Take That, St. Patrick’s Day

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Best morning after St. Patrick’s Day. Ever. In the history of my life…Ever.

This is 23 years worth, remember.

If anyone ever offers you a pitcher of Irish Punch, you should only accept the first pitcher. Has anyone else noticed how wonderfully pineapple juice covers the taste of every bitter-tasting alcohol out there? It’s the elixir of the gods (when coffee isn’t in the picture, of course.)

I have never sucked down a pitcher of alcoholic beverage so fast. I think I got through the entire pitcher in 20 minutes. Let me highlight a point for you: I am an incredible lightweight. I should have stopped drinking the instant I finished that pitcher.

It may look like sludge, but it tastes oh-so delicious.

However, it wouldn’t be St. Patties Day if we didn’t visit an Irish Bar first. So where did my friends and I go next?

Dublinn’s, of course!

Even when it’s not St. Patties Day, I love that bar. It’s in my Top 10 places to visit in this city. So, if you ever come visit…put it on your To-Do List.

Feel the sprite of the Irish.

It appears that when I’ve been drinking, I don’t censor myself as much as I should. I yelled at quite a few people. In good nature, mind you. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, but when your boobs are literally hanging in my face and all I want is to get a cheap beer, get them out of my way. It’s a drinking holiday…MOVE.

Anyways, my friends and I made our way through the crowd until we could stake out a piece of floor to ourselves. Then, someone walks by wearing a Panda Hat, my mouth is talking words I’m not comprehending at the moment I speak them, and next thing I know, I’m talking to three very good-looking gents. One in the Panda Hat, one in a green Frog Hat, and the other was only wearing a Twins cap.

I may not be a real life Twins fa, but the hat always makes a guy look sweeter.

Seriously, this was gold. Two of them were lawyers, and the other was a cop. Not bad people to run into in my current state of being.

Now, here’s the best part. Twins cap man? Not only is he a lawyer, but he also earned a Bachelor’s degree in theater. THEATER! Of all people to run into, one of them was also a theater major.

My life, my passion...I literally wear these masks all the time.

And he was the cute one of the group.

My night? Probably made the instant these three guys called me one cool chick…this was after I confessed how big of Star Wars geek I am. If that didn’t change their perception of me at that point, we were goners. I mean, I was already talking out of a mouth that basically could be called non-existent at the time of the night.

They were probably imagining me wearing each of these outfits. You know, I would be, too.

And so it goes…

“I act for free, but I demand a huge salary as compensation for all the annoyance of being a public personality.”

Ah, yes. True words from the movie mogul,  Michelle Pfeiffer.

You have to be bold to make the spotlight entirely your own.

This means I can expect a huge check in the mail tomorrow, right? If I wasn’t showering the world with my personality, what was I doing? Being a public nuisance?



My sister came to my rescue after hitting up yet another bar that evening where I had to excuse myself to the ladies room and then keep myself on the H2O train. Once I was safely in the car, I made a sweet request to stop at McDonald’s for my post-drinking food binge.

Fries and a cheeseburger have never tasted so good.

Never has hamburger and cheese and salt taste so good.

I don’t know what I did differently last night from other nights out, but I woke up this morning, and did I have a hangover?

Not. One. Bit.

Absolute best morning of my life. Well, not really, but it’s up there. Any morning where I’m waking up and not ending up with my head in the toilet emptying out my stomach is a great one in my book.

Hell yeah! No hangover!

Now that you all have a lovely image of me in your head, I’m going to change the subject.

March is officially half over. Where has the time gone? But, before the month is over, and we head dive into the ponds of April, let me share with you a few things I heart about March.

Soon...these will be all over the front lawn. Can't wait 🙂

And, no, this is not my catch-up on my Fabulous Friday. That will be coming tomorrow…or the next day. No later than Tuesday. Promise.

What do I love about March?

1.) Daffodils

Just...so pretty.

2.) The Spring Fever Feeling

3.) Parades

Would you care for a dance, lassie?

4.) Shamrocks (including  Shamrock Shakes!)

Who doesn't love green?

5.) Leprechaun

I don't think I'd let him hump my leg even on St. Patrick's Day.

6.) Clovers

I love clover imprinted boxers.

I hope your morning after was as pleasant as mine. Happy Weekend and on to Monday!

The trailer for this movie made me so excited tonight. It must be the accents.

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