t know anybody at this wedding other than my “date” so I really didn’t care what anyone else thought about me.

I did get a thumbs up from one of the groomsmen when I went to refill my drink at the bar. From a groomsmen. Granted, I know when I slid into my dress, it did highlight my waist, which has shrunk considerably in the last couple of months. It definitely felt smaller after my huge bloating episode the previous day when I pretty much fell off the face of the earth in calories.

I’m going through a funk. Why, why, why? I have no idea. But, i pushed myself through for a night…and getting all fancy for a night may have been the cure for a small period of time.

You know you have a great party dress when your skirt twirls out fully when dancing!

Anyways, my dress was perfect for dancing and flowing around my hips in all the best ways. It also felt great against shaved legs. This may be gross to reveal to you, but I haven’t shaved in a few months. Feeling silk against my bare thighs is a rush of its own kind.

I even broke out my Kate Middleton engagement ring. Yeah, I’m one of those people who bought a replica of the royal engagement ring. I only break it out on special occasions. Weddings celebrations count in the category of ‘special occasions.’ Since I broke it out last night, and I remembered how beautiful the ring is, I may just keep it out all weekend long.

Oh yeah, rocking a giant, dazzling blue stone!'s gorgeous.

I should probably explain why I keep calling him my “date.” The guy is only my friend. We are not dating, we have never gone on a date or two. We’ve only gone out in group settings. On one such outing with friends, where I first met him actually, I ran into my ex-boyfriend and had a small mental breakdown. Yeah…most definetly the way you want to make a first impression on people. Mental freak-outs and break-downs. I’m such a winner!


Anyways, someone actually broached the subject of whether I was his girlfriend or not, and I had to shake my head. I wasn’t at the wedding to be someone’s date. I came merely as a +1. It may be harsh to say that out loud, but I did not go to this wedding to possibly find a boyfriend,  have a boyfriend by the end of the night, or let my “date” know I’m interested in him in that way. We’re friends.

Although, I think he had other thoughts. I always caught him looking at me in certain ways, and I had to dance my way out of it. I’m a really good dancer with life’s problems. How else could I still be standing here if I wasn’t? I know I looked really good last night, but no one should be looking at their +1 that way…especially when it was stated early on I wasn’t going as a date. I was going to keep him company.

Not saying it wasn’t fun. We danced and had a good time. All the songs we requested were played…probably because only a group of 8 people stayed out on the dance floor for the last 2 hours we were there. A couple slow dances, a dance contest (where we placed last…HAHAHA! and our reward was a purple glow stick. I’ll take it!) and I actually sat out of the Electric Slide. What type of person sits out the Electric Slide?

I can teach you the electric sliiiiiide!

I may have sat out the Electric Slide, but I did not sit out on Thriller. Thriller came on just as I stepped out of the bathroom, and I ran to the dance floor. The other couple we were hanging out with knew how badly I wanted to dance to this song, and I owned that dance floor. I don’t even know the full extent of the actual dance, but I knew the basic parts that everyone recognized. I owned that dance floor.

I don't understand why the dance floor completely clears every single time this song comes one.

It was awesome.

This wedding made me appreciate our family weddings so much more. Where I don’t need a date because I can get out on the dance floor all by myself and dance the world away…and no one says a thing. No  one is looking at me in certain ways. I’m just me.

I can’t wait for November to get my wedding groove on again.

“My passions were all gathered together like fingers that made a fist. Drive is considered aggression today; I knew it then as purpose.”

These words give me hope, Bette Davis, a film buff’s fave.

Old school glamour has modern-day advice.

If I feel this great about dancing in a handful of months, I should feel this great about everything in life happening in even less time. Because I want something, even if it’s simply to have a good time at a wedding where I don’t know anybody, it shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. It should be seen as myself working towards something I want, and need, in my life.

Who said film stars don’t have great views on life?

Maybe TomKat isn't the best example here, but I would have had a blast drinking their free booze!

Happy Saturday, and its only just the start of this wonderful weekend day. Make the most of it! I’ll update you more on the day, and let you in on a little fabulousness later on!

Wear the Fabulous loud, and wear it proud!

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