Restart. Reenergize. Renew.

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I indulged myself a few hours ago.

No other sip will taste as great as the very first of the season.

I allowed myself to walk into a Caribou coffee shop and I bought my first iced drink of the season. An iced caramel latte. Can you think of a better way to say hello to the first day of spring? I have it. I’ve dived head-on in this wave called spring fever. I should probably be honest and call it summer fever. That’s what it feels like. Seriously. It’s still March and we’re feeling temperatures in the 70s already. That’s no wet spring. That’s a hot one, and it’s right on the heels of summer. If it’s this hot now, what’s it going to be like in a few months when summer really hits?

Maybe I won’t have to waste my birthday wish for a beautiful sunny day after a month of chilly temps and rigid fog? I like the sound of that!

Almost looks too pretty to eat...Almost.

It’s an unreal feeling at this current moment. Not only am I starting to feel the indoor heat and maybe a spot or two of sweat developing under my nose, but I don’t have an ounce of homework due tomorrow. Say what? I *could* use this opportunity to get ahead on impending due dates…like starting to build my website, my professional portfolio, or maybe throw together another resume to send out in the hopes of finding that big girl job. However, this feeling of calm…that I know there’s nothing due tomorrow, I just have to show up….it’s kind of nice. I may bask in its glory for a few more hours and then swear at my misjudgment in the morning.

If I needed to define basking in the glory...this dude in this photo is it.

Procrastination. The mother of all Academy students. At least I’ve acknowledged I procrastinate after 5 years of studying. Others call it “working under pressure.” Which it is. But, really….its the P-word. Sounds like a drug.

Kesha's drug of choice? Glitter.

But, hey! It’s okay! We’re all doing it!

“I think being a woman is like being Irish. Everyone says you’re important and nice, but you take second place all the same.”

This is a quote I should have been posting a little bit ago, perhaps on the day we celebrate the Irish. But, regardless, the words of Iris Murdoch still ring true.

The Anglo-Irish novelist of The Red and the Green makes a fine point. How many times this year alone have I been told I am important to an institution, that I am of value, that I am one to hold on to with a firm grasp? Or that a man should tell me I am “perfect” for him in every way…because I like Indiana Jones, I’ve read more Star Wars fan books than anyone else, or that I take my coffee with both cream and sugar every single time…but yet, in the end, I’m still not special enough for him. I am not important enough to fight for when it comes down to it.

I just figured out that this is the woman Kate Winslet portrayed in the film "Iris." Crazy, right?

Fill me up, Scotty! All the fine lines have been said, and they’ve emptied their arsenal to keep my intrigued. So they come up with excuses…(see above)…as to why I am so great,  but yet, not. Men are so utterly confusing. The same could be said about women, no doubts there. When I really get down to it, what gets me the most is how the last two guys I’ve dated have given me the same exact reasons as to why we should no longer see each other. I’m not kidding. The same exact reasoning. I thought I was going to throw up when Guy #2 said the words he did. It was simply too coincidental for me.

Basically, I had one of these moments...except when he took off his shirt, I wasn't rewarded with abs of steel.

I can sit here and stew about every reason those two men said the things they did. But, let’s be real. It would be wasted energy and time. I have bigger stones to throw. My time should be placed elsewhere and with more attention. But a heads-up to all the men out there? Don’t say things you think sound good at the time. Be real with the girl you’re “just” seeing, or dating, or officially in a relationship with. Honesty is always the road to go. I may make it sound easy. I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve, but it’s how I feel about these things. Don’t lead a girl on. Same goes for the ladies. Don’t say what you think they want to hear. Be you, stick to your guns, and if he can’t handle that, screw him. He’s not worth your time.

There’s your love lesson for the evening 🙂

Everyone knows that puppy love is the best kind of love, anyways.

As promised, I am now going to share with you the things that turned my week upside down like a pineapple upside-down cake. This Fabulous Friday comes at you late for last week, but think of it this way. It’ll remind you the week is almost half over and we’ll be celebrating another Fabulous Friday very shortly. So, last week, here are the things that inspired me:

Favorite Photo:

This little munchkin is my niece. I was blessed to see her unexpectedly this last weekend when I returned from Spring Break. Isn't she just the cutest girl you have ever seen?

Favorite Commercial:

Old men still searching for their soul mates, and fighting about it the entire time. I’m a sucker for love stories…and coffee. Plus, these two men are just plain cute!

Favorite Beauty Shot:

It might be because I'm obsessed with the new TV show 'Smashed', but this is pure Marilyn reincarnated through Michelle Willams, and it's taken by none other than Annie Levobitz. Pure beauty.

Favorite Director:

Popped 'Flags of Our Fathers' into the DVD player this weekend, and I fell in love with Clint Eastwood's work all over again.

Favorite Idea:

Don't throw away the unused packets of soy sauce that come with your take-out order of Chinese food. Pop them in the freezer and use them as ice packs on smaller injuries, like burns and smaller bruises!

Favorite Movie Score Track:

Listen with your eyes closed. Trust me, a rush of emotions will run through you like you’ve never felt before. Be open to it.

Favorite Recent Purchase:

Bought thee cutest shoes in the store, except mine are brown. With my next paycheck, the black ones will be mine!

Favorite Treat:

As the temps rise, my walks to the nearest DQ will start becoming more and more frequent...especially when it's only half a mile away from my apartment 🙂

Favorite Smile:

Sums up my reaction when I first starting "pinning!"

Favorite Dream Bathroom:

Sensual, vibrant, and has a modern girl feel to it. I'd take more than a few bubble baths in this place.

Favorite Friendship Reminder:

Maybe a few of these things will inspire you, too! Spring is officially in the air, people, and that usually means a lot of things. Rebirth, renewing, reenergizing, restocking, and restarting. Every time I see a tree’s buds about to pop, it always fills me with a sense of wonder. We truly do live in a beautiful world.

Looks like I’ll be meditating a lot by the lake this summer 😉

Peace of mind, I shall find. Yoda would say something along those lines.

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